Pseudoscience, common sense, and the problem of scale
Ghost Hunting Tech Toolkit (a skeptical look)
Your Cellphone is Not Trying to Kill You
RT @RevReinard: A Golden Opportunity to Rethink Genetically Modified Foods
Mystery Missile Launch or Jet Contrails?
Spontaneous GMOs in Nature: Researchers Show How a Genetically Modified Plant Can Come About
More Hollywoo: 'Sex in the City' star Kristin Davis promotes acupuncture and alternative medicine
RT @BrianDunning: What happens when a rational person takes on the legend that evil McDonald's burgers don't rot?
'Pediatrician to the stars' Jay Gordon claims no pertussis epidemic, health officials are "exaggerating the threat"
Organic vegetables 'no healthier than conventional food'
Vaccination Rates Drop in Wealthier Kids: The Autism Rumors Take a Toll
Homeopathic products 'should carry "no scientific evidence" labels'
Flu vaccine: promote facts not fear
Natural product companies targeting kids’ market
Jenny McCarthy: When Celebrity Advocacy Turns Deadly
The Dark Art of Statistical Deception
More Hollywoo: Mariah Carey claims acupuncture helped her conceive
Why real-life ghost hunters hate "Ghost Hunters"
NHS funding for homeopathy risks misleading patients, says chief scientist
Whooping cough continues to climb in California
RT @EvidenceSoup: Holy Bisphenol A, Batman! Is this stuff safe or not? #BPA (I corrected your link.)
[Video] The Power of Self-Belief /oh that's gold!
[Video] The Power of Self-Belief /oh that's gold!
Con men, quacks & cheats beware: the skeptics are on to you https://secure.passport.mngint...
RT @EvidenceSoup: Holy Bisphenol A, Batman! Is this stuff safe or not?
Power Balance–officially shonky!
Homeopathic teething tablets contain deadly nightshade
Where vaccine doubt persists
Probiotic health claims ruled unproven
RT @JonathanAbrams: "A calorie’s a calorie. Fat’s fat. Salt’s salt" Enough Double Down hating.
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