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Third Tuesday

Third Tuesday

Canada's social media meetups
Movers In Canada
hello Everyone see here the perfection movers the most professional movers in Canada.
Holly r Raine
Joseph Thornley
The next Third Tuesday Toronto will feature a panel of entrepreneurs talking about their experience with consumer reviews
Joseph Thornley
The Next Third Tuesday Ottawa will feature @kdpaine.
Joseph Thornley
If you post about this week's Third Tuesday @shelisrael Twitter Canadian events, please add a link to our FriendFeed group
Looking forward to hearing Shel speak tomorrow night in Ottawa! - Bryan Person
Bryan, please seek me out before the event and we can announce the Social Media Breakfast as well. - Joseph Thornley
Joseph Thornley
Shel Israel will be launching Twitterville at Third Tuesdays in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver the week of September 13. More info on ProPR blog -
Richard Akerman
notes (and additional links) related to open government canada -
The FriendFeed room this links to was specifically set up for reporting on a presentation by Jennifer Bell in Ottawa, but you're welcome to use it for any discussion of open government in Canada - Richard Akerman
Michael O'Connor Clarke
Would people be interested in a session with Akoha founder Austin Hill? Akoha is build as "the world’s first social reality game". Would you come to this session?
Yes, they launched in Montreal prior to PodCamp Montreal and were handing out Akoha packs to attendees last September. The concept is very interesting and continues to grow. - Eden Spodek
Joseph Thornley
Martin Waxman has suggested that we book Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta to talk about their new book, Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom, How Online Social Networking will Transform Your Life, Work and World. Would you attend this session?
Yes I would attend. I'm doing research on this very topic Mireille - Toronto - mireille
Yes, I would attend. Check out this video ( to get a better idea of what the book is about. - Angela Kryhul - Angela Kryhul
I blew it. I failed to get this event organized in time to make it happen. My bad. - Joseph Thornley
Joseph Thornley
We need a new location for Third Tuesday Toronto. Any suggestions? Should be able to accommodate 75 to 125 people in a private room - with bar/food service.
Does Third Tuesday Toronto need to continue to grow? I'm not saying it doesn't, but it feels like the event is changing as it continues to expand. I see more and more people just coming for the presentations then leaving and not engaging with others. Is there a point where we'll decide it has grown enough? I guess it depends on the goals for the event. - Dave Fleet
Are there issues with going back to our old room at Fionn's? It's still available for us, AFAIK. Or did something change that I wasn't aware of? - Michael O'Connor Clarke
Michael, Fionn's pulled us out of our room and into the public bar with virtually no notice at our last event. To use the private room at Fionn's we have to cap the event at 80 people. We can do this for some events. But it would also be good to have a location that can let us have more people attend. - Joseph Thornley
Dave, Good question. I don't think that an event should get too big. However, I also don't want to exclude people who want to participate. I think that we need to assess with each and every event whether we are still maintaining the community culture that has made Third Tuesday so successful. - Joseph Thornley
I think that the backroom at Fionn's is still great. I'm not against more people, but I think there is a certain point where Third Tuesday needs to decide if it is casual networking with drinks and a speaker or an auditorium style speaking event. - Parker Mason
I'm trying to think what else is out there. I wonder if any of the venues in the Distillery District would take us on? Archeo trattoria is very roomy. Balzac's and Cafe Uno are available evenings...I wonder if they would be big enough? I have no idea if they require a deposit or catering booking though. - Connie Crosby
I think we should still stick to a location convenient for parking and people using TTC. I like the privacy and casual atmosphere at Fionns. I liked the Groundhog Pub too but it's a bit dark and small. What about The Pilot on Cumberland? - Eden Spodek
Madison Avenue pub at Spadina and Bloor is a nice venue with private rooms/patio. I've attended group events there and it worked well. - Elena Yunusov
In addition to the criteria above, I'd suggest we add a point that we want a venue that is more than happy to accomodate 100+ people eating and drinking on a Tuesday night WITHOUT wanting to charge a cover or minimum bar tab. One of the good things about Fionn's is that they're happy to let us use their room midweek without charging us. If we can find somewhere like that, but bigger - that would be ideal. - Michael O'Connor Clarke
One suggestion at last night's event was The Loose Moose @ Front & University. They apparently have a big downstairs room that is rarely used. We'll do some research. - Michael O'Connor Clarke
MOCC - sounds like we need a roadtrip :) - Dave Fleet from twhirl
Yeah, they are getting better at serving up the food and drinks but it was sure warm and crowded. Not that I don't love everyone in this group, but more space would be good. There are over 1,000 members in the group online, so no wonder! - Connie Crosby
The University Club could accommodate this size of group I think. I know a member and can ask him if you want. - B2B Specialist
Chris, we've found a few different places that will accommodate different size groups. I hadn't thought of the university club. It would be interesting to know how many they would accommodate and on what terms? - Joseph Thornley
Joseph Thornley
Would you be interested in a Third Tuesday session with the people behind TransitCamp and MetroNauts talking about how to marry social media with real world organizing to achieve social change? -
Angela Kryhul
I have a suggestion for the next Third Tuesday TorontoRahaf Harfoush, a Toronto-based Innovation and New Media Strategist and Member, U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign’s New Media TeaTOPIC: “Applying Barack Obama’s Social Media Strategy to Your Brand’s Communications Needs”
Does Rahaf still live in Toronto? I wonder if she'd be interested in doing Third Tuesday in January - around the time of the President Obama's Inauguration. - Joseph Thornley
Angela Kryhul
Rahaf Harfoush, a Toronto-based innovation and new media strategist and a member of Obama’s presidential campaign’s new media team is speaking at Rotman on Nov. 27 about "Applying Barack Obama’s Social Media Strategy to Your Brand’s Communications Needs. Perhaps she could speak at TTT?
Angela Kryhul
I have a suggestion for the next Third Tuesday Toronto.
Joseph Thornley
We need volunteers to staff the sign in table at Third Tuesday Toronto with Steve Rubel. Will you help us? Check off names and give people name tags. About 45 minutes total.
Connie Crosby
I would be interested in a post-election (Canadian election) discussion of what has changed this time around re: social media and whether it had a noticeable effect. Most notably, it was the first time we have had candidates (supposedly) tweeting.
I'd like to hear from the Layton campaign about why they launched a new website four days before the election and whether or not they felt it made a difference in the overall results. - Eden Spodek
A bit late. Political parties need to use social media to establish a grassroots movement to build and mobilize their voting base. They say they know what Canadian voters want. Then why did we have the lowest turnout in history? If we are apathetic the politicians may become so also. - B2B Specialist
Eden Spodek
Any ideas brewing for November? I see Katie D. Paine will be speaking at an IABC/Toronto event in Etobicoke. I'd be interested in seeing her at another TTT if she's available and interested.
Elena Yunusov
"I'd like to invite Department of Culture to Third Tuesday talk about their efforts online and offline that (I am convinced) had something to do with the elections outcomes and the amount of attention and coverage arts received during these elections."
Joseph Thornley
Calgary joins the Third Tuesday social media meetup community -
David Jones
For those interested in a little more on Enterprise 2.0 following the Third Tuesday event this week, I've posted audio of Niall's talk to H&K clients along with his slides. -
David Jones
Here's Niall's post about his trip to Canada -
Thanks for bringing Niall to Third Tuesday. - Eden Spodek
Thank you for inviting him, David. I found the discussion very interesting, and was especially pleased to hear new examples from audience members in big organizations. - Connie Crosby
I'm glad you thought it was worthwhile. It was good seeing both of you tonight. - David Jones
Elena Yunusov
Speaker suggestion: Jim Munroe (No Media Kings):
He looks interesting and outside our usual scope. I like it. :-) - Connie Crosby
Eden Spodek
Please add the Third Tuesday Toronto hashtag (#TTT) to the meetup page.
Joseph Thornley
We've booked Niall Cook, author of Enterprise 2.0 for Third Tuesday Toronto on October 7 and Third Tuesday Ottawa on October 8. (Thank you David Jones & Brendan Hodgson for snagging Niall for us.) Register to attend on the Third Tuesday meetup site.
Niall's looking forward to his visit...and Canadian beer. - David Jones
Joseph Thornley
David Jones may be able to book Nial Cook from H&K UK for Third Tuesday Ottawa and Toronto. Either in September of October. Niall has just published Enterprise 2.0, a book looking at social media in internal com. What do you think? Would this be of interest to our community?
Very much. That's something we haven't heard much about so far - I think that would be very interesting. - Dave Fleet
I like that idea. The English accent helps too... - Terry Fallis
English accent? Count me in! But seriously, I think that's a great idea. - Rayanne Langdon
Sounds like a good idea to me too. I wonder if we can webcast it to the other cities as per David Alston's suggestion below. If he's here in September, it could be a good way to kick off the season. - Eden Spodek
how does third week of October sound? We'll book him asap if you're good with the date - David Jones
Dave, I think third week of October works in both Ottawa and Toronto. Let's pencil it in pending confirmation from you that Niall can make it to Canada then. - Joseph Thornley
Nial sounds like a great choice for Ottawa since most of the social media action in the federal government right now is in internal coms. - Robin Browne
Niall is confirmed to be in town on Oct. 7. Can we make that work? - David Jones
David, Is that in Toronto or Ottawa on October 7? We will make it work in either or both cities. - Joseph Thornley
We're still finalizing...but it looks like Oct. 7 in Toronto and a possible trip to Ottawa on the 8th - David Jones from twhirl
Niall is confirmed for Oct. 7. Just let me know when and where. You can check out the Enterprise 2.0 site at There's a wiki that allows people to comment on every single chapter in the book. I thought that was pretty neat. - David Jones
Eden Spodek
Martin Waxman suggested we invite Joel Postman to a Social Media Breakfast. He mentioned Joel might be visiting Toronto and offered to follow up with him. Let me know if you'd like me to follow up with Martin. -
Roger Kondrat
Do we have active members in here from Calgary? Or Edmonton? Please identify yourself!
I'm from Edmonton. Any events planned for here? - Diane Begin
Michael O'Connor Clarke
Chatting with Eden Spodek (Bargainista) last night, I'd like to propose a panel on Blogger Relations with Eden and a handful of other high-profile bloggers who've been on the receiving end of PR pitches and would have insight on best/worst practices. WDYT?
Great idea! - Bonnie Dean
Joseph Thornley
Ilya, Melle and Jim from AideRSS are prepared to speak at the December Third Tuesday Toronto. A discussion of PostRank, how it works; how AideRSS is developing a community & where they go from here. What do you think?
Great session, folks! Thanks to Dave Fleet for a great (first time?) moderating. Kudos all 'round. - Connie Crosby
Joseph Thornley
Malcolm Bastien has suggested we invite Evan Prodromou, the originator of, to talk about the motivation behind and what's been happening since it launched. What do you think?
Yes! - Josh Davey
I am very interested in learning more about Evan has some big plans, and since it is a Canadian product we should at least be knowledgeable about it. - Connie Crosby
Yes! I think a discussion of this, plus Twitter and the whole microblogging space in general would be terrifically interesting. - Michael O'Connor Clarke
I agree with all of the above. I'm also interested continuing the discussion about whether or not microblogging is where all blogging is headed. - Eden Spodek
I think this would be good, especially considering the coverage Twitter and microblogging seems to be getting in mainstream media right now. - Dave Fleet
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