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Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk

Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light
Just checked into the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells for #coachella2014 thanks #JBLLife @jblaudio
RT @admartinezjr: The new Flickr iOS app is simply beautiful. Stunning even. Love it. Great job @Yahoo @marissamayer
Yes, but does it *function*? I'm really sick of "designers" sacrificing function for form. Let's hope Yahoo is not doing that here, as they have with Flickr in the past. - Spidra Webster
RT @alanlepo: Thank you @yahoo and @marissamayer for not giving up of @flickr. New apps released today for #ios and #android
Just checked into @HyattRegency_IW w/ @mrsth #Coachella this weekend with pals @samlevin @scobleizer and more! #JBLLife :)
The new @flickr app is *considerably* more social than the last app. Probably the most significant move by @flickr towards social yet.
Really digging the animation type effects in the new @Flickr app.
My first mobile upload with the flickr 3.0 app. As you can tell from the heart in this photo I love this new app.
RT @BernieHernie: New Flickr Mobile Apps. More Groups and Community features coming soon. I'm very proud of the Flickr team.
albums is such a better descriptor than sets in the new @flickr. :)
love how the new @flickr app embraces the square.
notifications in the new @flickr app are very slick. Nicely done team @flickr.
so the brand spanking new @flickr app is available in the Google Play store right now but not on the iPhone? huh?
RT @Mrsth: #JBLLIFE-Sexy in Laguna Niguel-by Thomas Hawk
Flickr 3.0 for Android and iPhone.
Apple has some catching up to do. Sucks to see something this nice on Android and not be able to use it on iPhone.
Apple has some catching up to do. Sucks to see something this nice on Android and not be able to use it on iPhone.
RT @spieri: Congrats @Flickr team! Wonderful to see the new apps out there.
Congrats to @GuyKawasaki and @PegFitzpatrick on their new jobs @canva
.@zollan23 I want to have 500 photos published before #Coachella2014 is over and 1,000 published within the first week. :) #JBLLife
.@Scobleizer got us a 200mm f/2 and 400mm f/2.8 for #Coachella2014 thanks @BorrowLenses !!! #JBLLife
Woo hoo, just printed out my boarding pass for my flight down to #Coachella2014 tomorrow. #JBLLife
"It’s about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby." Elliott Erwitt
'Mad Men' Deconstruction: Ep. 1, 'Time Zones' via @THR
RT @nytimesarts: Neve Campbell Appears in ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere
.@RHMImages Flickr groups are not in good shape, Flickr groups should be more about community than photos.
.@RHMImages @flickr groups are less social than they used to be. I never use them anymore. It's too bad. Flickr groups had potential.
why couldn't @flickr have forced the new broken photo page on the French version instead of the English version?
.@flickr if people can't interact with each other's comments, this is anti-social, not good for a social network.
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