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Thomas Hawk
Breaking: US Airways flight has crashed in NYC.
Nothing on yet, where did you hear it? - Benjamin Golub
FNC has it - Craig Eddy
CNBC. They showed a photo of it in the water. - Thomas Hawk
r u there then? hectic... - eduardo
Crap... - FFing Enigma
On CNN plane is pretty much in one piece in Hudson river.... - Brian Roy
crashed in the Hudson River. Ferry's are picking up passengers from the airplane. - Thomas Hawk
ugg - Andrew Smith
was heading from Charlotte NC to La Guardia. - Thomas Hawk
Surrounded by boats... small craft pulling up - Brian Roy
CNBC: "US Airways Jet Crashes Into Hudson River Off Manhattan (story developing)" - Holger Eilhard
flight 1549 - Brian Roy
Whoa. I just flew US Airways yesterday. - Josh Haley
What? I'm looking outside right now - Mona Nomura
Airbus A320 water landing in the Hudson River. Passengers were seen standing on the wing. Now, on MSNBC only the tail is visible with a number of ferries surrounding it. [the fuselage is above the water] - Bill Koslosky, MD
cnn says they may have struck a bird. correction was heading from La Guardia to Charlotte but tried to land back at La Guardia. 146 passengers. - Thomas Hawk
Ferry's are trying to respond and rescue passengers. - Thomas Hawk
ENTIRE plane is visible... can see on CNN now. Does not appear to be sinking. - Brian Roy
That explains all the fire engine sirens we're hearing go by. And the flashing red lights across the river on the NJ side. - rønin
Plane is an airbus so it is a large plane. - Joe Lima
Crazyness... - Kevin Hart
Screencap from Kevin: - Casey Muller
I learned this news Right Here, from Thomas Hawk. - michael silverton
it appears people are coming off the plane... CNN has better camera angle now - Brian Roy
I wonder if they're using their seat cusions as flotation devices. Do they get to ride the foofy-slides? I bet the people sitting in exit-row seating are kicking themselves now. - Dossy Shiobara
pic from the ferry on twitpic: - Richard Lawler
shouldn't there be the yellow floats on the exits? - sdfx
incredible how fast it travels downstream - sdfx is doing a good job. CNN has it as well. - Louis Gray
yes, it's totally possible for a flock of geese to take down a plane. when training as a pilot, my CFI taught me to respect a flock of ducks as much as i would avoid other small aircraft. - michael silverton
From CNN: A passanger on the phone says that everybody managed to get out. - Tapio Kulmala
Glad that everyone appears to be safe. - Derrick
Where's Mayor Bloomberg? - Bill Koslosky, MD
So glad to hear reports that everyone managed to get out. I had initially feared the worst. - Paul Grav
Amazing story! What a pilot - Craig Eddy
I am also very relieved that everyone appears to be safe. Heroes all at each step. - Robert Miller
"Brace for impact." Imagine hearing that from the flight attendant. - Bill Koslosky, MD
Pilots should get heroes' welcome. Nobody can avoid such a random thing as a bird strike. Textbook emergency landing, everyone safe. Well done!!! - michael silverton
First heard about the NY plane crash here on ff before the BBC started covering it, first photo came in via twitter/twitpic, and all the immediate news appeared on twiiter first. Who needs the news agencies? :) - Benjamin Watt
First photo I saw was this one: - Robert Scoble
wow, amazing photo Robert. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: iPhone FTW! - Robert Scoble
Social media beats main stream media again! - Jeff P. Henderson
Acually brace is what the pilot would say! - Brandy Lea
@Brandy Lea: one of the passengers confirmed that it was the pilot who said, "brace for impact." I was going by an earlier report by MSNBC that the flight attendants are trained to do a short emergency procedure explanation before warning the passengers in this manner. Thanks for correcting. - Bill Koslosky, MD
Hudson river plane crash nyc - sources, all collection up to date, now krunch'd at - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
...updating own analysis of statistics twopular, krunchd, youtube, twitter, shorterner etc... at - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
macro- blogsearch has in general 270 macro blogs on this story ; compared with maybe 100.000 twitters on this, extremely slow as expected ; btw, coincidence that google took down 4 of their services today??? maybe they needed new server space for * this* [did google/nasa crash the hudson plane ?? [cp 2.o theory] <--- ; ongoing web2 hudsonplane response analysis at - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I know they are trained to do a short briefing, I'm a flight attendant! :) did they have time to do it though? - Brandy Lea Will Twitter crash from today's "Hudson River Plane Crash" before 12 AM EST ? -- 2 paralell contests opened..i both say NO until 0:00 EST ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
sorry posted accidentally wrong squidoo link ; hubdub up too ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
No Plane hit the Hudson River [Lies Lies Lies web2.o. 9/11 weltamdraht trickyRE i just lied mix] ; many thx and credits plus props for Mirrorism to trickyRE, originally debut 01/15/08 at ;; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
agreed. that pilot is a hero. - Thomas Hawk
This was the perfect storm of a difficult situation gone right. - Bill Koslosky, MD
own room for more related web2 viralism analysis now at "hudsonplane" - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I'm not surprise. My own experience on US Airways was so horrible I had to write a web page about it: - Piaw Na