Thomas Hawk
Netflix just sent me an email good for one free month for people who sign up for their service through the promotional email. If you'd like to sign up DM me your email add and I can forward the email to you.
Wow, one free month. They must be hurting for subscribers in this economy because they use to only give away two free weeks. - Wizetux
yeah normally I think the free offer is 2 weeks. I have to say I actually see Netflix as a good value in a bad economy if you can do that instead of cab/satellite. Between the DVDs and especially the watch now on the computer and XBox 360 I think it's much better value. - Thomas Hawk
They keep sending me emails saying new low prices but it the same price they had when I ended the service? - John D Reasor
I kinda wish that Netflix had a referral program, so that for every person that signed up that you sent to them, you could get a free movie or a price reduction...something to incentives getting your friends to join the service. - Wizetux
I'm paying $16.99 per month for 3 DVDs at a time. The 2 DVD at a time is $13.99 and the one DVD is $8.99. Watch Now works with all of the plans. - Thomas Hawk
Wizetux. I think that they have an affiliate program. I actually looked into it at one point I think but never followed through on it. - Thomas Hawk
The only big negative about watch now is that you have to have a crappy Microsoft XBox Live Gold account in order to watch it on the XBox 360. That's super lame. - Thomas Hawk
I think you can get a Netflix box for $100.00 to watch watch now on. - John D Reasor
Yeah you can John. But I don't want another box in my house when I've already got an XBox 360 hooked up to every TV that can play them. I just get screwed over by Microsoft in the process. - Mrsth