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Who is Edward Przydzial and Did He Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice over the Joker/Obama Image to Flickr? -
Who is Edward Przydzial and Did He Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice over the Joker/Obama Image to Flickr?
sheesh, this story is getting crazier and crazier. - Thomas Hawk
indeed - sean percival
Wow. This is taking more or a soap opera turn lately. - ChiliMac
Here's an easy little test. Create a LiveJournal post today. Tomorrow edit the post from today by adding another image to the bottom of the post. Wow I have just rewritten history! - travispuk from iPhone
yeah, the fact that he posted it to live journal in October is kind of meaningless given that you can edit an entry after the fact. - Thomas Hawk
Very interesting! Nice detective work Thomas. - Jeff P. Henderson
So looking through Edward's photo stream on Flickr, I see photos that were more than likely not shot by him. For instance or The second even says it's an AP photo in the description. All are listed with all rights reserved Copyright. Doesn't this violate Flickr's TOS? - Jeff P. Henderson
Here is his Wikipedia page: - Jeff P. Henderson
such an interesting developing the detective work! - dafire
Not sure why, but I find the idea of a Heavy Metal Republican a bit funny. :) - travispuk
hardly topical anymore... - sofarsoShawn
interesting.. traces back to Photobucket page for user detroit_01 AND here is the EXIF data showing the image was created December 25th 2008 Jeffrey's Exif viewer - David Sanger
Just posted this update to my blog: Update: I received a reply back this morning from Przydzial to my Facebook message asking him if he filed the DMCA takedown notice against Firas and if he is claiming ownership to the Obama image. Here is his reply back to me: "i do not own the image. time magazine photographer does... i am the "creator" of said image not firas whatever. i posted them in los angeles and they went viral. he is stealing my thunder. btw, my intention was not to make money off of or sell this as a way to make money... this art was designed to wake american's up to obama's false healthcare reform. the photoshop is all i'm claiming. as far as flickr goes... you'll need a court order for flickr to inform you of identity status for dmca takedown notice... if flickr has a court order to release that info, that's news to me." - Mrsth
2nd update. I think I'm done with this one for a while. Update #2: I just received back a second reply facebook mail to my reasking Edward the question as to whether or not he filed this DMCA takedown notice and this is what he replied:"i'm finding you have already posted a blog about me, made your assumptions and printed all type of trash that has been deemed harassment. the links to all the false federal blah, blah, blah... same old "he's a crook" crap. i voted for bush twice and i was no way voting obama. your article is somewhat confussing even to me. i'm not sure what your major malfunction is...? i'm not pursuing anyone just promoting the poster. many blogs want me to speak but since it's been turned into a liberal slant i'd rather not comment. i will continue to make my claims. firas is lying. flickr would need a court order to do that. ask him to show you his court ordered document with the judges signature on it... then maybe i'll answer your question." - Mrsth
Your first comment on this post TH is definitely ringing true. BTW did you know you were posting as your better half ;) - travispuk
opps, I always forget to log her out and log myself back in when I'm working from home. - Thomas Hawk
Well, so either Edward or Firas is lying. Based on all of the information I have read, it is not clear who is the actual author of the image. I wonder if we will ever find out? - Jeff P. Henderson