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Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk

Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light
fastest loop of manhattan.
RT @TreyRatcliff: Over 250 Critiques delivered yesterday for the launch of the new show at ! (It...
RT @Mrsth: Ready for Cocktails at the Chandelier Bar by Thomas Hawk
I wonder how many years it will be until a Mac is manufactured that never produces a beachball not ever, not even one single time.
Why does facebook thing doxing is ok?
.@flickr albums page would be sooooo much cooler if it infinitely scrolled.
No. Death to infinite scroll. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, I'm with Spidra. - Andrew C (✔)
same with Spidra said too. - imabonehead
what Spidra said. - Big Joe Silence
all the best conversations are happening these days on ello. You can find me here:
Really? Is this the same Ello? - Spidra Webster
or perhaps a plea to be noticed on ello. - Big Joe Silence
sites I like right now @flickr G+ ello, sites I hate right now facebook.
This gold mining site used my photo of Vladimir Putin from the wax museum.
Facebook = Blockbuster (same colors). ello = Netflix. Think about it.
if only there was a way to filter out all the photos with signatures and watermarks out of @flickr search. :(
.@VerizonWireless why is @TMobile service so much better than yours on @SFBART ?
.@verizonwireless service even worse than usual on @sfbart this am. I wish I wasn't locked into your stupid contract :(
The first @mophie I ordered on @amazon was cancelled for no reason. Amazon customer service hooked me up w/ the 2nd counterfeit one.
The @mophie I bought on @amazon turns out to be counterfeit and doesn't work @Amazon is such a PITA these days. :(
The Fleishhacker pool and pool house were built in 1924 by philanthropist Herbert Fleishhacker. The pool was the largest swimming pool in the United States. The pool held 6 million gallons of water and could accomodate 10,000 swimmers. The pool was closed in 1971 with the pool itself being paved over by the San Francisco Zoo for a new parking lot.... -
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Red Rock Gallup
Manny and Mo Show, Plate 2
Collective Consciousness
The Nights and Lights of South Beach
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My 10 year old's comment on the new soda tax, at least we have a sodastream. #sodatax #sodastream
It's animal day in the 6th grade today. #bw #monkey #iphoneonly -
It's animal day in the 6th grade today. #bw #monkey #iphoneonly
hmmm.. my grandparents live in Oregon, maybe it's time to go visit them. :)
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