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Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk

Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light
The Fleishhacker pool and pool house were built in 1924 by philanthropist Herbert Fleishhacker. The pool was the largest swimming pool in the United States. The pool held 6 million gallons of water and could accomodate 10,000 swimmers. The pool was closed in 1971 with the pool itself being paved over by the San Francisco Zoo for a new parking lot.... -
Public Perception 2.jpg
Shark Tank SEASON 3 Episode 7 Part 2 -
Shark Tank SEASON 3 Episode 7 Part 2
fastest loop of manhattan.
RT @TreyRatcliff: Over 250 Critiques delivered yesterday for the launch of the new show at ! (It...
RT @Mrsth: Ready for Cocktails at the Chandelier Bar by Thomas Hawk
I wonder how many years it will be until a Mac is manufactured that never produces a beachball not ever, not even one single time.
Why does facebook thing doxing is ok?
.@flickr albums page would be sooooo much cooler if it infinitely scrolled.
No. Death to infinite scroll. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, I'm with Spidra. - Andrew C (✔)
same with Spidra said too. - imabonehead
what Spidra said. - Big Joe Silence
all the best conversations are happening these days on ello. You can find me here:
Really? Is this the same Ello? - Spidra Webster
or perhaps a plea to be noticed on ello. - Big Joe Silence
sites I like right now @flickr G+ ello, sites I hate right now facebook.
This gold mining site used my photo of Vladimir Putin from the wax museum.
Facebook = Blockbuster (same colors). ello = Netflix. Think about it.
if only there was a way to filter out all the photos with signatures and watermarks out of @flickr search. :(
.@VerizonWireless why is @TMobile service so much better than yours on @SFBART ?
.@verizonwireless service even worse than usual on @sfbart this am. I wish I wasn't locked into your stupid contract :(
The first @mophie I ordered on @amazon was cancelled for no reason. Amazon customer service hooked me up w/ the 2nd counterfeit one.
The @mophie I bought on @amazon turns out to be counterfeit and doesn't work @Amazon is such a PITA these days. :(
Red Rock Gallup
Manny and Mo Show, Plate 2
Collective Consciousness
The Nights and Lights of South Beach
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My 10 year old's comment on the new soda tax, at least we have a sodastream. #sodatax #sodastream
It's animal day in the 6th grade today. #bw #monkey #iphoneonly -
It's animal day in the 6th grade today. #bw #monkey #iphoneonly
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