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Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk

Quiet Observer of Modern Nihilism with Box that Captures Light
.@philputnam I'm on @EyeEm here.
"All critics should be assassinated." -- Man Ray
only 36,467 songs left to rate in my iTunes library. :)
This Chart Explains the Reachpocalypse and Why Facebook is Laughing All the Way to the Bank via @jaybaer
How Techmeme Became The Must-Read News Site For Everyone In The Multibillion-Dollar Tech Industry via @sai
Man I love thunderbolt. Moving 100GB from my Mac to my Drobo in 10 min. rocks!
.@mohammad_afshar it's not about obsessing over Explore, it's about @flickr wasting opportunity. They can and should do better.
RT @Mrsth: Favorited on Flickr by Thomas Hawk-Just Like Honey
On the decline of organic non-paid visibility on Facebook.
RT @kerrigan_jane: @KeithMidson @thomashawk @Flickr I've seen even static day time buses and trains recently and an office building in number 1 position.
.@flickr blacklists talented photogs from Explore while showing crappy anti-flickr protest watermarked up photos. where is the disconnect?
RT @KeithMidson: @thomashawk @Flickr ... I guess my shots aren't up to this high standard. I should give up ...
RT @alebaffa: @thomashawk @Flickr Explore first idea was not to be like 500px "Popular".The problem is that people perceive it this way.This is bad design
RT @KeithMidson: @thomashawk @Flickr I've got 1,799 photos on Flickr and not one Explored.
.@MsKandiLee popular posts on G+. Lots of photography in there:
it boggles my mind that @flickr's "explore" algorithm is so crappy. Certainly @flickr can do better no?
I don't like that you can't select the text of tags on the new @flickr photo page.
.@flickr Explore has crap like this: meanwhile quality photographers are blacklisted from @flickr Explore.
Why UPS Trucks Don't Turn Left via @priceonomics
Facebook's pay to play.
I don't like that if you click on someone who's faved your photo on the new @flickr photo page it takes you to favs instead of their photos
Processed photos from Toronto from 2010 all day today, now it's wine and Hype Machine.
RT @VentureBeat: Flickr's product chief defects to EyeEm, another photography community
RT @chabotc: . @500px did not send me an email on my 500th photo upload #missedoppertunity
"When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade." Dale Carnegie
RT @ahockley: Looks like I’ll be passing the million-view mark soon on that social network that nobody uses
"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."
The thing about the internet these days is that there's just too much risk to express personal opinions about anything. Free speech is dead
^ self-rebutting opinion? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Freedom to speak. Not freedom from consequences. If people stop buying your product because you hold an opinion, that's not a violation of free speech. If the government kicks down your door and arrests you for saying something not against the law, that's a violation (even during the French Revolution they accepted there are limits to speech). - Johnny from iPhone
safe to post to the internet, inspirational quotes, some photos, some retweets. Unsafe: political opinions, religious beliefs, etc.
.@brant only people who have nothing to lose dare speak anything but the most sanitized of personal opinions, liberation in chains.
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