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Thomas Power

Thomas Power

I find things and connect them - people, products, IP, capital, channels. Professional Speaker. NED.
RT @japangus: @AlexSalmond Thank you for the hope you and your campaign brought us and thank you for always believing in Scotland when others don't.
RT @johnstone27: @AlexSalmond Well done my man!!can hold your head up high after this!The only politician to ever try to do what he said he would do!!
RT @sjmcoppola: RT #indyref “@AlexSalmond: Well done to Glasgow, our commonwealth city, and to the people of Scotland for such a incredible support”
RT @AlexSalmond: Well done to Glasgow, our commonwealth city, and to the people of Scotland for such a incredible support
@BeckyCNN what's Abu Dhabi like to live in?
RT @DailyMirror: Scotland set to vote NO: Independence rejected in historic referendum #indyref
RT @CNBC: Scotland's #indyref: BBC has predicted a win for the NO campaign with 54% of the vote.
RT @HuffPostMedia: Here’s @HuffPostUK’s splash on the ‘No’ vote: ’The UK Survives' #indyref
RT @mashable: A long day ends in a No. Scotland will remain part of the UK. #indyref
RT @StrathTelegraph: Strathy's own Prof. John Curtice says 'Yes' is going to lose by 3 points but the substantial vote will push Westm to keep promises #indyref
RT @mit_sengupta: Probably many Scottish changed their mind when they came in proximity to the polling booths and hey said ''Darn! I canna do it''. #indyref
RT @enrythehumanfly: Fareweel to a' our Scottish fame, Fareweel our ancient glory; Fareweel ev'n to the Scottish name, Sae fam'd in martial story. #indyref
RT @jk_rowling: #indyref Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud.
RT @IanDunt: Anyone who opposes massive change to UK doesn't truly love it, for they put it in peril. Those who love it know it must change #indyref
RT @Reuters: Reuters calculations show Scottish voters have supported staying in the UK. Follow our live coverage here: #indyref
RT @IanDunt: Anyone who gloats at Yes voters does us all a disservice. We have to show that Britain can work, that it includes everyone #indyref
RT @theSNP: "What is clear is that Scotland has changed forever" says @NicolaSturgeon #indyref
RT @PhilipKWood: Scots make the right choice! R&A votes to accept women members #indyref
RT @Independent: Front page of @Independent - The reunited kingdom
RT @BBCBreaking: Scotland "changed forever" & will "never be same again" after #indyref, SNP's Nicola Sturgeon tells BBC News
RT @BBCBreaking: Scotland's latest #indyref totals as BBC predicts win for "No" campaign
RT @DaveHasney: Nicola Sturgeon is "deeply disappointed" as Scotland #indyref rejects independence #understatement
RT @politico: Early results suggest Scots reject independence | AP Photo #indyref
RT @gnoll110: I'm loving this @BBCbreaking graphics, showing the Scottish Borders voting 'Yes'. #indyref Oops.
RT @arusbridger: Scotland steps back from the brink of ending union. No vote heading for 55%
RT @CleanHeelWalker: So 1.8 Million = our 270 electoral vote threshold. Wish they had mentioned that on @SkyNews earlier & with more graphics. #indyref
RT @platform_blog: British PM David Cameron expected to make a televised address shortly after the complete results are declared. #indyref #ScotlandDecides
RT @TheKashmiris: Congrats #UK for giving Scotland the option ...Congrats #Scotland for choosing what is best for you. - #indyref
RT @firstpostin: British pound gains as investors predict rejection of Scottish independence #Indyref #Scotland
RT @GuardianData: Scotland #IndyRef - with 26/32 councils (71.4% of eligible voters) it's: Yes 45.7% No 54.3% Turnout: 84.2%
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