Visual Studio should be free, period. No need for all these versions.
If you feared Office apps for iPhone, taking Visual Studio and .NET cross platform is going to keep you up at night.
RT @h0x0d: Visual Studio Emulator for Android
RT @h0x0d: ok, so its Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015
Xbox Video for Windows Phone Can Now Access Camera Roll Videos
EU's New Competition Commissioner to Meet with Google Competitors
This has been my experience as well.
Microsoft Uses Office Graph to Help Unclutter Office 365 Inboxes
Microsoft was quick to support new iOS 8 features. Have they done so for Android 5.0 as well? I don't see this.
My Xbox One hard drive sounds like someone put a playing card in bike spokes. That's normal, right?
I just want my freaking Band to sync. Which is better than wanting my favorite band to be Nsync, yes. But still.
No contract HTC One (M8) - Only $299 for the first 200 customers. -
RT @BHBCanton: Saluting Veterans With a Pint of Craft Beer
This happens too much. Frustrating.
Mmmmmm. Machine learning.
So is it fair to say that Lumia 535 is Microsoft's answer to Android One?
Oh, did Halo launch today?
HUGE RELEASE TODAY! I'm referring of course to Stephen King's latest book. In Kindle, paper, and Audible formats.
Lync to Transform Into Skype for Business
Microsoft Lumia 535 Preview
Microsoft Lumia 535 Preview -
RT @MSFT4Work: With @GoSoftcard app, you can use your #WindowsPhone to pay at the checkout stand:
Being a Windows Phone fan reminds me of being an Amiga fan. Pretty sure I got the best thing going here. No one else seems super interested.
Acer Aspire Switch 10 First Impressions
Obama Asks FCC to Set Strong Net Neutrality Rules
Obama Asks FCC to Set Strong Net Neutrality Rules -
Windows Phone users: This Calendar app looks interesting.
Create Installation Media for Windows 8.1
So maybe there will be just one new Lumia tomorrow. I'd say the 535 dual-SIM is a lock.
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