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Paul Thurrott
So I'm curious about the opinions on this there anyone less special than those people on the Windows 7 tech beta?
Haha, they get it tomorrow, right? - Jonathan
Explain. - Kevin
Wait never mind. They should just releae it tomrrow to everyone. What's the point in waiting? - Kevin
how does this work? - Orion
No early access. No information about timing. No interim builds. They're treated like boobs. Granted, they find about 5 percent of bugs, so I guess it makes sense. - Paul Thurrott
Well, MS could benefit from bug finding from the general public too. - Kevin
Anyone get Windows 7 running yet? - Orion
Haha, that would suck to get accepted into the beta and get it when the public beta comes out... - Jonathan
lol, yep! - Orion
@Orion: I've had Win7 running, so yes. - Jonathan
Paul Thurrott
I just feel cheated! - Brian
Careful sending nakes pics of yourself via Windows Live, Paul. Might end up in the wrong person's feed. mwah ha ha. - Stephen Chapman
Haha! - Kevin
awwwwwww - Dan Z
smiling much? - Bryant Zadegan
I'll bet he is waiting by the keyboard. - Eric Geller
They should offer some sort of discount!! I was really dissapointed with windows vista ultimate !!! they made it such a big deal they had such an opportunity and missed out hopefully they make the same mistake - Brian
bring back sign in sounds! - Thomas
I wonder if they'll announce pricing today... I hope so. - Jonathan
I'm a P<error has occurred> - Rafael Rivera
Tom Warren
fit burrrrd. - Stephen Chapman
"honey" - Paul Thurrott
@tom: she's too lively, too happy, too smiley, too enthusiastic. EURGH. - Zack Whittaker [ZDNet]
So is that the big announcement??? - Alan Burchill
Paul! - Glen Roberts
@Zack she must be a robot. - Xin Li
looks like she's gonna say "what...evah" at any second - Jason Hanford-Smith
5-15 windows open at a time...we know this b/c we are watching you - wasserja
BUT SHE'S A GIRL!1! - Garrett
if only Kerri Hammil could make a come back. where is she now? - Thomas
I don't know who she is, but I could look at her desktop all day long. - Mike Cerminara
@xin: someone take her out, please. (sniper?) - Zack Whittaker [ZDNet]
Maybe just a haircut is needed? LOL - Glen Roberts
show desktop? - notta
Paul Thurrott
Computer will hear you and see you (I'm talking to YOU, Raf)
Just can't understand you - Xin Li
@bryan: i wish mine would. - Zack Whittaker [ZDNet]
Guestures...great. I can see where some people will take that. - wasserja
what Ballmer is saying is actually pretty interesting - Fahd
it's microsoft's ace in the hole to keep local OS relevant, compared to web experiences - Brad
@fahd: i can't keep up with this feed and the live feed :\ - Zack Whittaker [ZDNet]
... - John
I'm sorry Xin, but I'm afraid I can't do that. - Garrett
Do we think they'll actually announce hot new products? - Eric Geller just was updated, no public beta yet - Chaz
Zack, if you were running Win7 you could side-by-side them in two windows ;-) - Jordan Hofker
products come after his heart to heart with you about the world of computing - Dan Z
That's Friday - Jordan Hofker
EnGadget spotted a hush-hush Win Mobile booth, so... yeah. - Garrett
@hofker: screens not big enough lol - Zack Whittaker [ZDNet]
That's what i'm doing right now :) - Tim
omg.. Never gonna happen. - Xin Li
@zack lol sorry - Jordan Hofker
any other live feeds available? - Tom
no not that i know of - Andrew Bares
Paul Thurrott
PC, phone, and TV plus the cloud ... create seemless experience
yea mesh!!! - Brad
Yeah, but Microsoft did it first - Paul Thurrott
new docs appearing on the connect site for us testers, no build yet - gary
Paul Thurrott
lets just say i have a bottle of champagne on ice. :)
Does it have Ray Ozzie's sig, Paul? lol - Stephen Chapman
To anyone, any more news about possible release timeframes? - Tom
Oh hai from Australia. - Long Zheng
No, I left that one in LA :) - Paul Thurrott
I did too. lol - Stephen Chapman
Yeah. But will you share... - Mike Galos
Nah... Windows 95 makes it a 13 year old vintage - Alan Burchill
you can watch the keynote live stream by pointing your media player: - Alex Hackney
Does anyone actually think the official official Beta will be later than the Dec 12 build? - Brian
See, Microsoft is smarter than Apple. At least they livestream events. - Eric Geller
Watching via WMP add-on in Firefox - Chris
Just less concerned with being able to edit out mistakes - Mike Galos
Paul Thurrott
Test comment - Paul Thurrott
Test comment to the Test post. - Mike Galos
Paul Thurrott
lets see if the windows 7 version of WMP can handle a live event :)
Sure as hope they don't try MP3s... =P - Tom
lol. Good call. I wonder how many more times I can listen to this music loop... without it getting truncated/corrupted on this build. Mwah ha ha. - Stephen Chapman
cough. ahem. Yes :) - Paul Thurrott
Oh god, not without the patch.... - Tom Warren
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