Lumia fans: Looks like the color cyan may be making a comeback.
So Maybe There Will be Two New Lumias Tomorrow
Is Freemium a business model or a pyramid scheme?
Obama should come out against Net Neutrality to ensure that it happens in record time.
Microsoft Tries to Find Its Niche in the Mobile First, Cloud First World
Microsoft Tries to Find Its Niche in the Mobile First, Cloud First World -
"Moto 360 vs Microsoft Band: Which Is the Bigger Apple Watch Threat?" Well, MS Band is humongous, so ... Oh, I see.
I especially like the "F Google" message on the screen. He got that part right.
So we can all agree the WSJ needs to be stopped, right?
Coming soon: HP Stream 7 with 200 MB of free LTE data each month for life of device. $179 -
HP Stream 7 temporarily out of stock at Amaon ( but I think MS Store has it.
Well, I guess I'm being forced to take the weekend off. Thanks, Penton. I guess I'll work on book stuff instead.
I have some articles to post. But the admin site is broken and apparently Penton's crack web team doesn't respond on weekends. \cries
Microsoft Band Sync App for Windows and Mac
Spotify Connect looks great. Why don't we have an Xbox Music Connect? Correct response: What's Xbox Music?
Admit it. You're rooting for the cat.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is what happens when COD hooks up with Titanfall.
RT @dinabass: So yes after 15 years, 3 CEOs and 8 versions of Windows, I am switching beats, which means we are looking for a kick-ass Microsoft reporter.
Short Takes: November 7, 2014
Lenovo Horizon 2s First Impressions
More Lumia? Or Less(er) Lumia?
Plex Media Server is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. -
Short Takes: November 7, 2014 -
RT @EchoSuggests: Other couples who made those sorts of noises last night purchased lubricant and handcuffs. #amazonecho
RT @DdubyaK: @thurrott Amazon: Here's a cool new device. Me: How much is it? A: $200. M: Main feature? A: Helps you spend more at Amazon. M: No thanks.
"frame-rate is king in Call of Duty," a nuanced look at the resolution differences between Xbox One and PS4.
RT @brianfagioli: Did you pay for Microsoft Office editing on iPad? Here's how to get your refund by tip @techmeme @thurrott @Office365
"Alexa, tell Amazon to wake the F up."
Xbox One stereo headset is now only $50 (originally $80) -
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