Thomas Hawk
Photography is Not a Crime - Blint of SFMOMA is an asshole! -
Thomas, it's amazing you continually get into these situations. I wonder the impacts of SEO to blint now. - Jeremiah Owyang
great story, really show how web2 can be a counter power. - Fabrice Epelboin from twhirl
Chris Brogan
What I Want PR and Marketing Professionals To Know -
I've gotta say. As someone involved in the area - I am proud to (at least feel) one step ahead of the game. There is nothing out there I have ever felt as passionate about, apart from my baby, and I can't see the passion dwindling. - Zee.
btw, which plugin allows for friendfeed comments directly on the blog? Or is that a Movable Type blog you've got there... Oh, no it's not. Which plugin is that? - Zee.
Great post, you hit most of my recent peeves. - Heather Solos
strange - sure i have that installed but I'm not getting the ability to add comments directly on the blog which is awesome. Will look into it - cheers. - Zee.
I'm a long-time PR and Public Affairs guy, but I'm far removed from any metropolitan areas. Very few of my long-time contacts and colleagues are even aware of what Web 2.0 or Social Media are, much less what they mean. They may have a LinkedIn or FaceBook account,but they see such tools as no more than toys. The practical applications of this stuff are beyond them still. I hope to gradually pull some out of their caves and into the light. - Bob Finch
Louis Gray
Louis Gray
Bloggers' Interactions With Readers Decrease With Prominence -
Or ... when you're busy, you're busy :-) - Keith Teare
I just try to get my guests to interact period. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Excellent guest post... Louis the guest bloggers are great, it's very refreshing. - Mike Fruchter
Refreshing as in that it's not me, Mike? :-) - Louis Gray
Louis refreshing in the fact that it gives you more daddy time, and less time blogging for the interim.. Oh now don't even go there :-) - Mike Fruchter
It's probably more definitional -- people equate prominence with remoteness. And the more they think you're famous the less they treat you like a person. That's been my experience at industry parties. Every interaction is someone trying to right some wrong they think you did them. If they didn't like the way you said hello that'll turn into a flamey blog post. Makes you want to have some more distance. People still have 20th century attitudes about fame. - Dave Winer
Applying that kind of thinking to blogging is the most ridiculous perversion. Blogging exists to empower everyone to speak their mind. To then impose a hierarchy on it is to subvert the whole idea! Anyway, look for ways you penalize people for expressing their opinions and you might find some of the more "prominent" people coming back into the flow. - Dave Winer
your chart is wrong (at least for me it was/is) - the n00b stage is where i interacted even more than i do today by a small percentage - Allen Stern
Louis, you've always struck me as a person seeking to hear diverse voices, your "Guest Posts" proves this. Nice way to widen the discussion. - michael sean wright
Mitchell Tsai is putting some nice comments together on - Rob Diana
I've never thought of the blogosphere as having a hierarchy. Obviously some bloggers are more interesting to more readers than some others. Some bloggers are simply better at writing - at getting their thoughts onto paper; much the same as some very intelligent people make lousy speakers the same goes for blogging. - Ian May
Definitely not for me. When I was a newb, there was a lot less interaction. Back when I started doing serialized posts on websites, there were seriously about seven or eight people on the internet who'd read that stuff. I was elated when my hit-count went double digits. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Interesting post Hutch, I claim stage 2 as well. - Shey
n00b here :-) Great guest post (again). - Justin Korn
I second that, I would be on stage 2 .I blog for an outlet, if an audience follows and interacts with me, that's an added bonus. - Mike Fruchter
I'm a n00b. That's why I had Hutch write for me. - Louis Gray
n00bs unite! - Mike Fruchter
Well done, Hutch! - Mark Dykeman
ha, Louis. Branding the chart with the LG logo -- hardly n00bish. : ) - Robert Seidman
*This* is the great friend divide. Scoble got it all wrong. - Benedikt Koehler
Thanks everyone for your comments. A lot of fun doing this. Dave Winer is definitely a Stage 4 guy, interesting to see his perspective. And Mark "Rizzn" - I remember well the thrill when hits went to double digits as well. - Hutch Carpenter
Maybe it's also a country thing. In Germany there are no stage 4 bloggers. That's what I like about blogging in Germany ;-) - Benedikt Koehler
Hutch - Good piece. I would argue that those promoting a specific product engage as many people as possible if they're going to use Twitter or other micro-blogging services (instead of some of the 'nutty' posts that sometimes look really bad). You never know who your next best promoter is. Agree totally that people shouldn't be insulted if they don't get an answer ... the first time :) - Charlie Anzman
I'm blogging in Danish about Social media. I'm trying to get new people interested in the subject and my goal will newer be readers but the conversation and how I can push the Danish marketing community in a new direction. Every comment is still gold to me. I have my niche and I love it. - morten saxnaes
Hey Hutch, Seth Godin just checked in. Let him know what you think about closed comments. - Louis Gray
Go get him Hutch ;) - morten saxnaes
Wow - Seth actually does get out there. Posted a comment to him. - Hutch Carpenter
"I personally read and answer every single email I get " - seth. g - thats so true, I have emailed to him and he responds ! - Peter Dawson
Hutch, though not in called out in the post, in the original thread I did say Seth is *excellent* at interacting. There are different approaches to interacting. Seth posts his e-mail address on his blog, you don't. Neither approach wrong -- just different. As you note, Seth's posts do stand on their own. Maybe there's a blogging opportunity for someone to analyze Seth's posts and try to start the discussion.. - Robert Seidman
first off, it never ceases to amaze me that you can collect so many comments on friendfeed :). Secondly, I am curious how you are able to encourage people to guest post on yer blog, I have several peers with things to say and I have offered my blog as a forum but I have yet to get any takers - gregory
Greg: Have you heard of being "Louis Grayed"? If not, check out this thread: - Justin Korn
@justin sounds like the digg effect! I was hoping my 'sorry, I have a meeting' post might get this love but I published on iPhone craze day and I didn't get any love... Oh well, keep posting - gregory
Erin @queenofspain
Anarchy at princess ballet! 3yrolds are refusing to stand in 1st position! The tutus are flying! Miss bridgette has lost control!
Your daughter and other 3 y.o.s are anarchists? This somehow seems right :) - Lucretia Pruitt
FYI: the revolt was squashed. the hand stamps were threatened and the tiny princesses caved to the opposition.” - Erin @queenofspain
Did they "cave", or did they simply agree to a compromise with an implied quid pro quo agreement that will net them get ice cream or something? - Ken Sheppardson
oh, they caved. they heard 'no hand stamps' and it was all over. califmom is right. the pink puffs need to learn some insurgent tactics. - Erin @queenofspain
Ponders the black market for counterfeit hand stamping equipment - Tony C (Unrated)
That's the cutest thing I ever read. - Francine Hardaway
Just for reference, what's a hand stamp? - iTad
what a!! - Susan Beebe
The ballet teacher gives the girls hand stamps - this week it was a ladybug with red ink)- after every class. - Erin @queenofspain
All toddlers are anarchists. And at the same time, dictators. Somehow they make it work. - Madsimian
Mark Dykeman
Rookiememe - the next killer Web app -
it will one hell of an app :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Definitely a killer though I'm not sure it will actually kill Techmeme - after all, we discuss Techmeme too much because we are so concerned about our positions there. And why would we discuss this one? - Svetlana Gladkova
One issue is how to search it. If I know something is supposed to be there, then it probably already got popular, thus removing it from the site. It is like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (did I get this right?) for blogs. - Rob Diana
@Svetlana - that must be why I rarely mention Techmeme - I know I'm not on it. ;-) - Mark Dykeman
@Rob - maybe a Rookiememe shouldn't be searchable, then? - Mark Dykeman
@Mark: It proves mentioning Techmeme helps you get on it, I have figured that out - after a couple of talks with Gabe here I found Profy in the very end of the leaderboard :) Though it was not really a pleasure, simply interesting to see some things change there at least. - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
Please read the attached: I did not make it up, I swear! - Mark Dykeman
it's really happening, memes will never be the same :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
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