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Andy Bakun

Andy Bakun

Gentleman Hacker; Artifex; Raconteur; At Large; Coder laureate; Victim of Arbitrariness; people think I'm a Consummate Snowball Artist
Saw a guy riding a penny-farthing over the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend.
And his hair was perfect. - Big Joe Silence
They also called it "golf clap" in "Men At Work", and the style was different, but the purpose was the same. @UncommonRay
And then Emilio Estevez showed it to his brother, and they popularized it in "Men At Work" @mona416 @UncommonRay
Seems like the primary use of verified accounts is so that people will recognize you despite your blandness and similarity to everyone else.
Remember, legitimacy starts at conception.
Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks -
Ego, as it plays out in IT, is an essential confidence combined with a not-so-subtle cynicism. It's not about being right for the sake of being right but being right for the sake of saving a lot of time, effort, money and credibility. IT is a team sport, so being right or wrong impacts other members of the group in non-trivial ways. Unlike in many industries, in IT, colleagues can significantly influence the careers of the entire team. Correctness yields respect, respect builds good teams, and good teams build trust and maintain credibility through a healthy projection of ego. Strong IT groups view correctness as a virtue, and certitude as a delivery method. - Andy Bakun from Bookmarklet
When things don't add up, they are prone to express their opinions on the matter, and the level of response will be proportional to the absurdity of the event. The more things that occur that make no sense, the more cynical IT pros will become. Standard organizational politics often run afoul of this, so IT pros can come to be seen as whiny or as having a victim mentality. Presuming... more... - Andy Bakun
Good IT pros are not anti-bureaucracy, as many observers think. They are anti-stupidity. The difference is both subjective and subtle. Good IT pros, whether they are expected to or not, have to operate and make decisions with little supervision. So when the rules are loose and logical and supervision is results-oriented, supportive and helpful to the process, IT pros are loyal, open,... more... - Andy Bakun
IT pros would prefer to make a good decision than to get credit for it. What will make them seek credit is the danger that a member of the group or management who is dangerous to the process might receive the credit for the work instead. That is insulting. - Andy Bakun
Like anyone else, IT people tend to socialize with people who respect them. They'll stop going to the company picnic if it becomes an occasion for everyone to list all the computer problems they never bothered to mention before. - Andy Bakun
Letters of Note: The Tiger Oil Memos -
Letters of Note: The Tiger Oil Memos
Letters of Note: The Tiger Oil Memos
Letters of Note: The Tiger Oil Memos
_thwarted on Has anyone quit/left in the middle of a catastrophe? -
"I wish I was kidding about this. I was formulating DR plans, and asked what the worst situation we should plan for would be. The answer from one guy was, who was completely serious, rapture. I pointed out that this assumed that none of the employees would be raptured, and we'd end up selling our products to the damned." - Andy Bakun
If this is you, @fart, you owe me the last 3 minutes and 47 seconds of my life back.
Overcoming Bias : Firm Inefficiency -
Threats Help Productivity - Andy Bakun from Bookmarklet
Long-Lasting Deadwood - Andy Bakun
Not Invented Here - Andy Bakun
Shooting Messengers - Andy Bakun
Yes Men - Andy Bakun
Mergers & Acquisitions - Andy Bakun
Poison Pills - Andy Bakun
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Too Many Meetings - Andy Bakun
Too Many Interviews - Andy Bakun
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Few Experiments - Andy Bakun
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Allow Info Silos - Andy Bakun
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tsantero: Work is the place I go to to write software before going home to write software -
Do you run Supermicro's "Java iKVM Viewer" on Linux? Hate that it redraws itself too-small & unresizable? Try this
thwarted starred greenlion/swanhart-tools: thwarted starred greenlion/swanhart-tools July 23, 2014 -
thwarted starred greenlion/swanhart-tools: thwarted starred greenlion/swanhart-tools

    July 23, 2014
jcoglan: Chef and Brew are awfully similar. Rubby scripts over modelling. A cute metaphor that pervades the UI and inhibits understanding. -
dakami: Sure, it's "military grade" security. Notice they rarely specify which military. -
LawbsterSaid: me: brain, where are my keys brain: i have no fuckn idea but here's a loop of the cosby theme song while you look for those motherfuckers -
unixdaemon: Show me on the architecture diagram where it hurt you. -
Andy Bakun just committed a change to picsofourlives on GitHub -
show a pop-up notification when a photo is taken (6ad82afd48cde8b4db918c681290abb4d083d130) - Andy Bakun from GitHub
thwarted pushed to master at thwarted/picsofourlives: show a pop-up notification when a photo is taken -
thwarted pushed to master at thwarted/picsofourlives: show a pop-up notification when a photo is taken
TweetNaCl: Introduction -
Results of meat inventory: 1) We don't have any ground beef; 2) I hope the power doesn't go out.
cjoh: Seriously guys, it's time to retire "cable companies" -- let's stop pretending we need to pluralize. -
• @eevee there are like six other Walgreen's within 2 blocks of Union Square and they all have their own smell.
• @UncommonRay Pleated gauchos and high waisted acid wash aren't back, it's just mating season. Plumage is out.
• @RikerGoogling does the same apply to the J'naii?
Fun_Beard: The most unrealistic thing about Ghostbusters is that someone would be willing to give Dan Ackroyd a blow job. -
alexis_summer: petition to make "fucklawn" the new euphemism for pubic hair -
robfee: Hate on Veruca’s dad all you want, but he employed hundreds of workers to look for golden tickets while Wonka fired everyone at his factory. -
Fun_Beard: I love when I'm home alone because I can grunt extra loud while taking a dump. -
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