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Andy Bakun

Andy Bakun

Gentleman Hacker; Artifex; Raconteur; At Large; Coder laureate; Victim of Arbitrariness; people think I'm a Consummate Snowball Artist
Why does this look like a path? Why is the "escaping" so shitty? Why doesn't this look like a Javascript expression?
"ginger near beer"
_thwarted on Changing DNS Name on Server Affecting Links for Workstations -
"This isn't strictly true. If the client asks for the A record for a name, and that name matches a CNAME, the server can return the value of the CNAME and the value of the A record that the CNAME points to in the same response and in the same packet. I've never seen otherwise, but I don't run any Windows DNS servers." - Andy Bakun
RT @got_dany: This Game of Thrones chart is spot on at describing the characters.
RT @got_dany: This Game of Thrones chart is spot on at describing the characters.
RT @jcoglan: I can't square the massive growth in mobile web access with the explosion in frontend code we're shoving down the pipe. Doesn't make sense.
RT @duncansmart: @secretGeek "oh, I need to scroll down" is the new "where's the 'skip intro' button?"
abt_programming: "Most papers in computer science describe how their author learned what someone else already knew" - Peter Landin -
Prefix any word with "cyber-" to make it sound lame.
cybersax - Big Joe Silence
Cyberprefix any cyberword with "cybercyber-" to cybermake it cybersound cyberlame.
OH: "Jimmies are sprinkles, but not all sprinkles are jimmies."
True - Marie
RT @shutupmikeginn: Sex is like pizza, if you're going to use bbq sauce you better know what the fuck you're doing
UncleDynamite: Since the Board of Health won't let me show you a real Fecal Plume, I'm going to simulate it by putting a cup of cinnamon in Martin's mouth. -
Cavalorn: Is there an inverse of 'straw man' in which you erect a fake ethos for yr movement & defend that instead the reality? Straw Castle maybe? -
_thwarted on I have some dumb questions about DNS.. -
"2) Wildcards are evaluated on the server side, the client doesn't know that a wildcard exists (except that it might be able to imply that a wildcard is there because any random query returns the same thing). * Client requests an A or AAAA record for `` * the server sees that `* IN A` matches and returns `A` In the CNAME case, it would be * Client requests an A or AAAA record for `` * The server sees that `* IN CNAME` matches and returns `CNAME` * The server knows that an A or AAAA record was requested, so it looks up A and AAAA records for ``, and includes that in the response. (this is simplified). You can see this with the `dig` utility: $ dig ... ;; QUESTION SECTION: ; IN A ;; ANSWER SECTION: 77139 IN CNAME 96 IN A" - Andy Bakun
"semicolon as separator is about ten times more prone to error than semicolon as terminator" ~
What the hell is a "Free Down Payment"? I'm not going to be charged to make a down payment? Who falls for this?
RT @listrophy: Verification: Asserting properties of a system. Validation: Determining whether such assertions make sense. 🌠 The more you know!
Windows 10 to get a package manager. Next thing you know, Windows startup & service management will be done with PowerShell scripts.
RT @johncvillanueva: "Understanding Key Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP" #FTPS #SFTP #security
RT @johncvillanueva: "Understanding Key Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP" #FTPS #SFTP #security
lusis: "What are we calling the 'L' release?" "Leisure Suit Larry?" "Let's not call it that...." -
aphyr: Actually, it's about ethics in the category of endofunctors. -
benjammingh: “Rubby: A DSL for generating technical debt” -
adamisacson: “The Starbucks by the CVS across from the cell phone store and the frozen yogurt place” now describes 30% of every US city’s surface area. -
rfinz: It's strikes me as weird that explanations make people suspicious. All I'm ever looking for is an explanation. -
That NetworkManager can still only connect to one VPN at a time is the punchline to some terrible joke, right?
• @Roguelazer A 500lb blob of melted candy, with a gnome sticking out of the side, doesn't sound very modular. @pczarkowski
RT @pczarkowski: Thinking of dressing up as systemd for Halloween and giving out very large blocks of the worst chocolate i can find.
RT @inthefade: "not suitable for protection against hazardous materials." Not suitable in general, tbh.
RT @inthefade: "not suitable for protection against hazardous materials."  Not suitable in general, tbh.
Not as good as the sexy Ebola librarian. - Joe
• @meatmanek The smoked glass wasn't a requirement of the project, but we liked the style.
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