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Andy Bakun

Andy Bakun

Gentleman Hacker; Artifex; Raconteur; At Large; Coder laureate; Victim of Arbitrariness; people think I'm a Consummate Snowball Artist
RT @lutterkort: Shoutout to all the intrepid souls who develop software on OSX when 0% of that software will ever be deployed on OSX
RT @xomputer: Grunt: what happens when you let JavaScript developers reinvent Make
I love when a youtube ad I can skip in 5 seconds starts with a 5 second ESRB rating screen.
Whenever that happens, I feel like I beat the system. - Akiva
"Freshman year, you write a program" "One project all 4 years" "And you have to fucking deal with it for the rest of college"
I'm giving up Lent for Lent.
BuckyIsotope: What if your life is just a parody of the you living the real one? -
AthertonKD: The paywall is coming from INSIDE the building RT @b_fung: How am I bumping up against the WaPo paywall from inside my own office? -
Politically Correct Monster Truck Jam! -
Politically Correct Monster Truck Jam!
RT @maiab: Basically, @myrocksbox <3 @easypost "Software That Helps Small Businesses Ship Like Amazon"
I can tell you're not a full-time Linux user when you claim that installation on "Linux" uses "apt-get".
amanicdroid: Engineers are the infantry of industry. -
Being ticketed or towed for blocking traffic on Dolores on Sunday would be fair and equitable.
The double-parking (and parking in the middle of the street) on Sunday is ridiculous. It infuriates me that it's okay to double-park if you're going to church. Fuck that shit. - Spidra Webster
"Churchgoers…having to leave the service to put money in the meter." — then the true fix is to increase the max time on the meters.
Robert Muth: Better Bash Scripting in 15 Minutes -
RT @stevencorona: Last of the orders, ready to ship! I used @easypost to make all of the shipping labels in ruby
Radio ad about how men can finally buy feminine hygiene products w/out embarrassment via @GoogleShopEx. Like women can't use the internet?
JohnDCook: Group projects in school teach an important lesson about teamwork: It's often easier to just do everything yourself. -
I have to have three different two-factor authentication apps installed. So I think I have 6-factor authentication now.
I have Max Factor authentication. You have to have a matching lip print... - Spidra Webster
I have Fear Factor authentication. You have to eat the right sequence of hissing cockroaches... - Stephen Mack from iPhone
my evil mind is going bad places with that lip print thing. *hunts for mind bleach* - Big Joe Silence
Jeez, two episodes into Silicon Valley, and I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying that Betas was better.
Holiday weekend: I had no idea that Coachella+pycon would be as city emptying as Burning Man or SXSW.
80sDonDraper: At the end of the day, aren't we all plumbers dodging a giant monkey's barrels? -
BoredElonMusk: If you find a site with a "webmaster", that guy is probably long dead. -
RT @vruba: Idea: a high-level public agency with the mandate and funding to review and patch popular code. A national security agency, if you will.
RT @dylannorthrup: .@lusis i miss the early days of perl/sh. i could do stuff without having to install & config a dozen pre-reqs. #RailsInterAlios
RT @lusis: I think I realized something. I'm tired of being expected to adopt a language ecosystem as a user of a tool written in that language.
lusis: Get rid of system gems and always generate local binstubs -
lusis: Here's a proposal, all gems should just install local path by default. -
— @jonursenbach What you should say is "YES! CLASSIC SCOOBY-DO WITH CELEBRITY APPEARANCES IS BACK!"
RT @kissane: Drugging kids out of daydreaming? I’d like to muster a more eloquent response but srsly fuck ALLL of this.
rantyben: My new unpopular idea: Take your whole AV budget and spend it on updates and QA for any bullshit internal system that can’t run on Windows 8 -
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