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Andy Bakun

Andy Bakun

Gentleman Hacker; Artifex; Raconteur; At Large; Coder laureate; Victim of Arbitrariness; people think I'm a Consummate Snowball Artist
RT @fart: rip to spock. you are chilling with the devil now
RT @fart: rip to spock. you are chilling with the devil now
• @CompSciFact name your loop iteration variable o, rather than i, to remember that you're accessing array offsets rather than array indexes
Oh look, xca let's you renew a certificate with one click and a new date. Happy day!
• @dch__ @mosheroperandi … software targeted at UNIX systems who don't know anything about writing, running, or debugging software on UNIX.
• @dch__ @mosheroperandi deployment is one, small component of prod ops. The real problem is that we have a huge mass of people writing …
RT @jadler: OH: "Software is eating the world, and it is shitting data."
• @marieberd We must close the pickpocket gap!
RT @dch__: The real shit is diagnosing and debugging problems in real time in your app, remotely. Deployment is so not the problem.
RT @dch__: IMO docker is solving the wrong problem. Devs love it b/c it makes deployment simple. Except deployment is already simple. Prod Ops is not.
We have net neutrality, and *this* is what we use it for.
"10x troll"
RT @jamiealquiza: Somewhere, some 10x troll is currently writing systemd.js
RT @arclight: As an experiment, I want to see upper management outsourced. Probably more survivable than outsourcing IT.
OH: "We don't have hackathons. We make enough crazy shit during normal work hours."
JavaScript syntax can change for for…of, binary literals, computed properties, etc, but still need to put "use strict" in a string literal.
Nearly everything that matters is a side effect. —
Nearly everything that matters is a side effect. —
— @drscriptt @Nonapeptide The worst is when you find someone who had the same problem, they say they fixed it but not how, and it was you.
What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure? - Pacific Standard -
We explained to him that most people get HIV from sex or from dirty needles, and we explained about condoms, and about drug addiction, and about what makes a disease inherited versus contagious. The table of four adults next do us did that thing again; they went silent. We kept talking. Our son asked why they didn't tell him this stuff at school. The mate explained that adults stupidly think that if you tell children the truth about sex, they'll have sex earlier than they really should. He added that the evidence indicates otherwise. - Andy Bakun from Bookmarklet
And I was off thinking: How funny that we can't bring ourselves to tell our children the most fundamental truth about sex, that most of the time we have sex, we have it for pleasure. As I watched my son chomp on his peanut butter bagel, I was struck by the thought that I sure have learned from him how a single act of sex can give you pleasure for years to come. I can't believe he's supposed to give me a present for Mother's Day. Many days, I can't even fathom that he came from sex. He just seems magical. - Andy Bakun
current status: pitching a MacGyver & Schneider The Odd Couple reboot.
current status: pitching a MacGyver & Schneider The Odd Couple reboot.
RT @gonzohacker: Before I give you my time estimate, have you heard of Zeno's paradox?
"This is some great Motor City Pie!"
"America's favorite Detroit-style deep-dish pizza" Detroit-style
Using ello is like using alpha﹒app﹒net.
i "deleted" my account there back in the beta days. i recently went back and IT WAS ALL STILL THERE. - Big Joe Silence
RT @matt_simpson84: So apparently "i was just doin Mario stuff" is not a valid excuse for eating mushrooms and smashing turtles at the park
RT @kelseyhightower: systemd is no longer just an init system. It's like when a startup renames the company after the first successful product.
DancesWithTamis: Current mood: unclaimed dildo going around and around on a baggage conveyor belt -
jasonmuffett: Any sufficiently undocumented systems automation is indistinguishable from magic. -
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