Andy Bakun
Build Your Own Robot. Feb 1987 Boys' Life. I remember staring at the wiring picture and having no idea why the "cross pattern" was necessary and being frustrated that there was no explanation in the text of the article.
PDF of the article included. It only mentions how attaching the wires to the switch would be hard, but possible. - Andy Bakun
Looking up the DPDT switch, the reversal is so that polarity is switched causing the motor to switch direction. In the case it's switched forward (to the right), the cross wires are superflous to function, when switched to the back (to the left) they invert the polarity of causing the motor to switch direction, and then center is off. (I may be describing the function backwards, but the principle remains the same.) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah, I know that now. In fact, when I saw this picture again, I "figured it out" immediately. I just remember being frustrated with the directions for this being very explicit about what to do but not actually teaching anything. But I guess the goal was to build something. Looking back, that was a regular issue I had with Boys' Life. - Andy Bakun
I also remember having a hard time scrounging up the $50 to build this robot. - Andy Bakun