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Monica O'Brien
Chicago Domino’s Owner More Than Gets Social Media He Breathes It! via @nureachglobal
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Wow i totally broke that facebook story though and though many other blogs then wrote it up none linked to my post (mashable)
bastards. - David Rothman (☤) from fftogo
It seems to be the way it going these days. techcrunch totally ripped a story from centernetworks about flippa and gave no credit. - Darren Stuart
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Robert Scoble
PR people, this is the best place to pitch me. See why here:
1. It's in public, so you'll get a little buzz. - Robert Scoble
2. It's a room just for pitching me: - Robert Scoble
3. I can interact with you in a way I never can on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
check out the trailer for my film - Jason Pollock
4. If you pitch me here, I'll follow you so you can send me direct messages here, which are a TON better than DM's on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
5. Other people can join in, which will help you make your pitch better. - Robert Scoble
6. You can use more than 140 characters. - Robert Scoble
I think you will really respond to the content of my film and so will your followers... its all about teens who run for public office in America and youth empowerment!:) - Jason Pollock
7. You can use videos or photos. - Robert Scoble
8. Your pitch here is permalinkable, along with all interactions. - Robert Scoble
u rock scoble! thanks for all your great advice:) - Jason Pollock
9. If you are really spammy I can delete you and I can block you so I can keep this room clean for real companies and real PR people. - Robert Scoble
I like it a lot that one can post comments on the frienfeed embed at the crunchcam page. No need to go through to comment on a thread anymore - Charbax
10. I can reshare anything here to both my friendfeed followers (36,000+) and my Twitter audience (88,000) with one action. - Robert Scoble
Also, Check out It's a new dating service that is built on top of twitter. It's a pretty genius idea and I think single tweeters will love it! Here's a hashtag for it... #140love - Jason Pollock
11. We can talk in real time here back and forth, like what Jason is doing. - Robert Scoble
Jason, it's best if you started your own node in this room, though: - Robert Scoble
nice! thanks for the info and then mention scoble.. u rock! friendfeed is fun. - Jason Pollock
I'd like to pitch you on a new product I'm developing that reduces the green in avatars. - Rex Hammock
Great idea. I've bookmarked this page for the future. Quick question...does this mean you want to be removed from relevant press release emails? (emphasis on relevant) - AllisonWagda
Allie: nah, email is fine too. - Robert Scoble
friendfeed is even better, though, for all these reasons. - Robert Scoble
hmm.. now if I only had something to pedal. Anyone want to look as some pics of my niece and nephew? There, pitch complete. - Kevin Murray
Right, will keep that in mind :-) - AllisonWagda
Brilliant idea!! Hope to read a post on how this works out for you ; ) - Katie Fox
12. I'll actually answer you here, at a rate 100x more frequently than Twitter and 1000x more frequently than email. - Robert Scoble
13. The editorial staffs of TechCrunch, Wired, and VentureBeat tell me they hang out on friendfeed very often. Wired even does all its editorial workflow in a private room here. - Robert Scoble
14. Every time this room changes it pops to the top of my "Groups" list, which prompts me to come here and check it. Far more attention getting than DM's on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
15. Any comment added onto a pitch makes that pitch more searchable. I just added the word "enterprise" onto one of the pitches, for instance, which will make that easier to search for me. - Robert Scoble
Kudos. Love this list...From Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian, France Pop. 229 - La Peira
Sorry you can't join us for the Intuit Town Hall Thursday, but if you could spread the word via Twitter or wherever I know they'd be really jazzed. They're streaming live at and tweeting @intuittownhall. Let me know when is good for you to talk about Intuit this week. I'm a huge fan, so thanks for your time! - Meri
Meri: start a new post in the room, that way I can retweet it. - Robert Scoble
99. As @wellcomemat's Chief Stand Out Officer (CSOO), I feel compelled to say hello. Hello Robert! Now check out the most powerful local video player on the internet: - Mat Man
Ok, here goes! Get yourself educated about how the US Federal Government is deporting families: Spread the word - xxx xxxxx
Nice approach, Robert. - Louis Gray
This is a great idea! Thanks, Robert. - Gretchen Doores
So not to be too much of a naysayer robert, but what happens when this medium becomes overwhelming for you as well (since you started on email, moved to facebook, moved back to email - though a new address, and now here)? - Jeremy Toeman
Hi Robert, I’ve got a Silicon Valley startup has an engaging new way to manage the information you track on the Internet. Check out the personalized list they’ve created for you. And if you think that’s cool, you should check it out on your iPhone or G1. Go to, click the log-in button, for user name paste in: For password enter: robert01. Let me know what you think. I can take you deeper into the app and their business model upon request. Chao for now. - Rick Popko
Chris Charabaruk
Did Twitter Just Kill #followfriday? | Stay N' Alive -
"In a very vague statement today that I guess Twitter doesn’t expect us to understand, Twitter removed, without warning or feedback from users it would seem, any and all Tweets in your stream that include @replies to people you are not following." - Chris Charabaruk from Bookmarklet
Twitter may have just killed the relevancy of twitter. This is a stupid move - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Just one more in a series of them, Rob. - Chris Charabaruk from IM
long live identi'ca! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This will make it difficult to find new people to follow. There will be no hint of their existence. I guess we're all supposed to follow Oprah, Ashton, and Shaq. - DGentry
I just can't get over how stupid this is...the relevance for twitter is the noisiness and the publicness of the thing...without that, twitter is nothing - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Think about it... Doesn't this also mean the possible death of retweets? After all, if Twitter hides a link tweet because the retweeter mentioned the original poster... - Chris Charabaruk
I'm thinking that it only hides replies that begin with @. I'm seeing retweets just fine. If so, then #followfriday should work just the same. - Michael McKean
of course the RT is what's killing followfriday in the first place. No, I think Jesse is probably correct - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Even if that's the case, it's still a bad decision to make this change. Give us an option, that's okay, but just hiding them straight-up is bullshit. I've actually found decent people I never would have known about, because someone I knew replied to them. Now that ability is gone because Biz and Ev decided without even considering the effects on users. - Chris Charabaruk
me too, Chris. I monitor the conversations of people I admire or am interested in and I'll take a peek if they are conversing with someone I don't know. - Laura Norvig
Apparently Ev and Biz have decided that we should all only follow people we already know and never find anyone new on Twitter to follow. - Jandy
no, they think we should do that and follow famous people too. like oprah. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jandy: Ah, that same stupid decision that Zuckerberg made some time ago? - Chris Charabaruk
I've never understood why some updates show up in my timeline and some don't. I've had direct replies never show up on my page. when I follow someone, I want to see all their updates. - Richard Lawler
Chris, I agree. Taking away the option is stupid. I guess they want us to use Twitter as THEY see fit. - Michael McKean
I suggested the other day, it's a shame when people's dreams stand in the way of others truly realizing and utilizing the full potential of the dreamer's creations. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Biz and Ev need to learn that when you release a social tool, it's not yours any more. It belongs to your users. - Chris Charabaruk
Not feeling this at all. What's the point? - Derrick
two notes questions - 1. why wouldn't you want to see *ANY* mention of your user name in the "mentions" tab? 2. could this be something coming from the celebs? no idea just throwing it out there. - Allen Stern
Is this just a lame excuse to lighten the load on their servers? - Michael McKean
Michael: This wouldn't lighten the load much if at all. They now have to filter out these messages for _everyone_, not just those who had the appropriate option on. Slightly simpler code, more server load. - Chris Charabaruk
That makes no sense whatsoever. I have met some great tweeps as a result of a follow up to a hashtag or @comment I posted. I agree with Michael- why wouldn't you want to see/monitor your name mentions. Maybe Chris is correct. - Karma Martell
I just can't figure out the logic behind this. Perhaps because there isn't any. - Michael McKean
Karma, Allen: You'll still see mentions of yourself. You won't see tweets which only reference users you don't follow. - Chris Charabaruk
Agreed, Twitter suddenly makes a really bad move. Cuts out lots of relevant conversation. - Mike Reynolds
If @A follows @B but not @C, @A won't see posts from @B replying to @C unless @A is mentioned in them somewhere. That kinda thing. - Chris Charabaruk
This seems fine at first, but when you count the number of times where you've made a good connection with @C when you're @A, it becomes insanely stupid. - Chris Charabaruk
I think what they're trying to say is, "We think you're too stupid to figure out this feature, therefore we are removing it completely." - Michael McKean
Chris, thks for clarifying, but still a shame. Seeing the threads is part of the allure. - Karma Martell
It is a real shame. Because depending on how Twitter does the filtering, this could kill off #followfriday. - Chris Charabaruk
exactly- insanely stupid - Karma Martell
really it is killing crowdsourcing - Karma Martell
Holly: After all their screw-ups and downtime, and FSM knows what else, you want to trust them? They lost my trust long, long ago. - Chris Charabaruk
Karma: Exactly Holly: the folky who created twitter are the ones making the bad decisions because they don't use their creation - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yes, Twitter just killed #followfriday and any time a person uses @USERNAME in a way other than meaning a REPLY to that person. - Mike Reynolds
I think this excerpt from Download Squad article nails it: "Perhaps the recent popularity of Twitter as a way to contact celebrities -- we're post-Oprah here, people -- made users a little sick of seeing the people they followed replying to celebrities they didn't follow or care about. There's a fairly simple solution to that, though: change the @reply settings... more... - Sharon McPherson
Mike, make them stop. Thank you. - Derrick
I think it also mean that "If I said some thing like I was talking to @Jesse today" and you don't follow @ Jesse, you won't know that I did that. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: Exactly right. - Chris Charabaruk
This is stupid, this is preventing me from seeing tweets that I might want to see. Stupid. FriendFeed and FTW!!!!! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
What's weird is that I'm still seeing @ replies sent to people I'm not following - but - only if the tweet is sent from a Twitter app. - Sharon McPherson
It's possible that the filter change itself hasn't gone live yet; it's simple to pull a checkbox out of an HTML form, but a bit more complicated to change the underlying code. - Chris Charabaruk
Sharon, heh. If it only filters out web replies, maybe it's not such a big issue? I don't know anyone who doesn't use a client. (I'm lying - I still think it's a big issue.) - Jandy
AJ Kohn relayed a thought in a separate thread that Twitter is essentially killing the protocol for RETWEETS. - Mike Reynolds
I just asked one of the client developers what this was going to mean for their application. I'm waiting to hear back on this - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
the API clients may be able to work around the issue in other ways too. the web users are screwed tho (but they need to get off the lousy web site anyhow) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The only method I could see working is pull individual users' RSS feeds, and no doubt there'd be some limit on that. This could end in violence between Twitter and client developers. - Chris Charabaruk
Even then, if Twitter stops putting tweets starting with @ in the feeds, then we're pretty much screwed to see them. Total fail. - Chris Charabaruk
depends on what the API is actually pulling...I'm not an expert on that, but yes, RSS feeds would would fine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Twitter updated the post, so it's just tweets starting with a @reply (mentions elsewhere are okay). Still, it's a bad call. There's a lot to be found by following someone's replies. - Chris Charabaruk
It sill kills the inadvertent tweet " @soandso said to me yesterday that Twitter, Inc. was elitist" when you're not following @soandso - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Chris Charabaruk: I agree! As I said in another thread, Twitter is about to get very boring. - Sharon McPherson
I generally try to phrase those differently so it's not a @reply kind of tweet, but yeah, a lot of people don't bother doing that. - Chris Charabaruk
Sharon: Charabaruk. Only one C. - Chris Charabaruk
What a horrible ridiculous #FAIL on Twitter's part. I hope they see the error of their ways within the next 48 hours or they're going to be missing a lot of users really soon. - Jillian York
Chris Charabaruk: My apologies, edited. - Sharon McPherson
Thank you. - Chris Charabaruk
Jillian: It's rare for Twitter to back down from a stupid decision. It's happened before, I think, but I doubt they will over this. - Chris Charabaruk
what is the way to tell them? and, what is the hashtag to use to discuss this so it trends to the top and gets their attention? - Bora Zivkovic
There's no good way to tell them, except perhaps in person. I don't think they watch their own replies, or read email. - Chris Charabaruk
Bora: The hashtag is #fixreplies - Sharon McPherson
If a ton of people started tweet-boming @twitter @ev and @biz they would hear it - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Start your replies with #fixreplies. - Vlad Bobleanta from fftogo
OK, I see people are using #fixreplies - Bora Zivkovic
They don't watch their own @replies? Well, no wonder they have no idea how people are using their service! - Jandy
Jandy: I'm not certain that they don't read 'em, but if they don't, that certainly explains A LOT. - Chris Charabaruk
Excerpt from ReadWrite Web article: "This isn't a small change at all, it's big and it's bad. The new setting eliminates serendipitous social discovery." - Sharon McPherson
yeah! - @baratunde
Um, I think #twitterfail is already hitting pretty hard enough. It'll catch bigger media attention than #fixreplies. - Jillian York
@jillian, you can't stop a hashtag. train has left! - @baratunde
Doesn't hurt to use both, if you can squeeze 'em in. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris Charabaruk: I led the team that got LinkedIn to back down on blocking Syrian users. I have faith. - Jillian York
@baratunde #twitterfail already took off ;) - Jillian York
I just sent a handfullt of tweets "#fixreplies @twitter @ev @biz blah blah blah" - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jandy: I've made that point to @ev and @biz on several occasions, and I made it again tonight. How can you make decisions like this whan NO ONE at twitter uses Twitter? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@jillian, according to #fixreplies is on the top list. no sign of #twitterfail. i'm using both to be safe - @baratunde
OMG I got great number of retweets on my barrage! wo0t! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
puls a ton of retweets of Jesse's original blog post about killing Followfriday lol! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@baratunde shit, now that's just a testament to how fast twitter works. i'm sticking with both too though. and summize is mad backed up as always. - Jillian York
holly have you tried twitter searches via an API client? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
TweetDeck is actually working fine for me, it seems. I can use it as I used to. - Jillian York
Hilariously, #followfriday is a popular tag right now based on the fact that people are retweeting this and other similar posts! - Jillian York
One of the API app developers that I'm in contact with suggested that his app will not be affected by such a change...this leads to me think that the way that API calls get the data, it's up to the app developer how to interpret it. This is something that will primarily affect web users. (and who would want to do that anyhow?) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Has it come out yet why Twitter did this? I mean, are they going to replace it with something new and vibrant like they did with the other stuff they took away? LOL. - Marie Carnes
Heres one: RT @ev Reading people's thoughts on the replies issue. We're considering alternatives. Thanks for your feedback. 14 minutes ago from web - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It would appear that tweetbombing @ev and @ biz DOES have an effect ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, NICE! We did trend pretty quickly with #fixreplies. - Jandy
I definitely think a good amount of people sent that directly to ev and biz, so they had to notice. hehehe. I love it when a plan comes together - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Marie. awesome - @baratunde
baratunde, glad you liked it :) - Marie Carnes
I *can* see replies from people I dont know in Tweetdeck, checking for Seesmic. - Jacque
I still don't know what follow friday is. I could use a search engine to find out, but that would be cheating. - Chuck Baggett
lol! Snark alert! haha - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ev and Biz- what are you guys smoking? #fixreplies - Siddharth Deb
From my understanding (and correct me if i'm wrong) Twitter basically is "privatizing" the whole experience..? - Aline Ohannessian
That would seem counter to the direction of the rest of the web, and the entirety of twitter, so no, I don't think that's correct Aline. I think, given @biz's bs this morning about the engineering team reminding him this is a technical necessity, that twitter is grasping at straws trying to cut interprocess messaging traffic down in order to stay afloat. While I'm not an expert in the... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I hope so. #followfriday with it's laundry lists of users in 140 characters is SPAM. It's of no value to me at all. Tell me one or two people you recommend and why. I never click on lists of people and summarily unfollow all the people I followed who insisted on this means of promoting others. Think about it. We don't refer or recommend anything in multiples--movies, restaurants etc. Twitter should be no different. - Gregg Scott
Gregg: you're missing the fundamental purpose of followfriday as it exists today: Get to the Top of the TopFollowFriday list. It's no longer about recommending your followers, but getting enough of them to reciprocate so that you can make it to the top 100 users on the (and similar) lists. Once you make it onto that list, the odds of getting retweeted go up... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Thank you for setting me straight! - Gregg Scott
Agree on FollowFriday - I hate it. No context to the recommendations (unlike seeing all @replies) - Jamie
I do participate occasionally in recommending people on FollowFriday, but I do it as Gregg suggests is the proper way. I put at most 3 people in a tweet, but only because they are all related to the reason I gave for recommending them. But, I only send out a handful of recommendations. And sometimes I recommend application providers, or even bots. There's a few bots I really like. Oh, and I try to remember to recommend @followmenot he hates being followed. heh. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert Scoble
You do realize this is the first time I've actually said that I'll help PR people out and even subscribe to them willingly, right? Do it here:
Check out how ANYONE can make a killing with iPhone apps. Over 1 billion downloads in just nine months. Scoble why u so green?? - Sheila
Maybe they were right; when Twitter went down for maintenance and FriendFeed crashed, your head imploded. In the meantime, accepting pitches is mighty nice of you. - Robyn McIntyre
Dan Schawbel
REPORT: 20% of visitors to sites from social media and PR are the result of a direct click
Darren Rowse
Twittl - discover, rate and share tweets -
Paul Buchheit
With 1 click Friendfeed introduces the art of conversation to Twitter - The Next Web -
With 1 click Friendfeed introduces the art of conversation to Twitter - The Next Web -
with 1click make it easy for me to add this item to any group or person's feed... - Kishore Balakrishnan
Robert Scoble
Is @ev helping out @aplusk for @oprah show? I'm getting tons of messages from people who realize they can't unfollow that account. I can't either.
wait now they are blocking unfollows? - rob
Yep, I cant unfollow him. - Christian Burns
This is not right at all. We should have the right to unfollow him if we want to. Personally, I'm not following him, but still, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! - Michael Forian
rob: yeah. I can't unfollow @aplusk - Robert Scoble
oh BURN! - rob
as aplusk woud have said on That 70's show - rob
Nope, I can't unfollow Ashton..but I can unfollow other users - Sam Houston
Oh that is cheap Twitter, You can't unfollow @Aplusk!! I am glad I didn't do it at all!! - Paul
The beginning of the end... Twitter has sold it's soul to Oprah. - Trad Robinson
You can't stop following? -- that is lame. I guess you have to be special to get that set up? - Brian Sullivan
I've tried to unfollow @aplusk and I cannot do it, either. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I'm so glad I never followed that one. Maybe they moved @aplusk to it's own server and have the SQL update/delete locked down. - rob
Leo was just talking about that. Makes the whole platform a joke. - Eric - Final Countdown
I can't follow @Aplusk, let alone unfollow. Twitter's just borked. No conspiracy here folks, sorry. - drew olanoff
I followed him, but it took a few minutes to register - maybe unfollowing is the same? - Caffeinated Sue
Glad I never bothered to follow him anyway! - Chris Charabaruk
Eric: the whole platform has been a joke since day one. Didn't stop all of us from joining. - Robert Scoble
lol @ own server - Stuart Evans from twhirl
Twitter cant afford to have that account go down - Christian Burns
Weird. Twitter's been acting wonky the last few days tho. - Tiffany Monhollon
wow..... - MikeAmundsen
Twitter is becoming the new VH1 "Where Are They Now" countdown special. - Eric - Final Countdown
And @aplusk's follower count is still going up. - Michael Forian
definition of Twitter = Wonky - rob
Twitter's infrastructure is just falling apart, as always - Michael Krigsman
@aplusk is adding about 2-4 followers a second from what I can tell. - rob
I've tried to unfollow for a couple of hours. I have successfully unfollowed marketers and spammers in the same time frame, just not Kutcher. Getting this error message on him "Whoops! Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again!" - Anthony K. Valley ©
Okay, I just tried to unfollow, it didn't work. Has anyone tried to unfollow CNN? - Caffeinated Sue
I was unable to unfollow @aplusk, but I did just unfollow @scobleizer. Just a test ;) - Ryan Kuder
I tried to unfollow both of them and it gave that Whoops error - James Rowe
You can't unfollow @cnnbrk either. Wow, this sucks. Twitter's obviously trying to cover their parfaits. - Michael Forian
Brings new meaning to the term, "default" - Jesse Stay
Being pretty new to Twitter (two years but very sporadic until the last few weeks) I hadn't heard of @aplusk until today. Anyhow, I went to try to follow him in the last few hours and none of my attempts were successful. My conclusion: the race is rigged by joint PR effort, they want him to break the million just as he appears on Oprah. Or something like that. I have to say that, given it's a free service, I didn't mind too much. But I probably haven't invested as much of myself as Scoble and others here :) - Richard Drake
Well, the million follower scandal will hopefully show us technical folks what not to do if we ever hit it big. Hacked really? pfft. - rob
can't unfollow, but I can still block. Let's all punk him and block him. (I did.) - Michael Markman
1,000,000 blocks that'd be nice - rob
Honestly I don't remember ever following @cnnbrk, and I don't see updates on page, or tweetdeck - James Rowe
So, what does blocking do? - Dennis Jackson
Twitter's TOS: "General Conditions - We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason, without notice at any time." Wow. This blows big time. - Michael Forian
blocking makes it so that user when they are logged in, are unable to see your msgs - rob
I see the TOS. I still don't think it's right they are doing this. They need to make it fair. :( boo.. - Dennis Jackson
I wonder if it has to do with the "aplusk's 1,000,000th follower gets this and that and the other thing" promises that people/organizations like EA are making. By blocking people from unfollowing those accounts, they could be hoping to prevent people from unfollowing right after he hits 1,000,000 and the jockeying to become the "real" 1,000,000th follower that's sure to come. - Gord McLeod
This is common for users with a lot of followers. I see it with our users on SocialToo all the time - it's some sort of bug in Twitter, assuming it's not a conspiracy. - Jesse Stay
You can block him though - Christian Burns
I just don't see how blocking him does anything. - Dennis Jackson
Hrm, that certainly takes some wind out of Twitter's sails... - Trish Ridgway
Ashton is saying on his twitter feed that his account is getting hacking continually. Maybe this is a protective measure? - Karl Kovacs
Guys, I think I've figured it out: the "unfollow" only takes effect after a few minutes. This applies to both @aplusk and @cnnbrk. - Michael Forian
After a few minutes? I tried unfollowing Oprah and Ev and those don't work either. I wonder if it's my browser. - Dennis Jackson
I can't follow him either. It pretends I'm following him, but when I refresh, I'm still not following him. I don't think this is what everyone thinks it is. Seems more like the account state is frozen. - Cait
I've seen something lke this happen to regular users - follow again, clear browser cache, reload page, try to unfollow again. If that doesn't do it, try blocking. I would never have followed @aplusk in the first place, so I can't perform the test - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe it's a scaling/load issue with their database. - Gord McLeod
Ashton's closing the gap: - Caffeinated Sue
Looking at the stats for @aplusk and @cnnbrk, it appears they maybe working on a tie instead of a win. The numbers have gotten too close to call. - Karl Kovacs
Karl's got it. Almost certainly a preventative measure in case the accounts get compromised. I'm wondering though... a) Does this take the heat out of Apple's one billion app milestone? and b) Does it really matter because Oprah will storm past both of them (indefinitely) once she starts tweeting. - Smashing
I was able to unfollow @cnnbrk for sure.I was able to follow @aplusk and THEN I COULD NOT UNFOLLOW @aplusk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe he paid for that little service. It's one way to monetize Twitter. Then Twitter will charge us to unfollow those people. - Mary Wehrle
I was able to block @aplusk just fine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ashton watching it live: - Caffeinated Sue idiot has too much money, so he spilled champange on his macbook. - rob
guy makes me ill - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
"i read all your @replies" - ashton - rob
yea, fan mail new low. - rob
I should block aplusk while I still can! :) - Morton Fox
FWIW: I first unfollowed @CNNbrk,worked fine then followed @aplusk could not unfollow, blocked @aplusk then followed @CNNbrk and was not able to unfollow @CNNbrk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Wow @Twitter. That is very lame. I hope this is a bug, otherwise this will be a future PR nightmare...starting tomorrow. - darnell from BuddyFeed
darnell: No...starting a little while ago..bug or not. This is going to blow up already starting to - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
perhaps twitter did not do this intentionally. their app may be hitting some functional limits! They've got to be scrambling over there... kinda feel sorry for them! LOL - Susan Beebe
there's really not much that can make me feel sorry for them. starry-eyed, failing to manage their business for their customers (and I'm talking outages and lack of notifications esp) sympathy gone. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
oh no! there's gonna be a recount and lawsuits. what will the country do until we know the final answer? oh my! least it's cheaper than a sorry ass movie. - Landon
No Way! A Twitter PR Disaster brewing quickly! Twittersphere speak it loud. - Kemp Edmonds
I'm seeing a lot of noise about this already....lots of RTs (and coincidentally lots of follows on my account LOL!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This sounds like an interesting topic... - coldbrew
Surely if CNN actually stated tweeting (they haven't done any since they took over the account) and they put it on their program, they would have a huge surge. CNN isn't taking this seriously. Maybe it is because it isn't! - CJPhoto
That's what you get for following any of them in the first place. You keep trying to leave, but they keep pulling you back in. - dewtheone
Ahsan: what, you expect Twitter's engineering to be good? You have GOT to be kidding! - Robert Scoble
I personally think this is because to not allow people to unfollow and then follow him back to get a 1millionth follower gifts from EA... my opinion... - Hameedullah Khan
When I unfollowed CNNbrk, then followed CNNbrk again later tonight as per my experiment, I could not un follow. no gifts from cnn right? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
what a joke... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Mark, looking for 0 tweets is pretty much dead giveaway - rob from twhirl
Mark well I'm sure there could easily be a collaborative effort given the amount of people using the service, and the amount of companies or projects using the firehose, we could easily find new users, and check their followers out, and who they may follow, then give that back to twitter to judge who is "real" or someone. Adding spam watchdog would be easy too since someone already does spam and link checking. - rob
Someone posted that Twitter disabled the unfollow feature for this jive - Outsanity
Weird this was I couldn't even ADD Ashton to my other Twitter account. So maybe both functions were disabled. But, if that were so, then how did he hit 1mill? Odd... - Outsanity
Thank you for asking that question. - Prokofy Neva
That sucks! Started a campaign for people to stop following him. Well it was a small campaign, but I am so sick of hearing about this silly contest. - PC Easy from twhirl
Chris: So If I can run a big contest to gain followers I giving away fabulous prizes, Twitter will fuck other people around for me too. Yet another example of Twitter really only giving a damn about the big name stars & companies, - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wonder how many million follower user accounts it will take before Twitter does something drastic? - rob
Really? - ChiliMac
Chris: Fabulous Idea! I'm gonna march right down to @ev's office with a bunch of cupcakes and get my refund today! :) heh. -But seriously, its now how I was damaged personally but about how Twitter is making sure there is the "great divide" between the Followed and the Followers. The more they've focused on the stars the less Twitter is about real interactions between real people. This damages the community, and I am sad to see it happen this way - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I would have been more impressed with Twitter overall if it had taken the opposite approach and shown us what value there is in following ordinary people who have interesting things to say. But instead, they show extreme favoritism towards people who have large draws. Go ahead and ask to see if you can have a special favor from Twitter so that you can draw in an even bigger crowd than you already have. It doesn't hurt you, no, but sure doesn't help you either. What's wrong with wanting equality? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nothing's wrong with wanting equality. Internet is becoming just as assymetrical as real life is. The more crowd you already have the less job to take to build even bigger crowd. Sorry, but Twitter can't help you. It's not the matter of Twitter. It's the matter of what kind of people use it and what goal they achieve using it. - Денис
No Twitter can't help me, or you. But it can and does help: Mashable, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Tony Robbins, etc, etc, and now Ashton & CNN. It is a matter of Twitter and what kind of people they strive to attract. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yet another reason Twitter has launched a high velocity missle over the shark for this user. I'm still using it, but most of my time now is here on FF. - Mark Traphagen
It's the too big to let fail doctrine applied to social network chosen ones. wow. - Micah
Mona's ff post to Rafe's cnet How To on unfollow technique that seems to work - Micah
Its easy to unfollow send a message: "off aplusk" in Twitter. Simple as that. I suggest a mass unfollow in order to avenge this dirty trick. - Alexandre
Alexandre: I don't think that unfollows; it just keeps his updates from showing in your timeline. So no message sent that way. - Mark Traphagen
Jeremiah Owyang
Tomorrow, @Oprah crowns @aplusk the "King of Twitter". Two years ago, that was @scobleizer. Move over geeks, the stars are movin in
Makes me want to fwow up - Leo Laporte
I'm glad I'm on FriendFeed, until they take over here too - Jesse Stay wont be long ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I just checked Oprah's Twitter feed. 0 updates, following 9 people. At least @ev is one of them. - John E. Bredehoft
Just realized that I'm not following any of these 9 people on my current (relatively new) Twitter account. Shaq and Ev, your stats are about to increase. No offense, Ellen. - John E. Bredehoft
Something tells me I already know what this weekend's TWiT is going to be all about. :p - Chris Charabaruk
Jeremiah: that's what happens when you stop blogging. :-) - Robert Scoble
i think it has awhile before stars hit FF. I haven't seen any with one yet. have you? - Rachael Depp
Twitter Bubble - Johnny
Yeah exactly! - Roshni
I think updates are more important than followers and by that there is absolutely no comparison. - travispuk
This morning Oprah wasn't subscribed to anyone. This afternoon it was 4 people, now it's 9. Not that I'm uh, looking at her, uh, ^EOF - Kevin Fox
Like with house prices, the race to a million is fine, until people actually start looking at the numbers and realize'a million followers' isn't actually worth a million users. I sit and await the Great Twitter Crash of 2010... - Johnny
My prediction is that @aplusk will overtake @cnnbrk at around 10pm EST tonight. - Mike Reynolds
So true, I hope twitter is ready for Oprah mania, I wonder how a lot of the new twitter users would react if they had to experience the great fail whale season of 2008 - Wayne Sutton
@Oprah will overtake @plusk & @cnnbrk within days. Will millions of new @Oprah fans dominate the conversations on Twitter? - Steve Levin
So Oprah joins Twitter and promotes it. A whole slew of new people comes and sign up... then what? Without a form of 'education', there is going to be a lot of passive users, or worse for Twitter, a lot of people seeing the novelty in following celebs then once it wears off, never coming back. The success of this relies on the explanation and demonstration of it tomorrow on the show. Let's all pray for no fail whales... - Johnny
Here, and in Twitter, I'm always more interested in content, than people. As for celebs, I generally find them very uninteresting. - Ian May
The celebs are almost all PAINFULLY annoying to follow or read tweets from, but the herds still follow, I don't get it. I guess the herds are... still herds. - Kemp Edmonds from twhirl
Kemp: mmmmmmmmoooooooooooo!!! - Robert Scoble
I use Twitter and FriendFeed for useful information only...if I want to know or hear from celebs I'll watch Entertainment Tonight! - Bonnie Foster
Celebs claiming this is the power of social media. Such obvious nonsense: it's the power of big media. - Michael Krigsman
Jeremiah, I need a shoulder to cry on - Jesse Stay
What makes me sad is that, given Johnny's thoughtful sentiments above, it seems likely that a lot of people will be "meh, this social media stuff is BORING" and then be deterred from checking out more interesting apps like FF in the future. Bummer. - Adam Lasnik
Scoble: No not you too please NOOOOOOOO! - Kemp Edmonds
@aplusk's account now shows 1,963,812 followers. Suddenly up by 1M or so. What gives? - Mike Reynolds
Final moments until @aplusk overtakes @cnnbrk - any minute now - follow live at - Mike Reynolds
We are at least safe here. The celebrities wouldn't move in to FriendFeed! - Seth Greenblatt
Yes, welcome to Asocial Media! - AJ Kohn
whatsa whosa @aplusk? - BEX
The celeb influx on Twitter proves that it's all about who you follow. If you don't follow them, then no problem. Your experience is largely unchanged. - Jared Smith
+1 Jared. - Hutch Carpenter
Scoble is king of FriendFeed. Better kingdom; better king. - Mark Traphagen
Just read the Reuters article that quoted you - John E. Bredehoft
Its a sad day for Twitter. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Robert Scoble
One big difference between Twitter and friendfeed (in Twitter's favor too!!!). See here:
People follow on Twitter. My friendfeed rates have gone way down. - Robert Scoble
I looked into a few people I've recommended. On Twitter they are getting followed at a MUCH higher rate than their friendfeed accounts are. - Robert Scoble
That's not a good trend for friendfeed, because it means that there's a much stronger power law in effect there where people like me will have more power to get content noticed than new people who come along. - Robert Scoble
That is because Twitter is getting a lot of mainstream media attention unlike Friendfeed. - Veetrag
I wonder why that is? I have some theories that I'll explore over next few minutes. - Robert Scoble
either im missing something...or haven't used friendfeed much... can you only comment on the main post - or can you comment on a comment? - Cole Orton
Come to the live version of this post to join along in live time: - Robert Scoble
It's much easier to add people in twitter and then to just ignore them. FriendFeed is much richer. - Kevin Gamble
Robert, just because you recommend someone on FF doesn't mean they'll automatically get followed. If he or she isn't interacting here, why would I? I could just read their tweets elsewhere. - FFing Enigma
i really think ff is missing out if you can't comment on a comment - Cole Orton
Veetrag: not true. I filtered out for numbers of people on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Tina; yet on Twitter if I recommend someone they get followed in droves. - Robert Scoble
Robert: When you Like and comment on entries from the folks you follow on FriendFeed, you're putting their material in our line of sight. It's not as important to follow massive numbers of people on FF, because one's network does the work of pulling in new content. - Ken Sheppardson
Cole: what are you talking about. Just use the first name of the comment you are replying to, just like I did. - Robert Scoble
While your point may be true, I don't understand if it means anything.... - Bwana ☠
BCK: nope, I don't think you've hit the answer either. - Robert Scoble
jcunwired: FAIL too. You still haven't hit it. - Robert Scoble
Flashback to 1997. Twitter = Lotus cc:Mail. FF = MS Outlook/Exchange. - Peter Ghosh
that just seems like bad design - there's no "link" as to what comment you're commenting on that way. - Cole Orton
Just try to have this conversation in Twitter. That's not happening. - Kevin Gamble
That's true, Robert, but assuming you're talking about the rec you made Friday night 1) it was in a comment, not your original post (which would get more attention) and 2) time of day really does matter. - FFing Enigma
Bwana: on Twitter everyone's page has tiles of the people who they've followed and the numbers of people they are following. Twitter has created a "follower game." Friendfeed doesn't make that game so obvious so people don't play it. - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed is more serious than twitter. I mean that friendfeed is used for spreading interesting topics and conversations. Twitter is more to get updated and the majority uses for uhm lets see.. nothing useful. - Rafael
I already follow 1300 people. I only follow more people if they A) are adding good content B) are participating or C) are friends/family - Scoble, Alex Scoble
No follower game is a bad thing? FOaF obsoletes it imho. - Bwana ☠
I have followed you on friendfeed since yesterday... much easier to break through the noise, but I have been on Twitter longer so I tend to follow your recomends there. - Michael Angelo Truncale
I can interact very easily with people I'm not following on here. Sometimes I don't even realize that I'm not following certain people. - Michael McKean
Tina: I've been watching the follower numbers of other people who recommend people too. On friendfeed we are far more adverse. I believe that the real-time version of friendfeed has caused people to unsubscribe, too. - Robert Scoble
I get all kinds of nuggets on FriendFeed from people I don't follow... through FoaF - Bwana ☠
You don't have to necessarily be friend with someone on FF to see his/her comments. If it's a friend of a friend you'll see a lot of likes/comments of that person "for free". - Christoph Studer
Michael: you can tell you're not following. Their icons next to their comments are white. - Robert Scoble
Bwana: exactly - Christoph Studer
i am very confused by this posting. what are we supposed to "see here?" - @baratunde
@baratunde: the conversation. - Robert Scoble
I agree that people are trimming their follows possibly due to real time. That's their choice. On the other hand, content is still readily accessible via FoaF (assuming of course that it's still on). - FFing Enigma
Steven: yes, we are cliques here. More like nodes. - Robert Scoble
My followers who don't follow Robert, see this conversation by default. Twitter doesn't do that. - Bwana ☠
I find the real-time version of FF makes me want to stay and watch more. This conversation, for example, is very interesting and great to watch in real time. - Jason Mayoff
Tina: unfollowing people in friendfeed is stupid. Just put the lame ones onto a list. - Robert Scoble
Since beta I've had lots of new subs - have you just reached critical mass, Robert, whereby everyone on FF is only a FOAF away from you? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
i'm thinking i'd use friendfeed more - if there was a killer mobile (ahem, iphone) app for it - Cole Orton
Bwana: true, and that makes following people a lot less important. But it does give hyper connectors like me more power to get a lot of people involved in a conversation. - Robert Scoble
Well hyper connectors is something Twitter has in spades :) - Bwana ☠
Robert, lame or not that's what people are doing (and really, you're going to call someone else's choice lame just because it's not what you would do?). Lists are an option, filters are an option, and so is unsubscribing. So is doing nothing. - FFing Enigma
WorldofHiglet: I still am getting new subs, but this isn't about me. I'm watching normal people's follower behavior. - Robert Scoble
Tina: it's lame. It's also a free world, so I can call behavior lame. :-) - Robert Scoble
This Sunday night conversation is brought to you by... Rackspace... And now, back to our program - Bwana ☠
It's also interesting how a conversation like this goes hot and heavy for about two minutes and then just dies as it rolls off of everyone's pages and the numbers of comments gets too unweildy to navigate. - Robert Scoble
Why follow a lot of people when FF search and filters are so powerful? - Tom Landini
Cole: agree. Would love to see a killer iPhone app. - Jason Mayoff
i also don't like that i have to scroll alllll the way up to click the comment link if/when i have all the comment fully expanded on a post that has, say, >10 comments. - Cole Orton
Hey, I know: how 'bout we try to get over counting stuff? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: unfollowing people is "stupid"?? - Ken Kennedy
One word - - that's why Twitter has higher follow rates - Jesse Stay
Ken: humans love counting. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Lots of things humans love aren't good for them. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: yes. Just put the people you hate onto another list. That way you can watch and see if they get more value later. - Robert Scoble
I don't know about the rest of you, but my stats on Twitter vs my stats here don't make a damned bit of difference to me. Here, I barely follow any stats beyond how many people like my posts and who they are. On Twitter, there seems to be this huge drive for getting bigger, better numbers of followers, how many tweets someone has posted, etc. Guess what? It's bullshit. - Chris Charabaruk
Its a lot easier on Twitter to follow ppl ,its like the 1 click amazon patent :-) - Johni Fisher
Tom: I think you are right there - if I was starting FF now I wouldn't necessarily follow the people I do now and use filters to find the stuff i want. Which would be awhole different experience. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Chris: bingo, but on the other hand, it's a game that people like to play. - Robert Scoble
Let me rephrase: users will look to you for how they think they're supposed to use the service. Calling a use choice lame is your way of directing their use. As for who gets followers: what's more useful, a couple hundred mildly interested follows just because Scoble mentioned you, or 10-20 really interested follows that found you via a search, filter, or FoaF? - FFing Enigma
I enjoy FriendFeed a hell of a lot more than I do Twitter, simply because I don't have the drive to improve my stats. I can post whatever and expect real responses and discussions, not plain old resharing and quick-quip replies. - Chris Charabaruk
I totally agree with Chris. - Rafael
Funny, but I want to tweet about this discussion, but I can't find a link to it. (New to FF) - Jason Mayoff
Tina: +1. - Ken Kennedy
Tina: well, following me is lame too. :-) But unfollowing really is lame. It sends a message to those people that they aren't important anymore. Everyone is important. - Robert Scoble
Jason: Click the timestamp under the entry - Bwana ☠
If people are more concerned about how many people they follow, how many are following them, and how many things they're pushing out, they're missing out on the opportunity to really affect things. They're simply playing for the score, not for the game. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: Right. I'd rather have "low" stats and high interactivity rather than high numbers of people who I'm not particularly interested in. - Michael McKean
Jason: the permalink is the time underneath the headline (timestamp). Or, this: - Robert Scoble
Wow!! I got real-time back on threads!! Yay! - Bwana ☠
Thanks... odd place to put it. - Jason Mayoff
Jason - that's where Twitter puts it as well :) - Bwana ☠
It's quality vs quantity. FF = quality. Twitter = quantity. - Brian
Jason: it is odd, but it is always there and you'll never forget it. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
What Bwana said - FoaF Also, I think twitter's 15 mins of fame is almost up IMHO - BEX
who feel's these real-time posts are hard to follow? - Cole Orton
Brian: the thing is my friendfeed is moving a lot faster than my Twitter and I'm following a lot fewer people here. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is follows the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid. For some, FriendFeed looks too complicated and they don't feel like spending that extra time to benefit from the true purpose of the network. Though I'm reassured that most people on here understand what FriendFeed has to offer over Twitter. - Michael Forian
Wouldn't it be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for entering comments when threads get long and fast like this one? - Tom Landini
jcunwired: I disagree. I learn something by doing comparisons to other services. - Robert Scoble
Now, if it's NOT real-time--it feels lethargic. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
omg this conversation is moving so fckn fast! I just get a up to drink a coke and when I came back. OMG! Frind feed was exploded! - Rafael
Cole: go here: now scroll to the bottom of the page and just keep it there. VERY easy to follow. - Robert Scoble
Cole: I like real-time. You catch what you catch. You miss what you miss. - Jason Mayoff
Michael: FriendFeed doesn't look as complicated as it used to. Or at least the beta doesn't. - Chris Charabaruk
I think Friendfeed feels like a content vacuum, I have no confidence whatsoever that I can get what I put in to it -- back out. - Andrew Leahey
Jason: I find that if I miss something cool my filters catch it later. - Robert Scoble
and if you miss it, oh well... ooh, look a penny - Bwana ☠
I don't feel that way with twitter. - Andrew Leahey
one big diff is the showing of following/subcriptions and followers/subcribers. Twitter showed it on the mainpage while ff show it on your profile page. in a way, twitter succeed when everyone is trying to win in the number game. but i feel ff is where real conversation can be held between more than one stranger across the world. and it can be more than 140 chars. - Gerald Neo
andrew: you really need to look into filters. And read my blog from the other day. - Robert Scoble
Andrew: do you mean being able to find your content within FF, or do you mean getting a return on the hours you're investing? - FFing Enigma
Andrew: Try following even 250 people. I pretty much ignore half the stuff that goes by on Twitter these days because I can't follow it all. - Chris Charabaruk
twitter's brand and uniform design are untouchable right now - not about features; twitter can develop them - Andy Fox
scoble - that is easier to track. thanks. - Cole Orton
I can find content so much easier on FriendFeed, it's scary - Bwana ☠
Twitter search is like a hive now - Bwana ☠
Scoble: I just discovered filters, I'll check out the blog post for sure. - Andrew Leahey
Andrew: this shows how much better friendfeed is for finding valuable stuff. - Robert Scoble
Twitter Search is about the only good thing left with Twitter. - Chris Charabaruk
Thanks for the info sir. - Andrew Leahey
It's not the quantity, it's the quality... That said, how many seriously deranged cyber-geeks are engaging in this conversation? FF is still too confusing for the average user. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
"FriendFeed Filters are the star of the beta" A brilliant guy wrote that. - Bwana ☠
jcunwired: true, that's why I have a screen that is all about Tweetdeck. - Robert Scoble
I think FF could have made the live pages like this could do well to have the newer comments on top instead of updating at the bottom - Charles Rice
Chris: Twitter search is fine, but if you have search but no content then you've got nothing - Jason Mayoff
Vermonter: I'm only slightly deranged. - Michael McKean
Only thing that scares me about FriendFeed is history. That area seems iffy. - Bwana ☠
Vermonter: really? Facebook is more complicated than Twitter OR friendfeed and it has 10x the users of Twitter. MySpace is more complicated than that, and has 7x the users of Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Bwana: what do you mean by "history? - Robert Scoble
We cant find on Twitter this kind of conversation as we do now live here - Johni Fisher
Robert: Search far back can I go? - Bwana ☠
Bwana: all the way. - Robert Scoble
Bwana: Twitter only goes back a few months. - Robert Scoble
as I said, twitter is good for updates and curiosities, Friendfeed is good for conversations about interesting topics(or not). Frienfeed is the serious side of twitter - Rafael
The quality of content is more important! I got more info from FF. The content from twitter in FF is just a little part! - netvista
Robert: that wasn't always the case. Is this a recent change? - Bwana ☠
Bwana: I can't find my Tweets from the Chinese Earthquake over on Twitter, for instance. - Robert Scoble
What I like about FF is that I can sit here and have/watch this conversation without being distracted by thousands of other things going by. - Michael McKean
Bwana: you can search for it, but you can't page back more than 300 items unfortunately (here on friendfeed). - Robert Scoble
I'm a relative FF newbie and this discussion has sold me. I'm stayin'. - Jason Mayoff
Bwana: the content has always been there on FF, available by search. The pagination that far back has been restricted though - FFing Enigma
Jason: welcome! - Robert Scoble
Nice to have you join us, Jason =) - FFing Enigma
Yeah I have to say, this discussion has seriously changed my opinion on FF. Thanks Robert. - Andrew Leahey
@Robert... True.. Facebook is unwieldy, too. But mass usage has forced tolerance. Unwarranted tolerance perhaps. Hard to see how FF will gain traction unless users help make use of FF clearer. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Tina: echo! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Welcome to the club, Jason! - Chris Charabaruk
The Holy Grail indeed - Jason Mayoff
Robert: that's what I mean. - Bwana ☠
And that means I can't archive all of my FriendFeed data if I wanted - Bwana ☠
You can't have a filtered real-time feed yet correct? That's the functionality I'm waiting for! - Keith Barrett
Bwana: true. I hope they fix that. It's important for Track. - Robert Scoble
Hence the "iffy" description. I'm hoping they fix that later. - Bwana ☠
Keith: right. They promise that as a feature to come. We call that "Track." - Robert Scoble
I think they should rename the "comments" on here. I'm not sure I'd call these comments. This is like a topic-driven chat. - Andrew Leahey
Keith: I'd like to see that as well. - Michael McKean
Bwana: but at least the data is there. It is NOT there on Twitter. Horrid. - Robert Scoble
Robert: How do you sort of...back up your tweets? FF? - Andrew Leahey
andrew: yes. But it is searchable. And you can come back and add onto it forever. - Robert Scoble
You mean there's no record of all that's gone on on Twitter? - Jason Mayoff
andrew: I don't. - Robert Scoble
Andrew: it's both, depending on the topic at hand. If you play with the DM feature to a group of people, it's definitely like a chat. - FFing Enigma
Jason: try to find my Chinese earthquake tweets. I tried and I can't get to them. - Robert Scoble
Jason: they might be in a database somewhere, but you can't search on anything older than about August of last year, if I remember right. - Robert Scoble
I'm not even going to bother expanding all the comments. I'm just going to assume Scoble said something along the lines of "Easy access to cat pictures, babby pictures, my brother, FFundercats, Leather Donut" - Mike Nayyar
Robert: where do you find the permalink to this thread? - Tom Landini
At any rate, since the beta, Twitter has seen less of me. - Bwana ☠
Tom: on the date under the topic that started this. - Robert Scoble
I'll get this one. The date. CLick the date - Jason Mayoff
And if the beta improves, it may get worse for Twitter in my world. - Bwana ☠
That's what I'm talking about! Look how the conversation change the focus. Now we have another interesting things being discussed here... Thats awsome right? - Rafael
To get back on topic a little... it would be really cool if when you clicked a white chat bubble on the left if it turned to blue and you were following them... like a toggle button. Do you think that would lower the barrier too much? like people digging stories they havent read. - Frankie Warren
Yes, I just went and searched for any tweet last June that mentioned "earthquake." None appeared. FAIL. - Robert Scoble
So just out of curiosity, what is the page within FF that you spend most of your time browsing/following? Filters? An individual post like this? - Andrew Leahey
Frankie: I would LOVE that. - Robert Scoble
Thanks: the permalink page puts a comment box under all the comments so it's easy to enter stuff. - Tom Landini
Here's the thing. I'm a fairly sophisticated user. But I don't have any idea how to follow this thread, or why I even got here. Or how to follow (I'm don't text. Web only.) I think that presents a challenge for FF adoption. I've been wrong before. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Frankie: If you hover over someone's name next to their comment you can subscribe from right there. - FFing Enigma
andrew: me? I skip around my filters when my lists slow down (in real-time) - Bwana ☠
I don't stay in one place very long - Bwana ☠
unless it's a juicy thread like this one - Bwana ☠
Andrew: I have five friendfeed screens open at most times. Home screen. Tech list. A window like this one. And a filter or two or something else I'm tracking. - Robert Scoble
Hmm, interesting. I'm just trying to get a handle on how people who have found FF really integral, use it. - Andrew Leahey
Tina: yes, but then it refreshes the page. - Robert Scoble
Good deal. - Andrew Leahey
kilbuda: the comment box is static on the bottom if you navigate to the thread: - Bwana ☠
That's an area FriendFeed has to fix - Bwana ☠
Vermonter: new friendfeed UI makes it very possible to follow. Visit here, scroll to the bottom, and watch! - Robert Scoble
It's not about friendfeed anymore (unless something radical happens) - facebook is the hulk (no pun intended) in the room - Antonio Altamirano
Heh.. they really need to make the permalink more noticeable. :) - Michael McKean
Facebook is boring to me... - Bwana ☠
Funny someone mentioned searchability. I just discovered the limitations of that on Twitter this morning. When I can't look back past thrity days without having to learn how to use the API...and that really irritates me. - George Hall (Australia)
You can use the friendfeed sidebar too... its very easy to follow! - Rafael
Bwana: I wish they would make it so new comments appear at top. - Robert Scoble
185 comments here are just fine - no way I can follow a conversation of 185 tweets. - Bora Zivkovic
Bora: I do. :-) - Robert Scoble
Bora: you've got to get in when it starts. - Jason Mayoff
tina: thanks! haha i just tried it on you :) - Frankie Warren
I learn here. I rarely learn anything at Facebook. - Kevin Gamble
YEP, new comments definantely need to feed in from the top for me, too. - CLC Radio
I use Friendfeed alerts, and I can tell when these conversations get too noisy, which is now! - Francine Hardaway
Actually I find that th most useful thing about Twitter search is that the results include private and deleted tweets :) - Keith Barrett
lol Keith - Bwana ☠
don't get me started on that - Bwana ☠
Anyway, who was asking about my theory? - Robert Scoble
Francine: get onto real time and give up on alerts. Alerts are old school. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I think the idea behind having comments appear at the bottom rather than the top is because somebody's under the (perhaps naive) impression people actually read everything other folks wrote before they comment themselves :-) - Ken Sheppardson
agree - atanas
jcunwired, what would you like to know? My theory is that people on Twitter follow a lot more. Mostly because it's a lot easier to follow, but also because everyone knows how many followers everyone else has (it's on their main UI). - Robert Scoble
Ken - good point. Case study: Youtube - Bwana ☠
Ken - New comments appear at the top and no one reads the history - Bwana ☠
I would like to be able to comment on a comment. I'm into real time, but sometimes I like to follow FF out of the corner of my eye and not focus on this conversation. I multitask - Francine Hardaway
here you can find a way to follow these conversations right in your firefox sidebar: - Rafael
Alerts? Is that like a fax? - Phil Maxwell
Ken: i click the comment button before i read the thread so its waiting for me at the bottom :) - Frankie Warren
@Robert Thanks for the FF beta tip. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Robert; thanks. And I second the request to have an option to display comments at the top of a real-time display, however I think that for older, inactive postings I'd prefer to read the comments in order. - Keith Barrett
Francine: I multitask too. I just run five screens. :-) - Robert Scoble
I submit the follower game can ruin the quality of the network - Bwana ☠
Agreed, Bwana. - FFing Enigma
The topic we talk about is not popular entry in "Best of Day", no real time statistics? - netvista
Oh, I like the pop-up window. I didn't realize that Friendfeed can do that. - Robert Scoble
I really hope FF never threads/indents comment. An entry's a nice unit of conversation. If something needs it's own branch, just start another entry. - Ken Sheppardson
FriendFeed is just too much for the typical user. First you have to "get it". On Twitter there's not much to "get". You put some words in the box and hit send. - Eric Florenzano
netvista: good point. That's a bug. We should start a spreadsheet for the friendfeed team of things that are bugs. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Pop-up windows? - Rafael
Robert: How? - Rafael
Well Robert a new thing in your theory - Bwana ☠
I've gotten 3 new followers from this thread - Bwana ☠
Eric: there are people who use FF exactly the same way, they type some words and update it, leave it at that - FFing Enigma
interesting - Bwana ☠
Rafael, sorry that's wrong. - Robert Scoble
I wonder if Twitter users get new followers from a conversation - Bwana ☠
Robert - yeah i realized right now - Rafael
Rafael: from your feed click the timestamp of a post. On the resulting page, click the timestamp again, and you'll get the pop out window - FFing Enigma
Rafael, click here: Then click on the timestamp again. - Robert Scoble
Sweet! Thanks Robert! - Phil Glockner
Robert: Thank you so much! - Rafael
Robert: echo =) - FFing Enigma
jcunwired: friendfeed is a Formula Race Car. It takes a while to learn to drive, but when you do it does a lot of stuff a Prius can't. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Sweet find. Thanks for pointing that out. - Brian
me too - Rafael
I saw brett do that in you video robert and was curious how it worked :) - Frankie Warren
... and no reverse gear ;) - Phil Glockner
Pop out window is cool. - Tom Landini
oh and it leaves the comment open at the bottom! epic. - Frankie Warren
Frankie: I missed a lot of stuff that Bret showed us because I was trying to keep the camera focused. Did you like the videos? - Robert Scoble
now i can browse and keep lookin to the pop-up without losing any comment - Rafael
Yeah love the popout window. Wanted to hug Ben when I saw him post it - Bwana ☠
I'm still learning how to be a power user of friendfeed. I haven't memorized the keyboard commands yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Just watched the vids now. Rly interesting stuff, thx for putting them up. Sometimes was hard to understand questions from the audience, though... - Christoph Studer
Ben: Its better you run... everybody wants to hug you ;) - Rafael
Any one got new follows from this conversation? - netvista
Robert: i loved the video!! seriously its very difficult to figure out how to use friendfeed at first effectively. seeing best practices from power users helped a lot - Frankie Warren
I have netvista - Bwana ☠
A popout of a tracked real-time feed would be the best! - Keith Barrett
I think its cause Bwana is an awesome name though ;) - Frankie Warren
I bought a 24 inch monitor just to use Friendfeed on. - Robert Scoble
heh Frankie - Bwana ☠
FF should do something like Gmail chat. - Christoph Studer
Keith - you are right... but you can have a Firefox sidebar you know? - Rafael
Now the balance has shifted back to FF - sofarsoShawn
Christoph: the realtime combined with the DM capablity makes it a lot like Gmail chat, actually. - FFing Enigma
Watch multiple conversations in pop up windows - Christoph Studer
netvista3987 - How would you know? - Phil Maxwell
Christoph: yeah, it really rocks using the popups. - Robert Scoble
Exactly, jcunwired. - FFing Enigma
I want to dock good conversations on my blog. - Robert Scoble
Wow, I've put that read through a text-to-speech app, makes it even more productive right now, This could make a little booklet from it. The new forum post experience. - Zu from AOD
Interesting search/filter, at least 100 comments and -friends:username. Interesting FF'rs you've missed. - Andrew Leahey
Robert: I f you use Firefox, try to use this sidebar, easily bookmark you realtime page to bookmarks bar and in properties choose to open with the sidebar : - Rafael
Maybe have the "pop outs" integrated into the main window instead of new browser windows. Would make it easier for me to track multiple discussions from one spot. - Christoph Studer
is there no RSS for comments? - Phil Maxwell
This format kinda makes the comment count they used to have meaningless now... theres a big difference between one well thought out comment and just chatting in the pop out. - Frankie Warren
Phil Maxwell: because i subscribe someone here for this conversation! haha - netvista
Frankie: Agree - Christoph Studer
Phil: you can subscribe to someone's comments and there should be an rss for that feed - FFing Enigma
Rafael I did, but I also like popouts, plus firefox doesn't run on my phone and I suspect I can just plug this URL into a browser. - Keith Barrett
Frankie: I agree. I wish I could see how many items I have commented on, not how many comments I've seen. - Robert Scoble
Doesn't look to be an RSS for a single comment but yes a personal feed Tina - sofarsoShawn
what about comments for an individual post?: - Phil Maxwell
I'm glad they added that. I love being to able to subscribe to someone's likes and not their comments and/or posts - Bwana ☠
Frankie: Right. I wouldn't even call these "comments". - Michael McKean
Phil: unfortunately, no - FFing Enigma
Bwana: agreed (again). Haven't delved in using it yet but I think it's an interesting option. - FFing Enigma
Keith: Uhm I understand you. maybe when Mozilla launch the mobile Firefox you will be able to do that! - Rafael
How can I measure my self worth if no one follows me. - Demian Vonder Kuhlen from Nambu
Michael: the engagement of friendfeed has gone WAY up in new friendfeed due to the real time comments. - Robert Scoble
Maybe "comment counts" should be more like "like counts". One comment per discussion and user. - Christoph Studer
I like pronouncing the name Bwana out loud: it's fun: Bwwannna. Heeehehhee - sofarsoShawn
Demian: I'll follow you. - Robert Scoble
O_o - Bwana ☠
Yeah, these are much less "comments" and more just sorta empty "yeah me too, lol" style stuff. Like, you know... tweets. - Ken Sheppardson
Demian: life's hard sometimes :) - Phil Maxwell
You know; it's too bad I can't just click a comment speak bubble image and have it automatically format it as a comment response by filling in the name) - Keith Barrett
Wow.. I never noticed that you can subscribe to comments and likes! - Michael McKean
I think you're looking at this wrong Robert. The big difference with FF is Friend of a Friend. I use *you* to bring me other people. I trust you to *filter* it for me. After a while I might add someone who continually pops up in my feed via your FOAF, but why subscribe right off the bat. The context between Twitter and FriendFeed is different. It's not about quantity and reaching follower numbers, it's about quality and interaction. - AJ Kohn
AJ: good point, but that gives me a lot more power than I have over on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Sorry Bwana, it's just one of those things: I'm weird - sofarsoShawn
FriendFeed is great for deep threaded conversation ... but Twitter generates so much more exposure. - Brandon
can you imagine this conversation on Twitter... I mean really. - Bwana ☠
AJ: I don't mind the power, though, cause I'm an egotistical bbaaahhhssstttaaarrrddd. Just ask my brother. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert: It's not necessarily a bad thing to have "hubs" with power, is it? You have them in real life, too. - Christoph Studer
Exposure? or false Hype? - sofarsoShawn
Anyone using the sidebar script for Firefox? - Andrew Leahey
Christoph: true, I'm not sure it's a bad thing. It's a good thing as long as I behave. If I start being an asshole, then it's a bad thing. - Robert Scoble
Scoble's a power hungry Green Hulkster - sofarsoShawn
sofarsoshawn: What's the difference? :) - Michael McKean
Robert: i agree with that... with out an install base its really hard for comments to get noticed in the real time feed unless you have a bunch of people keeping your stuff at the top. - Frankie Warren
The point is Twitter is a hype! Appear in all big corporations and tv programs... twitter has big popularity... friend feed is a shy guy at the moment - Rafael
Christoph: power corrupts eventually, though. - Robert Scoble
Robert: And people will start treating you as one, i.e. unsubscribe. :-) - Christoph Studer
Christoph: you nailed the force that will keep me from becoming too much of an asshole. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: That's way you say unsubscribing is "lame", haha. - Christoph Studer
@Robert: Well, I've given you that power and everyone else I subscribe to. Should you fail to be a good filter, I'll drop you like a hot potato :) So who really has the power? That's why FF will win IMO because it creates a far better mechanism for authority and trust. But ONLY if you're selective with whom you subscribe. - AJ Kohn
Christoph: yes, I have a bias there. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert: One of the biggest differences is that: Friendfeed doesnt have ads and bullshits.. Twitter its a treasure for ads. - Rafael
Rafael: friendfeed has decentralized moderation. That's a KILLER feature the rest of the world will discover in about 18 months. - Robert Scoble
@ Mckean Hype vs. Exposure: Hype I'd say is exaggerated publicity hoopla if you will. Empty. Whereas exposure is public focus but what matters more so here is that Twitter can't function to the same quality as Friendfeed now can - sofarsoShawn
Chris Charabaruk: Yeah, but did the beta get any major media attention? Nope. None what so ever. And that's sad. It seems like people are purposely ignoring everything "FriendFeed" and it isn't right. I think the world is big enough for two cool and active social networking sites (or more), yes? - Michael Forian
Rafael: friendfeed will prove to be more resistant than other social networks to spam and assholes because of decentralized moderation. It's one reason why I love it so much. - Robert Scoble
people go where the identities/profiles/people/contacts are; right now, when it comes to non-permission blogging, thats Twitter. Its not about features. You can speculate as to why Twitter has the people, but thats just academic. They have the people and they win....features can doesnt matter, does it? - Andy Fox
Don't give him power. You wouldn't like Robert when he's omnipotent :) - Keith Barrett
Michael: friendfeed is in Financial Times tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
decentralized moderation? Does that mean if someone offends me and I block them, their comments won't show up for me anywhere? - Phil Maxwell
Robert: what do you mean by decentralized moderation? - Frankie Warren
Sometimes I wondef if FriendFeed would have taken off if the founders weren't ex-Googlers - Bwana ☠
I really want feature of FF is : What's hot on FF right now? - netvista
Phil: exactly. Frankie, decentralized moderation means I can delete you in my items and you can delete me in yours. As long as we keep adding value to each other's lives we'll not delete. But, let's say you were a spammer. Bye bye! - Robert Scoble
Ok, I definitely do dig the pop out window for an indivdual post/conversation. - Ken Kennedy
Bwana: How does the ex-Googler's factor in? - sofarsoShawn
Robert: We have to create a strong community in friend feed and hoping that we could separate the bullshit and ads from the interesting topics, in a way we could keep the good of friendfeed. - Rafael
decentralized moderation = crowdblocking. It takes only a few comments for a spammer to get blocked by many and that then trips internal FF daemons. - AJ Kohn
Robert: interesting - Phil Maxwell
netvista: that's called a filter. I have a filter that shows all items written by anybody but that have at least one "like." That's what's hot right now. - Robert Scoble
sofarsoshawn: friendfeed was started by four superstars from Google. HOw does that factor in? It's been down one hour in past year. Search is freaking fast. It has an ugly, but workable UI. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Being reminded so much of Gmail chat I'd like to see who's currently typing into the comments field. :-) - Christoph Studer
Well, regardless of my hesitancy, this is the first engaging convo on FF I've engaged. And though I had seen the beta briefly, I hadn't taken the time to really understand it. And this has inspired me to flesh out my FF profile. FF anti-fail all around. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Currently listening to Berlin "No More Words" on Shoutcast right now...interesting. - Christopher Knopick
jcunwired: May the force be with you! - Rafael
Flipo: thanks. it's great. I already add this filter. - netvista
Vermonter: wait until this is used by a conference for a back channel. Leo Laporte was using it on Gillmor Gang and TWiT this weekend and got 1000 comments each. - Robert Scoble
Here in Brazil Twitter started to get lost by people who dont know what to do with a simple question. thanksfully friendfeed will not get popularity here in brazil - Rafael
Pressing enter twice on a search box... clicking a feed then clicking the tim to get a popout...directly referencing "/friends" in a URL I do sense a need for some documentation on how to engage the cool features. - Keith Barrett
Rafael: don't be so sure. - Robert Scoble
@Scoble I was referring to Bwana's earlier comment that it was more a hindrance then beneficial and was wondering how that could be so - sofarsoShawn
Jerome: I was kind of kidding...but one could do this with small avatars of people typing. Or just a list of names. - Christoph Studer
Am now watching FF real time in my sidebar. NoNo more alerts. - Francine Hardaway
Leo's use of it is what makes me think this is going to work. They're onto something here. - Jesse Stay
Keith: I'll do another video when I figure them all out. - Robert Scoble
Keith - keep in mind most of these new features are in beta.. I can forgive no documentation in beta - Phil Glockner
Francine: welcome to the future. - Robert Scoble
Keith: Yes, better documentation would be nice! Although it's kinda fun to figure these things out. - Michael McKean
Robert: It's only a question of friendfeed do not support other languages - Rafael
That's a compliment: we're sophisticated, wait till I post more lolcats - sofarsoShawn
I never said that. - Bwana ☠
Oh I'm not complaining at all! I'm trying to help.. - Keith Barrett
Rafael: friendfeed does support lots of languages. But I need filters. I want to see ONLY Farsi comments, for instance. I can't do that. - Robert Scoble
Alex: At one time computers were too sophisticated for most people. - Michael McKean
@Alex I didn't get it really until tonight. Not sure I do yet, but I'm getting there. Maybe others will too. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Alex: I disagree. The mainstreet is on Facebook, which is far more complex than either this or Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I understand you - Rafael
Alex: if humans see utility in learning complexity, they will. - Robert Scoble
People didn't get AOL. They didn't get blogs. They didn't get eCommerce. - AJ Kohn
FF is a lot easier to jump into than FB, IMO. - Michael McKean
They still don't - Bwana ☠
:) - Bwana ☠
My wife speaks Farsi and I'd love to be able to have her see only Farsi items here. I can't filter by language. Yet. They have that on their feature lists to build out. - Robert Scoble
I don't keep close tabs on my follower levels, but I've noticed my Twitter followers have gone up, and my Friendfeed followers have gone down too. - Ian May
more or less yes: "Sometimes I wondef if FriendFeed would have taken off if the founders weren't ex-Googlers" - Bwana - sofarsoShawn
I'm waiting for the service that will automatically translate anything typed into the viewers chosen language without the need to manually translate individual lines - Tony Miller
Alex: four years ago you would have said the same thing about Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was hoping for a language filter as well. - Michael McKean
Robert: but you can see... Facebook here in brazil its almost like Orkut for Americans... few people use it. But Orkut here is something like OMG you dont have an orkut account? you are a jerk! Got it? - Rafael
Robert: where'd she pick that up? Nuts! - sofarsoShawn
Tony we have done that in our chat for our online experiences using Googles Translate APi - Tony
Tony: Picasa has it on comments. Would be great to have the same system for FF. - Christoph Studer
FF = Community - Twitter = - bcultral
sofarsoshawn: the fact that friendfeed was started by four superstars from Google is a major reason why I use it. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Filter for certain foreign characters would get you pretty far, no? - AJ Kohn
Shawn: you assume I believe they haven't taken off... and they have - Bwana ☠
you're the only one who thought that. - Bwana ☠
most of the people on facebook don't know how to use 1/4 of the features, but they understand they have a profile and people write messages to it and that's enough to get them started. - Phil Maxwell
@tonysteward cool :) - Tony Miller
sofarsoshawn: I have NOT been disappointed in that. This service has ALWAYS been 1. Up. 2. Fast. Others? No. - Robert Scoble
it detects the browser language and then when they chat it auto translates - Tony
client side - Tony
No, Bwana: if you read your statement you are the one who distinctly wondered - sofarsoShawn
sofarsoshawn: my wife was born in Tehran. - Robert Scoble
Sigh, go repeat my name or something :) I know what I said - Bwana ☠
I am probably the only person in my 200+ list of friends that actually KNOWS how to set FB security features so that I can control what groups of friends (or the public) can see what items and apps. - Keith Barrett
I know what you said too read your earlier post dude, I'll go say your name :) - sofarsoShawn
I'll be right back. Heheh. Yes, friendfeed has turned into chat! - Robert Scoble
I guess most of us only get what we think others will get too. FF beta makes the possibility of others getting it seem clearer than it did to me before. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Keith: Thats normal! the majority uses facebook just to watch other people lifes - Rafael
The product lifecycle of gmail should be an indication of the long term approach I believe FF will take. - AJ Kohn
Oh my... he just did a brb! - Michael McKean
I wonder if FriendFeed would have taken off if the founders weren't ex-Googlers. <-- Read again. if the founders weren't ex-googlers, would FriendFeed have taken off... maybe if I reverse, you'll understand. - Bwana ☠
Bwana: does it really matter? - Phil Maxwell
The amount of content that FriendFeed real-time commenting is going to generate is MASSIVE. Hope they have a good file system and DB setup! - Keith Barrett
I don't like being misquoted - Bwana ☠
Like I said - sofarsoShawn
I want it to be clear - Bwana ☠
Keith: And lightweight connection handling. - Christoph Studer
Oh wait, no, I get it you used a double negative, making it a positive, so yes Bwana your're correct, but bad grammar - sofarsoShawn
Chris, an even better question - Bwana ☠
++sofarsoshawn - Zu from AOD
@jcunwired just the learning curve of a thus far somewhat disinterested FF user, I guess. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
a double negative? LOL - Bwana ☠
my give up. - Bwana ☠
High five! me too - sofarsoShawn
The conversation has strayed a bit, I think :) - Michael McKean
Alex: For sure. we just need to work for a better future for friendfeed...keepin it healthy - Rafael
Hehe, always a tough choice. Discerning is key. - Zu from AOD
There's a room too for filters, as well a list here as they are compiled - sofarsoShawn
There's a filters group. - Michael McKean
Thanks for the conversation all. Enlightening. And my fellow Vermonter is free from pirates, too. I'll sleep well tonight. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Omg, now I can breathe a little, this conversation is slowing down - Rafael
yeah, be careful of those double negatives in the blog post - Bwana ☠
they'll getcha - Bwana ☠
It's amazing, I wonder how long a thread we could go. You just say a word, it creates ripples and we define an area around a topic. Like a tree or something. That's something that is appreciable and important in that experiment we enjoy here. - Zu from AOD
well done boys and girls...I'm going to bed! Excellent conversation! Good night to everyone! Good night Robert! - Rafael
Robert: why subscribe to someone who only pipes twitter into friendfeed? and another thought: maybe the average twitterer mindlessly follows and the average friendfeeder is more interested in the quality of their subscriptions - Chris Heath
This is epic: I have to take my leave as well. 'Night All! - sofarsoShawn
Hearing all your names and comments made it very different to me. I was making coffee, reaching and being able to make it through when it was around 100 comments one very demanding but so enriching real all-way discussion. - Zu from AOD
\0_ sofarsoshawn - Zu from AOD
Hey Bwana, if you're still here, looking forward to your next appearance on TWiT. Always a great addition. - Andrew Leahey
@jcunwired not so in Burlington, VT #btv is a growing and connected group of Twitter users. Can't vouch for other local communities. - Neil Jensen (Vermonter)
Thanks andrew, always a fun event - Bwana ☠
10 followers from this convo... that's a record - Bwana ☠
Whoever it was who pointed out how many comments. I don't look at these things as comments. They're just parts of a very large discussion. - Jason Mayoff
Bwana: Not what we're counting ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
jcunwired: I follow a lot of astronomy people on Twitter and we're all pretty well connected with each other. I imagine it's the same with other like-minded people. - Michael McKean
Jerome - Well, you can still just like lolcatz pictures and just follow the guy for that. I think there's more details here that makes it interesting. I use twitter when I don't have time to reach deep now and need a summary of past events (not a mobile user for that). Here I jump in, make investigations, keep the stuff I like for future reference, one thing I'm not too into with twitter. - Zu from AOD
Ken - Well Robert's got me zoomed in on it now... I never paid attention to where I get FF followers from - Bwana ☠
But I can't remember the last time I had 10 in my inbox so fast - Bwana ☠
Blame scoble - Bwana ☠
Hey you know, where is the link to rooms in the beta ui? - Andrew Leahey
jcunwired:Yeah, and I see what you're saying. It's not as "tight" on Twitter. - Michael McKean
What we really need are those little presidential debate real-time opinion poll lines so we can see in real time whether people agree or disagree with what we're saying. - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana - I haven't gotten a new FF follower in a dog's age, but I mostly blamed my own light usage. - Phil Glockner
Hehehe, when you reach the 'Ultimate Comment' connection, that's it, Bwana is the name. ;p - Zu from AOD
Bwana: you wrrean interesting contributor to thisconvo and want hear what else you have to say. - Jason Mayoff
On Twitter it's more like a bunch of people who just happen to be following the same people. - Michael McKean
Phil - that's true. I guess subscriptions increase with participation - Bwana ☠
hi, is there some collections of interesting filter setting i can use? i think FF should allow people sharing their filters. - netvista
I think the thing with FriendFeed vs twitter is that on Twitter, the more people you follow, the more content you get. On FriendFeed, it's related to how active the people you follow are. You don't have to follow a lot of people with FoaF. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Did anyone even bring up I guess I should scroll up.. brb - Bwana ☠
this might take a while - Bwana ☠
jcunwired: Right, and you can discuss them in a more controlled manner. - Michael McKean
Man. This is not easy to do on an iPod touch - Jason Mayoff
nobody brought it up yet, Bwana.. chrome search worked well in this window :) - Phil Glockner
nope, no one brought up - which brings the follower/count game to FriendFeed - Bwana ☠
andrew: click on Subscriptions, down at the bottom. They are called Groups now. - Tony Miller
Jérôme: agreed - Phil Maxwell
Jerome: timestamps for comments too would be nice too - Chris Heath
Ironic how Arrington is 3rd most popular user :) - Bwana ☠
Chris: Hover over the bubble on the left. - Michael McKean
Thanks Tony! - Andrew Leahey
glad to help. - Tony Miller
So twhirl for friendfeed, totally useless, right? - Andrew Leahey
the timestamps work except for the most recent comments of an active post...they all say 1 second, 0 seconds, etc - Phil Maxwell
Excellent FF tips that aren't readily apparent are surfacing in this thread. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
thanks for the responses on the timestamp comments ppl - Chris Heath
I haven't found a FriendFeed client that rivals the web browser experience yet. - Bwana ☠
I was messing around with AlertThingy all this time, I think thats why I didn't grasp the attraction. - Andrew Leahey
This is a totally unmanageable thread. Most of the information here is lost and unfathomable. If there every was an argument for some sort of comments management (threaded or otherwise) this is it. - Brian Sullivan
me either bwana, the iphone webapp is pretty good, i heard the beta iphone webapp kills the battery life though - Chris Heath
andrew - with friendfeed, even though the api is great the web interface evolves faster than most developers can keep up with.. several microblogging clients have already given up on the challenge. - Phil Glockner
why don't my ff posts copy to twitter anymore? i didn't change any settings - Basenet InterMedia
Bwana: I don't really see the need for a client. The web interface works very well. - Michael McKean
Phil: Good point, maybe when FF itself kind of stabilizes and settles somewhere, clients will start coming out that rival the experience? - Andrew Leahey
Michael: Bwana was just replying to me asking if twhirl was worthwhile. - Andrew Leahey
afterDARK, you're the second person i've heard say that today submit a bug - Chris Heath
I think the real value for 3rd parties are going to be things that work with the API in ways that the web interface doesn't already do. Like FFholic, for example. - Phil Glockner
What I'd like out of a "client" could probably be accomplished with some sort of wrapper that managed a frameset that included embedable views ala - Ken Sheppardson
Following somebody on Twitter is very light, and usually fake. Following on FriendFeed is an investment. - Louis Gray
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Louis Gray *plays piano* - Bwana ☠
Thanks, i will submit a bug report - Basenet InterMedia
jerome: likable comments would rock... then you could have the most liked comments in a thread... or within some constraint... even the most popular of the day - Chris Heath
@Scoble K, so Im lost how is this in Twitter's favor now? - sofarsoShawn
Louis, kind of like what i was saying way above, friendfeeders are probably a bit more discerning in who they follow as well - Chris Heath
ah, this is the first I've seen of FFholic - Phil Maxwell
If you can fill all your available inbound bandwidth by following 100 people, why would you follow 1000? - Ken Sheppardson
So perhaps the Twitter follower count will retain the vanity, and FF will be more about what /you/ get out of it. Rather than Twitter, which is about all the who's getting something from you. - Andrew Leahey
I think Scoble said it best, it's a game. - Bwana ☠
@kshep, yeah once i'm into a discussion on friendfeed i like to use that embed view ... much cleaner imho - Chris Heath
A game that ruins networks IMHO - Bwana ☠
when you follow for sheer numbers I mean </clarification> - Bwana ☠
Yeah, if your network is "everyone" is it really a network? - Ken Sheppardson
totally agree @bwana (notice i'm sending to twitter as i type) - Chris Heath
1.) Be Robert Scoble 2.) Start a thread on Twitter versus FriendFeed 3.) ??? 4.) PROFIT!!! - Mike Nayyar
HAH! - Bwana ☠
Oh my! - Michael McKean
jcunwired: Well, following 100 people here means you see not just their stuff but the entries they engage on. That amplifies things at least 10x - Ken Sheppardson
also, i'm not following you on twitter either... why get just your tweets? i want it all!! - Chris Heath
I think its interesting to see the web getting pushed through these different filters. Like FF now, before it was digg for a little while. - Andrew Leahey
Its like we're taking all new content added to the web and its sort of a value added proposition. Each service tacks something on as it passes through. - Andrew Leahey
andrew, the web is still pushed thru digg, and digg is way bigger than friendfeed (currently) and bigger than twitter too - Chris Heath
Digg bigger than twitter? Really? - Andrew Leahey
digg has something like 30 million uniques per month... i'm not sure twitter has that... do they? - Chris Heath
Well, what about Twitter client usage? - Michael McKean
I think Twitter takes Digg. - Andrew Leahey
Front page digg counts have been declining, IMHO, I think the url shortening thing is going to take a big chunk out of them too. - Andrew Leahey
andrew: how many digg users have the alexa toolbar, really? - Chris Heath
isn't alexa only counting internet explorer users? - Chris Heath
probably a comparable ratio to alexa toolbar users that twitter from - Andrew Leahey
i'm very skeptical of alexa numbers - other traffic counters too... - Chris Heath
don't get me wrong, im not anti-digg, or knocking it. i just think twitter has more exposure now. - Andrew Leahey
"unfollowing people in friendfeed is stupid. Just put the lame ones onto a list" - so you're ideal model is everyone is subscribed to everyone by default and then people are responsible for organizing lists? - Todd Hoff
definitely, its flawed. i just think its flawed pretty equally for those two particular sites. i dont know, no offense intended. - Andrew Leahey
todd: i think he's trying to say subscribe to lots of people since you can cordon them off into lists - Chris Heath
He said "be right back". Did he get lost on the way to the bathroom? - Michael McKean
andrew: no offense taken, i have no ties to digg (emotional or otherwise) - i'm just not sure about the numbers - Chris Heath
jerome, if it would update the comment in real-time after you edit it that would be wicked cool too! - Chris Heath
I want the comment to go italic for few seconds to let me know it was edited, that always helps. - Bwana ☠
Yeah, *some* indication of an edit in RT would be slick. - Ken Sheppardson
Good idea. - Zu from AOD
I've decided to follow everyone who has commented on this thread, why not. :) - Phil Glockner
jerome, i'm not sure, but have been told that you have to refresh to see edits - Chris Heath
Well, there's an easy way to test that...edit 1...edit 2... edit 3... edit 4 - Ken Sheppardson
i refreshed: "Well, there's an easy way to test that...edit 1 - Ken Sheppardson" - Chris Heath
anybody see "...edit 1, edit 2" showing up on my last comment when viewing the RT feed?" - Ken Sheppardson
refreshed again: "Well, there's an easy way to test that...edit 1...edit 2... edit 3 - Ken Sheppardson" - Chris Heath
but you don't see them in RT? - Ken Sheppardson
so i'd say pretty confidently that it's not updating in real-time : that seems pretty non-trivial to me - Chris Heath
yep. me too, i.e. non-trivial - Ken Sheppardson
well you can't always get everything you want... i just wish that they'd add some more stuff to the beta, i find myself going back to regular friendfeed to mess with subscriptions/rooms/settings and a couple other things too - Chris Heath
yeah, I'm not getting the rooms thing... or the creating a feed for a room, that is no longer really a room.... but whatever :p - Krikit Media
I'm *positive* they're going to be adding stuff in. There are things just just can't do right now without going back to pre-beta, and they're certainly not going to maintain both sites indefinitely. Tomorrow morning is the 1wk anniversary of beta. I wonder if that'll mean anything. - Ken Sheppardson
[ot question to the chat]: i've been sending my FF comments to twitter... always have. but now in the beta i'm in conversations here much more (Gillmor Gang, TWiT shows etc) and i'm generating a lot of posts to twitter from my comments here. Is that probably a bad idea? would you turn them off? should i care? (since i'm still garnering twitter followers even quicker now that i'm posting to twitter more) - Chris Heath
Scoble;The UI decides how the app is used. Conversations are interesting in FF and not twttr. Twitter added reply_ to ids some time back. What they are missing is a ui which looks like this. Optimized for a conversation under one topic.I would wager we will definitely see it some day. I suspect they are in no panic to add it and they might be thinking it is easier to gain momentum with the simpler feature set. - Faizan
Ken: it'll mean it's been 7 days. I've confirmed that with a reliable source :) - Phil Maxwell
And I just saw my first FF comment spam posted. FF is going to need some sort of mechanism to prevent that. Also the original poster of the feed item probably should have power to delete anyone's comments. - Keith Barrett
They do - Bwana ☠
Keith, you block them (not sure how in beta, but just remove beta. from the url and you can block them) - Chris Heath
Interesting observation Robert. I've been observing the opposite with my FF vs Twitter accounts. The rate of new followers on Twitter has slowed for me (partially from spending more time here and elsewhere - partially from starting to just block numbers gamers that don't tweet) and the rate at which I'm finding new people following me here is (slowly) increasing. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
jcunwired - yeah, it took a while! phew. - Phil Glockner
Earlier in the week I think on Gilmore Gang on TWiT, Paul from FF said they were going to make the beta the standard within a couple of weeks. - Basenet InterMedia
There needs to be a comment link at the bottom or hotkey for these long threads. omg - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Click the timestamp. - Michael McKean
Jérôme: or just hide their comments by default like a lot of sites do - Phil Maxwell
jcunwired: one thing i'm thinking about doing is to stop sending comments to twitter, but at the same time start sending likes to twitter (which i'm not doing now) that way i'll only send one link per discussion - you know i'm actually going to do that after typing it ... i've convinced myself - Chris Heath
I wish I could choose WHICH likes to send to Twitter. Or maybe I'm missing something? - Michael McKean
I think the real problem for someone like Robert is that the real time has increased the noise on people's home feeds, and they haven't really started to use lists and filters yet. ANd I have to agree with Robert about not unfollowing people -put them on a list, you never know when they might add more value later on. This is why you follow astronomical numbers in the first place. To find the gems - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Here's one for you, Robert...on subject of filters...if I wanted a filter containing JUST my flickr feeds, how would I set up the filter? - George Hall (Australia)
Jérôme : that's how tiwtter handles spammers ...seems to work pretty well - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Chris: I caught a lot of heat ffrom my twitter followers for the comments going to twitter during a discussion like this. I turn them on only when I really want a single comment to go there so they get the link with outme having to "like"something and give them the wrong idea - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
George Hall, i have a feeling that the feature you request will be forthcoming - Chris Heath
One ittty-bitty filter like that would make my beta experience complete...;-) - George Hall (Australia)
guruvan, interesting i haven't heard word one from my twitter followers... i rarely do - most of my @replies come from ppl i've found via - Chris Heath
Michael: perhaps they could pop up a little check box below the Like asking if you would like to send it to Twitter? That would probably work. - Phil Maxwell
I wish there was a way to choose each time I like or comment to send it outbound or not, or set the answer to that question as a default maybe a check box next to the comment or like links - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan: why that's an excellent idea. - Phil Maxwell
Chris: I did hear from several 2 of which accused me of "spamming" them with links - but it was always after a discussion that moved like this one is...where it was multiple comments pretty quickly....So I leave the Likes turned on by default, and the comments off. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
NOW my beta experience is complete...thank you Mitch. That can be adapted to the other services, I take it? - George Hall (Australia)
guruvan, that's what i was affraid of and i've done exactly as you have - Chris Heath
Yeah for sure. I think friendfeed is service:internal - Mitch
Phil: LOL! Great Mind think alike 'eh ? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Chris: That's why I'd like to be able to turn the outbound feed on and off right at the discussion. A lot of comments are really just that - comments...I'd like those posted to twitter to get more people involved in the goings on over here. But I don't think they need to see a link to every time I say something in a thread. (which could be yet another feature...not posting outbound more than once per thread per time period) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan, earlier today (and yesterday) i had the idea to turn it off while commenting on twit-conversations but decided not to (changed my mind now) - but the once per thread per time period is an interesting idea too - Chris Heath
Mitch: Got everything set as a filter except any specific rss feed. How does one do that? - George Hall (Australia)
Chirs: If it was easier I would turn it on and off all the time. I get a lot of traffic/RTs and follows on twitter form the FF likes and comments. It really only irritates with it's like 10 in a few minutes. Some twitter people feel "spammed" on the likes because they have to click 2 times to get to the story that I liked. I wouldn't mind seeing the "original link" check box next to the like link. -so that if there isn't (or isn't likely to be) discussion I want them to see, I can send them straight away. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
George: Check with Mark Traphagen (trappermark) re: RSS filter..he's been working on that and I don't recall where that stood. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And to add to that point: With the way that many, if not most, twitter users are following massive quantities, and yet still using the website, or a client and no groups, how COULD they see Robert's tweets? But they MUST see Robert's tweets, or Louis gray couldn't have said this: - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
curious as to why this friendfeed comparison to twitter discussion is (as the saying goes) beaten in like a dead horse -in so many variety of ways. is it really that fascinating in describing advantages of friend feed over twitter? (i'm agnostic in either service but curious as to the catalyst(s) in why this is a continuous thing.) there's mechanistic differences, but isn't the point of all this to make of it all what we will? make it our own? - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I think people readily follow on Twitter because the tolerance for spam on Twitter is higher. It is after all a 140 char message. But on Friendfeed with all the metadata and functionality you really want items that are meaningful to you. - Vishy
Holy long comment thread, batman! (aside: the existence of such comment threads is one of the advantages of FF) Okay, so I think FF will only succeed if it can encapsulate your entire Twitter existence within FF itself. In other words, on top of all the great things FF does, it needs to become a good Twitter client. This will take some serious pumping up of tools like imaginary friends... - Karen James
Takes a while to catch up on 300+ comments =P @Netvista: you asked about sharing filters. There's is a room/group where people are doing just that When they share a filter, it's a link to a specific search result. When you're looking at the result, there's a link @ the top in the red bar to create a filter from it. @Mitch and George: to search only FF generated posts, service:friendfeed works. - FFing Enigma
So did Scolble finaaaallly answer his comment? "So how does Twitter favor from this BIG difference?" Or was he just inciting more frenzy Scoble style? Looks to be not yet...he disappeared. - sofarsoShawn
Shawn, it's 6 am in Scoble's time zone. Even he has to sleep sometime =) - FFing Enigma
Both of them have users forcing people to click through which is a pain. End. - Richard A.
I tried to read this thread but it was at 600+ comments. Does FF have a tl;dr auto-summarizer yet? No offense folks, but I don't have an hour on Monday morning to catch up here. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Timestamps would be nice too. - Chris Poulson
Timestamps for what, Chris, the comments? Those are available: hover over the speech bubble to the left of a comment - FFing Enigma
Tina beat me to it, but beyond the bubble, some sort of timestamps would be nice so you can just scan the list and tell who said what when. For example, I'd like to be able to see what folks said after I gave up keeping up with the discussion on this around 10pm or so last night. - Ken Sheppardson
Exactly Ken... Maybe something more along the lines of how Twitter does it. "Chris Poulson 34s ago" - Chris Poulson
I don't buy that FF generates less followers. The sample size is much smaller to pull from. For an apples to apples compares we need to look at percentages. I'll bet you, percentage wise, you have more followers on FF and Twitter. - James Furlo
Why do we have to focus so much on the tools? We couldn't expect this behavior to go mainstream. They are nothing other than means to enhance human interactions and relationships. Twitter is about notification and Friendnfeed is better at conversation; but let's ask what's the value of social media to us human being. I'd like to just be able to follow what I think are the best aspects of the people I like, so that I can be good at one thing and leverage on them when it comes what I think they are gd at. - Tim Lai
*bumps* the contradictions are just ubiquitous - sofarsoShawn
Robert Scoble
There are so many deserving people that I'm giving away more money. Here's the winners:
$1750: margaret chaidez who is bringing an 11-year-old girl from Egypt to Philadelphia for medical treatment. We will be live at to talk about these winners shortly. - Robert Scoble
$1750: David Rowley. 21-year-old who had a tumor and derailed his schooling. - Robert Scoble
$1000 (extra prize): BJ Johnson to save his Big Sur Art Studio. - Robert Scoble
Great choices :) - directeur
Good choices - Yant
$1000 random prize coming soon. - Robert Scoble
Yup - both much more deserving than me! :) - iTad
good choices Scoble :) you are a very nice, generous guy. - Ahmed
It's like an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition but without all the crying. - Akiva
Well chosen, congratulations to the deserving winners! - Holger Eilhard
Lets go > Random! - Francois
I agree, really deserving winners. - Graeme Coleman
Good choice! Also can't wait till the $1000 prize! - TheHenry
Why? It's not my business, but what caused you to want to do this? - Sheryl
Move that BUS! Oh, wrong thing. Good choices though. - Andrew Leyden
Well chosen Robert!! Speak for yourself @Akiva, <sniffle sniffle> - Michael Listberger
do I have to answer a skiz testing question if I win the randon prize? - Francois
excellent choices Robert...! - Goktug Gedik
Congrats guys! - Kol Tregaskes
I just visited, stuck in the numbers (we had 1428 comments). I clicked the button and got the answer "42." Steve Lowe is the winner of the $1,000 random prize. Congratulations to all the winners. - Robert Scoble
42? NOT SO RANDOM! Just sayin' :) — Congrats Steve Lowe, seriously :) - directeur
Congratulations to all of the winners! - Aaron Draczynski
Congrats everyone! - Paul Maez
You definitely made some awesome choices! So glad you took this opputunity to do some good for a few people! - Gerardo R. Monreal Jr.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you Robert for making it possible! - Robin Stacey
I agree. A great gesture Robert. Congrats to all the winners. - David Wynn
Congratulations! - Grant Bierman
$1000 (extra prize)? Sounds nice :) but for me the best prise would be... if you will twit about my project! :))) - Elmira Gazizova
Great stuff Robert. Imagine if more people thought this way .... - Charlie Anzman
Great choices :) - Manuela
Nice. Good causes all around. - Ted Roden
Congrats to the winners!! - Simon Wicks
++ infinite - sofarsoShawn
Looks like some well thought out and deserving selections. - JimmyJet
Grats all ! - Mattb4rd
Nicely done, Robert. - Anne Bouey
You have a big heart Robert. God bless you! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Congratulations Robert - Hopefully the money will help the winners. You did a great job with this contest. Cheers and keep up the excellent work!!! - Andy Gongea
You seem like a good human being Robert, keep it up. - Steve C, Team Marina
right on - Josh Haley
So 42 really IS the answer to everything. =) - Daniel Bruce
Fantastic all around. - Micah
Great choices, congrats !!! - Nir Ben Yona
I smiled BIG when I read that Margaret, David and BJ received your gift. Perfect. You done good, Robert Scoble. A hand out is a definite hand UP! - Carlo At Your Service
Great stuff. Thanks, that was fun. And I'm motivated to do my thing anyway. And dust off "Hitchhiker's Guide". - Mike Janicke
I'm back. Four teens killed in Roseville, MI yesterday by drunk driver (yep, the day before annual green beer/get drunk [for many] day today ... sad!) Families struggle to pay funeral arrangements. If I win, I'll give the $$ to their funeral fund and tell 'em that a Net wunderkind gave it to me, to give to them. They could really use it. - Carlo At Your Service
Robert, I’m a little taken aback, this is absolutely fantastic; I can’t thank you enough. I’m currently in a computer cluster at university as all Virgin Media broadband connections where I live have gone down. I would’ve loved to have participated in more of a discussion, but this cluster closes in 15 minutes. My ISP predicts that I’ll be re-connected by 19:00 (GMT) on the 19th. I may... more... - Daniel Rowley
Pretty cool Robert. All the best to the winners and everyone else. - Craig Mische
Wow, margaret chaidez is awesome. - DGentry
WOnderful deed you've created. Gratitude is in the air..and love from this.. - Lisa Saul
Congrats to those who won :) - Rodfather
Even the wishlist comments went into the hat?? - Jesse Crockett
Well done, sir. - Todd Tripp
Wow, this is super awesome! Congrats to all the winners, and Robert this was really cool of you to do, man! :D - Carlton Hackett
I didn't win, but this was awesome. Way to stimulate the economy, Scobleizer. - Mike Nayyar
That was fun, congrats to the winners. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Congratulations to the winners!!! Very generous of you, Robert - Robbin
Respect for your Altruistic spirit and smart choices! - bcultral
Thank you, Robert and Congratulations to the winners! May you be blessed. - Melanie Reed
Congratulations to all the very deserving winners. And thanks Robert for hosting such an awesome contest. Please continue the good work. ;-) - Shinil Payamal
Ummm, Wow. I hadn't checked Ff in a while because I was celebrating my anniversary (for real) and now this! Woohoo. What do I do now? - Steve Lowe
I wish I could have won, but the top three are much more deserving of the money. Besides, Robert, having you promote my service when I finally get it launched would be worth much more than $1000 in my mind! - Chris Charabaruk
Absolutely amazing choices Robert! Amazing opportunity for all of us to participate in the game of sharing and generosity! Congratulations to all the wonderful winners!! - Amy Flynn
Great choices! Congratulations to the winners! - Bora Zivkovic
Cool winners - nice selection :) - Susan Beebe
WD Robert & FriendFeeders! - Majento
Can the winners contact me at ? Thanks. - Robert Scoble
Done. Thanks. - Steve Lowe
That was very nice of you to do and the winners are deserving! - Grace Ciccone
Robert, I'm trying to track down the cisco data center video that this giveaway was based on? It's not on your blog anymore? Am I missing something? - Francois
Francois: Cisco asked us to unpublish that video until next month because it contained some info about one of its partners that is under embargo. - Robert Scoble
thanks for the response - Francois
Congratulations to the winners. - Amit Morson
YAY! Very very awesome choices! Sniffle ... your big heart is, sniffle, inspirational! - tracy
One of the internet's finer moments. - Martha
Wow. 100% deserving individuals. I feel like this could be done WAY more on the Internet and enhance the world a little bit at a time (and strengthen the company's image too) - Brandon Titus
Congrats Scoble. - AlpB.
very generous, Robert. cool idea! - Andy Sternberg
I would have liked to have the money, but sounds like the winners need it more. Congrats to all. Scoble, if you're dying to part with more money, I'm still willing to take it. :) - Curtis Phillips
Big Congratulations to Margaret, David, and BJ, and thank you to Scoble for sharing the wealth and making a difference to these three people and the people their lives will touch. - Auriette Lindsey
awesome, was definitely hoping Margaret would be one of the recipients. - Scott Sorheim
Great and generous idea, Robert! Congrats to the winners. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Wow!, Robert. Thank You. Mind and heart reeling and speechless... Still up at 02:55 grindstoning away, paying so much attention to the $&!% storm at hand that I haven't had time to come in and see how things were progressing with your very, very difficult choices to make. I agree with the commenters' thoughts above; especially Martha who wrote that it is truly "One of the Internet's finer moments" and I am humbled by it. May we continue on to do the same for others one day not too far off and do you proud. - B.E. (BJ) Johnson
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