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OK, Team Betamouse, Jeff has thrown down the gauntlet. Who's next with a personalized Betamouse license plate?
Epic win. - Scott Gustin
awesome. - Cliff Wu
man that guy is good looking!! - Henry Work from BuddyFeed
I want to point out that not only was I wearing a Mickey shirt an a goofy sweatshirt that there is actually another hidden Mickey in the photo. - Jeff Chaney from BuddyFeed
lens cleaner pouch! nice plate Jeff - Todd Perlmutter
Sweet!!! - Ray Kastner
Ray Kastner
Now that there will be a significant group of people with new iPhones maybe we should revisit use in the parks....battery conservation, charging, external batteries, what to leave on....etc.
apparently verizon sales are not up to expectations, which is crazy. - Henry Work
I can see this being a topic to revisit. After all, new products get released & new apps, too. (But do you really need more than Lines? ;) ) As far as Verizon sales, I have a feeling it'll be a slow but steady growth. Some customers may want a Verizon iPhone but may need to wait for their contract to expire, or they could be waiting for an iPhone 5. - Chris The Beasleybear from BuddyFeed
The ViPhone did well with presales....for existing customers. I agree the switches will be in trickles as contracts expire. - Ray Kastner
Henry Work
Last question: what is your phone situation, and will this announcement change anything for you?
i've got a 3gs, might upgrade come summer if a new verizon iPhone and their network is looking particularly good - Henry Work
(of course, i'll need to check reports from DLR and WDW) - Henry Work
need to due some research. I'm due for a new phone through verizon - Trumpeteer
Current VZW customer...have a BB...eligible for an upgrade....I am getting an iPhone. - Ray Kastner
Android on VZW, still happy with its flexibility. Glad there is more of a competivie market now. The iPhone has done more for competition and development of smartphones than anything, so good things today. - monorailmedic
Been in AT&T since before the Cingular merge. Not going anywhere. - Chad Parizman
BB Tour on VZW, thinking about it. The Tour is falling apart and time for a new phone. - Robert Behan
No, I love my Droid X. I spent ever waiting for the iPhone to come to VZW, got tired of waiting, and "settled" for the Droid. But I think my phone is awesome and I have no reason to change. - Amanda =) (BooToYou7)
Got the iPhone 4 when it came out; not really planning to get a new phone soon and this definitely didn't do it for me. - Scott Oliver
just saw the exchange server is additional cost... might be a deal breaker for me. - Steven Bassett-WDWStevieB
Droid Incredible, not changing now. I want a bigger screen and LTE. - Dennis Heinle
Basically same as the other Amanda, but substitute Droid Incredible for Droid X. - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
Like both iphone and android, tmobile limits me to android, but grandfathered contract is too good to switch carriers right now - Eric
Wow, love the spread here. - Henry Work
When I'm eligible for an upgrade (in, like, 18 months), I'll reevaluate between whatever phones are available then. I'm sure only better iPhones and better Androids as time goes on. - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
In a 9 months when my current contract runs out I MAY be switching. We'll see. - George Turner
awesome, good stuff - Henry Work
Changes nothing for me. I've been with AT&T for years, long b4 the iPhone came out. No real network problems here in Dallas for me, at least. I welcome the competition since I'm hoping it's good for all customers. :) - Chris The Beasleybear from BuddyFeed
Oh, & I'm eligible for an upgrade in June so I'm actually debating as to whether I'll upgrade if we have the money. Right now I'm still on the unlimited data plan, which I'd lose with an upgrade, & I use the 3G a LOT. - Chris The Beasleybear from BuddyFeed
Nice, Chris! - Henry Work
i'm in the same boat as henry: 3gs now and debating whether or not to switch this summer if iphone 5 comes out. as time has gone on, i've had more and more data problems on at&t, culminating with absolutely horrible data service at wdw last october and even worse two months later. i want to know if a bunch of people switch over before then how verizon's network handles that and whether at&t's improves, but i doubt there will be enough people to make that much of a difference. - Cliff Wu
henry, how is the at&t coverage at dlr versus wdw? - Cliff Wu
as a person who lives and dies by my BB I cannot and will not change - Yeah easy one eh?
Katie S
Hey Team Betamouse. Let's start the epic discussion of the Disney Parks and Gowalla deal! Seems like it will get even bigger! But why not Foursquare? Who's gonna switch?!
I'm not going to switch, but I did just create a Gowalla account. I doubt I'll use it for anything other than checking in while at WDW. - Paul Lalli
While I use foursquare...I don't check in often and I just can't see other than knowing if friends are at the parks that I've even use either. Having fun with my family and friends is more important than checking in on my phone with each attraction. I might get a Gowalla account though...just to have another option. Whether I'll switch... - Ray Kastner
4 square was getting too "main stream" for me. I was a check-in person going back to the Loopt days. Gowalla represents a refresh of something fun to do and it's the "official" check-in app of WDW (a huge bonus). I will go exclusively with Gowalla for a few weeks and see how it goes. - Steven Bassett-WDWStevieB
so... i LOVE the trip idea. I'm totally making a "visit the DVC resorts" one or something. this could be a positive. - Katie S
Seems like a good idea, but I just don't have the time to mess with the trip function. The badges are very cool, but I don't know that I'll use it during trips with my kiddos. - Ryan Kilpatrick
yeah, but the kiddos might actually like earning the pins there? - Katie S
Maybe, but they don't really get into it, because they don't care about my crummy Blackberry. LOL - Ryan Kilpatrick
I just downloaded Gowalla, and I'm not a huge fan so far. I already couldn't check in to two different places that I was at because it thought I was more than 5 miles away from them. - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
Created an account to give it a try, but not sure how much I will use it. - Eric
I'm excited to try it at the world. I'll try it at home the next few weeks too. I think it's a win for gowalla. hopefully they don't have server fail like foursquare did in October. I still like foursquare though. - Cliff Wu from BuddyFeed
just read from mashable that Disney felt that gowalla with its picture-taking ability and trips feature was better suited to the memories campaign. - Cliff Wu from BuddyFeed
That actually makes a lot of sense, Cliff. The trips thing is a really cool feature, but I still REALLY dislike when it won't let me check in because it THINKS that I'm somewhere that I'm not. - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
it's a little late but as the Gowalla app will NOT work on my BB Storm 2 I don't use it and the wife doesn't like it as it's not real BlackBerry friendly so Gowalla is a mute point in the Moore house - Yeah easy one eh?
Henry Work
Alrighty, folks! Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks henry - Matt Hochberg
You are my favorite live stream commentators - Henry Work
Thanks Henry - Trumpeteer
It was fun, thanks. - Dennis Heinle
thanks for making it happen Henry. the VZW iPhone exists because of YOU - monorailmedic
Bye guys! Everybody (except for me) should swith to VZW - Jeff Chaney
monorailmedic: I know, right? - Henry Work
Thanks Henry - Ray Kastner
Thanks Henry! - Neil Citro
Henry Work
who wants a Quora invite? I think we can take over the Walt Disney World topic
just email me at - Henry Work
I'll try it out if you want to sent me one. - Kenneth Gunter
cool yeah, just need an email addy - Henry Work
just post my addy here? - Kenneth Gunter
or email me at - Henry Work
mpaxton88 at gmail dot com Thanks! - Mike Paxton
done done done - Henry Work
I admit, my grammer is horrible, but they sure are grammer nazis at Quora. - Mike Paxton
I'd love one! Thanks! :) - Julia Norris
Id like one too! - Mike Hamilton
I'd like one please. - Ray Kastner
I'll try one, thanks! - Rae A
Emailing now - Chad Parizman
mom2lilvols at gmail dot com. Thanks Henry! - Julia Norris from iPhone
I'd like one please... srik2912 AT gmail . com - Srikanth
Emails should be on the way for last two - Jeff Chaney
Thanks Jeff! :) - Julia Norris
If anyone sent me one...I did not get it. - Ray Kastner
Ray, if you want to shoot your email to Jeff @ betamouse dot com I'll get you hooked up - Jeff Chaney
dot com or dot net? I emailed at dot com and it was returned - Ray Kastner
D'oh It's dot net. Stupid Jeff, Stupid Energy - Jeff Chaney
Thanks Henry....LOL - Ray Kastner
Henery I woul like a Quora invite. - Steve Hood
Steve. Send me your email address to jeff @ betamouse dot net and I'll get it sent - Jeff Chaney
Do you still have invites? - Sergio Artero from Android
please send one to me as well greberg(a) Thanks! - Peter Greberg
hi henry.. i'd like one please . God Bless :) - Rolland Antonius Wawoluma
Hi from here in Asia - would love an invite if you still have any. It's vincent [at] vincentkwek [dot] com. thanks! - Vincent Kwek
Jon Grant
I am an End Listener. Great way to end the shows.
Cool. We'll keep doing them then. - Nate Parrish
Yeah, I'm an Ender too (ooo... geek reference) - Todd Perlmutter
Very cool to hear. Thanks much!! - scott barrett
I listen to all podcasts all the way through out of habit. That being said, the Betamouse ends are among the best. It sure beats listening to endless voice mails. - dd_indy
Ending +1 :) - Alex Mace
Yeah...I love the endings..even when Henry "tries" to sing. LOL - Ray Kastner
Love the end! - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
the ends rock! - Cliff Wu
i'm a fan of Jon Grant - Henry Work
another fan of Jon Grant's >> - Jon Grant
(**chuckles**) - Nate Parrish
I am an end listener as well even if they take forever to edit. Sorry man lol - Neil Citro from Android
Katie S
So what do you guys think on 2d vs 3d?
all about the story! - Henry Work
yea yea, walt said that a long time ago... but for me it depends on the film. some that are done in 3d graphics, I can't imagine being in 2d, and likewise the other way. I cannot imagine Lion King rendered by pixar... just like I can't see wall-e being hand drawn if I had to chose? 2D hand drawn because of the history, talent and elegance of perfection and imperfection in the art,... more... - scott barrett from BuddyFeed
Are we talking 3D as in 3D glasses or 3D as in 3D animation? - Scott Oliver from BuddyFeed
I'll comment on 3d glasses as well. They are annoying, make my eyes cross and really bring out the fact my left eye is weaker than my right. Gives me headaches. Plus with 2 kids, the inflated prices hits the pocket book ;-) - scott barrett
I agree that 3D has become an overused gimmick now. Plus it adds to the cost of admission. - dd_indy
It's the story. If the movie is out in both...I seldom pay to watch it in 3D. The added effects aren't worth the extra expense to me. - Ray Kastner
I believe 3D (as in glasses) works better for short films (like Philharmagic, Muppetvision, etc). Having those glasses on for two hours gets annoying, and when I'm wearing my glasses doubly so. Plus, most movies are not filmed in 3D (Alice in Wonderland). Instead they use computers to generate the 3D projection. I watched Alice on Blu-Ray the other night and liked it better than I did in the movie theater because it was not in 3D. - Scott Oliver
3D animation on the other hand is a stylistic choice to me. The visuals should complement the story. - Scott Oliver
agree with henry, but there are some that really need 3d, such as avatar. the pixar movies don't really need 3d, and in some cases, 3d hurts them. hp has used 3d well in very limited fashion for select scenes. - Cliff Wu
I felt a bit ripped off by Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince when I went to see it in IMAX 3D and only the first 10 minutes or so were in 3D. And yes, I realize this contradicts my earlier statement that 3D glasses work better for short films/sequences, but when I bought tickets to see HP in 3D I thought I was seeing the whole movie in 3D. - Scott Oliver
3D is okay in the occasional movie but I can't stand how every second movie these days is in 3D. Just like back in the 80s when this fad came around last time. The big thing that I can't wait to pass is the whole 3D TV thing. No way am I paying $200 for each pair of glasses with a family of 5, plus any number of kids' friends hanging around. - Craig Cudmore
I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D, it was cool, but not overly impressed. There appeared to be a little more depth to the movie in 3D, didn't seem to add too much. I would probably just wait for movies to come out on bluray, I think that UP looks amazing on bluray. The previews for other 3D movies started to get annoying with something constantly "jumping" out of the screen. However, the castle sequence before the movie looked amazing in 3D. - Eric
I agree with Scott that it is really a stylistic choice. However for those that the 3D glasses do not bother I think it is nice to watch the movie with the extra "field of depth". However except for the few scenes that jump out at you I usually forget I am even watching in 3D. I remember watching shows in color and B&W (I guess that dates me!), but if the story line was good you never missed the color because you are drawn in to the story. Content not gimmicks. - Corby Goodman
I'm a believer in 3D. Like any filmmaking technique, however, it can be used really well, really poorly, or simply inconsequentially. The biggest disservice to 3D is in the flood of conversions that have been coming out. Hopefully the public doesn't reward conversions and chooses to see movies that are actually filmed in 3D. That's where 3D can really shine. Also, the glasses don't bother me at all and it's only a matter of time before they won't be needed anyways. - Mark Johnson
Martin Douglas McIntosh
@Katie Just an FYI...They don't know what an ADR is at Disneyland. They are just called "Reservations". But it is fun to ask for an ADR and have the CM say, "What? What's and ADR?"
And don't Disneyland's reservations open just 30 days away? Craziness! - Rae A
Disneyland is 60 days last trip I made about 9 months ago - scott barrett from BuddyFeed
Oh good. Maybe I'm getting that confused with Universal. Still -- for WDW nerds who are used to making 180-day reservations, that's cutting it close! - Rae A
I would think the CMs would still know what an ADR is.. Interesting.. - BeOurGuestPodcast
Actually, when I called I got a really annoyed response, "What's an ADR?" - Martin Douglas McIntosh
I think it's 60 days for Disneyland. - Ray Kastner
Katie S
Im getting white for sure
same here! luv my white iPhone. prototypes had me worried - Kimberly K from BuddyFeed
girls - Nate Parrish
HA! So true Nate. I'm going Black, my wife wants White. - scott barrett
Must thoughts, "Why would you want white?" - Ray Kastner
Ha. My wife has white 3GS too. - Nate Parrish
Ray Kastner
Crap...I think my iPod Touch is a first generation
if it doesnt have speakers it is. - Nate Parrish
It doesn't and no Bluetooth capability. - Ray Kastner
Scott Oliver
Steve's back... not done yet?
the send off - mitchejj (Jason)
yep, looks like it - Scott Oliver
telling everyone to get out? - Cliff Wu
Nothing to see get out. - Ray Kastner
Just did after thanking all the design team and such... - Scott Oliver
Ray Kastner
iPhone 3GS 8GB with iOS 4 will sell for $99
Hell....I have 16 GB on my iPod Touch....8 GB is not enough. - Ray Kastner
mitchejj (Jason)
Angry Jobs... wow
Some one at Apple will be looking for a Job....Steve doesn't like looking stupid. - Ray Kastner
Katie S
dude WIFI fail whale.
Someone at Apple should have seen this. - Ray Kastner
Ray Kastner
He said there were 100 new features....what are turns on?
New design? - Dan Szczepaniak
It turns off....isn't this neat? - Ray Kastner
You can read your e-mail! - Paul - Mouse Magic HD
It also is a phone! - Paul - Mouse Magic HD still makes phone's a phone. - Ray Kastner
It's a phone AND a cooler...? - Andre Willey
Clock has English and metric time. - Corby Goodman from iPhone
I did see a slide on one of the live blogs that showed a bunch of new API integrations - calendar, in App SMS, dont remember what else now - Chad Parizman
Scott Oliver
There are 570 WiFi base stations in the room... wow...
Only....someone didn't think this might happen? - Ray Kastner
Katie S
Sorry I'm silent. I just cant...
She's gone totally quiet on Skype folks...not even talking - Jeff Chaney
Breathe Katie.....slow deep breaths - Ray Kastner
Katie S
guys...i cant do this right now. its too much.
Are you about to faint? - Ray Kastner
Ray Kastner
LED flash. That's not all. Records HD video
Woot! - Ray Kastner
Scott Oliver
5MP camera with "illuminated sensor"
just say flash... really! - Scott Oliver
but that's not flash - it's different i think - Kimberly K
Steve can't say that word - Ray Kastner
yeah - flask is LED. sensor is about image capture. - Kimberly K
Ray, I was thinking that lol. - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
Kimberly K
is that tetris?
Jenga I believe - Scott Oliver
ccrud wrong game - meant jenga - Kimberly K
You have video? - Ray Kastner
Kimberly K
oh jeez i had another moment - longer battery life? may need 2 cigarettes
Cold showers anyone? - Ray Kastner
just turned the ac down to 70.. - Kimberly K
Katie S
Guys they arent on AT&T they are on WIFI
the iPhone is... and i would think the computer is hard wired in - mitchejj (Jason)
yeah he asked people to get off of their wifi - Stacy - SteakersH
Usually they have a private network for the demo. Strange that it isn't working. - Chris Little
Whoever did so fired. - Ray Kastner
so true ray - Kimberly K
mitchejj (Jason)
wow AT&T failed at keynote go figure
LMAO! - Kimberly K
Time to dump AT&T Steve - Ray Kastner
so sad. - Katie S
Steve when over the AT&T data limits - Dan Szczepaniak
Not really AT&T's fault. Picture 5200 people plus press trying to get on the same cell tower. For the beer bash last year they setup WiFi sites so the attendees wouldn't take down the cell network. - Chris Little
great point Chris - Katie S
Jill Laperle
Please say we will now be on Verizon
*crossing fingers times a million* - Amanda (amandaenchanted)
he said GSM not CDMA - mitchejj (Jason)
good point jason. sorry guys :( i was hopin for you. - Katie S
Katie S
I wont feel this excited on my wedding day. I just know it
what is the release date is the wedding date? - mitchejj (Jason)
Jason. Stop it. Its too much. lol - Katie S
I could say something but....oh nevermind. - Ray Kastner
did you invite steve? - mike malto
Ray Kastner
He's only covering 8 features...but he's doing a Lou Mongello and covering 10 things in on feature.
I've always said that Lou is the Steve Jobs of the Disney Community - Jeff Chaney
Steve is taller..but so is my 10 year old. LOL - Ray Kastner
Barry Luka
WHY STILL ROUNDED EDGES #momjeans? WHY! #iPhone4
Because it looks cool - Ray Kastner
yOU'RE BACK! - Sarah McGovern
Katie S
I think I love Steve more than Ed.
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