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timdub on How do I tell what generation kindle fire I have and what does that mean? -
"Kindle Support can tell you exactly what device you have and what size protector to buy. 866-216-1072." - Tim Watson
timdub on Ming-na Wen at comic con. How is she 50?!?!! (xpost /r/prettyolderwomen) -
"*One Night Stand*, 1997. You're welcome, Reddit." - Tim Watson
timdub on Katy Perry is Loki. (gif version) -
"Still hittable." - Tim Watson
timdub on Ashley Tisdale & Emily Osment are Young & Hungry -
"-in' a dispenser" - Tim Watson
timdub on What's one sentence you could say to piss off an entire fan base? -
"Recovering Juggalo checking in. Bronies creep me the fuck out." - Tim Watson
timdub on Eve Beauregard as Jessie,Team Rocket. -
timdub on Help! What is the smartest way 'free' your Amazon balance if you don't actually want to purchase anything from Amazon? -
"Hate to break it to you, but you can't buy Prime with an Amazon gift card. Credit cards only." - Tim Watson
timdub on Buyer wants me to send the item to a different address than listed [amazon] -
"Good call." - Tim Watson
timdub on Buyer wants me to send the item to a different address than listed [amazon] -
"Don't do it. Amazon forbids sending to a different address. It opens you up to an easy claim of item-not-received. Seller Support will tell you the same thing. Forgot to add: Write the buyer and tell him that if he needs this sent to a different address, then you'll cancel the order, and he can order again from you, this time picking the correct address." - Tim Watson
timdub on What's a cool VIDEO GAME fact many people may not know? -
"Nintendo once entered negotiations with King Features Syndicate to get the license to create a *Popeye* game. The couldn't secure the license, but already had a good portion of the game developed. It became the original *Donkey Kong*." - Tim Watson
timdub on Will you buy Hyrule Warriors? Why Or Why Not -
"Yes. Why? [Dropping Termina's motherfragging moon on my enemies](, that's why!" - Tim Watson
timdub on [Giveaway] South Park - The Stick of Truth (uncut) -
"617" - Tim Watson
YouTube + ERB :30 Ad - Blackbeard vs Al Capone -
YouTube + ERB :30 Ad - Blackbeard vs Al Capone
timdub on Got my boss to buy a new laptop. Need to figure out a way to organize THOUSANDS of files on his old laptop before transferring them to his new one. -
"The first app that came to mind was [Belvedere]( Create some rules to sort by date and perhaps file-type, and you're golden." - Tim Watson
timdub on Any easy way to set up DropBox-like cloud storage on your own server? -
timdub on Looking for a 3rd party email app that supports multiple email addresses -
"Linkme: myMail" - Tim Watson
timdub on New reddit features: Controversial indicator for comments and contest mode improvements -
"Bye Reddit. Loved it here, but this is fucking stupid." - Tim Watson
timdub on Tickle me elmo was my favourite toy as a young child, and my aunt just sent me this. -
"I want video of this. With dubbed-in Jim Ross commentary." - Tim Watson
timdub on ELI5: Why can an animal poop and not wipe and be perfectly fine, but a human must wipe or endure "the rash from hell?" -
"If she faces East then she feces West." - Tim Watson
timdub on What would be the best way to move 250gb of movies to my desktop from laptop? -
"BitTorrent Sync?" - Tim Watson
timdub on Amazon FBA problem. Buyer said item wasn't complete. -
"Found the setting. Thanks. :)" - Tim Watson
timdub on Amazon FBA problem. Buyer said item wasn't complete. -
"So, if I send something in, it will just get stocked with other sellers' FBA stock, and an order placed for my item could just get somebody else's junk sent instead? That's beyond stupid. How do I turn that setting off?" - Tim Watson
timdub on Free Razer Surround (Upgrades to Pro version after June 30, $19 USD/$14 EUR value) -
"How do I get this if I already have a Razer ID?" - Tim Watson
timdub on The driver either doesn't know... or Hydra really is in Folsom, CA. -
"Wouldn't he be driving a Volkswagen?" - Tim Watson
timdub on Introducing "Rumble" - Make videos and get paid! -
"Interesting. Was thinking of starting up a YT channel, but I might go here instead. I suppose that there's always the non-exclusivity option. [Shameless Referral Link](" - Tim Watson
timdub on Emma Watson - Gfy, If there was a reason for watching the MTV Movie Awards, then i think this was it. -
"10 points for Dat Ass" - Tim Watson
timdub on What is a film that you recommend people NOT to watch, because of how bad it is? -
"This actually makes a lot of sense." - Tim Watson
timdub on Nintendo is embracing the recent MK8 Luigi craze, we need submit all those Luigi stares! -
"Subscribed!" - Tim Watson
timdub on Thu 2014-06-05 -
"*Coulson* Because I bought Gold during the /u/Clark_Gregg AMA." - Tim Watson
timdub on Hi guys, Director Coulson here. -
"Somebody needs to make this gun for Team Fortress 2: Coulson's Revenge Level 7 God-Destroyer "I know what it does."" - Tim Watson
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