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Visited the 9/11 memorial with my daughter. She wasn't even born when it happened. Impressive memorial…
Hey @Tony_Horton I lost 40lbs with #p90x3 -- send me a shirt!!!
Hey @loseit I connected strava but no data I syncing even with force sync. Help?
Searching for Bobby Fisher with grandpa
Grandpa and grandson sharing a conversation during lunch.
Yay WSDOT? Unable to scan a device but fine with a piece of paper. I think ALL OTHER INDUSTRIES disagree
I just lost 40lbs using these two simple steps!
I lost 40lbs using these two amazing simple steps–you can too! -
Abandoned nuclear missile silo as a five site? Why not.
Wish Mac Store had more trials. Would like to try @getblogo before committing purchase
Cool you can but the Pianos in the Park. Sammamish one I think was the nicest art we've seen. If only had room.
My top request for TFS - bulk edit in VS client!!!
I've got some extra cash lying around and thinking about buying a few shares in the market today O_O
I mean I knew @scottgu was awesome and all, but c'mon Scott -- we're going overboard now ;-) as seen on @bing
Good TED talk on leaders
I love these random demonstrations of raw talent
So thankful to have good surgery assistants. o_o
RT @kateho: If developers wrote commit messages like bloggers write link bait titles ... #devchat
Hoping to not see the Rain King but definitely hear it! #CountingCrows @ Marymoor Concerts
2 observations as i get older: my tolerance for incompetency disappears and my wardrobe increasingly is from Costco
FREE T-Shirt for Designers! Get this Kyle Steed original from @InVisionApp: #invisiontee
RT @edbott: This is so good. RT @ollieglass: Guy calls a telemarketer back and tricks them into resetting their phone
How many miles she rode today. Amasssing
Over 40 miles on the bike today. More than half with family and a solo sprint. Amazing myself my body holding up.
Victory sandwiches for the family after first half of family bike ride. 15 miles!!! Best grinders in…
Antiques Roadshow: Toshiba Flatscreen TV
RT @WalesOnline: Cardiff food company defends its logo after complaints over the design.
This is a fun game to play to figure out where/when exactly something is.
ACDC with spoons, an anvil and a banjo? Sure, why not.
ACDC with spoons, an anvil and a banjo? Sure, why not.
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