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Just heard Paseo closed its doors.
Wow @SenTedCruz is uninformed. He is right though. I don’t want my internet speeds to be as slow as gov.
Got an email from guy who read my weight loss post - he's down 41lbs in 11 weeks after reading-NICE! #p90x3 #loseit
New Outlook has my mac CPU pegged
Son asked me my fav song. Then embarrassed as I dropped him off at school rocking out. He ran from the car
Taylor Swift revamped her "Shake it Off" video to appeal to more people
Taylor Swift revamped her "Shake it Off" video to appeal to more people
So Alexa, Cortana and Siri walk into a bar…
The product is "Echo" but yet you never say Echo. Is there an explanation why it isn't Amazon Alexa?
Based on the Amazon Echo promo video this family has about 6 of them.
Anyone else’s keyboard shortcuts on iOS 8 disappearing like me?
"Sometimes it is ugly to see the sausage made, but once it comes out it is pretty tasty." one of our dev leads today talking about process
Visited the 9/11 memorial with my daughter. She wasn't even born when it happened. Impressive memorial…
Hey @Tony_Horton I lost 40lbs with #p90x3 -- send me a shirt!!!
Hey @loseit I connected strava but no data I syncing even with force sync. Help?
Searching for Bobby Fisher with grandpa
Grandpa and grandson sharing a conversation during lunch.
Yay WSDOT? Unable to scan a device but fine with a piece of paper. I think ALL OTHER INDUSTRIES disagree
I just lost 40lbs using these two simple steps!
I lost 40lbs using these two amazing simple steps–you can too! -
Abandoned nuclear missile silo as a five site? Why not.
Wish Mac Store had more trials. Would like to try @getblogo before committing purchase
Cool you can but the Pianos in the Park. Sammamish one I think was the nicest art we've seen. If only had room.
My top request for TFS - bulk edit in VS client!!!
I've got some extra cash lying around and thinking about buying a few shares in the market today O_O
I mean I knew @scottgu was awesome and all, but c'mon Scott -- we're going overboard now ;-) as seen on @bing
Good TED talk on leaders
I love these random demonstrations of raw talent
So thankful to have good surgery assistants. o_o
RT @kateho: If developers wrote commit messages like bloggers write link bait titles ... #devchat
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