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I will never understand stocks. Twitter posts 145M net loss and the stock goes nuts. "We didn't lose as much as we thought!" yay?
Dear @loseit, please read and let me know when you will connect them. kthxbye
RT @cdixon: "The best thing Apple could do to increase the quality of apps is remove every top list from the App Store"
So Facebook follows foursquare and forces app fragmentation for their services. How is this good for cust?
Pretty interesting write-up about the internet cables under the sea
My nordstrom shopping experience involved the guy calling me ‘man’ and ‘bro’ no less than 30 times #guydudebro
Feel like you are a part of the club #gohawks
Hmm, downhill ride anyone? O_O /cc @joshholmes
Watching a couple giving blazing bagels staff a hard time because THEY lost something in the lot
Just shootin some arrows.
Wow. Bad comcast call recorded.
I think @batemanjason should be in every movie. I laugh every one I see.
Rise and fall of IE article. Some interesting history.
Pretty cool -- love the additional animation effort on the face of the train -
Wow didn’t know they could maneuver like that. Boeing Dreamliner /ht @nzben
Wow didn’t know they could maneuver like that. Boeing Dreamliner /ht @nzben
This little piggy went to market. I wonder what's in the foil? #traeger
Today I don’t mind running a ton of errands around town. #acincar
Eats plankton for fuel. RT @History_Pics: 1971 Starstreak Motorhome (Custom).
Enjoying the view if the lake from the only good BBQ in Eastside. @ Rainin' Ribs BBQ & Smokehouse
btw, the real penalty should be the gross negligence use of comic sans as emphasis in this document
so did the seattle city atty really violate the policy? the policy defines drug-free as controlled substance
Played first team softball game tonight (two actually). Let's just call it a learning experience ;-) — who cares about the score
Excel gurus-need a calculated cell on E that tells me how many rows exist for D="F" that aren't E="EH"?
Opened a spreadsheet in Numbers. Well, this isn't going to work…And Safari update borked Excel online too
Having two factor auth really sucks with a lot if apps (Office Mobile on iOS) and older apps that don’t handle the flow.
Movies at Marymoor @ Movies at Marymoor Park
I hear the Feds call it ISIL. But the media calls it ISIS. So what is it?
First time in a long time that the scale didn't start with a two this morning. #P90X3 #progress
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