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Tim Oakes

Tim Oakes

Computer professional in Seattle WA. Also known as MTacorn.
RT @emilysweeney: "Think Before You Twitter" - Good advice from the pages of the @BostonGlobe, circa 1943:
Saw a B17 fly right overhead, very cool.
Snow again? What's up with that? Sticking to the grass and cars, not the driveway...yet.
Who is this Occam guy, and why does everyone keep borrowing his razor?
Snow, power outage, what's next?
If you eat a sloppy Joe with a knife and a fork it isn't so sloppy. Then would it just be called a Joe?
LOL: "... Other than Wayne's body odor." "that's the smell of incredibleness," Wayne called. (From the book I'm reading.)
Wow, 167 is a mess. Glad I'm just driving past it. I guess everyone decided to get out in the sun.
What is concerning is when I call PSE they say that our problem has been fixed. I assume someone knows because the whole neighborhood is out
Well we had power for a few hours before losing it again, sigh.
"when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm walking through parking lots full of slush and standing water..." boy I hate that.
Enjoyed a Bollywood movie last night with Chelle and Sam: Dil Bole Hadippa. It was like She's the Man, but with Cricket.
RT @MaxLucado: I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
Wow - half of the known world was at Fry's, but checkout went fast.
On the bus heading to the seahawks game.
RT @scalzi "You shall not pass!" -- The Balrog's algebra teacher.
I watched the Giants beat the Cubs for my first game at Wrigley field.
Just watched with original Tron with the family - still looking pretty good for its age. Looking forward to the new one.
RT @jmitchem: "Kids, guess what we're getting at the toy store?" Daughters in enthusiastic unison: "What?" Me: "Nothing!" I love parenthood.
This had me LOLing out loud! RT @jmitchem: Had to explain acronyms to daughter who just said, with hand on hip, "For your FYI, Daddy..."
Great time at Mark's cabin with co-workers.
Awesome RT @nicolesy: RT @RiseSmart: Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
RT @prodigaljohn: Shout out to Craigslist for closing adult services section in an effort to fight child sex slavery. Thanks @craignewmark !
LLOL (literally LOL) RT @jmitchem Agatha (9): "I like my name. I just wish it was something bigger. Like Shazam."
Wow, very interesting have to ponder it. RT @workforce101 NYTimes: Does Your Language Shape How You Think?
Afghan girls schools targeted RT @Michael_Yon Poison Gas in Afghanistan
RT @IMAO_: Even if you could fit a porcupine in your mouth, you probably shouldn't.
Bad news - unemployment is up, but the good news is that workplace deaths are at the lowest rate in nearly 20 years!
I was surprised by a couple of things in the Seattle Library survey. E.g., People here are more likely to have a library card than the national average. Nearly 67 percent of Seattle residents have a library card, and about 92 percent of those age 20-34 have library cards....
You know it is a challenging day when you keep repeating the mantra: "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger."
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