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“@kteare: Big Retailers Begin Rolling Out iBeacon Trials” Finally! #GillmorGang conversed about this today.
RT @Scobleizer: We are recording Gillmor Gang early this week. Live now: Facebook and Google and Self-driving car news discussed.
RT @stevegillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 5pm PT participate at
I've paid AT&T lots of money over the years and they can't seem to do ANYTHING when there is a dangerous situation. Bad customer service.
AT&T has a real problem w/ phone customer service. I have a low hanging cable in my yard that needs to b removed & they can't seem 2 help.
RT @jcbouvier: LIVE: It's the Gillmor Gang, w/@KevinMarks, @dannysullivan, @kteare, @dbfarber & @semil Shah:
RT @jcbouvier: LIVE: The Gillmor Gang w/@Scobleizer, @KevinMarks, @semil, @kteare, @dbfarber & @stevegillmor
“@chrissyfarr: So... Congrats 2 rockstar tech reporter @chrissyfarr who will soon b covering Apple, mobile & health-tech 4 @ReutersTech!
“@kevinmarks: interesting @stevegillmor". More stability = better GG experience...hopefully
I made it back in time!!! Gillmor Gang is recording live today 1:30pm PT participate at
Office for iPad is actually popular — it now has 12 million downloads @stevegillmor
Hoping my flight makes it into SFO by my new delayed time. Any later and I'll have to postpone Gillmor Gang....
RT @BarackObama: There are more than 10 reasons #DavidLetterman will be missed.
There will be a live Gillmor Gang recording session today at 1:30pm PST provided I make my connecting flight! Will update. @stevegillmor
Haven't seen this in real life but LOVE the concept. Soot as paint. Creative minds always lift my spirit. :-)
Always something when traveling. (@ Apple Store, King Street)
“@familyhousesf: Doctors using Google Glass in surgery - cool!” @stevegillmor @scobleizer
Winging our way towards Charleston SC to spend time with my mommy for her birthday, spend Ella's Spring Break...
I'm at Gate 31 (San Francisco, CA)
Noah! Let it rain! (@ Century at Tanforan and XD - @cinemark for Noah w/ @stevegillmor)
Hope Microsoft is listening. Lots of talk about their release of Office for iPad today.
RT @kevinmarks: live now on Gillmor Gang with @stevegillmor @dannysullivan @Scobleizer @jtaschek I don't use Office or iPad
RT @stevegillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
RT @Benioff: Amazing support by @larryellison of @USC @davidagus. Incredible generosity last night.
RT @charlieisaacs: they're on LIVE now > RT @kevinmarks: on Gillmor Gang with @stevegillmor @Scobleizer @kteare @semil and @dbfarber at
Just received my second delivery of FarmFreshToYou and was surprised by the beautiful Romanesco. I've never even...
RT @stevegillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
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