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Swedish Chef sings "Popcorn" (shrimp!) - http://www.boingboing.net/2010...
This is EPIC. Bork Bork Bork! - Tim
Guy (Ben Folds?) plays piano and sings about the people he's chatrouletting with - http://www.boingboing.net/2010...
Chat Roulette being used for good.... - Tim
Not sure how I feel about this. I love Picnik and think that it will be a great addition to the Google family, but more importnaly I love it's itegration into Flickr. I hope this acquisition doesn't change that... although, it probably will. - Tim
New England Road Sign Win - http://failblog.org/2010...
It almost looks too good to be true... - Tim
Robert Scoble
I don’t feel safe with Wordpress, hackers broke in and took things - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
Well, if you have fixed the hole by upgrading; you should feel a lot safer now. I guess strong user adoption does bring the wrong kind of attention. - Anindya Chatterjee
Anindya: we're watching. Looks like they haven't gotten back in since the upgrade and some of the other changes we made. Knock on wood. - Robert Scoble
I'm very tempted to switch to a SixApart install. As a Perl programmer I'd be much more familiar with the backend. - Jesse Stay
Robert, btw, I'm sure between all your users you can find a backup. I have a bunch via Google Reader I could get to Rackspace to import for you. I'm sure others have even older entries than I have. Let us know if you want help restoring the old scobleizer.com! - Jesse Stay
robert - i can tell you this - you need to watch it like a hawk - when i thought i was safe - i wasn't - InsideTransit continues to get hit - and I still believe there is some patches and stuff that RS can do as well - the bigger issue is what's on the server - because that's where they put the shells and then they can do whatever they want. - Allen Stern
Not cool, hopefully things will work out. - Kim Landwehr
Jesse: luckily it was July and August, when I wasn't doing much blogging. No biggie. Thanks. Allen: yes, Rackspace Cloud has a security team now and they are actively looking at ways to make Wordpress safer for our customers. It really sucks getting hacked. Let me know if you find any other ways to protect the systems. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Yea getting hacked sucks. My early days with my blog aboutonlinematters.com I got hacked and luckily my ISP had a backup. Since then I have treated my Wordpress blog like any dev site - with a subversion repository and complete backup. But there are days... like today... when I think strongly about a platform like typepad. - Arthur Coleman
what i have found is locking down the files helps - but you need to ftp into your site and make sure that nothing has been edited or added - in my case, on all my sites, the hackers put files all over that were base64 files - and what they do is include them into WP or they just run them direct - nearly a full shell. i've asked RS to create a way so that i can be notified of any changes to files - they say it's too heavy to run. - Allen Stern
Robert, I just miss the traffic from your "You are SO Unfollowed!" article. (one of the casualties) ;-) - Jesse Stay
There's a lot of great info they deleted - I'm a little ticked they would be completely insensitive like that to prove a security flaw. It affected much more than just you. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: yeah, that's probably the one blog that I miss. It's also the one that got me to notice they deleted a couple of months. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: that still is cached over on Google at - Robert Scoble
No way "You are SO unfollowed" is out? I loved that one! :-( thanks for the cache Robert - Sofia @ SoMaFusion
If you have no time to take care of yuors blog, maybe it's better if you choose the pro offer from wordpress.com ( I think scobleizer.com can have the minimum requirement to stay there). - wolly
here it the VIP hosting http://en.wordpress.com/vip-hos... - wolly
wolly: it's not just about time, attacks come from all directions so you've gotta have a holistic approach to security. How many of you regularly change passwords and make sure they are really good ones? (Twitter got broken into not because of hacks, but because they didn't practice good password security). - Robert Scoble
It saddens me: it is morally reprehensible your hosting company convinced you to switch with the seduction of plugins and customization without emphasizing or handling the increased responsibility of upgrades. Your blog was not unique and not a special target, the worms sweep across millions of blogs indiscriminately and hit whatever is vulnerable. If your host is lax in upgrading, the... more... - Matt Mullenweg
that's true :-) I use password very strange and very verylong that I cannot remember and I use a service like clipperz.com to login. - wolly
wolly, Robert was hosted on WordPress.com for about 4 years -- he was actually the very first VIP. Although there were dozens of security updates to WordPress in that time, his blog never had a problem because it was always up-to-date. He only switched away a few months ago. - Matt Mullenweg
Ciao Matt :-) I didn't know that, so scoble come back to the light side :) - wolly
Matt: yup, that's true. I've learned my lesson. Running your own servers are a lot harder than just having them hosted on Wordpress.com. - Robert Scoble
To be frank, it completely breaks whatever trust I had in Rackspace. - Matt Mullenweg
But Matt, I've been talking with many blog owners, including at TechCrunch, and they say that Wordpress' updates break their custom plugins. That's why they don't upgrade immediately. So, sounds like Wordpress has a mess on its hands that the hosted version of Wordpress didn't have (I couldn't run a lot of plugins and video embeds and other fun things on the hosted version of Wordpress). So, to blame it on my hoster/employer (Rackspace) exclusively isn't really a good attitude either. - Robert Scoble
Robert, It happens. We were hacked too. My observations lead me to believe that this summer was the worst in a long time. Its a war and its going to be a war until the attitude towards hackers changes. Let's stop being fascinated in the least bit by how they do it (this goes towards Kevin Mitnick and his supporters- I don't ever want to pay good money to read about your scams on the... more... - Melanie Reed
Matt's got a point that with greater power (self-hosting) comes greater responsibility (more need to keep an eye on security), but I think to say that Scoble's blog was not a special target is a bit disingenuous. High-profile sites are always a higher-value target. - Rachel Luxemburg
Matt: I think you need to really look at all the damage that's being done to a wide range of sites, many of which are NOT hosted at Rackspace, before throwing more barbs. That's bull. Sorry. But I added a link to this conversation to my blog so people could see your point of view. - Robert Scoble
If a plugin is preventing you from upgrading (did it?) then let's figure out how to fix that plugin. All I can do in WordPress is build in the notices (your blog was asking you to upgrade for months) and the one-click updates for both core and plugins. I agree it's not your (Robert Scoble's) fault because I don't think you made the conscious decision to take on the increased responsibility. - Matt Mullenweg
Matt: the reputation around the Net is that upgrades on Wordpress break things. This wasn't a Rackspace recommendation. It's also a problem with all upgrades. I've gotten hosed by upgrades elsewhere. Look at all the people upgrading to Snow Leopard who are having things break. - Robert Scoble
Matt: TechCrunch hasn't upgraded its blog either and it wasn't hosted on Rackspace (at least not until a couple of days ago). - Robert Scoble
I'm not saying there isn't lots of misinformation around the net, I'm saying "how can I help your blog, please." If it's a plugin preventing you from upgrading, let me know the plugin and we'll fix it even if we didn't write it. That's the beauty of open source. - Matt Mullenweg
Robert -- Avoiding upgrades because they're annoying to deal with isn't a viable longterm strategy. - Rachel Luxemburg
they need to take care of Scoble's blog, well for he is a VIP and the smashing they would have would do a lot of damage to your customer base and otherwise, would they reply to an ordinary guy say like me? i think not,well wordpress/automattic is having their tough moments, hope things get well and they get their repute back - testbeta
Matt - you blaming Rackspace for security vulnerabilities in YOUR software platform is kinda like blaming Dell when a Windows box gets hacked. I think you are being irrational. - Rob La Gesse
Matt: in my case it was the REPUTATION of Wordpress's upgrades that was keeping me from upgrading. I was waiting to see what other people reported broke. I didn't realize the severity of the security problems. But, I am now upgrading automatically. So I'm fixed. But you still have a reputation problem. Lots of people are reporting things break when they upgrade. - Robert Scoble
Rob, I'm not blaming them. I'm saying it's the responsibility of any host, of any software, to stay up to date. If there was a SSH vulnerability on Robert's box I would say the same thing. Software updates are inevitable, there is no such thing as bug-free code, so staying up to date is a must. - Matt Mullenweg
Isn't all this open source code? If it's broken, why not fix it? Doesn't everyone have the responsibility to do that? It's not any one source's fault in that case. - Jesse Stay
Matt - I agree with you. So make Wordpress upgrades SAFE, automatic AND do some internal validation of plugin code to let users know they may be running something that is potentially insecure. - Rob La Gesse
Matt, agreed. Not when its turned out as fast as people are yelling for it. People can't have it both ways. - Melanie Reed
Matt: all Rackspace was providing to me was a Linux host. I was responsible for getting my upgades done on anything I ran on that system. But now we have a team making sure we're following best practices. That is NOT Rackspace's problem, though. That's like blaming Microsoft for a bug in Adobe software. - Robert Scoble
I never listen to the reputation, I always upgrade as a security upgrade is out, and if a plugin doesn't work or I deactivate it or I fix it. Security is much more important than a plugin and Matt knows how many plugins has my blog (when he looked my backend he was very sad ad he said that it was the first time for him to see so many plugin in a blog :-) ) To have a self host blog it's difficult and time expensive. - wolly
There are several very useful plugins specifically addressing security issues; and monitoring WP for suspicious activities (both on file and database level). Here are some articles with tips to harden your blog http://bit.ly/sZgh6 (delicious bookmarks). I only install plugins from authors from whom I know that they implement top level php; no breaking of upgrades on my 3 WP blogs has taken place (2.7-2.8-2.8.4) - Jeroen De Miranda
Yeah, plugin issues are the responsibility of the plugin developer, not Wordpress's. I don't see how this is Wordpress's or Rackspace's fault. - Jesse Stay
By the way, Matt, Sheamus, over on my comments on my blog, says he has the latest upgrades in place and he's still being broken into. You might help him figure out how the hackers are breaking in still. - Robert Scoble
Sorry, I was under the impression Rackspace had recommended you move away from WordPress.com and taken responsibility for the system. I was worried about your blog -- I emailed you about this in August but never heard back. It breaks my heart when someone's WordPress gets compromised. - Matt Mullenweg
I understand the feeling though - if people are still being broken into after being told a fix was made, especially if you're not a developer, that can be a little scary. I'd look to other solutions in that case if it were me, and it's no one's fault. It's just perception and fear, very valid fear. - Jesse Stay
I do believe there is a false sense of securty that WORDPRESS fosters by hosting plugins. I think many assume that because they download the pluging VIA Wordpress, and FROM Wordpress, it is somehow vetted. - Rob La Gesse
Matt: no. I wanted to move to my own install of Wordpress so that I could run many more plugins and start doing stuff other professional bloggers were doing. I am learning very quickly just how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure my words were protected. - Robert Scoble
Once you've been hacked once if you don't clean up every trace (preferably a systems person does this) it's very likely something is left that allows the spammers to easily break back in, regardless of what version you're on. That's why the trouble with upgrading is worth it, it's much, much less than the trouble of fixing a hacked blog. - Matt Mullenweg
Jesse: yeah, at Microsoft when a box got broken into they wouldn't let you use it anymore. They forced you to reinstall it with all patches loaded. They assumed that it was compromised and that someone stuck a back door in somewhere. That's a lot of work too. - Robert Scoble
install either wp-backup or wp-dbmanager and configure database backup: every day; download to your local pc (or to a system other than your hosting provider); run a check once a month to see whether you can reconstruct the blog in case of calamity, That is my procedure; works fine. - Jeroen De Miranda
if a commoner gets hacked, then he should move to wordpress.com services or what? - testbeta
they should just make it not have any security holes! - Mark
Robert, if you like I'd be happy to host your blog for you (and I'm on Rackspace servers). I can keep it secure as well. I'd only ask some mention of SocialToo somewhere (or payment of some form in order to cover the cost of bandwidth). - Jesse Stay
I would also be able to keep it backed up for you. - Jesse Stay
I'll also install any plugins you're interested in trying - Jesse Stay
Jesse: in my case, I now have a team of the top security guys at Rackspace working on it and making sure my system is up to date and backed up. They also are learning a lot about this and other people who have had problems and are building a list of best practices. - Robert Scoble
This is eventually why I didn't go with Mosso. The service looks good, but you still have to manage your app yourself which opens you up to problems like you've experienced. It would be cool if they offered another layer of management on top so apps could be completely hands free. - Todd Hoff
the alternative (i.e. strong vetting of all plugins) would turn the whole WordPress ecosphere into something such as Ning.... only some 300 addons (as far as I know); little flexibility very intransparent how to get your addin accepted .... Not an attractive model for me.... - Jeroen De Miranda
Robert, excellent - just wanted to make sure the offer was out there. Maybe that could be a tiered service for Rackspace, although I'm not sure it's something Rackspace wants to get into. Bluehost barely makes any money off of that type of service. - Jesse Stay
Steve: I think that's a reasonable set of assumptions. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. When I was on Wordpress.com I was always jealous of blogs that were able to run the latest plugins and use the latest embed codes from various sites. - Robert Scoble
Robert, it's even more fun when you can customize the plugins and themes as a developer. :-) - Jesse Stay
@testbeta wrdpress.com is a very good choice if you don't have time or you don't know how to manage security on yors self hosted blog - wolly
wolly: that takes out the open source fun part ;) well i have nothing much to do on my blogs so i keep mine updated ;) - testbeta
I agree with you :-) but many people love blogging non update theirs blogs :-) - wolly
when my sites were hacked - a wordpress employee reached out to me- i dont remember her name but we sent a few emails - i could write for days about what happened to my 5 sites - my take is simple - i think the issues are a combo of rackspace (my host) and wordpress (my software) - i can tell you this - in 3+ yrs on drupal, i was NEVER hacked. and Matt is right - the real issue is that... more... - Allen Stern
Allen - what version of WP are you running today? - Rob La Gesse
2.8.4 on all of them - Allen Stern
Allen - good :) - Rob La Gesse
If there's a shell script on the same server as you, even if it's not your account, everything on that server is at risk regardless of the software or its version. - Matt Mullenweg
Matt - that is NOT true - Rob La Gesse
I would switch to a new server if I were infected at this point. - Jesse Stay
Properly configured, user space can be isolated and these scripts cannot cross-pollinate. - Rob La Gesse
It can be -- but publish a shell login on your server and we'll see. ;) The right answer is to scrub that sort of access. - Matt Mullenweg
Matt - that comment on the "shell script" is silly. What are you actually trying to say? - Robert J Taylor
Some sort of backdoor that allows a remote user to execute code -- it's super common. - Matt Mullenweg
rob/matt - that wsa one of the biggest issues with my RS account - i had all the sites together in one "client" so when they hacked one - they were able to move around with their shell script into all my other sites - now each site is in a sep. "client" so the damage can only hurt me on one site - and believe me it does hurt :( i believe insidetransit and centernetworks are hit in google - Allen Stern
Allen - that was within one user space though. So what I stated above still stands true. - Rob La Gesse
Allen and Robert are big enough that if they had a problem they could contact us and we'd help them, though as far as I know neither did, but I worry a lot more about smaller folks who get hit in the same way. The knowledge for how to properly clean up after a hack is more systems than software and not widespread. - Matt Mullenweg
As Allen mentioned above, he did have a conversation with Wordpress. - Rob La Gesse
matt - thanks for putting me in the same category as robert! *blush* - i did reach out to you - and your security guy was helping me big time - it seemed to turn out that the WP Contact Form 7 was the thing that caused it to start - i didn't document it all online because the security guy wanted time to get the plugin developer to fix the upload hole. - btw his name was mark jaquith and he was great - Allen Stern
So why not some scheme where Wordpress vets a plugin and "blesses it" - perhaps a small charge for this service? As long as Wordpress is advertising plugins on the dashboard I think there ample reason to hold Wordpress to some level of accountability for those plugins - Rob La Gesse
rob - that's what i told mark - they should offer that service for a tiny fee - stamp a "certified" stamp on it. - Allen Stern
Just updated all my sites, doesnt look I was hit. - sean percival
sean - no one would hit you - they know you would lala all over them - Allen Stern
sean - happy for you! - Rob La Gesse
I've read almost all of the comments here, not hearing these mentioned once: Robert did not backup, kept the default 'admin' username and failed to update. These are three of the most basic security measures out there. Not blaming it on Robert, because we all fail on this sometimes, but these basics really are important! - Abounding Media
http://twitter.com/markjaq... warning of Mark in April - kept me away from WP contact form 7 - Jeroen De Miranda
Abounding: yup. And the lesson here is don't host your own version of Wordpress unless you have a security team making sure you're doing it right and backing up (something I never did on Wordpress.com, by the way). Oh, and Twitter taught us that even if you do all of that you've gotta make sure you pick great passwords and think through ways that social hacks could be done to get into your accounts. - Robert Scoble
I've written a much longer post on this: http://wordpress.org/develop... - Matt Mullenweg
http://markjaquith.wordpress.com/2008... some great tips of Mark Jaquith on writing secure plugins - I use these and other tips when scanning the PHP code of new plugins that I intend to use (before deploying them) - Jeroen De Miranda
Jeroen, thanks for posting that. I've had phishers getting into one of my WP installs recently, but couldn't tell which plugin it was. I deactivated two plugins, including CF7, the other day, and haven't had any more problems. And a shoutout to Ryan Boren on the WP dev team for helping me to de-infect. - John Craft
Robert: Welcome to the world of web development for impatient users and disgruntled hackers - Melanie Reed
http://wordpress.org/develop... great post of Matt Mullenweg about WordPress security! - Jeroen De Miranda
john - the CF7 is what killed me a few months ago - it's because the form allows uploads even if you don't actually have them on - i believe they patched it but i have not gone back there. - Allen Stern
anybody know if a little smily face appearing in the lower right hand corner of ones footer is a sign of a compromise on a self hosted wp blog? - Richard Reeve
John, your are welcome! SQL injects attacks specifically exploit data entry fields used by the plugin; one should at least scan the PHP code of these plugins, and look at what kind of escape functions are used around handling of the data entry. - Jeroen De Miranda
"it's because the form allows uploads even if you don't actually have them on" - wow. That's bad. - John Craft
Richard is wp-stats smily :-) - wolly
"anybody know if a little smily face appearing in the lower right hand corner of ones footer is a sign of a compromise on a self hosted wp blog?" - if you didn't put it there, it probably is. In your admin go to appearance, theme editor, and read the footer.php file. - John Craft
Richard - are you using the WordPress.com Stats plugin? - Andre Natta
some plugins worth considering to install are: wp-exploit-scanner, wordpress file monitor, WP security scan, anti virus - Jeroen De Miranda
I don't understand why people are worried about a plugin breaking when it comes to upgrading WordPress. If a plugin does break, disable it for the time being. I rather have a secure installation of WordPress running and would worry about fixing the plugin afterwards. - Jason Hansen
Hmmmm . . . I run WP Stats, but see no smiley face. - John Craft
ah...thanks folks...stats it is. phew...so I'm not paranoid... - Richard Reeve
The problem with WordPress is that it forces you to upgrade. Imagine if Microsoft forced everybody to upgrade to Vista/Windows 7 in order to get their security holes plugged. WordPress should release security patches for the current and at least for the previous version. - Nikolay Kolev
They dont force you to upgrade. If you dont want to patch, you can leave it at the current version ( but with a risk ) - Kashif Khan
Where's the patch for the 2.7 version then? - Nikolay Kolev
Their versioning strategy bumps up numbers even for patches . And how many versions behind should they support ? - Kashif Khan
Many of the WordPress security issues are not coming from the WordPress itself, but from the poorly written WordPress plugins. I think it would be nice if Automattic starts an "Automattic Certified" program giving blog owners the peace of mind they need. Every hacker can upload a plugin at WordPress.org, advertise it as something great, bloggers install it, see that it's nothing as advertised, uninstall it, but the WordPress instances are already hacked. - Nikolay Kolev
Plugins are open source and free and nobody (well, with some exceptions) would pay to get their free plugin certified. The only way to do this is by having a community review process, based on some credibility score and voter authority system where 1,000 fake hacker accounts won't, for example, outweigh Matt's or Mark's votes. - Nikolay Kolev
part of the problem is the cry wolf syndrome - if i updated every day wordpress had a security problem i'd want to be salaried on the payroll :D Wordpress needs some sort of alert notification - twitter or something that indicates if there's an update AND the severity and if its severe enough sends it to my phone. - mal
let me play the other side of the coin - i've been using vbulletin for my forums for probably more than 5 years - and it's never once been hacked - why is this - is it because it's paid? is it just more secure? would love to get some input on why wordpress seems to be the attacker's gold. - Allen Stern
@allenstern because it pays back better to have wp hacked - A. T.
Another devil - I have clients using Expression Engine for years (with plugins) and haven't had a problem either. Checking security sites, EE has had very few vs the many with WP and some with Drupal. Matts suggestion that one hosts with him to avoid problems and keep updated just isn't in the cards for business sites. Just too many vulnerabilities with WP over the years for me to recommend it. - PXLated
i can tell you that within 2 days of moving from drupal to wp, my sites were hacked - all of them - and it made me seriously question the move - the reasons i moved were because wp is a bit easier to edit/code than drupal and because the admin panel in wordpress is awesome compared to the crap panel in drupal - i wrote up a whole post about why i moved - i'd like to see matt write a post about their qa and security procedures for their releases - Allen Stern
Alen, once Drupal 7 get released, you may actually go back. :) - Nikolay Kolev
Robert - If I were you I'd move away from Wordpress and fast. Its security record is dire and has been for ages. Other solutions are a lot more stable, whereas Wordpress seems to have security bugs every second week. Why anyone puts up with it is really beyond me. I moved to MovableType and haven't had to worry about caching issues or security problems - Michele Neylon
#somethingpersonal WP calls you "technical evengelist", Robert. When you say «Yes, I didn’t have a backup. I should learn to do backups» I call you a mediawhore. Nothing TECH-NI-CAL, just bulled ego. Learn Security, Performance, Reliability, you ignorant piece. - our service is dope
Robert - "the reputation around the Net is that upgrades on Wordpress break things" I'm sorry but that's just not true, I use many many plugins across about 20 sites and I've only ever ONCE had a plugin break during a WP upgrade. - John O'Nolan
Definitely check if Google Reader has your lost posts - as of a few months ago, it didn't handle deletes very well :) - Michael Herf
This recent wave of WordPress incidents shows the negative side of using open source software. Matt says that there are many people looking into WordPress' source code, but the problem is that probably half of those people have malicious reasons for doing so. - Nikolay Kolev
@Matt - why not have a module that adds *automatic* upgrades? The one-click update feature is very nice, but zero clicks is better. With a decent snapshot/rollback system you could update most people securely right away--email them and let them rollback if something breaks. - Michael Herf
@robert: we might be able to help you recover the lost blog posts if you want. Google Reader has an archive of them and we helped another blogger in the past recover her losses. Let me know if we can help. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I run just a few plugins, and research and vet them first. And upgrade to new WP versions within a week. Look, attacks happen, running self-hosted can get complicated. But this is true with any software or OS - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Nikolay, it's always better to have more people looking at the code, because a bug that's been found is better than a bug that hasn't. WordPress used to get almost no security problems and people thought it was because it was coded differently, when in fact it was coded far worse than it is today it just didn't have enough users to make it worthwhile to target. Also where many... more... - Matt Mullenweg
Nikolay: I would also push back against your assumption that using Open Source software equals less security. Microsoft Windows and OS X are both closed source and both have security holes - there is a competition each year to help MS and Apple find them and fix them. Both Apple and Microsoft came away with security holes to fix this year. So just because it's open source doesn't... more... - Tim
that's what you get for the fun of installing and hosting your own installation, instead of using "the cloud". - Ihar Mahaniok
Robert - I recommend WP S3 Backups for backing up your database to off-site storage. Amazon S3 is a great place to host backups of your Wordpress database and is relatively inexpensive. You *always* want backups *off* the server so in case the server is compromised, the backups are still clean. This plugin works like a charm, is automatic and could have saved you. Cheers! - Scott Jarkoff
anybody know of a test that can be done to see if a wp blog has been compromised? Has a few strange user subscriptions about a week ago...but not noticing any thing else...I did upgrade weeks ago, but soon enough? - Richard Reeve
bug exploits keep security IT folks in their day job, sad but true. - Jim Posner
In IT it keeps me busy but the reality is if you update your software on a regular basis you can minimize these from affecting you. - Rob Cairns
Robert, any chance archive.org has some of your old blog posts? Google Cache? - drew olanoff
Matt, another thing to note is that Wordpress.com is often blocked in China (even if you have your own custom URL like scobleizer.com). There are advantages to NOT being hosted by Wordpress.com although your point about increased responsibilty for keeping up with security patches is still valid. - Elliott Ng
Drew: yeah, but what do I do? Just republish them? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Sure why not. Scoble's best of. Reason why I hate stuff on the net sometimes is good stuff gets lost. - drew olanoff
Give a try to the "WordPress Database Backup" plugin for WordPress and you'll receive regular backups on your email - Francois Lamotte
Robert, You can get all of your lost blog post html out of Google Reader. I'm not exactly sure how to link Disqus back, maybe it's as simple as re-adding the old posts with the same title/date i.e. Url (I don't use it). Yet another reason to use FULL RSS feeds (instead of summary). See RSS isn't dead.. it's now a backup tool too! (http://ff.im/7JrlC) - Chris Myles
Wordpress is a great blogging tool. It is however the largest target now - much like how Windows gets a crap-top more virii because it's the most used system. Someone used Drupal as am example of security... well I'm sure if Drupal was anywhere near the scale of usage Wordpress is you'd see hacks for that too. - Gregory Wild-Smith
Robert: Just repost them with the dates set to the original dates they were posted. Simple, and no-one will ever know ;) - Gregory Wild-Smith
I have always had a bad feeling about Wordpress. YMMV. - Gordon Joly from twhirl
Robert It could be a Rackspace problem and Not a Wordpress Problem. They might to increase there security on the Rackspace!!! You should checck into that!! - Paul
One of the reasons I waited 2 years to switch from MovableType to WordPress was due to the security issues. I felt that the track record improved over the past year and moved 11 sites over. I can say this I employ a very extensive back up scheme but still worry about it. The ability to upgrade with a single click of a button has made it much easier to upgrade, but I always worry which plugins are going to break as I use a lot of plugins. - Todd Cochrane
hmm... I think that a lot of this conversation is missing something. Most software security updates are usually tested in hosts and thus delayed in their own releases by at the minimum of a week's time usually. This is due to hosting internal testing of patches before rolling it out to all servers. Now, whether or not RS actually performs these types of procedures, I don't know... but I... more... - Ben Hwang
First: I keep my blog up to date. Always. Fuck plugins, I decided that when I made the decision to use WP for my blog that updates would be a priority, only because of all the security issues that I remember from the early early days. Having said that, I have to agree with Robert that the perception with WordPress, despite all the work with auto-updates and in-blog notification is STILL... more... - Christina Warren from iPod
I am spending the day finally making a back-up of my web space, then the upgrade. - Sebastian Keil
you are right to not feel safe: when you are on the dominant platform, holes get taken advantage of really fast. At least it being open source you know it will also get plugged fast - Iphigenie
"what do I do? Just republish them?" - Robert, you can set the published date to the original July or August date in the "new post" form. Where it says "publish immediately," click "edit". - John Craft
I couldn't disagree more that the reputation is that an upgrade will break a plugin. How many plugins reach into the Wordpress core and screw around with it? Less than 5%? Any examples of plugins that broke w/ 2.8.4? - beersage
Somebody hacked into my WordPress blog earlier this year as well. It was a bummer because I was working on a draft copy of a blog post that was very rough and had not been edited and they published it. I was on vacation shooting in Chicago and didn't figure it out until several hours after they'd already published it. Fortunately they didn't seem to do anything malicious other than... more... - Thomas Hawk
@Robert: "[Rackspace] are learning a lot about this and other people who have had problems and are building a list of best practices." Is it possible this list is something RS might share? - John House
@Matt Mullenweg: I do like WordPress (even though we had a public argument with you and another Automattic employee on TechCrunch a while ago) and I am a passionate supporter of open source software - don't get me wrong. But sometimes open source code makes it a bit easier for hackers! For example, one hacker hears about an exploit and without communicating with others, finds the hole independently by just looking into the source code and starts exploiting it on his own. - Nikolay Kolev
Gregory Wild-Smith Bingo! - Melanie Reed
Social Media Club blogs got hit as well as several of our personal blogs (still sorting it all out). We try to keep up on most upgrades, but every time we do, simple plugins (like the Event calendar) break. Seems silly, but we have hours of work after each upgrade to try and keep everything intact, and sometimes, we end up downgrading until the 'essential' plugins catch up, which... more... - Kristie Wells
I have 2 wordpress blogs. One on my own domain and one at wordpress central. Still can't get my head around their upgrade gymnastics - may just stick with eBlogger after all. - Houseofmax
i don't know what will happen in times to come but from the existing platforms, i love wordpress and i am not going anywhere, but that doesn't matter for wordpress right? ;) - testbeta
Robert, at the end of it is just only your bloody laziness in upgrading that led you here :) Jokes aside, please at least be honest and say you didn't upgradede twice... :p. - Matteo Flora
Nope. I upgraded to 2.8.4 as soon as it was out but the hackers had already broken in. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
The fact that WordPress is currently being exploited doesn't mean that other platforms are immune. For example, the recently discovered XSS issue with Ruby on Rails makes not only blogs, but every unpatched site a target. So, the only issue I'm having is forcing us to upgrade to a new major version without much time to do proper testing (I'm not talking about personal blogs here). I... more... - Nikolay Kolev
So Techdirt was hacked a bit ago. See their reaction: http://www.techdirt.com/article... it is the reality of owning a web site guys - ANY software is hackable if someone really wants in. - Adam Singer
@Robert: as I see it Wordpress is as vulnerable as any other web app. Upgrading does good, but preemptive security does more and better. I know Matt and he knows I'm in awe with him and Automattic but simply spoken I DON'T TRUST WORDPRESS as I don't trust any other software. A little WebApp Security Firewall (or at least a little .htaccess rules for admin and preemptive locking of... more... - Matteo Flora
i find it interesting, and depressing that people are blaming Rackspace, they're blaming Wordpress, they're blaming Robert, but no one, *no one* seems to be willing to blame the only, ONLY people who deserve blame: the evolutionary failures that attacked Robert's blog. - John C. Welch
Thanks to your post, I found backdoor Admin in my own blog (created yesterday apparently). Promptly deleted it, upgraded blog and took other measures, which I blogged about - Adi Rabinovich
@Matt Mullenweg: "so staying up to date is a must. - Matt Mullenweg" You gave the birth to one of the coolest piece of free software on the net, also your community is strong an love-full, you can do some PRs listening to Scoble that is crying, but you couldn't do anything better than you did. Take it easy man, all your competitors still suck. (PS. also a cleaning utility to understand better if everything is ok on our hosts would be cool ;-) - simone righini
Matt: What does a user need to provide, in order to be considered for a VIP wordpress.com account? - Jim Connolly
caveat operator - Mike Chelen
I would simply like to reiterate the point that if you're going to put free open source software on a rented web server, you need to either know how to administer it or hire someone to do it for you. Neither Rackspace or Wordpress are to blame here. We discuss this with our clients all the time who view web development as a one off expense, then get upset when their site is hacked because it wasn't maintained. - JP Maxwell
One more point, I think there are way too many false lines drawn over aras of responsibility - "I'm systems, not a PHP programmer. I'm a PHP programmer, not a Javascript person. I'm a designer, not a programmer or a systems person." If you are a WEB developer or responsible for maintaining hosted WEB applications, you need to know a bit about it all. It simply isn't sufficient to demarcate your knowledge sphere and point your finger at the other guy. - JP Maxwell
Thomas Hawk
So if TIME Magazine, DC Comics and Platon Didn’t Send Flickr a DMCA Takedown Notice Over the Obama Joker Image, Who Did? - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
So if TIME Magazine, DC Comics and Platon Didn't Send Flickr a DMCA Takedown Notice Over the Obama Joker Image, Who Did
But now PDN is saying that they have contacted spokespeople at TIME Magazine, DC Comics, and the photographer who took the original image for Time Magazine, Platon, and all are denying having filed a DMCA takedown notice against this image. Apparently the photographer Platon’s office wasn’t even aware of the Obama/Joker issue. So if TIME Magazine, DC Comics and Platon didn’t file a DMCA takedown notice against the image, who did? And if someone with no possible IP interest in the image filed it, wouldn’t it be a tad disingenuous at this point for Flickr staff to be hiding behind this takedown notice in justifying their act of censorship? No wonder why when they were asked by the Los Angeles Times *who* filed the DMCA takedown notice, they were told that Flickr wasn’t able to give this information out. Aren’t able to give this information out or won’t give this information out? - Thomas Hawk
Oh no! I liked this post! Will Flickr ban me and cancel my pro account? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
If Yahoo/Flickr wants to curb the "makey upey" (I didn't realize Heather was 5 years old) all they have to do is be truthful and forthcoming with information. The more they withhold, the more rumors will fly. - Rob LaRosa
Amazing. Sometimes I wish there was an viable alternative that provides me with the same benefits I get from Flickr. Careful TH, you're going to find your account mysteriously gone someday. :) - Jeremy Kunz
Barack Obama filed a DMCA request for using his likeness. Okay, obviously, that's stupid, but really, who's left with a legitimate claim of any kind? - Vincent Ferrari
Does the fact that Flicker were complying with a DCMA takedown notice change your view of this story, Thomas??? - Roberto Bonini
Oh, did anyone ask the white house???? and shouldn't someone file a FOIA request to reveal who filed the DCMA notice??? - Roberto Bonini
My guess is either AT&T or Apple, although both will deny it. :) Agree that FOIA has no standing here. - John E. Bredehoft
@Vincent, Neither Barack Obama or the White House are the legal copyright holders of the original image. They would have no right to issue a DMCA notice. Just because an image is of you does not give you any rights to that image. - Jeff P. Henderson
If not FOIA, sue to reveal the filer??? - Roberto Bonini
I am getting tired of the evasiveness of Flickr staff...who are the decision makers and why haven't they come forward to explain this action? - carwax
@carwax As I understand it, its a Champocracy. - EricaJoy
@Jeff: I said that somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I was just pointing out that the only people left that are in any way involved would be the white house ;-) - Vincent Ferrari
It's hard to say who issued it. The Whitehouse obviously understands that they would not be allowed to request an image come down that they don't hold any sort of IP claim over so I doubt it was them. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they informally objected to the image to Flickr staff. When Shepherd Johnson wrote comments critical of the President on the official Whitehouse photostream a few months back Flickr nuked his account over it. - Thomas Hawk
It's really mind boggling that Yahoo/Flickr finds this approach easier, with all the bad PR inherent to it, than simply reforming their procedures for handling alleged copyright and TOS violations to allow for some sort of appeal. - Eric P
It's easier because they only piss off a small minority of people who are passionate - and knowledgeable - about copyright laws. It's the 80-20 rule: The normal ma-and-pa Flickr user probably isn't even aware that it happened let alone the issue. Except in this case it's more likely 99-1, where only 1 percent of the Flicker users are engaged and passionate enough to care. This type of... more... - Tim
posted this on FB lately? Wait nvmd, FaceFeed - sofarsoShawn
Wales produces exceptionally graphic, educational film about the dangers of texting while driving - http://www.engadget.com/2009...
Wow... Everyone with teenage kids should have their kids watch this. It applies to all distractions. - Tim
Robert Scoble
Why am I using Plaxo? Because it backs up my contacts, and since I just spent a lot to scan in all my business cards, that's important.
That's why I use it, too. I have also used Cloud Contacts and loved it. unfortunately, Plaxo has a lot of extraneous social features that i DON"T like. - Francine Hardaway
@robert have you tried SnapDat on iPhone? I think you'd like it... http://www.snapdat.com - Goktug Gedik
Plus it syncs with just about anything. I once had mine synced to Mozilla Thunderbird. - Mike Elliott
i like plaxo - Tyler Gillies
deleted my plaxo account and won't reactivate it. ever. - Karoli
I'm a long time plaxo user - pre-spam and post-spam. I have really enjoyed it. But they have not made a 2-way google sync gadget yet, and all my stuff is now on Google (email, reader, voice). I wish Plaxo would develop it -or at least commincate thier plans better. - Tim
Robert, how do you feel about it since the Comcast acquisition? - Brian Wallace
I have been using Google Sync with my contacts. They are now available via, Google, Apple AddressB, my Blackberry and Outlook - Kreg Steppe
I'm a long-time Plaxo user as well, primarily for the ingestion of LInkedIn contact data and the synchronization/de-duping across multiple computing platforms. I don't use the Plaxo social networking stuff. For me, it is a useful utility for what it does. - Peter Murray
I've been to both the Jantar Mantar in new Delhi and Jaipur. Both are amazing places and still extremely accurate clocks. If you are ever in India I highly recomend spending an hour there. - Tim
Nice keyboard and mouse. - Tim
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Sound off here if you are using friendfeed. Let's show Michael Arrington what's what and what nobody looks like.
No I'm not. - Mike Nayyar
Ding. - adf
um... wait, lemme check. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I think so... - Juan Pablo González
here I be - paisano
*bing* - Glenn Slaven
I'm only here now because it broke Twitter - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
*lets off a sneaky one* - Johnny
Cheers! - Scott Jarkoff
Who me? - Deepak Singh
not as actively of late. - Alan Le
Ok, watching this thread real time is cool! - Juan Pablo González
tl;dr (Please buy my book!) - Daniel J. Pritchett
FF rules, twitter drools - LPH™ and his dog P™
Here! - Rebecca Lasley
I use it on and off. The new beta interface with live updates is amazing enough that I might use it nearly as much as Twitter. - Dion Hinchcliffe
Yep. - Rochelle
Who me? - Micah
I only seem to use it when twitter is down. A better iPhone app might bring me around more often more "reader" like features (ie, let me add feeds and info that only I see like my google reader subscriptions and all of the tweets from my account on twitter) - Scott Watermasysk
Were we to use a horn or just a loud cow bell? - LPH™ and his dog P™
More cow bell. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Definitely needs more cow bell LPH. - Dion Hinchcliffe
Oy! - Steve Lowe
sounding off - Mattb4rd
Hi all. I'm pretty much always on FriendFeed =) - FFing Enigma
What's FriendFeed? - Andrew Trinh
I am using it. Still on the regular UI though, as that's what's bookmarked in my browser - Ian May
Same as Tina. FF is by far my favorite - Mattb4rd
Present and accounted for. - Rui Pereira
on both in tabs.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Me! - Karoli
Using FF. - Ghennipher
Sound off. One, two. - iluvgimp
Beep beep - Steve J
using FriendFeed, but not as much as tweetdeck - Ken Gibbs Jr
! - lautaro
FF stand up! Right here. Would use more if there was a TweetDeck-like tool for it. (FriendDeck isn't it) - Ms_Krista
59:65:73:1f:20:49:27:6d:20:75:73:69:6e:67:20:46:72:69:65:6e:64:46:65:65:64:21 - Jason Nelson
Always and Forever - Mr. The Jason Fleming
FF works. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think the sound was muted. Lemme change that. - Beau Liening
Hee - Rodfather
Holla? - Andrew
Weeee! - AJ Batac
Hoooty Hoooo! - Rahsheen
Rasheen - Did you just see a cop? :) - Andrew
Does this message construe usage of FriendFeed? - rob
Present and accounted for - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
Present! - Larry Hawes
*bum dance* - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Keeps me coming back. - Tom Landini
Blue leader, standing by. - Chris Charabaruk
Check. - Warren Butler
Yep - John Collis
Hells to the yeah. - AJ Kohn
Wanted to smack Mike Arrington tonight. - Molly Song ;)
I'm a noone! - MiniMage
wow it's empty in here! - BEX
Somebody in the house. Love the redesign. - Steve Isaacs
Techcrunch reported 637K unique users for the month. Michael doesn't read his own publication apparently. - Paul W. Swansen
w00t! FF rocks! - ~C4Chaos
Duh - Louis Gray
Yo Yo Domino! - Spirit 2.0
Testing...testing...is this mic working? - Jack&Cleo
Ciao baby :) - enza (aka iVenus)
Reporting in from The Netherlands. P.S. Michael, you're an asshole! Oh no, I didn't really mean that. Love you Mike! ;) - Meryn Stol
here and thoroughly enjoying the Arrington roast - Daltonsbriefs
Arrington is a twat. That is all. - nouhad
using FF everyday. - MikeAmundsen
maybe (Arrington's personality) is a persona---like Andrew 'Dice' Clay (remember that guy?) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Everybody is a somebody, unless they are a nobody? - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Sweet...keep it going y'all! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
count me in! - Jay
O HAI. I IZ NOBUDDY - Josh Haley
Sound off 1 2 3 4. - Russellreno
Here - Bluesun 2600
Present - Herb Hernandez
One more. BTW, who's this Arrington fellow? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Aaaaaaah! - Jeff P. Henderson
I need to catch up, because I don't know what he did now. I didn't bother to read his embargo-breaking story. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
here, here. - Thomas Hawk
better yet, go to his post on FF today and post your thoughts on why you like it more than twitter. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Thomas Hawk
If it's not on friendfeed, I'm not interested, Thomas. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Uhh oh, don't I act like that sometimes, CW? *goes and cries in a corner* - Scoble, Alex Scoble
People are complaining about me? *goes and cries in a corner* - Scoble, Alex Scoble
What be this friendfeed you speak of? - rønin
You say that as if it's a bad thing, Joel. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I thought only scoble fans use FF? :) or Andorid App Devlopers.. - Fred Grott
Tell that to the librarians who have no idea who Robert is and don't care. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I use. - vimoh
I AM!! - iTad
w00t! - Adam Lasnik
You mean yesterday's news Arrington ??? Or today's embargo Arrington? - David HC Soul
I just read Arrington's post and commented via FriendFeed (not to make any philosophical point, but because I'm on an older mobile phone right now using fftogo). While I had some quibbles, the fact remains that there are far fewer FriendFeed users than there are Facebook users. Then again, there are far fewer Twitter users than Facebook users, so simplicity isn't everything... - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
The word I heard him use was "nobody", not "fewer", "nobody"...Perhaps I'm wrong though...either way, I don't care. I find friendfeed to be eminently more entertaining and useful than Twitter or Facebook. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
That's what schema-less SQL said. - Mitch
If Twitter closed tomorrow, my life would be the same, If FriendFeed closed I'd lose all of you... - Jamie Ginsberg
huzzah! - Nathan Chase
And far fewer Mahalo users than any of them *rimshot* - Michael W. May
bbq - AJ Batac
I would just give him this link to see what "nobody" looks like: http://beta.friendfeed.com/scoblei... - April Russo (FForever!)
I'm a nobody. - Jeremy Brooks
nothing to see here for nobody...move on people. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Here's one more nobody for the roll call. - Lindsay
There's a blank line above this comment. Strange - nouhad
"Liked" FriendFeed...(have love hate relationship with twitter and its whale mascot!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
what's a twitter? - Steve C, Team Marina
What is a Michael Arrington? - Fred Grott
We are here, we are here, we are here. - Larry Kless
Here too - Carl Pruitt
*raises hand* - Justin Korn
Present *raises hand* - Drew
I am nobody and I love friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
are we going for a million comments? - Robin Barooah
It's a bit like I'm a PC. Unfortunately not that cool. FF is actually pretty cool though. - Joe Bland
Oh, looks like I missed somethign good. Oh, well. - Mona Nomura
Woot! - Aaron Tinling
Hello, Switzerland friendfeeding on the beta. - Richard A.
What a shame, there's nobody here. - Anika
I love friendfeed. - netvista
Go Friendfeed! - Edwin Khodabakchian
me too netvista3987 - Majento
and me - Richard Jones
I'm going with Scoble, and betting on this horse. This new UI is just a thing of beauty. This is how it should be. They're the ones who've found the Grail Castle. This is it right here. I'm just loving it. - Web Nex
Here. But off to bed soon. Back later. G'nite, FF. - Lisa L. Seifert
Love the new beta. Really nice job to Team FF! - Marc Chung
Who is this Arrington fellow? - Quasar
Wow, a whole ~120 people ... over 5 hours. I used to play on MUDs 10+ years ago with more simultaneous users. FF is 98% Scoble-hype noise, 2% RSS crawling. - Dossy Shiobara
@Dossy- your naivete is showing! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
@bec rowe - fine, I'll be generous, suppose there's a whole ORDER OF MAGNITUDE more users, 10x or 1,200 ... this is a big deal? Most major IRC networks each have 60k+ concurrent users and that's tech that's 15+ years old now. - Dossy Shiobara
??? - vijay
for such a "new and improved" UI, why do I have to scroll ALL the way back up to click the "comment" link? what, did none of the UX people think "gee, putting it at the bottom of the list of comments would be a good idea"? - Dossy Shiobara
seriously, people, stop being sheep. FF is cute but it's a pet rock. - Dossy Shiobara
uh, no Dossy. - Josh Haley
Dossy - I'm not sure if that was a joke or sarcastic comment or not, but just in case it wasn't...I strongly disagree. - Justin Korn
Well to be fair, I know my real life friends would never understand FF -- especially the filters. It's too much effort to set up. - Mona Nomura
Mona - I agree with that statement, but still disagree with Dossy. - Justin Korn
@Mona Ditto. But I don't come here for RL friends. I come here to connect with people like me. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Arrington is a stupid. - Wo
Exactly -- I come here to escape from Facebook and when I want more conversation than Twitter :) Sheep we are not. ;) - Mona Nomura
I have 3 tabs locked into the first three positions of my always-open Firefox window: Google Reader, Gmail and you guessed it... FriendFeed. - Brooks Bishop
I am using FF because it's awesome. - Aaron Hood from BuddyFeed
Obviously using FF Beta right now - Arnold Zafra
All the time! FF Beta at the moment. - Anton
From out the Blu, I am. - Benjamin
What's a Michael Arrington? - Pete D
Nothing much, something Europe doesn't care for ;-) - Richard A.
*beep* - Lorenzo Strambi from twhirl
Sure, but as a casual user I don't see that much usefulness. Fun, yes. - Johan Mellberg from twhirl
I'm loving the new version. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Beta? Yes. Standard? Never used it. Barely got the hang of Twitter! - That's So CAJ!
Bring - It - Onnnnnnnnn! - Vicky
is arrogant arrington squirming yet??? - Rob Sellen :o)
yo yo - Kelly W.
Here is to both platforms. Twitter for ease of use and Friendfeed for search and aggregation - Karen L Thompson from BuddyFeed
I'm on it! - Tracy Mendham
Nope, I'm not using friendfeed. Sorry to disappoint. - Aaron the Librarian
(like Horshack) "ooooh ooooh ooooh" - Bryan R. Adams
Absolutley! Great aggregator, but have to use Twirl or other app at work - Jonathan Decker from twhirl
Who the hell is Michael Arrington, and why should I give two tugs of a dead dog's cock what he thinks? - Steven Perez
damn you steven perez... speak ya mind for a change!!! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Perez: Some meatbag with an overblown sense of self importance - Mo Kargas
Arrington is a Web 1.0 dinosaur trying to make himself relevant still by being Jerry Springer without the entertainment value. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
love it - Brian Frank
Just to note: I know damn well who Arrington is. He's that meatsack whose website couldn't hold its load for a few hours. But I'm serious about not caring what he thinks. - Steven Perez
that's r scoble too mo... ooops I'll get bashed! :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
what's FF nation? where you hear about that? arringtons blog by any chance? - Rob Sellen :o)
Often quiet, but still here & loving FF. - ilene from twhirl
I'm using it and loving it! - Samuel Driessen
Conspiracy Theory: Alex just wants to have a post with more comments than Robert. Discuss :D - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
I'm in. - Aravind Jose
ff ftw! - minus-one
go, go ff! - graywolf
Michael who? - Anthony Citrano
Nobody goes to friendfeed anymore, it's too busy - Christopher Galtenberg
that techcrunch guy is pure noise - ignore at all cost :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
O Hai! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
I use FriendFeed all the time. Rarely if ever read TechCrunch anymore. - Andy Roth
What's TechCrunch? - Great Scott!
Jelly beans! - Bwana ☠
Nobody here but us chickens. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
huh!? What?! - Just Mrs. V
Arrington knows I use FF - I too need "intervention" :) - Susan Beebe
I'm not sure 219 people prove him wrong... - Carter ♥ JS
Arrington who ?? - Peter Dawson
Bump :) - Stephan Miller from Friend Deck
Using ff more every day - Gordon Corte
still going - Josh Haley
yep - Elena
new to friendfeed and liking it very much - brainno722 (Peter)
bumpity bump.... - Rob Sellen :o)
um....... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Huh? What?!? - Just Mrs. V
I never use friendfeed and I'm never ever on it. I can't believe you'd accuse me of such a thing! - Jim #teamFFrank
hey - stanjourdan
Something tells me he's not impressed yet. - Shey
something tells me THIS proves how little he uses this place ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
That's OK, I get the sense that most people here couldn't care less. :) We use friendfeed because we like it, not because some A-Lister that doesn't even participate here thinks we should or shouldn't. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
*comment deleted to keep up appearances that I'm a nice guy* - Michael W. May
I agree.... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Loves me some FriendFeed - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Shouldn't this be on a TC post since all those comments will be sucked into the blog itself? - coldbrew
agreed alex, if you watch your brother's video of the pre-beta walk through from last weekend, mike was there, engaged and asked good questions of bret and paul, but then he goes off and belittles ff & those using it - immature or trollish not sure which it is... - mike "glemak" dunn
But Alex.. your bro is a supposed A-lister... - Rob Sellen :o)
dunn: Arrington is providing feedback. I'm sure team-FF can handle it. - coldbrew
yeah the feedback he provides is..."the worse way to use friendfeed" :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
My brother also participates here a lot, so when he says something is great or sucks here he has some authority...certainly a lot more authority on the subject than you know who. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
drive by - I'm in - Rick Bucich
You'll notice TC's FF integration is one-way (i.e. FF>TC), not synch. - coldbrew
FF is the FFuture - Alan Cheslow
Who's Michael Arrington? ;-) - Kenton
I'm soaking in it. - Mark Dorgan
I do like FF - but it can be a lot to handle. - Bill Sodeman
yeah..... - Rob Sellen :o)
It doesn't get much better. Still here after a year. - David Cook from fftogo
yeah...great eh :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
i am and its soo much better. Tell mike the tech rumors are better here, too. - Roberto Bonini
my head hurts. || button is my friend - Todd Randolph
Right on Alex! To enhance what I said yesterday, FriendFeed is the "coolest app" to consume information on the Internet and interact with smart people. - Eric Berlin
I use FF! - Damond Nollan
here I am - Bill from twhirl
ding dong. - Tobias W.
AOL! - Alex Scrivener from twhirl
Who the F is Michael Arrington? - Mattb4rd
He's some dude who unwisely said that nobody uses friendfeed. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
So much better than twitter! - Bo Stern
Nah, I never use FriendFeed. FriendFeed uses me! Don't ask. - Brad Butner from twhirl
It's Michael Arrington. His ego is the size of the Sun and is infinitely expanding like the universe. All I hear is "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah." - Zach Flauaus
Love the new FF - Leigha Baer
Go FF! - atanas
Hear, hear, Alex W. Something needs to happen with comments. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
so.... arrinwho? - Rob Sellen :o)
I luuurve friendfeed! - Rob Sellen :o)
Aloha! Been here for over a year now. - Bill Sodeman
linky to another similar thread ... http://friendfeed.com/e... - Peter Dawson
My thread was first and my brother was just being a copycat. First! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
yep, that Scoble is a copycat !! :)- - Peter Dawson
I think the only way to settle this is with a good old fashioned slap fight. Or a drinking contest... Either way we need video of it. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
But I said "First!" That's the internet beat down right there. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
more comments than likes? how can that be... you commenter's who have yet to like...like.. and those who have yet comment...comment..and like ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm down with FreindFeed. My usage has skyrocketed since the beta launch. - Tim
when Friendfeed released the last major update...i preferred being on the beta site. This time round, i'm actually preferring to stick to the old version - not a great sign.
I haven't been on the old site at all since the beta went live. In fact I haven't pressed the pause button in a long time. - iTad
I'm with Tad. Once I got used to it, I've been a solid fan of the new UI. - Akiva
interesting, maybe its a taste thing - Zee.
What pause button?...Oh...there it is - Rahsheen
been on beta for the whole time now - initial shock gone and now I'm enjoying it - though I need to install AJ Batac's userscript to make it look better. - AJ Kohn
Not me. The new version is a lot nicer. Except on the iPhone. There the old version is nicer for me, but only slightly. - Robert Scoble
I'm in the beta since I heard of it. It's a big update. I like. - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
I think I'm more of a fan of the new site. I've seen my usage - AND participation - increase exponentially since the launch of the new beta. - Tim
Despite my hate for real-time, I've been pretty much exclusively on the beta. The UI, at least, is a hell of a lot nicer. - Chris Charabaruk
The beta is what finally drew me in to using FF. - Mark Traphagen
i like it. just takes a bit getting used to. tweak up your lists and/or filters and it gets easier to deal with - Cee Bee
well it looks like im a minority! - Zee.
give it another chance - iTad
yeah, i'll probably have to...my one major grips is 'rooms'. I can't manually select my favorites AND have ordered based on last activity - Zee.
I feel ya Zee, if rooms are big for you, the new interface is too simplistic/limited. But with Cleaner FriendFeed, it's pretty much bliss for me -- I just need the basics - Christopher Galtenberg
Bret and Paul said they are working on making the rooms better in the new UI. They said to expect changes over the next week or two. - Robert Scoble
great to hear...rooms are super important to me. I run the top 5 most popular ones... Yes, i'm bragging. - Zee.
same, I tried to like the new UI, but I've not been able to devote the time it seems is necessary to get it tweaked to tastes. As a rule, I don't like having to "tweak to tastes", I just want things to work. - Mattb4rd
additionally, it seems that a lot of users are dealing with the noise by reducing the number of users they follow. This feels counterintuitive to me. More friends = more opportunities to mine that information nugget that you might have missed with fewer friends. - Mattb4rd
Mattb4rd I agree. They should create lists instead. Put all the deadbeats on one list and that way you can check in from time to time to see if there's anything interesting there. - Robert Scoble
I like the new version much more, still. It is just a better overall experience to the current version. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Ok .. I will give lists a try tomorrow. For now the stiffness of once-a-year golf has set in. Off to supinate. - Mattb4rd
I have to say i like this version better than the beta the only thing i really like is the DM feature - Angela P.
I dip into the old school ui (sometimes by accident) but the beta works really well for me and my use case. - Micah
Hey FriendFeed: How do I stop you from spamming my Facebook page?
Oh... I think it's Twitter... - Tim
That was perfect! Cheers! - Tim
The question should actually be, how do I stop myself from spamming my Facbook feed with items from my Friendfeed. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Ha! funny! - TrafficBug
Robert Scoble
Nambu - Webmonkey (HOT Twitter client, tons of people are talking about it, wonder how it competes with new Seesmic Desktop?) - http://www.webmonkey.com/blog...
Nambu - Webmonkey (HOT Twitter client, tons of people are talking about it, wonder how it competes with new Seesmic Desktop?)
Nambu is not written in AIR and thus it automatically wins. - Akiva
we need a ff client~ - kang
yeah i wrote a post about it titled "Last night I cheated on Tweetdeck and I liked it." http://thenextweb.com/2009... ...most people seem to love it, but it's not without bugs...it is a preview release after all - Zee.
Looks pretty amazing, but with no Windows support they are leaving a big segment of users on the table. It amazes me that people still only write to one platform. - Tim
I was all excited until I saw it was for Mac. Still, anything that's not written in AIR gets my vote! - Michael McKean
I was mildly excited by Nambu, but I'm STOKED to hear that Loren Brichter (@atebits) is working on a desktop (Mac) version of Tweetie, and that its release is "imminent" - http://blog.atebits.com/2009... . THAT is the Twitter client I'm looking forward to. I've long wished for a desktop Twitter app that could do everything Tweetie can, and be as well designed. I've got high hopes for Tweetie for Mac. - Josh Bancroft
*None* of these guys are targeting businesses. They all suck. Check out CoTweet when you get a chance (and let me know if you want an invite, Robert). - Jesse Stay
Nambu has been great. It's about time another client that supports groups came out. I've been eager to drop tweetdeck (it got up to using 1.5gb of memory the other day.) Seesmic Desktop isn't anything special but at least it added group support as well. If you are running OSX give Nambu a try. - Jeffrey Vanneste
dang, no windows. sheesh. - Peggy Dolane
I used it until last week when it somehow managed to call the FriendFeed API so many times that they blocked my IP address. Of course the really screwed up thing is that the FriendFeed functionality is not even enabled in Nambu. So what the hell gives with that? It took me 5 days to get my access restored thanks to Ana Yang at FriendFeed - she's the one who told me that Nambu overused my FF API limit. So hell yeah... I uninstalled it. - Ankush Narula
I'm scared to look ;-) Don't want to like it and then face starting from scratch to recreate the groups on my Tweetdeck for hundreds of followers. - Mark Traphagen
Jesse, I use Twitter (sometimes) for business, and i'm happy with the current clients. What would a "business-targeted" client do? Honest question. - Josh Bancroft
Josh, see my review of it here: http://www.louisgray.com/live... - Jesse Stay
Jesse - Ah. To me, CRM is the wrong approach to such a personal medium. @marshallk summed up my thoughts on it pretty well in the last few paragraphs of his post on how @Comcast uses Twitter: http://bit.ly/Cy9sT - Josh Bancroft
A little buggy but a very nice native client for Mac - sasamat
Allen Stern
Why Must I Know Someone Who Knows Someone To Get Any Support? - http://www.centernetworks.com/custome...
If you want support from Rackspace you know someone there and I'm at +1-425-205-1921. But what's nice is you don't need to know me to get great support from Rackspace. - Robert Scoble
3 companies that should be paying more attention to the many ways of communication. There is a company in the DC area that I wanted to interview at, but was getting the run around with. I Twittered about it and within a couple hours I had a direct message from the Community Outreach guy at the company with his phone number and asking how he could help. It's amazing more companies don't pay attention - they will soon. - Tim
Google is the ultimate worst -- at least in consumer support, but what would you expect from the borg? I still love the goog. - Lloyd Budd
Rackspace IS awesome - great product and a great team. But were they super involved in the social community before Scoble was there? Could I have twittered "My rackspace account is hosed and I'm not happy" and get a response with a phone number? I'm not so sure... - Tim
Robert - while my early days with Mosso were very bad on the hardware side, the only reason I stayed with them was because the service was good. I've had a number of chats with Rob La Gesse since he started and overall I give Mosso a top mark in customer service. - Allen Stern
Tim: actually yes. @mosso (Rob La Guess) has his cell phone out there and is always online. - Robert Scoble
I've been meaning to do a post similar to this about Comcast - yeah, @comcastcares cares, but does the rest of the company? - Jesse Stay
Man, you REALLY gotta learn to spell my name :) La Gesse - and the number is 210-845-4440 ;) - Rob La Gesse
Robert Scoble
Toyota update: our car had a defective battery. That caused all my troubles. They replaced it.
any other customer service gems they threw in? epic apologies? promises of 24/7 road assistance thrown in for free maybe? - Glenn Batuyong
As in a defective car battery? Or as in a defective battery pack in the hybrid battery array? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
whatever. Detroit FTW. :P - Erin @queenofspain
Defective battery in a hybrid is a little creepy - Charlie Anzman
Yeah, because Toyota made the battery...ROFL. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
How frustrating after all that fuss! - Vicky
Happen to find a roadside service info card yet? - Ken Sheppardson
Glenn: I haven't had that conversation yet. Just talked with the tech. - Robert Scoble
We are taking our Toyota Highlander Hybrid on our first long journey soon. I'm hoping the battery holds out. Sorry to hear about your trouble. :( - Jason Shellen
I'm with Glenn, did they at least grovel? - Kenton
Before you do make sure you have a good understanding what your documentation says they should and should not do. It's one thing for them to say they would always be there, it's quite another for it to be written down. - Tim
Defective battery in a hybrid is no different than any other car. Hybrids have starter batteries just like regular cars. They have nothing to do with the hybrid battery banks. As I mentioned before, a lot more new cars are having battery problems now because they've been sitting on loading docks for months. - Kevin Fox
Yeah bitching to the tech does no good. The guy at the cash register... now that person you should wring out (especially if a manager is around) - Glenn Batuyong
Little Red Riding Hood as an Infographic - http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs...
I really like when people take a story and do something amazing with it. This is one of those times. - Tim
What is the best online address book manager? I've been a long time user of Plaxo (before and after Spam-gate) and I love it - but it doesn't sync with Gmail, which is my defacto mail client. Any ideas?
I thought Plaxo does sync with Gmail, because mine always sync Plaxo with Gmail. - Pico Seno
Plaxo currently does 1 way syncing with Google Address Book (it pulls from gmail but doesn't push back). However, Google released the GData API on the 19th and Plaxo has said they should have full sync in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed... - Tim
I use Google Contacts - Shevonne
I'll probably end up using Chi.mp for contact management. It syncs contacts across multiple services, provides the ability to merge dups, etc. - Rahsheen
zyb.com lets you sync contacts from the cloud to mobile phone - Ari Hakkarainen
I use Plaxo and Soocial, which ties everything together: two computers, my mobile, gMail. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Robert Scoble
Maryam needs a new car. Which should she get? Toyota Sienna/minivan or a Honda Pilot? Anything else in this class we should consider?
Most important to us? We have five members of our family. Actually six, since Maryam's mom lives with us. So we need a big car now to take us all around. Also important? Resale value. Gas mileage. Reliability. Ratings on Consumer Reports, etc. - Robert Scoble
Mt want to look at Toyota Highlander. Believe it gives good gas mileage. - kamla bhatt
Matthew: does the Forrester seat six? - Robert Scoble
kamla: Highlander not big enough. My ex had one of those. - Robert Scoble
Nick: Japanese brands typically have better resale and better reliability. - Robert Scoble
Pilot or Honda Odessey - Shiva
After our minivan era, we (my wife) got a Pacifica. I like it better than the Pilot/other crossovers. A little more power (mercedes engine) and plenty roomy for us (w/2 children). - Jim Mitchem
Are you going to use it as a ski car? - Christian Anderson
Forrester seats 5. - Jordan Hofker
I would stick with minivans. They are easier to drive and comes with great perks that would be great for a family of six or larger. - Shevonne
Christian: we go up to Tahoe once in a while. - Robert Scoble
Honda Pilot. - Russellreno
The Pilot. But I'm a Honda fangirl, since my family has had umpteen Hondas/Acuras, and they've all run up to 200k miles and more with no serious issues. - Jandy
Really? A Minivan? The Mazda CX-7 & CX-9 are supposed to be great cars and can fit up to 7 (on the CX-9). But if you don't need that many people in the car, consider getting a wagon from VW, Audi, or BMW. The 328 Sports wagon gets 27 mpg and is one fun car/wagon to drive. I know... I owned one before I moved to NYC. - Christopher Gizzi
I just went through this. I wanted a more regular ski car and didn't need to schlep quite so many bodies so we picked up a Nissan xterra. An awd mini van might work better for y'all - Christian Anderson
Been there recently.. Nissan Murano.. really a great car. [Edit: but it's not that big. Toyota Highlander would probably be better for you] - Aviv
actually, if you need a car that large the Buick Enclave is HANDS DOWN the nicest new people mover out. and Mr. Scoble... the VW Routan is actually a variation on the best selling minivan ever, the Crysler Town&Country. - glen green
The Toyota Sienna is the Blue-Ray HD version of a Camry, so one cannot go wrong in getting one. Ours has made clicking kids into their seats much easier on my wife's and my noggin while avoiding the head bumps:) - Roney Smith
The Subaru Forrester is the most popular car among English aristocracy, according to Top Gear (season 3, episode 3). It's doesn't attract attention, can go anywhere, carries a lot, and lasts so long that they pass it on to their children. - Jayson Elliot
The Forrester Is way too small. It's in the same class as the hylander - Christian Anderson
Jayson: the Subaru isn't big enough. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Matthew: that's pretty cool, but I like Japanese cars. Toyota has treated several branches of our family very well and Alex has a Honda that's great. - Robert Scoble
You might want to also check out the Mazda 5. My friend Chris just got one and it gets decent gas mileage, is apparently fairly well regarded on CR and is quite a bit cheaper than a Pilot. You might have to get passed the shape though. I think Chris got his with two rear LCD screens for like $23k. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Two relatively new Nissan's in the family. Nothing but RAVES from here ... - Charlie Anzman
I looked at the 4runner pretty closely when I was looking. It has third row seating that is pretty accessible - Christian Anderson
We ended up getting a Volvo XC90 (1 kids is 10, one kid is 7 and uses the built in booster seat, and one is 2 and a half and has a Brittax car seat - the absolute BEST car seat I've owned for any of our kids) because it was the ONLY car that could sit all three kids across the middle bench AND have room for 2 more in the third row. HOWEVER, we did extensive research on vans and really the only one that had the right mix of safety, reliability and technology was the Toyota Siena. Buy Toyota. - Tim
Murano/CX-7/Odyssey are good choices (if you don't mind the ugly snout on the Murano). The Audi wagons are also good though will probably be too small. Toyota Avensis, Tarago are also good, but man are they slow :). Out of the left field suggestion: BMW X5 3.0D... - Mo Kargas
If the Saturn Vue or (the bigger model - the name escapes me) is still using a Honda engine then you get the good engine without Honda price. I have an 05 Vue that essentially has the same engine as a Pilot. It's been a great car. - AJ Kohn
When our twins were born, we got a Honda Odyssey because 1) we like Hondas and 2) they have the power sliding doors (actuated from keyfob) on both sides, making it easy to load two babies / small children even though our hands were full. Your young'uns are close enough in age that your situation isn't dissimilar. You should look into a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. - Elden Nelson
On a related note, regardless of whatever you have currently, spend the money and buy both kids a Brittax marathon carseat as soon as they are heavier than 10 pounds. It is the best and safest seat on the market and it will be the last seat you buy for both kids until they are into seat only booster seats. Like our Bugaboo stroller, I wish I had bought the Brittax first. - Tim
My wife and I would echo what Elden just said - our Odyssey has been fantastic. - Micah
we love our sienna and it's lasted several years w/o major expense. - MikeAmundsen
As my wife read these comments, she chimed in that the Chysler Town and Country was also our favorite. It has incredible features (the halo lights are amazing and would be tremendously useful on long trips), and it is a great handling car. Plus you get the added plus of buying American. Just make sure the warranty will still be something you can use if they go out of business... - Tim
Don't know how you could feel good about buying a chrystler right now. - Christian Anderson
I currently have a 2006 Toyota Sienna. It has been a great car to this point. Lease is up in a month and leaning towards the Pilot now that the kids can handle the doors on their own. A friend of mine just went from the 2006 to the 2009 Sienna and said the quality had dropped a notch or two. Minivan has better milage and easier access for all. Kind of nice when your hands are full of kids, groceries or camera gear to be able to push a button and open the doors. - gfurry
We had a Mazda5 in Switzerland and loved it. The US version is a bit more stripped down, but still is fun. - Morton Swimmer
Mark: we are pretty sure we are going with a minivan. - Robert Scoble
Are you looking new or used? The Ford Windstar/Freestar has been very good for us. I don't think Ford is selling those new any more though. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: new. Mark: although Leo has us thinking Highlander again. - Robert Scoble
Robert, then I say go with Toyota. I've had very good experience with Toyota. - Jesse Stay
Sienna. best Minivan hands down - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Yeah we replaced a 1999 Siena with the Highlander. The Siena has been a great car (it's now the kids' car). - Leo Laporte
That's very true Mark - the Siena was an easier car for young kids. Especially if you get the automatic sliding door. We had it for 10 years. - Leo Laporte
My mom has a highlander as her primary car. It was great toting around my 90 year old great Aunt. When I visit the West coast in May I'll use it for 2 weeks - I'll tell you how our family of 5 worked in it. - Tim
try the honda minivan or the Ford Flex. The Flex is assume. - Comptr
Personally I would go with the Honda Pilot. I've owned nothing by Hondas my entire life, quality has remained consistent from the 90's in my experience. I own a Pilot and (not sure how much this applies to people living in California) but it handles awesome in all weather, especially crazy snow. Tons of room, we have 2 dogs and it holds up to them easily. It rides INCREDIBLY smooth,... more... - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
My mom has a Pilot that's about 5 years old. It still rides real smooth and we've never had problems with it. I'm very happy with Honda's and how durable they are. Don't know much about the other cars, but I don't think you can go wrong with the Pilot choice. - Michael
Devlin: Toyota PR just contacted me on Twitter @SonaMoon said hi and offered her help if I needed anything. - Robert Scoble
I'm renting a Nissan Sentra while my car is being repaired: DON'T GET ONE OF THOSE!! Awful car. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Hmm, interested that Toyota is actively watching Twitter - not suprised by definitely interested. I wonder if other manufacturers are watching this conversation - Mo Kargas
What about the Ford hybrid SUV? - Karoli
do you need power or towing? then get SUV. want better MPG, get minivan. Sienna is the best minivan... SUV i would say Yukon XL, you can get a smoking deal on one right now.. and they have gobs of room, AWD for crap weather, and great power. - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
My absolute favorite big family car is the Marathon (has a jump seat). But since they don't make 'em anymore, definitely go with the Toyota Siena. - Marie Carnes
I think you should get a Tahoe since your a fan of that new Eminem track! - Garin Kilpatrick
Hummer - Indio Apache from twhirl
Can't help here - my advice is always "buy used" - I am a luddite in cars and only buy them used, and once I know which models can just keep going hassle free for years. - Iphigenie
I´m with Nick. Volkswagen are great quality cars (and have the coolest in-dash Siemens manufactured media/HDD/navigation system which also counts in this day and age;)). I upgraded the firmware on the navi this weekend, and also have a CAN-BUS cable for general hacking of the car, the ultimate geek car:) I have the Touran Turbo-diesel which I guess is the Routan overseas in the US. VW FTW! - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
VW Touran != Routan . Routan is a rebadged Chrysler and it is supposed to suck. The Touran is much better, but not sold in the US. - Morton Swimmer
VW makes great quality cars? When I bought my Jetta in 2001 that was definitely not true. After the fact I read the Consumer Reports guide that showed VW having terrible quality problems, should have read it before buying the car. Have things improved greatly at VW since 2001? - DGentry
I do like me some Subaru... the Forester is great, as is the Tribeca - Lou
Our '03 Odyssey is a great vehicle. I don't care for minivans or SUV's, but if I had to choose one or the other (as I did six years ago), I'd go for a minivan: they're more versatile, usually seat more, and get better mileage than a comparable SUV. - Steve Lowe
POWER SLIDING DOORS! I swallowed my man pride once I had kids for this luxury alone. - Chris McLean
Chris: funny enough I see the practicality of this. My wife is the one resisting the mini-van thing. I think she's finally coming around, though. :-) - Robert Scoble
I love my Honda Pilot - andy brudtkuhl
If you don't need the third row seats, really consider the Honda CR-V. Very utilitarian with much better gas mileage. If the third row is a necessity and you really want a people mover, Odyssey is hard to top. - Mark Philpot
Mark: yeah, I need the third row. - Robert Scoble
I have a Forester and I like it, but it's definitely too small for what you need. - Nathan Rein
We like our Ford Expedition Limited. Really like the auto fold down 3rd row seats. Only get about 18 mpg though... - J.D. Deutschendorf
Of those two, Honda Pilot. No two ways. - Parth Awasthi
Of those two, Toyota Sienna. No two ways. - Ken Sheppardson
Honda Pilot was redesigned for 09.It get's my vote. I would take the MDX over the pilot though - Gordon Ebanks
I'm on my third Dodge minivan (drove the first 14 years, second was hit my a truck) They don't get the mpg of the motorized rollerskates, but you can seat 6 comfortably and fold down seats for cargo. Very servicable. - Robert Hafer
Go with the minivan. She'll never regret the amount of space. It's easier to maneuver to around inside, and we were able to fit a full size couch with the door shut in our minivan. You'd never be able to accomplish that with an SUV like the Pilot. - Mike Bruder
I'm a little late to the party here but to me there is no question; go with the Sienna. We're on our second and will likely be getting another when our lease expires later this year. It gets better gas mileage than any other mini-van or SUV and has way more room than anything but the giant SUV's. It's comfortable and reliable and if you want you can get it in AWD (with a loss of 1 or 2 mpg). - Kenton
Another thing to that I like about a minvan is sliding doors. No matter how hard the kids swing them open in a crowded parking lot they can't hit the car next to us. I can't say the same about my other car. - gfurry
gfurry, very good point. We just recently replaced a two-door car with a 4-door hatch. I've lost track of the number of near misses or thumps into the posts of our carport. All the kids want to do is get out of the car as fast as they can. - Kenton
Volkswagen has a new diesel engine that not only burns bio-fuel but gets more than 60 mpg. Don't know if they offer it on the van, but the campers are cool. - Phil Boiarski
Volkswagen and others have lots of great diesel engines. For some reason they only share a couple of them with us in America. Why can't I buy a VW Van with a diesel in the US? - gfurry
Love my Honda Odyssey. Toyota wanted to nickel & dime me with options (want *two* sliding doors? That'll be $$ please, thanks!) and wouldn't remove the ugly fake wood detail work. No thanks! - Don MacAskill
Toyota Sienna is a fantastic vehicle. We've had two in a row, with the last one being acquired last year. We bought it because we wanted AWD, but you'd do well with either this or the Honda minivan. Incidentally, with two infants - having auto opening and sliding doors is a big advantage to getting a minivan. - David Geller
We have had two Toyota Siennas ... great vehicles and good seating options, auto doors, and easy to break down the seats for hauling big stuff around as a mini-moving van - Steve Holden
Inaugural preparations - http://www.boston.com/bigpict...
This is one of my favorite photo sets. - Tim
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