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RT @RocketAcademy: Airplane crashes at Mojave, kills 2, @USATODAY doesn't notice. Spaceplane crashes, kills 1, @USATODAY calls for end to space travel.
Colorado taxpayers get a rebate thanks to pot taxes via @SpeedReads
RT @findOpenSnow: We are very excited to announce the launch of the all new! #findopensnow #checkitout
RT @patphelan: Home Depot hack confirmed as 56 million credit cards, 50% bigger then Target
RT @tradier: Tradier Announces Launch of New Free Developer Sandbox API via @VentureBeat
RT @LastWeekTonight: Last night, @iamjohnoliver discussed the problems with native advertising.
Use Your Competitors' Products All The Time - Feld Thoughts
Kudos to @digitalocean on handling a tiny bit of downtime. Prompt explanation plus an SLA credit. Unheard of for their price points.
RT @pkedrosky: AAPL within deranged-algo distance of its all-time of $100.73. Remember how it was fcked and a sell six months ago? Yeah, not so much.
RT @msuster: A @gmail feature request. Notify sender when email has > 1 font. Many people cut-and-paste parts of emails. I get often. Seems less personal
RT @rockymtnruby: The full program for @rockymtnruby's #rmr14 is up! Check back for speaker bios!
RT @RDelly: Do You Trade or Invest? via @investify
Crazy weather for climbing in Boulder Canyon today. At one point, the routes were covered in fog.
Just watched the @kickstarter online screening for #WishIWasHere and it was amazing. Great job by @zachbraff
RT @nglaros: Hey, angel investors in CO - you can now get a tax credit for your angel investments. http://campaign.r20.constantco...
RT @techstars: Great tips! RT @timfalls: Get into @Techstars: >> #protips for a successful #Techstars application. #startups
RT @arrington: Why butter-infused Bulletproof coffee is the new power drink of Silicon Valley by @courtneybrubin via @FastCompany
RSS - What Not Dying Looks Like
RT @patio11: Entrepreneurship: you can decide today that your life will be different in 6 months. Employment: in 6 months, only 6 more to perf review.
RT @CollegeGameDay: Only 8 Saturdays until GameDay returns!
RT @destraynor: OH: "Analytics should never be about what's easy to get. It should only be about what you need to know" — Cian Synnott.
RT @bfeld: Boulder may be on the cusp of a liquidity event
RT @UberFacts: You're more likely to be bitten by Uruguay's Luis Suarez than by a shark.
Commented on StockTwits: "@jasonzweig: how to become a better forecaster #WSJ"
Analysts Eyeing Record Highs for Apple's Stock Price, Rushing to Raise Price Targets $AAPL
RT @arrington: Anyone tries to tell you the war on drugs is helping, show 'em this.
70% of Time Could Be Used Better - How the Best CEOs Get the Most Out of Every Day
The 3-Minute Technique for Brainstorming Your Product's Roadmap:
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