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"Number of new Android apps being built on Aviary’s SDKs is outpacing new iOS apps by 3 to 2"
#selfie ban at graduation service. Would "slow down the ceremony" Policy issued via @snapchat / via @hanft
"I'll shake my phone, find a neighbor and say, ‘Hey, what are you doing? I'm cooking dinner, come on over!'" #Tencent
Paper update "will show users birthdays". Yay. That was the only thing taking me back to FB desktop / Big Blue App.
[New on the @Aviary blog] One Thousand New Apps in One Week (and the trends we're seeing across that ecosystem):
Behind the scenes.... @aviary's "The Kitchen" where we (or rather, more artistic people than me) cook up new filters.
[new personal blog post] A thousand new apps in a week (and a bit of a love letter to Aviary)
Who runs demo programming at NYC Apples stores? Thinking we should do a "Made in NY" night - @aviary @timehop @foursquare @jukely etc. Yes?
Wow, big congrats! “@wpalley: excited for inspirational boss @annmmack as she transitions to incredible new role.””
Who will take a crack at social music recos next? Via @timehop (IMO it has to be social UTILTY vs SOCIAL utility).
Wow. Since we launched this last week 1,181 new apps have been built on @aviary's SDK. A big THANK U to all the devs.
Fantastic four days Biz Dev in the Bay Area. Lots of love out here for @aviary and our future plans (or maybe everyone's just really nice ;)
Boom. Front page App Store promotion for @BreezeByRK #sticktoyourguns @jjacobs22 :)
Big congrats to @jjacobs22 @RunKeeper on launch of Breeze (It's the predictive/smart notifs that get me excited here)
RT @dj: Doh, @WhiteHouse missed an opportunity to use @Aviary's latest calligraphy pack >
sometimes.... we're wasting our time, lads! amateurs! amateurs! #FFS #CrypticAnnoyedTweet
"We're always trying to optimize the number of experiments we can do, and the speed with which we can kill them." - @aroetter #vbms
wow. @jvaleski huge congrats dude. What a journey! “@TwitterAds: Twitter welcomes Gnip to the flock:”
Woah. First time in new SFO T3. Feels like I've stepped into a W Hotel lobby from the '90s. Just need some trip hop pumping out politely.
lets chat soon. would love to show you the stuff we are doing with beauty brands and 75M mobile photographers. tobias at aviary dot com
Love this Co: "Curalate Adds Tumblr To Visual Analytics Platform" @apugupta and team are building a platform.
JFK ✈️ SFO. In Bay Area thro' Thurs.
63 Million People can't be wrong. "Let me take a #Selfie" with @aviary stickers on 48s :) Ha ha via @Kmartinez15
#EPL Wow, i'm far from a Liverpool fan. But Stevie G here (4:40-5:20)... it means *so much*... i was crying with him
Aka 'stop spending dollars on TV spots. We're basically TV now. Spend with us' #TRIBECA #NYC @youtube
Targeting "daily habits". RT @AppStore Headlines, weather, to-dos. Nothing goes better with your coffee than Morning
now watching: the Delia Derbyshire documentary Yer EDM started here, kids.
Pictures of people taking pictures. #NYC Edited with #aviary. Get the app >
Startups are effing hard. But, ultimately, this is why we do it. The joy! Thx @thegeet you made my day :)
Thanks mate! RT @Twabbi At it again... @Aviary continues to triumph Great product. Winning biz model. via @TheNextWeb
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