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6 years ago. The launch of OneRiot as a social search engine. Loved that tech. Shame the product never got real t...
RT @PhotoHackNYC: We're so excited to announce that registration is open for our sixth Photo Hack Day, hosted in NYC! #PhotoHackNYC
Just read @stefanweitz's "Search" (ironically, discovered it via social). For some near term futurism it's excellent.
Just read @stefanweitz's "Search" (ironically, discovered it via social). For some near term futurism it's excellent.
Hello, Nicaragua (@ Hotel @CaminoRealMga in Managua)
"Using Algos to Predict the Next Outbreak" What would it mean to know that mining...increases risk of Ebola outbreak.
"Using Algorithms to Predict the Next Outbreak" What would mean to know that mining...causes Ebola.
These ads on @guardian_sport are everything that's wrong with non-native on mobile. Accidental CTR thro the roof!
Smart move by @eyeem Mobile microstock needs good visual search tech (to find tiny signal from huge noise). Like.
Google cardboard - virtual reality on the cheap. Believe it or not, it's pretty mind blowing. The YouTube app is ace.
Big congrats to fellow Brit-abroad @simonmansell on TBG's acquisition by Sprinklr #socialads
First purchase made on @spring This is how m-commerce should be. Don't force desktop behavior to mobile. Give me a native (ie stream) ux.
Fucking brilliant. Big congrats @davetisch & team. Spring is ace! Loving on Spring. @greatsbrand @Spring #LoveSpring
Word. “@rupertmurdoch: In SF just looking many start ups, mixed successes ahead, but Stripe, by brilliant Collison brothers outstanding.”
In tech we have "the paypal mafia". Check out the Barcelona football mafia from '99/'00 Staff now lead 7 top teams.
RT @jasonwstein: For 18-34s, Snapchat is bigger than Twitter. And can we remove G+ from these charts please? And poor Tumblr.
RT @Aviary: Read up on @American_Heart's campaign and partnership with Aviary on @adage:
.@Buzzfeed's $50M from @a16z currently being discussed on BBC World Service #MorningRadio. That's some *great* PR work from someone. Nice!
"“We’re organized as a media company for the way people consume media today,” @peretti said." Which is why they win.
"I am long on the selfie." Good observations from @gerstenzang 42% of @aviary pics r selfies
"I am long on the selfie" Good observations from @gerstenzang 42% of @avairy pics are selfies
RT @tdavidson: Here's 86 acquisitions and IPOs in the photography industry since 2004:
Me thinks not goodbye. More like see you soon... “@Aviary: We're sad to say goodbye to our dear intern @sconigmania!”
Nothing makes me happier than a partner sending push notifs about creative content in their @AviarySDK integrations.
if you can't be there in person, this ain't a bad way to watch the cricket. c'mon England! From NYC cc @Simon_Burnton
"We could sell it for a billion dollars. Fucking mental." Great profile on @stewart/@SlackHQ (@Aviary=happy customer)
OMG. My life. How have I not seen this before?!? It could be authored by me >> @OCD_Nightmares (h/t @howardlindzon)
RT @i_D: With @NewYorker removing its paywall for the summer, here are 5 must-read fashion profiles:
Reserved my username on @VurbApp - a new way to search, browse, and share from one place. Save your spot at
Search is about to get hot again. We need something internet-scale that helps our daily lives
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