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These ads on @guardian_sport are everything that's wrong with non-native on mobile. Accidental CTR thro the roof!
Smart move by @eyeem Mobile microstock needs good visual search tech (to find tiny signal from huge noise). Like.
Google cardboard - virtual reality on the cheap. Believe it or not, it's pretty mind blowing. The YouTube app is ace.
Big congrats to fellow Brit-abroad @simonmansell on TBG's acquisition by Sprinklr #socialads
First purchase made on @spring This is how m-commerce should be. Don't force desktop behavior to mobile. Give me a native (ie stream) ux.
Fucking brilliant. Big congrats @davetisch & team. Spring is ace! Loving on Spring. @greatsbrand @Spring #LoveSpring
Word. “@rupertmurdoch: In SF just looking many start ups, mixed successes ahead, but Stripe, by brilliant Collison brothers outstanding.”
In tech we have "the paypal mafia". Check out the Barcelona football mafia from '99/'00 Staff now lead 7 top teams.
RT @jasonwstein: For 18-34s, Snapchat is bigger than Twitter. And can we remove G+ from these charts please? And poor Tumblr.
RT @Aviary: Read up on @American_Heart's campaign and partnership with Aviary on @adage:
.@Buzzfeed's $50M from @a16z currently being discussed on BBC World Service #MorningRadio. That's some *great* PR work from someone. Nice!
"“We’re organized as a media company for the way people consume media today,” @peretti said." Which is why they win.
"I am long on the selfie." Good observations from @gerstenzang 42% of @aviary pics r selfies
"I am long on the selfie" Good observations from @gerstenzang 42% of @avairy pics are selfies
RT @tdavidson: Here's 86 acquisitions and IPOs in the photography industry since 2004:
Me thinks not goodbye. More like see you soon... “@Aviary: We're sad to say goodbye to our dear intern @sconigmania!”
Nothing makes me happier than a partner sending push notifs about creative content in their @AviarySDK integrations.
if you can't be there in person, this ain't a bad way to watch the cricket. c'mon England! From NYC cc @Simon_Burnton
"We could sell it for a billion dollars. Fucking mental." Great profile on @stewart/@SlackHQ (@Aviary=happy customer)
OMG. My life. How have I not seen this before?!? It could be authored by me >> @OCD_Nightmares (h/t @howardlindzon)
RT @i_D: With @NewYorker removing its paywall for the summer, here are 5 must-read fashion profiles:
Reserved my username on @VurbApp - a new way to search, browse, and share from one place. Save your spot at
Search is about to get hot again. We need something internet-scale that helps our daily lives
#Gifs for ideas on how to use new Creative Content packs in the @Aviary store:
RT @AbbeyRoad: This photo was taken 45 years ago today.
Oooh. Not sure this is right execution, but idea of Sup (control friends via phone) = lots of possibilities #watching
wow, we are closing in on a million *reviews* on Google Play. Not a million downloads, a million *reviews*. crazy.
Goose bumps. Just watched "The Class of '92" English lads living the dream to the backdrop of Man U's treble season.
<3 this post by @mayafish on what she loves about android and ios. power users (and anyone in gen z) this is for you:
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