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Todd Hoff
Christof Koch on Consciousness -
"That’s clear progress. It still doesn’t tell us exactly what consciousness is, but it tells us let’s not confound consciousness and attention. Those are separate things. My answer is we live in a universe where complex systems give rise to conscious sensation. If you’re a little bit complex, you have a little bit of conscious sensation; if you’re more complex, you have more conscious sensation; if you’re very complex, like our brains are, you have lots of conscious states; and if you’re hyper complex (maybe we can connect, in 50 years from now, our brains together in some sort of hyper/über mind), then this entity would be hyper conscious. And we just live in a universe where this is the case. It’s just like saying we live in a universe where there’s charge—there’s positive charge and there’s negative charge; electrons and positrons." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet