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Victor Ganata
OK, if Square gets into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, that might shake things up. It would be kind of like declaring war on Visa and Mastercard.
I'm totally OK with using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for microtransactions and the fact that you don't have to give Visa or Mastercard a cut seems like it would be beneficial. It's the speculators who make it difficult to use for this purpose and make adopting cryptocurrency scary for businesses that bug me. - Victor Ganata
As someone in financial risk management, cryptocurrencies are too much a haven for fraudsters and criminals to be a serious alternative to anything established. IMHO, Mt. Gox is a perfect example of how easily one exploit can wipe out millions and billions of dollars of worth in any forum of concentration. - LB's Bubba. The other 1
Yeah, I don't think it makes much sense to hold Bitcoin unless you're feeling lucky, but I think it would work OK if you cash out as soon as the transaction clears. - Victor Ganata
Or if someone like Square were the one bearing all the risk and you just got paid in good old fashioned fiat currency after they took their cut. - Victor Ganata
But if one company holds all the risk, they're going to want to be compensated for bearing that burden...which is exactly what MC, Visa, banks, etc. already do. No one likes fees, no one likes the big bad corporations...but the system as it exists does so for a reason. - LB's Bubba. The other 1
The current system isn't a bad deal when you think about it. For a few percentage points risk is eliminated from the system. Somebody steals my credit card. No problem. Here's your new card and none of the charges count. Somebody harvests a a petabyte of credit cards numbers. No problem. Somebody doesn't deliver a product. Get a refund. Want immediate gratification, you got it. Want to... more... - Todd Hoff
I mean, I wouldn't abandon Visa and MC, but surely the competition might prove beneficial, right? :D - Victor Ganata
You're starting to sound like those people who wish _everyone else_ would take transit... - Andrew C (✔)
I wish I could take transit, but not if it were as risky as Bitcoin :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Jean-Marc Liotier
Evangelizing data quality is hopeless - don't sweat it. Just wait until people use the data and you will quickly have plenty of converts !
Prevention is a hard sell - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
The real April Fool's prank is if you still believe people are actually telling you the truth every other day.
So must be saying people are telling the truth? - Todd Hoff
That remains to be seen :) Trust but verify. - Victor Ganata
Waster of time, you can't trust your senses or your mind. Never doubt the power of skepticism! - Todd Hoff
A half-assed guess that coincidentally corresponds with reality is better than nothing at all. Or something. - Victor Ganata
I'd go with something. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
List Beats Grid: Linear Feeds Perform Two to Three Times Better Than Grids -
List Beats Grid: Linear Feeds Perform Two to Three Times Better Than Grids
I hate the linear style, but I think I hate being treated like everyone else even more. - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
"Standard rational-actor models of economic behavior, of course, depict humans as income maximizers. This depiction leads one to expect Proposers to offer very small amounts to Responders, and to expect Responders to accept all non-zero offers. But that's not how Kahneman's experiment turned out. Instead, what Kahneman (along with his co-authors Jack Knetsch and Richard Thaler) found was that Proposers typically offered about $4.50 to their responders—a result that has since been replicated in scores of experiments. Proposers don't behave like rational actors should. They behave like creatures that are balancing a love of income with some other sort of concern. That other concern, it seems, is the conviction that their Responders will rebuke them for unfair treatment—a concern that turns out to be a well-founded one. Kahneman and colleagues found that the typical Responder was willing to refuse offers that would net them less than $2.25 or so. Far from behaving like Homo economicus... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Jeff Atwood
TIL that libertarians do not have a good sense of humor. Or any sense of humor, apparently.
There's no market for it. - Todd Hoff
In a world of true liberty, no one can be coerced to exhibit a sense of humor! - 9000
Consider the abomination of our current system that forces people to be funny. It's a tyranny I tell you. - Todd Hoff
^ Yes. Look around today; some people jump out of their pants to produce a joke or a prank. Oppression so ugly, results so pitiful. - 9000
Sense of humour is largely about being attuned to the interlocutor's attitudes (and playing them), whereas all too many libertarians are adamant at maintaining that others may well go f*** themselves if the respective libertarian so pleases. - сарказм крепчал
I wonder if anybody has done a large-scale MBTI profiling of libertarians. There must be a forum for them, if anything. - сарказм крепчал
Todd Hoff
Material Substance: When Material and Mechanism are One | ArchDaily -
Material Substance: When Material and Mechanism are One | ArchDaily
Material Substance: When Material and Mechanism are One | ArchDaily
"Carl de Smet combines material science and design in his firm Noumenon to push the boundaries of shape memory application. Polyurethane furniture is engineered in such a way that its behavior takes on characteristics suitable for transport and self-assembly. Eschewing the Ikea Allen wrench approach, Noumenon’s website states outright that “the material is the mechanism; packing = product.” Prototype chairs are shipped in compressed bricks that expand to their final shape under the appropriate stimulus." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Nvidia GPUs Can Outperform Google Brain -
Nvidia GPUs Can Outperform Google Brain
"Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang talked a great deal about Machine Learning during his GTC 2014 keynote presentation. Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that becomes smarter as more data is presented; it actually learns, giving the impression that the PC is thinking." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This is a pretty exciting time for data," he told the keynote audience. "As you know, we're surrounded by data; there are torrents of data from your cameras, from your GPS, from your cell phone, from the video you upload, on searches that we do, on purchases that you make. And in the future, as your car drives around, we're going to be collecting enormous, enormous amounts of data. And all of this data can contribute to machines be smarter." - Sean McBride
"He goes on to talk about programs that are running on massive super-computers that emulate how the brain functions. Our brains have neurons that recognize edges; we have a neuron for every type of edge. These edges turn into features that, when combined with other features, become a face. Computer scientists call this object recognition." - Sean McBride
Sounds like a good pivot. - Todd Hoff
We need to push AI forward from every possible angle we can imagine. - Sean McBride
Victor Ganata
With allies like these, who needs saboteurs?
Family problems? - Todd Hoff
Nah, social justice community problems. Or "community" problems, which is probably more accurate. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
"Liberty" as a euphemism for "white supremacy".
I just realized this is pretty much the key to colonialism and neocolonialism. Like, you could search-and-replace all instances of "freedom" and "liberty" in Iraq War propaganda (or Vietnam War propaganda, or any other neocolonial war, really) with "white supremacy" and it would make total and complete sense. - Victor Ganata
(Thoughts inspired by reading a Rush Limbaugh quote on a billboard that mentioned something about "liberty".) - Victor Ganata
You could probably do this for right-wing talk radio and Fox News. Most Ron Paul and Rand Paul propaganda, too. Or anything written by Ayn Rand. - Victor Ganata
It pretty much summarizes the arguments against immigration reform, against civil rights, against the abolishment of slavery, too. - Victor Ganata
Incorrect, if you weren't also a male property owner being white wasn't enough. - Todd Hoff
Back in the era when the franchise was tied to land ownership, sure, but I'm talking about more recent times here. - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
Just yuck - Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales | Talk Video | TED -
Just yuck - Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales | Talk Video | TED
"We humans set a premium on our own free will and independence ... and yet there's a shadowy influence we might not be considering. As science writer Ed Yong explains in this fascinating, hilarious and disturbing talk, parasites have perfected the art of manipulation to an incredible degree. So are they influencing us? It's more than likely." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
"This caterpillar is a head-banging zombie bodyguard defending the offspring of the creature that killed it". SIGN ME UP NAO! - Big Joe Silence
Sounds like a future business opportunity. "Want to be more assertive? Lose weight? Try our new Trematode 2000." Parasites will be the probiotics of the 20/20s. :) - Ken Morley
Well, there is already precedent for people introducing tapeworms on purpose. - Spidra Webster
There you go. :) - Ken Morley
Stephen Mack
San Jose's Century dome theaters closing as lease of 11-acre site nears [Silicon Valley Business Journal] -
San Jose's Century dome theaters closing as lease of 11-acre site nears [Silicon Valley Business Journal]
End of an era. I saw Hunger Games 2 with Yvonne there not long ago -- hardly anyone was there in the audience. Sad. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Damn, these are my favorites. - Todd Hoff
#saturdayff Right after moving from England, the first movie I saw in America was Empire Strikes Back at Century 22 when it came out. A bunch of us skipped school on the Friday that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came out. And so many more movies. Anyone remember when the lines used to go around the block? (Fewer movie theaters back then, I guess.) - Stephen Mack
So in high school I had this one friend, Pete C. A strange guy, and later in life he had some big issues. But in high school he was a firecracker. We were waiting to see Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The movie was starting late. The place was packed. People were getting restless. Pete (who almost always wore shorts, a button-down, and a tie) went up to the front. - Stephen Mack
"Excuse me, can I have your attention?" he yells out. The place quiets down, expecting an official announcement about why the movie was delayed.. "Thanks! I just love attention!" Then he went back to his seat. - Stephen Mack
Todd, yeah, I loved 'em too. But these days I see more movies in Mt. View at the Century there, or at the AMC Mercado -- just because they're closer. - Stephen Mack
So will it be housing like santa row? An expansion of the haunted house? The haunted house needs an updating. - Todd Hoff
Good question, Todd. Not sure -- probably retail. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I saw Schindler's List there. - Nils Sandin
Anyone have a quiet theatre to go to? I like the large theaters because they can hide people talking. Most other theaters are quite, well, space efficient. - Todd Hoff
Aww man, I loved those theaters. I much prefer those for parking and low crowds than AMC or the ones at Santana Row. - Tamara J. B.
Yeah, Tam, Mercado is always so packed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
This is a bummer, but not that big a surprise. - Yvonne from FFHound!
Todd Hoff
Why Light Inspires Ritual - Issue 11: Light - Nautilus -
Why Light Inspires Ritual - Issue 11: Light - Nautilus
"Wonder comes from all sorts of light. People tend to appreciate unusual light phenomena such as sunrises and sunsets, rays from behind clouds, exciting color contrasts, and rainbows. And while cultures vary, our shared sensory avenues for engaging with the world explain why we’re similarly affected by light. The Aboriginal people in Queensland, Australia, where I have worked for many years, may not have the same conversations that we do about the beauty of light and water, but they do sit and gaze at water bodies. And they generate ideas about what water and light mean." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
How We Retrieve Memories - Brain Basics #1 - Scientific American -
"Have you ever had a moment of temporary amnesia when you can't recall a certain word or someone's name? That's because your brain wasn't able to recreate the pattern of activity that occurred when the memory was stored. Learn more in the first of a series of videos from Scientific American MIND." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
I hope I'll manage to watch at least part of the video. - Maitani
I've also read as you get older this occurs not because of dementia, because you just know too much stuff. It becomes hard to retrieve everything efficiently. - Todd Hoff
Ima go with that, Todd. It's like that guy on Charlie Rose says... what was his name anyway? I can picture him... I've read several of his books... I almost had it just then... ach... it's gone. Oh well. #JustKidding #EricKandel - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
How is it that #Comcast service can speed test at 30mbps, but twitter & Facebook can't even load over the connection?
Meanwhile, on my DSL connection at home, I consistently speed test between 6 & 10 mbps, and never have any problems loading most sites. Starting to make me wonder if Comcast isn't somehow faking their results through Ookla's speed test. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Speed tests tests basically test your local connection to their nearest server, but then traverse different backbone paths, so that could be a factor too. - Tinfoil 2.0
Did you traceroute from both locations? - Todd Hoff
Traceroute to Facebook and Twitter? I haven't tried that, yet. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Victor Ganata
Cons think Colbert is a double agent - The Reaction
So apparently there's a sizable number of conservatives who believe Colbert is actually satirizing satire and is really just saying a bunch of offensive stuff and masking it as humor. - Victor Ganata
This... kind of explains a lot. - Victor Ganata
I've been aware of this phenomenon for a while. - John (bird whisperer)
So when he was invited to the press correspondents dinner by Bush in 2006, was he invited as a conservative, a liberal satirist, or a double-agent conservative? - Stephen Mack
The interesting thing is that the line between whoever-he-is-as-a-person-in-real-life and his persona is so blurred due to the fact that he's rarely (if ever) out of character, he can't even say what he genuinely intends or actually believes or advocates, because there's zero way to know if he's still playing a character or not whenever he says anything. Deconstructionism doesn't even come close to piercing that many layers. - Stephen Mack
I remember him doing an interview with NPR at some point where he was completely out of character, so I generally think that he's being satirical, but sometimes satire is simply ineffective: at times, the satire is not funny enough to completely take the edge off what he's saying. Which are the moments which some conservatives might be fixating on. - Victor Ganata
I listened to that NPR interview as well. Anyone who thinks Colbert is secretly a neocon is delusional. - Big Joe Silence
That's what I believe too, but how do we really know? Maybe that out-of-character Colbert is just another character! We need to go deeper. - Stephen Mack
Truth be told, I think the thing that Colbert inadvertently reveals is just how close Hollywood neoliberalism is to actual conservatism. - Victor Ganata
Some of his satire does highlight for me how moderate President Obama really is. - Stephen Mack
Or, I guess, looking at it another way, maybe it's not really inadvertent, and that's part of the satire. Colbert is not really on a side. He's a comedian, and everything is fair game, which is fair, but this is probably also what people who think he's a double agent are picking up on. - Victor Ganata
I don't think he is a double agent. He just has an easier time making fun of the repubs for a number of good reasons. Some people are trying to make others think that his edginess is meant to cut both ways, when it is just meant to cut conservative narrowmindedness. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I mean, I don't think he's a double agent in the way that they think he's a double agent, but I think sometimes it's just easier to hit the "establishment" target than it is to aim specifically for the "conservative" target, and why knock yourself out if it's going to be just as funny anyway? - Victor Ganata
Colbert is out for himself. Isn't that how it is supposed to work? - Todd Hoff
That's how I understand the entertainment industry generally works, yes. - Victor Ganata
It's quaint then to think he's on a side. - Todd Hoff
Yep. - Victor Ganata
His creation of a self-serving PAC that legally conformed to all of the rules and regs for PAC's was satirical to perfection. The fact that he could have legally taken the money and run really highlighted how bogus our mechanisms for funding political campaigns have become. The fact that he then took that money and used it for a charitable cause says something about the man himself, I believe. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Todd Hoff
Episode #137: Not Pollyanna | The Agroinnovations Podcast -
Ranching is currently not profitable or sustainable in the US. - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Gamasutra: Joseph Kim's Blog - The Compulsion Loop Explained -
Gamasutra: Joseph Kim's Blog - The Compulsion Loop Explained
"Since the introduction of the concept of the compulsion loop applied to video games was introduced as early as 2001 by John Hopson (while a researcher at Bungie), we've seen compulsion loop mechanics integrated into video games fairly broadly. The compulsion loop concept regained popularity in the 2010-2012 period with the application of compulsion loop principles in social games and especially by companies such as Zynga; however, I believe this is an area of future opportunity that will potentially gain a renaissance especially in mobile gaming. To date there hasn't been (as far as I can tell) a very compact and easy to understand coverage of the compulsion loop concept. Hence, this post attempts to detail the concept, expand the concept a bit with my own interpretation, and describe the potential future opportunity leveraging this concept." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Twitter Hints That At-Replies And Hashtags Are About To Be Streamlined -
Twitter Hints That At-Replies And Hashtags Are About To Be Streamlined
Show all
I remember when Twitter was an extension of text messaging, and ats did not exist. #getoffmylawn - Julian from Bookmarklet
It was only a couple of years ago that they actually embraced the word 'tweet'. For most of Twitter's life, they were just called messages. - Akiva
I don't want to sound like a hater, but I cannot believe twitter is still a thing. - Lo
I can't believe it is more of a thing than FF. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Brevity is the soul of it. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I think they are missing out on this. Hashtags are a special way of interacting with twitter, like a club or a gang. Lose that and what's twitter? - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Effects of psilocybin on hippocampal neurogene... [Exp Brain Res. 2013] - PubMed - NCBI -
"Drugs that modulate serotonin (5-HT) synaptic concentrations impact neurogenesis and hippocampal (HPC)-dependent learning. The primary objective is to determine the extent to which psilocybin (PSOP) modulates neurogenesis and thereby affects acquisition and extinction of HPC-dependent trace fear conditioning. PSOP, the 5-HT2A agonist 25I-NBMeO and the 5-HT2A/C antagonist ketanserin were administered via an acute intraperitoneal injection to mice. Trace fear conditioning was measured as the amount of time spent immobile in the presence of the conditioned stimulus (CS, auditory tone), trace (silent interval) and post-trace interval over 10 trials. Extinction was determined by the number of trials required to resume mobility during CS, trace and post-trace when the shock was not delivered. Neurogenesis was determined by unbiased counts of cells in the dentate gyrus of the HPC birth-dated with BrdU co-expressing a neuronal marker. Mice treated with a range of doses of PSOP acquired a... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Amit Patel
Toward a Pill That Helps Us Learn as Fast as Kids - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic -
Toward a Pill That Helps Us Learn as Fast as Kids - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic
"Scientists are using mood drugs to return the adult's brain to an earlier stage of development." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Has to be a big downside if "normal"? - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Brain Scans Link Concern for Justice with Reason Not Emotion -
Brain Scans Link Concern for Justice with Reason Not Emotion
"People who care about justice are swayed more by reason than emotion, according to new brain scan research from the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology and Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience. Psychologists have found that some individuals react more strongly than others to situations that invoke a sense of justice—for example, seeing a person being treated unfairly or mercifully. The new study used brain scans to analyze the thought processes of people with high “justice sensitivity.”" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine | Adweek -
Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine | Adweek
"The town of Clifton in central England hasn't had a grocery store for almost 15 years, so a local engineer invented a giant vending machine that dispenses milk, eggs, bread, toiletries, pet food and even umbrellas for the village. Refrigerated compartments keep perishables cool and a "basket" system allows bottles and egg cartons to be dispensed without breaking or spillage. Located in a parking lot, the unit's brick motif and awning make it look somewhat like a traditional English village shop. It takes cash and credit cards and boasts various security features (alarms and such). Creator Peter Fox hopes the machine is the first of many. It carries no advertising, but that's probably just a matter of time. Via Design Taxi and Daily Mail." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I'm not sure "invents" is the right word. I saw this type of product in a Swiss train station in 98 and I know they had them in Japan before then. - Soup in a TARDIS
If they're not English-speaking, then it doesn't count. I think that's how it works. - Jessie
*snerk* - Soup in a TARDIS
This is how households should work. Every house has a vending machine that is filled by 3rd party jobbers. When you want something you just buy it from the machine and it automatically gets refilled. - Todd Hoff
RT @washingtonpost: The best episodes of Star Trek, according to data (no, not Data):
RT @washingtonpost: The best episodes of Star Trek, according to data (no, not Data):
Hard to argue with The Inner Light. Tears every time. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Global warming will cut crop harvests by 2% each decade, researchers say -
Global warming will cut crop harvests by 2% each decade, researchers say
"“The impacts are consistently negative beyond 2C of warming. There will be greater and greater impacts upon crop yields in future decades. Maize is the most sensitive, but also crops grown in tropical environments such as wheat and rice.” Howden said countries already expected to suffer food insecurity due to climate change will be the worst hit by yield declines, with rising temperatures causing more damage than changes to rainfall patterns. In Australia, a lack of rainfall will be the biggest issue for many farming areas, with a hotter, drier climate causing more variable, lower yields. Howden said adaption to these trends, such as changing planting times and irrigation, could produce a 10-15% increase in global yields compared to no action, providing food to 500 million to 1 billion people around the world. However, with increased consumption and population growth will require a 14% increase in yields per decade, a target Howden said would be “far more difficult” with climate change." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
The interest in oculus was a mile wide and inch deep. WhatsApp was a mile wide and a mile deep. Huge difference between consumer and geek worlds.
What's your measure for wide, future possibilities? Depth looks to be actual consumer interest at the moment. - Not Me
I'm just wondering, because I can't interpret from the statement what you're analogizing width with. - Not Me
I'm going off the different responses to an article on whatsapp versus an article on oculus. There was great interest in whatsapp, not so much on oculus. - Todd Hoff
I'm hugely interested in VR and its potential. Both computers and the internet were pretty-much only of interest to geeks at first. - Ken Morley
Todd Hoff
Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious? - Scientific American -
Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious? - Scientific American
"t's a mix of both really. With the fast growing newer breeds of fruits and veggies, there is less time for the mycorrhizae to trade their minerals for the plants carbs, based on the speed that the plant grows and the roots of the plant now getting deep enough in the ground to reach the majority of the mycorrhizae. And for the vitamins part, too many fruits and veggies are picked before their full ripeness, where most of the vitamins are placed in the fruit/veg near their full ripeness, so if they are pulled prior to being ripe all to be able to arrive at the grocery store at their peak ripeness then they obviously won't have as many vitamins. And now that we have more food being transported from further and further away it just exacerbates the problems. Alot of it is explained in Michael Pollan's book In Defense Of Food. So that's why it is better to buy local and organic, mostly due to picking at the proper time, soil quality/thickness, and root length of the plants." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Did not know this. Wow - Shevonne
Todd Hoff
Stunning Mosque is Illuminated with a Kaleidoscope of Colors - My Modern Metropolis -
Stunning Mosque is Illuminated with a Kaleidoscope of Colors - My Modern Metropolis
"The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Really beautiful. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Todd Hoff
Mariana Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Private vs. Public Sector Myths - The Long Now -
Mariana Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Private vs. Public Sector Myths - The Long Now
"Where do the boldest innovations, with the deepest consequences for society, come from? Many business leaders, entrepreneurs, and libertarians claim that the private sector leads the way always, and government at best follows by decades and at worst impedes the process with bureaucratic regulations. Mariana Mazzucato proves otherwise.  Many of the most profound innovations—from the Internet and GPS to nanotech and biotech —had their origin in government programs developed specifically to explore innovations that might eventually attract private sector interest.  Ignoring this entrepreneurial risk taking role of government has fuelled a very different story about governments role in the economy, and also fuelled the dysfunctional dynamic whereby risk is socialised—with tax payers absorbing the greatest risk--- but rewards are not. Mazzucato will argue that socialization of risk, privatization of rewards is not only bad for the future of innovation eco-systems but also a key driver of inequality. What to do about it?" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Shannon - GlassMistress
The first tomato, and a bead I just can't get enough of.
How do you have tomatoes already? - Todd Hoff
hothouse? - Big Joe Silence
Lol, Florida! - Shannon - GlassMistress
I was wondering if her beads contain a Gaia energy field that helps plants grow. - Todd Hoff
Nope, no magical beads ... Just mild winters :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
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