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Todd Hoff
Anybody buying seeds for their garden? Anything interesting?
I'm doing the usual tomatos, cucs, zucs, spinach and lettuce, but thought I'd add some blackberry canes and start a vermiculture bin this year. - Ken Morley
What are you going to do with the worms? - Todd Hoff
Mostly to convert my kitchen waste to worm juice for my plants. I started juicing veggies last year, and so am generating a ton of compost. - Ken Morley
Keep us posted on your progress. It would be cool to know how it's going. - Todd Hoff
Will do. Geoff Lawton has inspired me to expand my garden area.this year :) - Ken Morley
He da man! - Todd Hoff
I'm being lazy this year again. Can't do much with the home raised beds until I replace the boards that are falling apart (it's under warranty but I dread getting companies to follow thru on that). At the community garden I'm thinking of going to perennials like cane berries. I currently have rhubarb and strawberries there. Will no doubt put in arugula and snow peas since I eat those regularly. Will try for the first time to grow prickly pears (and in a container yet). - Spidra Webster
The Whole Seed Catalog on the newsstand is interesting. - Thomas Page
Amit Patel
Your Next Car May Not Have a Spare Tire - Consumer Reports News -
Your Next Car May Not Have a Spare Tire - Consumer Reports News
"Most car buyers aren’t in the habit of checking for a spare while they’re kicking tires. But if you’re in the market for a new car, it might be worth a peek in the trunk." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I noticed this when I went to the auto show recently and was very surprised by the lack of spare tires. - Amit Patel
messed up. - Big Joe Silence
The RAV4 doesn't have one. The erasing I've heard is with the just it time repair services and puncture safe tires there's no reason to have the overhead. - Todd Hoff
Unless you are (on your way to Las Vegas) In a small town in Colorado that doesn't have a tire in stock and it takes 3 days from Denver to get your replacement tire.... #actualstory - WarLord
Yeah, we went in to get tires Friday... have to go back Monday... - Alix May
I often drive out in the wilderness and not just on major highways so this is something I need to look at when buying a car. - Amit Patel
That's why it wouldn't work for us either. - Todd Hoff
Yeah, this is topic sparks spirited office debate from time to time. But with most of our buyers generally coming from urban markets, the availability of roadside assistance, and the fact that most people *don't know how to even change a tire*, I think the spare tire will fade from existence. Though I have no clue of the glide path. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Yeah, I think spare tires probably are unnecessary for most people. Run-flats might be ideal once they can achieve comfort and efficiency. - Amit Patel
It won't matter soon because we'll have hovercars in Oct 2015. I saw it on the documentary "Back to the Future". Where we're going we don't need tires. - Amit Patel
Powered by clean fusion! - Big Joe Silence from iPod
The Volt I leased in June doesn't have a spare. It has a complicated 'tire inflation device' that includes 'green slime' puncture filler, and if that doesn't work it has OnStar 24/7. All that is fine for urban life, but I was a tad bit nervous this summer driving thru Nevada to get to Zion... Even the OnStar signal coverage was hard to come by out there. - Ken Gidley
Todd Hoff
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED -
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED
"To battle blockage, Dyson engineered rubber tips that sit at the end of the 32 cyclones. These tips, made from a proprietary material that is flexible yet stiff enough to not collapse under suction, vibrate 350 times per second. “That’s very, very fast,” says Rob Green, one of Dyson’s senior engineers. Green compares the oscillating tips to sifting flour through a sieve. Sitting on top of the sieve, the powder clumps together, but as soon as you start shaking, it breaks up and floats to the bottom. The tips are effectively a filterless filter." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
I have an unnatural attraction to these things. - Todd Hoff
Wow, 0.5 microns... that's almost HEPA territory. - Ken Morley
Dyson sucks - Mike Nencetti
Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks amazing. #globes
OMG Catherine Zeta Jones. - Marie
Navy blue sparkle suit. Gorgeous! - Marie
Oh, J Lo. *tsk* - Marie
Frances McDormand is crazy gorgeous. - Meg VMeg
So I guess there's a tv version of Fargo. - Meg VMeg
Ooh, snake. - Marie
Cumberbomb - Marie
They don't look like they're having very much fun. - Meg VMeg
Wonderful, wonderful speech. #Transparent - Marie
Whaaaa? Prince. - Marie
What's on Helen Mirren's dress? - Marie
Maybe it's George Clooney? - Todd Hoff
LOL - Marie
McNulty's ass gets a shout. - Marie
Todd Hoff
From Myths to Live By:
Let me recall at this point Nietzsche’s statements regarding classic and romantic art. He identified two types or orders of each. There is the romanticism of true power that shatters contemporary forms to go beyond these to new forms; and there is, on the other hand, the romanticism that is unable to achieve form at all, and so smashes and disparages out of resentment. And with respect to classicism likewise, there is the classicism that finds an achievement of the recognized forms easy and can play with them at will, expressing through them its own creative aims in a rich and vital way; and there is the classicism that clings to form desperately out of weakness, dry and hard, authoritarian and cold. The point I would make— and which I believe was also Nietzsche’s— is that form is the medium, the vehicle , through which life becomes manifest in its grand style, articulate and grandiose, and that the mere shattering of form is for human as well as for animal life a disaster, ritual and... more... - Todd Hoff
Amit Patel
#FFHandwritingMeme? Mine has been described "incredibly neat handwriting" in a news article and "impeccable handwriting" in a book.
The question is, what mental illnesses does this indicate? :-/ - Amit Patel
Don't be put off by ppl telling you your writing is too neat. It's just jealousy. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Perhaps it's a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder? :-) - Todd Hoff
OCD-ish but in a good way. - Janet
Your handwriting is great. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Todd Hoff
The Vulgar Mechanic and His Magical Oven - Issue 20: Creativity - Nautilus -
The Vulgar Mechanic and His Magical Oven - Issue 20: Creativity - Nautilus
"Amazingly, Drebbel’s thermostat-equipped furnace functioned according to modern feedback control concepts, in which a sensor detects changes in the output of a system and then modifies the input to correct for those changes and bring the system back to its original state. Did Drebbel know he had created a feedback loop? “He sort of did, but he didn’t articulate it,” says Hall. “Call it embedded knowledge.” Drebbel never publicly described the mechanical underpinnings of his circulating oven, possibly to protect his product. Back then, nothing like real patent or copyright law held sway and plagiarism was rampant. Secrecy was standard alchemical practice in any case, as all the important transmutation formulae were encoded in arcane symbols." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
"A Site That Knows Your Favorite Books Before You Do"
"Not so great" - miki
Eventually I expect all the recommendation systems in the world to be interactively integrated -- and with that integration, their performance will improve. - Sean McBride
After a certain point I think every prediction is the equivalent of a black swan, so I suspect predictions will never work. - Todd Hoff
Predictions (regarding personal interests) will work 99% of the time -- black swans by definition are rare anomalies. - Sean McBride
Amazon, Netflix and Pandora recommendations already work quite well for me -- remarkably well, actually. - Sean McBride
What if you could build an integrated personal profile based on all the recommender systems you use? Each recommender system would improve the accuracy of the others, in combination. - Sean McBride
Actually what it does is pish recommendations to a narrower variance, which is likely to be actually something I want, which is why a hit is a black swan. - Todd Hoff
Amazon works horribly for me. I don't use Netflix use Netflix or pandora. - Todd Hoff
Amazon often turns up first-rate and relevant books and products for me. I highly recommend Netflix streaming video -- it has largely replaced cable TV for me. Pandora's recommendations are incredibly smart and fine-grained. - Sean McBride
Quantify often. - Todd Hoff
Nearly every time I search for a particular book, points me to other highly relevant books of value -- and I can instantly explore what those recommended books are all about. - Sean McBride
That's the simplest case. You are directly telling it exactly what you want. - Todd Hoff
To provide high-quality instances that one doesn't specifically ask for, but which are similar to an instance one does ask for, is a difficult intellectual problem to crack. One needs to design metrics for similarity and high-quality across many dimensions. This technology is developing quite nicely, in my opinion -- but still has a long way to go. - Sean McBride
# * recommends * 1. Amazon; books 2. Amazon; products 3. Flipboard; news 4. Google News; news 5. Google Now; events 6. Google Now; restaurants 7. Google; documents 8. Google; websites 9. Netflix; films 10. Netflix; TV series 11. News360; news 12. Pandora; music 13. Prismatic; news 14. Topsy; tweets 15. Twitter; tweets 16. Twitter; Twitter users 17. Youtube; videos - Sean McBride
A useful recommender system (which doesn't yet exist): sort (Facebook+Friendfeed+Google\++Tumblr+Twitter+Wordpress) users by relevance for *person - Sean McBride
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live Friday 01.09.15 LIVE recording at 1pm PT/4pm ET
room for me today? - Kevin Marks
the hell with this errands, I'm going to listen in! - Darius Dunlap
Here - Keith Teare
It always starts like this... - Doc
Hey, Doc. Big week for you! Congrats on New Clues! - Tom Guarriello
Thanks. Congrat @dweinberger as well - Doc
Of course! - Tom Guarriello
Is anything on ustream yet? I'm guessing not, but don't wanna check and hose the connection. - Doc
Test pattern and now sound - Tom Guarriello
There they are... - Darius Dunlap
Hey David and Doc looking forward to this today - Dale Lature
oops. back to test pattern - Darius Dunlap
Is Zuckerberg watching! - clive boulton
Clive: He's busy reading not watching! - Alex de Soto
I'd rather know what Doc and David are reading - clive boulton
Hey David! - Tom Guarriello
Blues Clues - Kevin Marks
Yep. and tweeted it! - Darius Dunlap
I've read it. And Dave Winer's Listicle - Francine Hardaway
there now, dig that header graphic - Jerome Hughes
Hey everybody! Happy new years! - Chris Hale
Cat Herding should be mentioned, for sure! - Tom Guarriello
Too much living in the past. I'm out. - Thomas Rector
TGIF people. - J.C. Bouvier
hey Y'all! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I do remind folks that the Web is not just what Google indexes. - Alex de Soto
good to see you all here in 2015! - Tina Chase Gillmor
HNY, Tina - Tom Guarriello
thx Tom - Tina Chase Gillmor
Apps vs. Net comin up - Tom Guarriello
Doc if you could tilt up just a tad. great. you over corrected. - Tina Chase Gillmor
other way - Tina Chase Gillmor
The four big boys Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (or GAFA) - clive boulton
great thx Doc - Tina Chase Gillmor
Why aren't we talking about CES ? So much stuff came out this week - Chris Hale
I have the laptop in a drawer to make the background work. - Doc
Apps to me are what makes the web alot more powerful and contextual - Chris Hale
Chris - we will round up CES next week. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Connectivity v. Silos seems like the theme - Tom Guarriello
oh gotcha. But wont all the stuff from ces already be obsolete? Hehe. This industry moves too fast sometimes - Chris Hale
Internet needs a few more open protocols - Chris Hale
plague of auto-play ads that stall and don't stream right are the worst ever. - clive boulton
especially for video and audio - Chris Hale
ChatCenter is http and URLs - Keith Teare
Advertising needs a new way of thinking on Mobile - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Yahoo might remake advertising buy CNN and flow ads from mobile to TV? - clive boulton
I agree Moe. - Chris Hale
i think beacons will change a lot of that. I worry advertisers and companies will ruin a perfectly cool technology - Chris Hale
darn, i missed Keith hitting himself - Tina Chase Gillmor
scroll to the bottom of and see the interactions - Kevin Marks
Apps simplify the web - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I just fell off - Kevin Marks
call me bac - Kevin Marks
ill call you back - Tina Chase Gillmor
there you are - Tina Chase Gillmor
no video - Kevin Marks
in some ways, yes it simplifies the web but it i think the point Steve G keeps making about the importance of notifications as part of that simplification is starting to get seriously cluttered. - Chris Hale
App bubble in the tech economy about to shrink or burst? - christina sponselli
Apple app designers currently having robust debate about economics of today's app world - Tom Guarriello
did yall hear that figure that just came out that the IOS app store clears like 500k a week worldwide? - Chris Hale
Interesting that the clues harp on apps and ads but don't have anything to say about "public relations" - Frank Paynter
Yes, some apps also support those Values... Think reading and sharing apps that allow various workflows for bookmarking, organizing, research, writing, thinking.... - Darius Dunlap
Brands need to stop advertising to Consumers and engage with us more on mobile. If they do that then they will get our name, our payment details and our chat walls - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Steve, i tweeted you a link to a picture of the Cluetrain Books- the original and the 10th anniversary update - Dale Lature
Frank, we hoped that jpeople could take the too many clues, and run off and add their own. We actually took on PR pretty bluntly in Cluetrain the book. Didn't want to repeat ourselves. - Doc
2015 iOS based Macbook coming -- (a definite maybe) -- no App bubble! - clive boulton
i think the problem is that technology can do some scary stuff and there is very little governance about limits to how advertisers should use data they have collected. I think don't be creepy never enters advertisers minds. They really need to think about this stuff more - Chris Hale
Maybe the app bubble is apps available only in company stores. - Doc
Beacons - Moe Glitz from iPhone
cat pulled my headphones out - Kevin Marks
1:30 in Santa Barbara is leaf blowing time. Damn. So noisy... - Doc
+1 Doc. Salesforce apps! - clive boulton
Cats taking over the internet. - Alex de Soto
minimum viable centralization (nice one Doc) - clive boulton
centralization problem, it sucks all the profits from the edges and connections (music industry) - clive boulton
That was Brian Behlendorf's line, clive. Credit where due. - Doc
homphily, that's called. Ethan Zuckerman's Rewire book. - Doc
Is Steve still here? - Doc
Steve's been disappeared... - Tom Guarriello
The next mobile app that can create the best Brand Experience between Consumers & Businesses. Will become the next pillar of Social Media beside Facebook & Twitter for Brands - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Everybody is now this guy: - Doc
Brian Behlendorf's MVC line concise business plan for startup - clive boulton
All the stuff hanging off that guy is on your phone now. - Doc
May even be featured on Brands labels - Moe Glitz from iPhone
hm. the version I reposted still hase the evil inclinations bit - Kevin Marks
This is not an all-happy wall: - Doc
i really feel like i wish more stuff on phones was centralized - Chris Hale
the problem I have with RSS isn't the web - Kevin Marks
like, i have 6 apps to run all the automation devices for my apartment - Chris Hale
not good for simple home automation - Chris Hale
and id still love one app that i use for any text based communication with people - Chris Hale
since now there seems to be 50 ways to contact people, sms, tweet, fb , google+, whatsapp, yo, and too many more - Chris Hale
Chewing the fats - Moe Glitz from iPhone
people navigate those deliberately though - Kevin Marks
deep linking is good but not a cure for this problem - Chris Hale
Apps are the new TV - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Growth at firms like Salesforce will peter out w/o decentralizing SaaS. Mobile apps case in point. - clive boulton
i know Kevin,but from an efficiency and overal user experience it is kinda sucky - Chris Hale
Chris Hale - Tantek has an interesting concept, the contact page as an app... - Darius Dunlap
the silos don't want you to interoperate though - Kevin Marks
there was a point where they were all using xmpp, but they forked - Kevin Marks
Like TV - Moe Glitz from iPhone
yes darius - Kevin Marks
+1 david! - Doc
yeah Kevin. I hear ya. I have been considering building my own app this whole thing irks me that much. Thats part of why i built my own home automation framework. Everyone elses system has a lot of gaps - Chris Hale
silos need incentives to interoperate (Judy's built Epic Systems EHR profits on silos) - clive boulton
Thank you Steve! Authoring today is easier for the average human being! - Simon Benvenutto
I do wish folks wouldn't perpetrate the idea the GoDaddy crap sandwich is inevitable. Support and promote and other good vendors. - Darius Dunlap
do you think people want more apps or less apps? - Chris Hale
More Chris - Moe Glitz from iPhone
are we still on the air? - Doc
can you hera us? - Kevin Marks
They don't search on Mobile - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Not here - Tom Guarriello
i am middle of the road. Sometimes i get frustrated when i look at my app screen and see apps. I find myself having to use spotlight search on my iphone almost all the time to find a particular app - Chris Hale
oops. feed down - Darius Dunlap
Down in London - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Steve just cut out in UK - Simon Benvenutto
are we dark on the 'cast? - Doc
hang on, the tricaster crashed - Kevin Marks
rebooting - Kevin Marks
Steve is rebooting us. - Doc
Yep, Chris. likewise here... - Darius Dunlap
But the best apps really do provide a better workflow and experience. - Darius Dunlap
aha. I finally figured out how to get on the backchannel. I want a badge. - david weinberger
Especially for those of us who want to do more than read and listen. - Darius Dunlap
Will iOS Macbook take us further down the rabbit hole... - clive boulton
Steve thinks we're 90 secs away from reboot - david weinberger
+1 david - Alex de Soto
no such thing, Clive. - Darius Dunlap
Meanwhile, Doc seems to have invited a leafblower into his living room - david weinberger
It's the sponsor's fault... - Doc
Welcome to the REAL Gillmor Gang, David - Tom Guarriello
The five of us are taking the opportunity to swig some cheap bourbon - david weinberger
ARe we back? - Doc
I never thought the web was particularly democratic: it is server centric, you always surf alone, you need an IP, HTML skills, etc. Nowhere near as democratic as a free, open, P2P medium such as CB radio :) that's yet to be realised, on a global scale. - Simon Benvenutto
We seem to be up on ustream. No? - david weinberger
But an iPad, especially when outfitted with a keyboard (because I'm an old guy who types fast) is a really useful tool. - Darius Dunlap
Video no audio - Tom Guarriello
refresh ustream to see us - Kevin Marks
Not yet, Darius - Apple keeps back fitting iOS features to OS X... - clive boulton
Steve, we lost you when you were commenting about Facebook and video. - christina sponselli
yes - Keith Teare
steve is initializing tricaster. a few more secs - david weinberger
no volume - clive boulton
Still no audio here - Tom Guarriello
no audio for me - Graham Zulauf
working on the vid - david weinberger
can you hear us? - david weinberger
Yep, no audio here, either - Darius Dunlap
an you see us? - david weinberger
Tommy? - david weinberger
yes - Dale Lature
(old man reference) - david weinberger
Audio is back - Alex de Soto
Sound back! - Simon Benvenutto
how about video? - david weinberger
audio is back for me - Graham Zulauf's Pink Floyd... - Tom Guarriello
we hear you - clive boulton
video is working - Graham Zulauf
Steve=Pinball Wizard? - christina sponselli
Yep, Clive. But that's a long way from "iOS Mac". They're not dumbing down the mac, but bringing some really useful integration to the workflow of multiple devices. - Darius Dunlap
ah ha, you're still there! - Laura Norvig
So weird. We've NEVER had the Tricaster fail like that. It wasn't our power. - Tina Chase Gillmor
and some more levels of control via app store in Mac OS X - david weinberger
email, and even newsgroups... :-) - Darius Dunlap
I just love the way Kevin says "Twitter". ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
There's too many Apps on iOS and Android for someone to ignore bringing apps to the desktop. - clive boulton
Totally agree with Kevin... Ev does a nice job taking about some of this in his recent post. - Darius Dunlap
As long as their friends are there. - christina sponselli
I agree the app stores and the web in general are becoming very nanny state, its less about communicating and more about transacting, which is sad... that's the price we are paying for great cheap infrastructure, compared to 15 years ago. - Simon Benvenutto
Well said, Keith - Tom Guarriello
+1 david weinberger "some more levels of control via app store in Mac OS X" - clive boulton
Yep, Simon and David... agree about App Stores. They (especially Apple) need to think deeply about what they are for and how they should work for users. - Darius Dunlap
That flavor of idealism is hard to imagine amongst human beings, Keith - Tom Guarriello
Tom - I'm still hoping :-) - Keith Teare
And, I applaud you for it, K - Tom Guarriello
Missing from enterprise is some way to orchestrate apps into a suite collection on/off the desktop - clive boulton
slack does that to some extent - Kevin Marks
Aren't we dependent on the control of ISPs anyway? - Alex de Soto
looking at slack - thx Kevin - clive boulton
Human beings are imperfect. But the New Clues remind people who weren't there at the beginning that there WAS a philosophy - Francine Hardaway
A lot of it has to do with being right. - Darius Dunlap
Dave's listicle was easier to read. - Francine Hardaway
Thanks, francine - david weinberger
I shared it with people who said tl;dr - Kevin Marks
+1 Francine - Tom Guarriello
It's related to Powerpoint - Francine Hardaway
yep, like the listicle - Laura Norvig
+1 on the philosophy, not specifically the listicle - Tom Guarriello
Dave's a talented guy. I just wished he worked and played well with others - Francine Hardaway
It makes the Cluetrain a franchise, like Terminator - Francine Hardaway
Or, Hunger Games! - Tom Guarriello
They're baaaaaack! - Tina Chase Gillmor
chrome team is working at bringing Android Apps to chromebook. Apple / MSFT can't ignore. - clive boulton
Lovely irony - Darius Dunlap
That's small m vs. Medium - Tom Guarriello
One could compete with Medium with Large. - Doc
I LOVE Medium. But I've always been a Ev product fan - Francine Hardaway
“Live the values you want the Internet to promote.” - Kevin Marks
Is that like being the change you'd like to see? - Francine Hardaway
That's one of my favorites, too, Kevin. That's the Gandhi Clue - Tom Guarriello
Still prefer tumblr to medium - clive boulton
Don't leave any ice picks around, Keith. - Doc
Keith Teare: Venture Trotskyist - Kevin Marks
Did you get approval on piece before Medium published it? - christina sponselli
Keith is way left - Tina Chase Gillmor
when Keith says "can I pick your brain", watch out - Kevin Marks
It's always a question of size ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Heyo! Trotsky jokes, amirite? - david weinberger
Trotsky was "picked" he never did the "picking" :-) - Keith Teare
+1 for Kevin's Venture trotskyite - david weinberger
Oh crap, we're all gonna die - Tina Chase Gillmor
Fuck those yellow spores! Hooyah! - david weinberger
I told you: Hunger Games!!! - Tom Guarriello
Medium too trendy already. Used to be cool ... - Laura Norvig
If I bring a smile to Doc's lips ikt's all been worthwhile - david weinberger
Doc's right. It keeps moving - Francine Hardaway
Medium: nobody goes there's too crowded - Tom Guarriello
I agree with Doc, and I'm hopeful, but in human society there are always those looking to profit from manipulating the system. - Darius Dunlap
It's not about apps. It's about open vs. closed. - david weinberger
And individual vs. copllaborative - david weinberger
And consume vs create - david weinberger
An app world that did that would be fine - david weinberger
It's closed that doesn't survive. THat's why the companies fall - Francine Hardaway
I thought Medium is how you deal with site-deaths. - Todd Hoff
I want an app that eats itself and leaves crumbs on my screen. - Doc
My favorite apps are all about that, David. And they are mostly on Mac and iOS. - Darius Dunlap
Apps are a red herring that the New Clues raise -- but it's a herring that stands fsor an important school o fish - david weinberger
are there apps that are open that aren't just glorified web interfaces ...? - Laura Norvig
Yep, David. - Darius Dunlap
Back we go to notifications - Francine Hardaway
+ 1 Keith. iOS back-fitted to OS X and swallows apps (or makes apps available on desktop) - clive boulton
Yeah, Dudes. What about notifications? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Clue 125: Notifications are Conversations - Doc
"Companies make a religion of security, but this is largely a giant red herring. Do you know how tough it is to worship a giant red herring?" - Gluetrain - Kevin Marks
Cool addition, Doc - Tom Guarriello
it's being managed by Scarlett Johansen. duh. - Laura Norvig
Clue 126: No, wait, conversations are notifications. - david weinberger
The Gluetrain was fun. We need him back for New Clues. - Doc
Steve has enterprise instincts. - clive boulton
"Markets are money." - Gluetrain (I think) - Doc
Actually, David, that's traditionally more true - Francine Hardaway
+1 Gluetrain. We need New Glues - david weinberger
Tina, I have to drop off at 2.35 - Keith Teare
Keith, you've got 10 minutes - Francine Hardaway
Gluetrain is excellent! - Tom Guarriello
Steve it's 2:23.... We're probably at 1:18 of actual show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Glad David is expanding on this... "App" as a proxy for something bigger - Darius Dunlap
Kevin's train of thought, snowballs for open source enterprise apps - clive boulton
Are we ahead? - Francine Hardaway
Have a great weekend all! - J.C. Bouvier
Good point, Francine. I think so. The clues are in the apps... - clive boulton
Next time, David, we talk Heidegger! - Tom Guarriello
Clue #127: Are you the armadillo or are you the bike? - david weinberger
Clue 128: What?? - david weinberger
you just daleked out for me - Kevin Marks
What happened to the housekeeping? - Francine Hardaway
Name this show: Venture Trotskyist's - clive boulton
Can you still hear us? - david weinberger
nope, feed is dead - Darius Dunlap
great show.......hanging on every word.......thanks Doc and Dave, and Keith, Steve, and Kevin....great conversations - Dale Lature
+1 "Can you still hear us? - clive boulton
the backchannel lives. - Doc
I really think GG should have an "AfterDark", at least for the live listeners. ;-) - Darius Dunlap
Unfortunately, I've got to run. Ciao, all! - Darius Dunlap
There's usually a brief check-in with the faces on the show before turning it off. That went fast this time. - Doc
Sorry I joined thischat so late. - david weinberger
Okay, I need to disassemble this rig on a drawer and move the laptop. Been great, everybody. - Doc
But thanks for it. - david weinberger
Apparently I have to clean up my office. - david weinberger
So long. - david weinberger
bye chaps - Kevin Marks
bye - Doc
Andrew C (✔)
I had a "paleo" burger a few days ago that was a double patty, no buns, kale... and a big pile of french fries. #SF
Cavemen loved their french fries. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
The Tolkien professor said he hated the dune movie. I remember loving the movie. So I reread the book and re watched the movie. Here is what I found...
Still love the movie. The book creates such a concrete world that I easily suspended disbelief. But I noticed this time through the book that it gave very little in the way of description. What the movie did for dune was give it such a visually rich and consistent world that I again suspended disbelief. I do see his point in two major cases. - Todd Hoff
The harkonnens in the movie are cartoon figures. In the book they are full fledge evil propelled by rationality. The movie treats them as bafoons. I know this is just a movie thing, but it made the movie less than it could have been. - Todd Hoff
Second, were the weirding weapons. They only exist as a notion in the book, but they take a major role in the movie. Again, I get it, but the fighting could have been more interesting without magic weapons. - Todd Hoff
Like lotr, dune leaves much unsaid, so spicing up the movie visually makes sense. But I think the movie would have been better without the two mentioned changes. I still love the movie though. The whispers voicing the unconscious thoughts really reveal how calculating a time it was, that without computers we might be even more violent. - Todd Hoff
Nice summary. But I'm with the professor. Dune was just over done for me. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
In what way? - Todd Hoff
That "Dino De Laurentiis, Let's Overdo Everything" manner. Like you, because I'd read the book, I had context. But overall, I felt the movie was a thrown together mess. For instance, the opening moments when the Antreides are betrayed, the battle scenes seemed to go on forever. Just explosion after explosion going nowhere. As much as I loved the book, the movie never interested me. I... more... - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Maybe since I had just watched the last hobbit movie the battle scenes did not seem excessive :) - Todd Hoff
good point. I haven't rushed to see that one yet. I'm still amazed/pissed that they turned the shortest book in the Middle Earth canon into three features. But I'll probably go, because I'm a Tolkien fanboy. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I think, for me, the movie is mostly saved by the casting for most of the roles, which I really enjoyed. I read the book after, which also seems to help - I didn't have expectations going in that it needed to match. I'm skipping the last Hobbit movie - they're telling a story I'm not interested in, and setting aside the things I loved most about the source material. Even with the changes to Dune, I didn't feel like it did that. - Jennifer Dittrich
For some reason, I can't stop at Hobbit 2 (Electric Boogaloo). I *have* to see Smaug get shot down. After that I may walk out, because IIRC form the book, the battle afterwards was pretty much an afterthought with most of the action offstage. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Victor Ganata
Maybe I'm overly pessimistic, but any solution to antibiotic resistance is likely to be temporary, because "life—uh—finds a way."
Especially once it gets put into soap, cleaners, surfaces and every other damn thing. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I blame the frogs. - Steve C Team Marina
That said, it's probably going to be a while before we start getting teixobactin-resistant bacteria because from what I can tell from the molecular structure, it's unlikely it will get absorbed intact through the GI tract, meaning that it must be administered intravenously, so that will probably limit how often it will be administered. - Victor Ganata
The way they discovered it is probably the bigger breakthrough: they can now grow previously unculturable bacteria and they can even more rapidly screen bioactive molecules for desired activity. - Victor Ganata
As an aside, teixobactin is also only active against Gram-positive bacteria—while it will undoubtedly be deployed for methicillin-resistant and vancomycin-resistant Staph, the greater scourge (at least in terms of ICU mortality, anecdotally speaking) are Gram-negative bacteria, which we still haven't discovered any new antibiotics for since the '90s. - Victor Ganata
We're life too. - Todd Hoff
Sure, but life is an ongoing arms race as far as multicellular organisms versus pathogenic bacteria is concerned. There is no magic bullet. There is no ultimate cure. - Victor Ganata
We're life, too, but bacteria don't have an anti-science GOP holding them back... - Spidra Webster
The anti-science sentiment in the U.S. definitely doesn't help, but from what I've been told, the biggest reason big pharma hasn't been researching new antibiotics is because antibiotics aren't profitable, even though big ag abuses massive quantities of broad spectrum antibiotics. #capitalismFTW - Victor Ganata
Well, maybe Big Ag should chip in, then. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
You would think big ag would, but since they just feed livestock antibiotics willy-nilly, they tend to use the cheaper off-patent stuff. Plus, inserting IV lines into livestock to administer newly-patented brand name antibiotics is cost prohibitive :) - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
Wide Urban World: Medieval walls in modern Paris -
Wide Urban World: Medieval walls in modern Paris
Wide Urban World: Medieval walls in modern Paris
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"One of the things I find amazing about cities in Europe is the way that ancient walls and buildings--whether Roman, Iron Age, or Medieval--have become part of the modern urban fabric. There are three ways that ancient architecture is manifest in modern cities. First, whole buildings have survived, and they continue to be used." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
MIT Researchers Discover New Mathematical Relationship for Superconductors -
MIT Researchers Discover New Mathematical Relationship for Superconductors
"A research team from MIT has revealed a new mathematical link between temperature, material thickness and electrical resistance, which appears to be valid for all superconductors." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
When Science Fiction Becomes Science - Your Last Moments May Be Imprinted on Your Brain After Death — NOVA Next | PBS -
When Science Fiction Becomes Science - Your Last Moments May Be Imprinted on Your Brain After Death — NOVA Next | PBS
"Scientists have developed a technique that can recreate a 3D map of the cells that were firing in a mouse’s brain a few hours before it died, giving them a high-resolution picture of what was going on in the mouse’s head during life—in this case, when it met a member of the opposite sex. The team of researchers published their results yesterday in the journal Cell Reports." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
So it's persistent memory, after all. - Eivind
Amit Patel
How odd. I've never had these in my yard before, and suddenly, a flock of Band-Tailed Pigeons has been visiting for the past week. I counted around 70 of them in the trees, flying back and forth, squawking. It's like the movie THE BIRDS
They've surrounded the house. - Amit Patel
Do you have bird see out? We had to stop feeding the birds around here because the pigeons let it be known through their network that we had food and they would have a poop in on my deck. - Todd Hoff
I did have some bird seed out but so far I've only seen one pigeon at the feeder. The rest are far away from it. Hm. - Amit Patel
Todd Hoff
In Living Color: The Forgotten 19th-Century Photo Technology that Romanticized America | Collectors Weekly -
In Living Color: The Forgotten 19th-Century Photo Technology that Romanticized America | Collectors Weekly
In Living Color: The Forgotten 19th-Century Photo Technology that Romanticized America | Collectors Weekly
"Walter soon learned that his newly acquired photographs were actually Photochroms, which he began collecting in earnest. Now, just some of the North American portion of his collection is the subject of a new 612-page, 15-pound, $200 Taschen book, co-authored by Walter and Arqué, called An American Odyssey: Photos from the Detroit Photographic Company 1888–1924. Showcasing  of Walter’s horde, American Odyssey is packed with hundreds of Photochroms and Phostints (the brand name for the Detroit Photographic Company’s Photochrom postcards), as well as their black-and-white source images, which were taken by such esteemed late-19th- and early-20th-century American photographers as William Henry Jackson, Lycurgus Solon Glover, and Henry Greenwood Peabody. Together, these photographers cataloged the natural and man-made marvels of the continent, bringing their cameras from the great cities of the Northeast and Upper Midwest to the mountains and deserts of the still-wild West." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Deep Habits: Read a (Real) Book Slowly - Study Hacks - Cal Newport -
Deep Habits: Read a (Real) Book Slowly - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
"There was a time when intellectual engagement necessarily included long hours reading old-fashioned paper tomes. But in an age when a digital attention economy is ascendant, it’s now possible to satisfy this curiosity without ever consuming more than a couple hundred highly digested and simplified words at a time." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this new form of lightweight information consumption — the problem is the behaviors it tends to replace." - Maitani
"Reading a hard book, we must remember, is an experience that returns many rewards not generated by a pithy blog post (ahem) or online magazine." - Maitani
I think I would have got more out of this article if it were longer and more complex. - Todd Hoff
Agreed, there is not much to learn here. I posted it mostly as a reminder for myself. :-) - Maitani
How old is too old to begin a PhD program?
never. as long as your brain still works fucking go for it! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Second Andy's comment. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
When you are old enough to know better. - Steele Lawman
When you can no longer spell PhD. - Todd Hoff
When you are dead. - Shannon - GlassMistress
All of the above. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depends if it's fulltime? Like, for a fulltime PhD program, I'd consider how much salary/savings/interest I'd lose from living off a stipend that long, compared to whatever salary increase I'd get with a PhD (sorry if this was supposed to be a rhetorical question, I'm boring like that). - Meg VMeg
you people are way too supportive. :) - Marie
Put it this way...I'm working towards that (it's still a few years away) and I'm 49. - Spidra Webster
In my first attempt at grad school I lived down the hall from a woman who was in her mid-60's, who was working on a PhD in education after an entire career in computer programing. - Kirsten
When you're dead. I hope to have mine done before I'm 43. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
One of my favorite people is in England doing hers in her 60s. - Alix May
Todd Hoff
Heard her on the radio, wow! - Todd Hoff
Are you the maker or the tool? - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
Association Between Dietary Whole Grain Intake and Risk of Mortality: Two Large Prospective Studies in US Men and Women - JAMA - 2015 Jan 5
"These data indicate that higher whole grain consumption is associated with lower total and [cardiovascular disease] mortality in US men and women, independent of other dietary and lifestyle factors. These results are in line with recommendations that promote increased whole grain consumption to facilitate disease prevention." - Victor Ganata
That suits me just fine. - John (bird whisperer)
Compared to the people who were eating simple carbs? OK. - Todd Hoff
"Replacing refined grains and red meats with whole grains is also likely to lower mortality risk, according to the study. Swapping just one serving of refined grains or red meat per day with one serving of whole grains was linked with lower CVD-related mortality risk: 8% lowered risk for swapping out refined grains and 20% lowered risk for swapping out red meat." - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
ForFreedom Caravan With Aerodynamic Design For Urban Couple | Tuvie -
ForFreedom Caravan With Aerodynamic Design For Urban Couple | Tuvie
ForFreedom Caravan With Aerodynamic Design For Urban Couple | Tuvie
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"ForFreedom Caravan is an expanding living unit especially designed for urban couple in the need of a short break. The flowing caravan form is aimed at creating stability and fuel economy. Due to its compact size, this caravan is easy to handle and connect to your car. Take a look at the interior. It has been designed for easy personalization with modern style to easily adapt to its owner lifestyle. It might look small from the outside, but is actually pretty spacious inside." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree -
3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree
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"Wind turbines that look like trees. What an innovative and clever idea. It’s not often we see technology that could change the world, though it is becoming more common as technologies advance and people share more information on new design and tech. This wind turbine combine the elegance of nature finest evolutionary energy and gas converters (namely trees) and has created a beautifully simple way to generate electricity while also getting rid of the common aesthetically unpleasing 3 bladed wind turbines that dot the landscape and windy fields of the world." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
If they made a version with fruit bats, I'd be all over that. - Ken Morley
This is really cool! I want one (or two)! - Jenny H. from Android
What did you crave today?
Tea, real Coke with sugar in, and Chocolate. (I crave these most days. Though I may not have them except for special occasions. Sigh.) - Marianne
Ginger ale, fig bars. - Cult Hero from iPhone
Popcorn, nachos and guacamole. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Vacation. - Kristin from iPhone
Cheeseburger. - Brent Schaus
Nothing that I can recall, but there's still time. - Lauren Potts from Android
The letter Y - Todd Hoff
PF Chang's Spicy Chicken - Adam B from FFHound(roid)!
I just ate a fried pork chop sandwich, dirty rice and onion rings. It was delicious. - Jason Huebel
Popcorn and then chocolate. - Katy S
Pizza - Yolanda
Actually, I want to eat everything crunchy that I can't eat until I get my crown. - Katy S
Carne asada fries. But then again, I crave those almost every single day. - Hookuh Tinypants
Todd Hoff
Are some diets ‘mass murder’ | Dr. Malcolm Kendrick -
"‘…the forensic demolition of the hypothesis that saturated fat is the cause of cardiovascular disease is impressive. Indeed, the book is deeply disturbing in showing how overenthusiastic scientists, massive conflicts of interest, and politically driven policy makers can make deeply damaging mistakes. Over 40 years I’ve come to recognise which I might have known from the beginning – that science is a human activity with the error, self-deception, grandiosity, bias, self-interest, cruelty, fraud, and theft that is inherent in all human activities (together with some saintliness), but this book shook me.’ The amazing thing, to me, is not the Richard Smith has finally realised the diet-heart hypothesis is a complete crock. The amazing thing is that it still holds sway, despite the fact that it was never based on anything other than the propaganda of a power-mad egotist (Ancel Keys). Any evidence that saturated fat, or any other fat consumption, causes heart disease has always been weak at best, more usually non-existent, or just flatly contradictory." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Prolonged Fasting Reduces IGF-1/PKA to Promote Hematopoietic-Stem-Cell-Based Regeneration and Reverse Immunosuppression: Cell Stem Cell -
Prolonged Fasting Reduces IGF-1/PKA to Promote Hematopoietic-Stem-Cell-Based Regeneration and Reverse Immunosuppression: Cell Stem Cell
"Immune system defects are at the center of aging and a range of diseases. Here, we show that prolonged fasting reduces circulating IGF-1 levels and PKA activity in various cell populations, leading to signal transduction changes in long-term hematopoietic stem cells (LT-HSCs) and niche cells that promote stress resistance, self-renewal, and lineage-balanced regeneration. Multiple cycles of fasting abated the immunosuppression and mortality caused by chemotherapy and reversed age-dependent myeloid-bias in mice, in agreement with preliminary data on the protection of lymphocytes from chemotoxicity in fasting patients. The proregenerative effects of fasting on stem cells were recapitulated by deficiencies in either IGF-1 or PKA and blunted by exogenous IGF-1. These findings link the reduced levels of IGF-1 caused by fasting to PKA signaling and establish their crucial role in regulating hematopoietic stem cell protection, self-renewal, and regeneration." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
"What Gödel (and Turing) proved is that formal systems will, sooner or later, produce meaningful statements whose truth can be proved only outside the system itself. This limitation does not confine us to a world with any less meaning. It proves, on the contrary, that we live in a world where higher meaning exists."
Not sure how this follows. - Todd Hoff
It's the word "meaning" that throws me. I would have gone with "complexity". - Ken Morley
Louis Gray If You Took a Photo, You're Sharing it, Right? - If You Took a Photo, You're Sharing it, Right? If You Took a Photo, You're Sharing it, Right?
"As technology advances forward, the way we share changes. We've moved from slide carousels of vacations and Walgreen's photo labs to online photo book replicas, and in-stream editing. We're not backing up our photos to CDs and DVDs, and I don't see a future where I'll hand my kids a microscopic Flash drive upon graduation. They'll just know. Any photo that's ever been taken that I want them to have will be available - and I shouldn't have to do anything." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Great post, Louis. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks, Stephen! - Louis Gray
With all the work that's gone into surfacing good content, it's sad that this is still true: "Or worse, we'll just delete the ones that make us look bad, and post the entire glob of photos as a collection - a digital slide show that hopes our friends will care enough to find their favorite, and leave us a comment, Like or +1 in return to give a head nod of agreement." - Bruce Lewis
I share my photos on FriendFeed. Will FF be around for my grandkids to see it? - Amit Patel
Eventually all this data will be encoded into our DNA so the life history of each person is handed down to future generations that way it always has. Genotype is separated from phenotype which is separated from datatype. - Todd Hoff
Eventually we'll share photos by exchanging DNA through saliva, with "horizontal gene transfer" - Amit Patel
@Amit I cannot comment on current or future Google[x] projects. - Louis Gray
That would require a virus Amit. And wouldn't that be terrorism :) - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees | Bored Panda -
Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees | Bored Panda
Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees | Bored Panda
Show all
"Beth Moon, a photographer based in San Francisco, has been searching for the world’s oldest trees for the past 14 years. She has traveled all around the globe to capture the most magnificent trees that grow in remote locations and look as old as the world itself." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Stunning! - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
GG Update - January 2, 2015 - Global Guerrillas -
GG Update - January 2, 2015 - Global Guerrillas
"The random darknet shopper.  A bot with a budget to randomly purchase items on darknet sites.  It had a budget of $100 in bitcoins to spend every week.  Here's what it bought.  BTW, the law is fairly squishy on bots that break the law.   Here's a Hungarian passport it bought.  --> This is an automated way to grief a specific individual (CEO, Judge, etc.)." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
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