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Todd Hoff
Tim Lott – Zen Buddhism and Alan Watts -
Tim Lott – Zen Buddhism and Alan Watts
"But then, I shouldn’t have been surprised. What Alan Watts taught, above all else, is that everything is transitory. Everything comes and goes. Watts himself did not exist in a perpetual state of spiritual bliss. He died an alcoholic. He had been a lifelong heavy drinker. His later life was not easy — in the last years, he cut a Dickensian figure, working desperately to support his seven children and, presumably, his two ex-wives (by the time he died he was on a third). But he was by no accounts an ‘unhappy’ drunk. He never expressed guilt or regret about his drinking and smoking, and never missed a lecture or a writing deadline." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Could sending ebola infected people to the US be a terrorist attack?
Unlikely, while Ebola is scary there are many "better" ie more easily transmitted. - WarLord
Which is why it's a good strategy. - Todd Hoff
It's a possible scenario. - Sean McBride
Yes. Unfortunately it is a vector that can be weaponized. Infected humans. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
So we should have a war on humans? - Todd Hoff
As a misanthrope I welcome any new acolytes to the cause. - Mark H
What are my first steps Mark? - Todd Hoff
I think we're all doing just fine screwing everything up left, right, and centre as it stands; keep up the good work people. - Mark H
Then it sounds like I should move up the hierarchy quite quickly. Finally, something I'm good at...being bad. - Todd Hoff
[ISIS to Attack US with Ebola? Jihadists 'to Send Infected Militants' to America to Spread Disease: Reports -] - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff
Let's Talk About The Weather - Modern Farmer -
Let's Talk About The Weather - Modern Farmer
"Ever wonder where your weather forecast comes from? Head on over to the Weather Research and Forecasting — WRF, or “worf” — Model website ( Here, on this open-source weather prediction system designed, according to their website, “to serve both atmospheric research and operational forecasting needs,” you can find real-time weather predictions. Pictured, for instance, is the severe storm potential predicted for July 25 and 26, 2014, live when this magazine went to press. Other options include predicted precipitation and wind. The WRF is a result of more than 20,000 scientists and researchers from over 130 countries around the world who, using data both real and simulated, predict the weather." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Growing Hazelnuts for Biofuel Production - eXtension -
Growing Hazelnuts for Biofuel Production - eXtension
"Hazelnuts, also known as filberts (Corylus spp.), are a perennial tree crop that have been grown for many years in Mediterranean environments as a tree nut for food. Because of its adaptation to less productive soil and its high quantity and quality of oil, the species may hold potential as a biofuel crop if current disease problems that limit its adaptation can be overcome. This article is written for information purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation to plant hazelnuts for biofuel production. Hazelnuts, unlike soybeans and other traditional oil crops, have not been grown commercially for oil for biodiesel, and more research, both agronomic and economic, is needed." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome | Coursera -
"Imagine if there were an organ in your body that weighed as much as your brain, that affected your health, your weight, and even your behavior. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it? There is such an organ — the collection of microbes in and on your body, your human microbiome. Watch Intro Video" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
"But are you a different animal and the same beast?" "WTF does that mean, Kobe?" #fbf
The beast is inside us all even though we take on different animal forms. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
I wonder when life extension hits and there are fewer youngins around, who will do our protesting then? Maybe we'll program robots to protest for us. #gohongkong
Then the police will just go through with steam rollers and create a new road way. Further increasing the revenue of the robotics manufacturers.. I think I need to go buy more stock in iRobot. - Me
Our robots will be non-violent. Surely their horrific death and sacrifice will move hearts and minds towards change? - Todd Hoff
Who will we tell to get off our lawns? - Amit Patel
It's robots all the way down. - Todd Hoff
Will I have a robot to tell other robots to get off my robot-mowed lawn? - Amit Patel
It's an infinite regress. Full employment for all robots. - Todd Hoff
I think most of those robots will be unemployed when they design and train their robot replacements. - Amit Patel
Where do you think the parts come from for the new robots? - Todd Hoff
Amit Patel
I got an email from someone asking me to review a academic paper. Then they said they created an account on their system, and I need to log in to opt out. And then it says to opt out I need to put in my home address, phone number, etc. Ugh
totally ugh. - imabonehead
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Use 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is always a good one :-) - Todd Hoff
I think I'd be less annoyed if it was regular spam, but it seems to be an academic journal of some sort :-/ but maybe I should just mark them as spam too. - Amit Patel
Another one. Dear Dr. Amit Patel: I am writing to invite you to review the following manuscript which has been submitted to Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research: Numerical Model of Full Cardiac Cycle Hemodynamics in a Total Artificial Heart and the Effect of Its Size on Platelet Activation - Amit Patel
Todd Hoff
Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You – Are We Doing It Wrong? | Collective-Evolution -
Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You – Are We Doing It Wrong? | Collective-Evolution
"Ekirch’s research found that we didn’t always sleep for an average of 8 hours straight. Instead we would sleep in two shorter periods throughout the night. All sleep would occur within a 12 hour time frame that started with 3 or 4 hours of sleep, followed by being awake for 3 hours or so and than sleeping again until the morning." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Anyone try this? - Todd Hoff
I think i'd do better this way - Steve C Team Marina
I tried my own version a couple of years ago when I could make my own hours. It didn't work well as some things suffered. Mainly I would suggest you think about those that live with you and how they will be affected by your hour changes. I chose to try to keep the same hours as others so I could still interact with them. (Which is absolutely crazy if I think about it as I dislike most people.) - Me
Are you Finish? - Todd Hoff
Eric - It's My Thing
Wolfgang Puck on Top Chef Cheftestants, Lack of Skills -
Wolfgang Puck on Top Chef Cheftestants, Lack of Skills
"“I remember one of the shows we did, I had six chefs… and I had them make an omelette,” he recalled. “Nobody could do an omelette. I would not have served any of their omelettes in our restaurants. It was terrible. I said, ‘You guys are chefs?’ I asked the producers, ‘Can we fire them all?’… It’s amazing how sometimes the people cook terrible food.”" - Eric - It's My Thing from Bookmarklet
On the show he always seems like a dick. Now off the show too. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Hear Allen Ginsberg Teach "Literary History of the Beats": Audio Lectures from His 1977 & 1981 Naropa Courses | Open Culture -
Hear Allen Ginsberg Teach "Literary History of the Beats": Audio Lectures from His 1977 & 1981 Naropa Courses | Open Culture
"It’s not often one gets the opportunity to take a course on a major literary movement taught by a founding member of that movement. Imagine sitting in on lectures on Romantic poetry taught by John Keats or William Wordsworth? It may be the case, however, that the Romantic poets would have a hard time of it in the cutthroat world of professionalized academic poetry, a world Allen Ginsberg helped create in 1974 with the founding of his Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, almost twenty years after he brought hip modern poetry to the masses with the wildly popular City Lights paperback edition of Howl and Other Poems. (Here you can listen to the first recording of Ginsberg reading that famous poem.)" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
You can tell this was from a different time. They had more time back then. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
Love in the Time of Ebola
Harry Potter and the Deathly Ebola - Stephen Mack
Ebola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb - SAM
Romeo and Ebola - Anika
Only $50 for ebola sailor. - Todd Hoff
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Ebola - Brent Schaus
A Midsummer Night's Ebola - Big Joe Silence
Ebola-ing for Columbine. - bentley
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ebola - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Waiting for Ebola. - Corinne L
Ebola and Old Lace. - Me
Bill & Ted's Ebola Adventures - Me
American Ebola - Me
Beverly Hills Ebola - Me
The Ebola Crowd - Me
Three Weddings and an Ebola Outbreak - Big Joe Silence
The Truth About Cats and Ebola - Big Joe Silence
Band - Ebola for Soup - Joe
The Super Ebola football game. - Joe
Ebola and flow of the tides. - Joe
Todd Hoff
How to Save $1 Billion Without Even Trying - WNYC -
Save money: buy store brand, generics, and over the counter. - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Glen Campbell
Apparently the government deliberately let Ebola into Texas, so that they can declare martial law, round us up, and put us into FEMA camps.
The stupid, it burns. - Glen Campbell
I was waiting for "they're spreading it in the chemtrails." - Jennifer Dittrich
That's a lot of camps. - Todd Hoff
Don't mess with Texas. Seriously, don't touch it. - Eric - It's My Thing
we'll give you Ebola, dude. - Big Joe Silence
Nice knowing you, Glen. - Steele Lawman
I for one welcome our new FEMA overlords - lris
I *knew* it! - bentley
Still no sign of the FEMA folks - Glen Campbell
black helicopters, though. Circling. - ellbeecee
Did Alex Scoble say this? - Louis Gray
5 kids at various Dallas area schools may have been exposed. - Big Joe Silence
Todd Hoff
Smell the freedom - Economist: To Protect Frackers, U.S. Should Restrict Oil Imports -
"There’s no time like boom times to start worrying about the bust. Which is why one economist thinks America ought to consider some seemingly drastic measures to protect those rocking and rolling oil frackers — even while they are enjoying the greatest oil boom in a generation." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Memory loss associated with Alzheimer's reversed: Small trial succeeds using systems approach to memory disorders -- ScienceDaily -
Memory loss associated with Alzheimer's reversed: Small trial succeeds using systems approach to memory disorders -- ScienceDaily
"Bredesen's approach is personalized to the patient, based on extensive testing to determine what is affecting the plasticity signaling network of the brain. As one example, in the case of the patient with the demanding job who was forgetting her way home, her therapeutic program consisted of some, but not all of the components involved with Bredesen's therapeutic program, and included: (1) eliminating all simple carbohydrates, leading to a weight loss of 20 pounds; (2) eliminating gluten and processed food from her diet, with increased vegetables, fruits, and non-farmed fish; (3) to reduce stress, she began yoga; (4) as a second measure to reduce the stress of her job, she began to meditate for 20 minutes twice per day; (5) she took melatonin each night; (6) she increased her sleep from 4-5 hours per night to 7-8 hours per night; (7) she took methylcobalamin each day; (8) she took vitamin D3 each day; (9) fish oil each day; (10) CoQ10 each day; (11) she optimized her oral hygiene... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
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Very Few People Watched a Show About a Girl Addicted to Selfies -
Very Few People Watched a Show About a Girl Addicted to Selfies
I watched on hulu weeks ago. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
The Atheist Disillusionment - Pharyngula
This post by P.Z. Meyers has helped me put together my thoughts about "New Atheism". If the movement is actively anti-social justice out of a misguided sense that only Western Civilization is rational and only straight white males can be logical, then it is exactly just as shitty as any fundamentalist extremist religion. - Victor Ganata
For all the major faults of mainstream organized religion and the atrocities done under the aegis of faith, they do at least address the idea of social justice. - Victor Ganata
"Too many atheists turn out to be just as shallow as the fervent faithful I rail against. Too many see atheism as another useless difference they can use to excuse discrimination against others they are already prejudiced against." - Victor Ganata
"I used to have this illusion that an atheist society would be more tolerant, that under it government and education would be secular, but the churches would still exist, if people wanted to attend them — a sort of Scandinavian ideal. But no, what I’m fast learning is that tolerance isn’t automatically a property of abandoning the false tribe of religion, but is more a reflection of the greater culture it is embedded in." - Victor Ganata
"Atheists can still hold a 'kill the wogs' mentality while babbling about the wonders of science; people who regard women as servile appliances for their gratification don’t seem to become suddenly enlightened once the scales of faith fall from their eyes." - Victor Ganata
To this I say "Duh!" - DB, Lil LB's Dad
For sure, to judge all atheists by Richard Dawkins and his ilk really is akin to judging all Christians by the Westboro Baptist Church or people who murder OBGYNs and judging all Muslims by the Taliban or ISIS, even as New Atheists like to point out that Dawkins and his ilk haven't shot or beheaded anyone. But New Atheism looks more and more like nothing but a secular defense of misogyny, white supremacy, and Western imperialism. - Victor Ganata
Heh, sorry, I was just being facetious. Atheism encompasses a broad array of people, and some are truly awful. I used to label myself agnostic (which sounded better to me than "weak atheist") until I had a long conversation with Eivind a couple of years ago, where he convinced me the label of atheist was a better match for my views. So I do use that label for myself -- but just as religious extremists don't speak for my religious friends, atheist extremists don't speak for me. I agree with this blog post. - Stephen Mack
could it be that in thinking that what you believe (or don't) innately makes you better than someone else is the first step toward, if not damnation, sinning? DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? - MoTO: Team Marina
I identify as an atheist because I have no shred of faith in any religion. But I'm not very impressed by atheists who are driven by "furious rage at the lies and injustice and corruption of humanity by religion." It seems to me that intolerance and injustice is a human problem, which often cloaks itself in religion, but is not itself limited by or caused by religion. I'm no historian,... more... - Steele Lawman
Well put, Steve. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I did get the impression that most of the atrocities of the 20th century were committed in the name of "logic" and "reason". I certainly think it's extremely naive to expect that people will stop being terrible to each other just because they no longer believe things that aren't "true". - Victor Ganata
(haven't read the article; liking for the discussion) - bentley
I'm not an atheist because I think religion is bad; I'm an atheist because I don't feel like I can be anything else. - Steele Lawman
The word "atheism" isn't short hand for this "organized atheism," this "movement" in the anglosphere, to me. An atheist is just a person who lives her life as if there are no gods, as if there are no supernatural agents she needs to consider/placate/fear in course of the day. That's not much of a basis for an organization (and certainly not for a society). To me it's a tiny word, but it seems to be such a big word to so many others. - Eivind
Sure. There's atheism and then there's New Atheism (which P.Z. Meyers just abbreviates as atheism), and it seems that P.Z. Meyers and Richard Dawkins et al have been at odds about the movement for quite some time. So there's definitely some specific context underlying the post. - Victor Ganata
I think Meyers is just using it for shorthand and not being reductive in the same way that some people equate ISIS with all of Islam or the Christian right in the U.S. with all of Christianity. - Victor Ganata
Eivind, it seems by your definition plenty of theists are also atheists, living their life as if there is no god. A belief based definition, asserting god does not exist, makes more sense to me than a behavior based definition. - Todd Hoff
That said, I think an argument about essentialized definitions misses the point here. P.Z. Meyers *is* talking about a specific movement headed by specific people and while certainly I understand that other people might not like the co-opting of the term (and I think it's really important for atheists outside of the New Atheism movement to be vocal about their resistance to the co-opting of the term), it is what it is. - Victor Ganata
The thing is, the lived experience of a lot of theists (in my experience) aren't that driven by the shear fact of the god being real/supernatural vs. a convenient and familiar mental scaffolding to hold a framework of their moral ideals. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
To be clear: I despise the sexism, classism, racism, rudeness and disrepect exhibited by Dawkins and Hitchens and other leaders of New Atheism. They don't speak for me at all. - Stephen Mack
I'm a practical man, Todd. I am comfortable with that definition. I think many people live godless (atheos) lives with small bursts of trying to adhere to the scripture of their upbringing without ever consciously denying the existence of the god of their upbringing. Then they're mostly atheist to me :) - Eivind
When someone says "I'm a practical man" you know there's a lot more to the story :-) - Todd Hoff
Glen Campbell
Don't worry about Ebola spreading in Dallas. The Cowboys have shown us that people in Dallas can't catch anything.
Ebomo! - Todd Hoff
Things you shouldn't have to explain:
How to find a guide to the guides to the literature. - Joe
how to spell your name - Iain Baker
How to achieve peace in the Israeli--Palestinian conflict - Todd Hoff
Estimating the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. - Joe
*wanders past, banging coconuts* - Iain Baker
:) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Ken Morley
Getting older but...
I didn't set the bar very high when I was younger, so there is still room for improvement. - Ken Morley
"It's never to late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot - Eric Logan
^ George became a woman. - Ken Morley
Only your but is getting older? How strange. - Todd Hoff
I have a portrait of my butt in the attic. - Ken Morley
A Dorian Gray situation? - Todd Hoff
I think George was a woman using a male pseudonym. - Eric Logan
The Arse Of Dorian Gray - Big Joe Silence
Todd Hoff
OK, why would DHCP use bash? That's....I lack the words.
The two words that come to mind start with an F and a U. - Kevin Johnson from Android
Ah, popen. - Todd Hoff
Using it for file conversions? Or for extensibility? - Kevin Johnson from Android
Because | - Eric - It's My Thing
Lots of commands: const char *cmds[] = { "/bin/ps -axlw 2>&1", "/usr/sbin/arp -an 2>&1", "/usr/bin/netstat -an 2>&1", "/bin/df 2>&1", "/usr/bin/dig com. soa +ti=1 +retry=0 2>&1", "/usr/bin/netstat -an 2>&1", "/usr/bin/dig . soa +ti=1 +retry=0 2>&1", "/usr/sbin/iostat 2>&1", "/usr/bin/vmstat 2>&1", "/usr/bin/w 2>&1", NULL - Todd Hoff
At one time this kind of data wasn't available via APIs, so it makes sense. - Todd Hoff
Oh ya. That stuff. Almost forgot about pre-/proc days.. - Kevin Johnson from Android
In 'Selfie', John Cho Gets An Unlikely Shot As A Romantic Lead : Code Switch : NPR -
In 'Selfie', John Cho Gets An Unlikely Shot As A Romantic Lead : Code Switch : NPR
"In short, Cho is accustomed to having the freedom to get into character without worrying that "the Asian song" will cue his appearances. He hasn't been forced into parroting stereotypical ethnic tics for cheap laughs or breaking out a fake foreign accent." - rönin from Bookmarklet
I thought he was quite good. - Todd Hoff
Andrew C (✔)
RT @themichaelrock: 12yo: Can we go to a haunted house this year? Me: What's wrong with the one we live in? 12yo: WHAT?! Me: Goodnight, son.
That's a great twitter story. Out flashes the flashiest of short stories. - Todd Hoff
Sean McBride
The CIA Used Artificial Intelligence to Interrogate Its Own Agents in the 80s
The CIA Used Artificial Intelligence to Interrogate Its Own Agents in the 80s
Would you like to play thermonuclear war? Answering Yes was grounds for immediate termination. - Todd Hoff
There's an A.I. Hasidic Jew working for Mossad watching your feed McBride. He's doing the Hava Nagilla right now... all this tech stuff and nothing about Israel? I'm so disappointed McBride. Nothing much to talk about when the Muzzies kill each other and our Obama (the Israel killer) is the one funding it? Oh my! A.I. is the least of your problems McBride. Here let me feed your paranoia... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Aren't most Jews liberals? They voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in the last two elections. If you want, pick up the discussion here: - Sean McBride
yes McBride, they did. now they are around 49% liberal. so Obama has destroyed the Arab world and made the Jews paranoid. I could not ask for a better outcome. Take the advice of the outgoing president Eisenhower (the president that Obama modeled his FP after, but Ike warned that the Arabs were not a political block that was allied). The only threat to Israel is a guy like Bill Clinton.... more... - NoahDavidSimon
that said Obama's incompetence in not perfect. He does leave us with a Turkish Nuclear program that is hidden by the media... but I'm working on that. the best part is those Anonymous dudes that let all the U.S. government secrets out. Wow... I'm betting that in private you realize that was not a good thing for keeping the integrity of the Oslo agreements together. Now they've been nullified. You can deny it, but the Palestinians themselves know the two state delusion is dead. - NoahDavidSimon
Good luck on your Turkish ops. (And I agree that the two-state solution is dead.) - Sean McBride
I like that comment ^^^^ now get to work and make everyone hate the Zionists so the Jews get real paranoid and throw the Muslims out. As of now if they keep their "liberal" Jewish world view (where they live with "Multiculturalism"), they will get killed from within by the Muslims living in Israel already. The best thing for Israel is to be as paranoid as possible and for the Arabs to start getting violent in a gradual manner so as to not kill too many Jews. - NoahDavidSimon
Do you notice that nations like Canada, Sweden and Switzerland are not bogged down in angry arguments and violent conflicts about ethnic and religious nationalism? They have moved past that phase of cultural and political development. - Sean McBride
Steven Perez
The entire radio industry advertising model for RW radio has been upset. They don’t like to talk about it, but the managers and distributors are hoping the money hemorrhage will stop during political advertising season. But that is a temporary reprieve. They have lost thousands of customer facing advertising and they aren’t coming back as long as... -
Limbaugh and Hannity switch to "sports talk" in 3...2... - WarLord
Politics aren't a sport? - Todd Hoff
Limbaugh already tried that, with predictable results. - John (bird whisperer)
I honestly curious, do buyers of new cars even realize that they have an AM radio installed? I listen to Sirius radio but don't most folks just plug in their own tunes? AM listeners seems a dying demographic - WarLord
I couldn't say. My phone doubles as a mp3 player/podcast catcher (which I plug into a AUX port on the dashboard), so the amount of time I've actually listened to radio, let alone AM radio, is minuscule. - Steven Perez
Todd: Funny you mention that. My collection of political RSS feeds in Feedly (and Google Reader before that) is entitled "Contact Sports". - Steven Perez
Truth in advertising :-) - Todd Hoff
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Gentlemen, why are you convinced you should lie to women? If it isn't true, don't say it. Be truthful or be quiet. It's simple. #datingtips
I think so many men are intimidated by women and convinced that women won't like them for who they are. - Steele Lawman
Being quiet all the time is quite socially awkward. - Todd Hoff
I get that. But why become a liar instead? It makes no sense to me. Talking to these young guys about their dating situations and what they think they should do, which often equates to being untruthful in some way, is depressing. Not to mention how often I am told lies or half truths for no reason which only serves to generate doubt and mistrust more than anything else. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
The whole stereotype paradigm of men have to lie to women bc they don't know what we 'want to hear' irritates me. And I get bummed bc I hope younger people are getting past it, but then hear them playing out the same asinine gender generalities. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
That's me facing down the corn maze.
*shudders* - Tamara J. B.
Follow the screams. - Todd Hoff
Nope. - Marie
See, I just figure I'll run into old Black Sox players. - Spidra Webster
"He wants you too, Malachai." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Todd Hoff
Adults can color too...
The Church of Scientology has a colouring book? - Ken Morley
FF has a whole room for it. - Spidra Webster
Only at level 32 do you get access to the coloring book. Thanks spidra. - Todd Hoff
A Petite Woman’s Experience With The iPhone 6 - Being easily excited by newfangled gadetry, I waited with glee for Apple to announce the iPhone 6. However, it was not without trepidation. In spite of my eagerness for a new device, I feared the new iPhone would...
A Petite Woman’s Experience With The iPhone 6 - Being easily excited by newfangled gadetry, I waited with glee for Apple to announce the iPhone 6. However, it was not without trepidation. In spite of my eagerness for a new device, I feared the new iPhone would be significantly larger than the previous iterations and for good reason: I’m a delicate 5’2″. Electronics are greatly exaggerated against my slight frame.
The original was 3.5" - Todd Hoff
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