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Victor Ganata
I think it's reasonable to be somewhat concerned about Ebola since it has a high mortality rate (from the WHO numbers, this current epidemic has a mortality rate of about 54%--not automatically fatal, but the rate is still really high.) but it doesn't make sense to panic....
...especially if you're not in an area affected by the epidemic. - Victor Ganata
I'm not panicing, I have a towel. - Todd Hoff
If you're worried about Ebola but don't express the same level of concern for measles or the flu or getting shot or dying in a car crash, it's difficult to believe that you're actually (1) concerned about the number of lives lost and (2) concerned about your own self-preservation. - Victor Ganata
Especially if you're advocating for crazy shit like preventing anyone from West Africa from traveling even if they're asymptomatic and haven't gone anywhere near the areas affected by the epidemic or if you're against transporting patients to be treated in specialized facilities. - Victor Ganata
It also makes no sense to advocate for manufacturing and distributing a drug that costs several thousand dollars per dose when we have no idea whether it actually does anything and when we could probably save more lives just providing basic supportive care that isn't readily available in areas affected by the epidemic. - Victor Ganata
Admittedly, bags of saline are nowhere near as profitable as bags of monoclonal antibody, so I guess it would make sense for shareholders to advocate for manufacturing and distributing a drug that costs several thousand dollars per dose when we have no idea whether it actually does anything.... - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
Man Hand Raises a Baby Bird Into a Beautiful Adult Songbird -
Man Hand Raises a Baby Bird Into a Beautiful Adult Songbird
"What an absolutely amazing story. The fact he raised a tiny pink, helpless, fetus-looking thing into a release-ready bird is a testament to his skill as a veterinarian. It should be noted that the rearing of any wildlife can be difficult, and should only be undertaken by those trained (and licensed, in many cases) to do so. Many animals, especially migratory birds, are protected under federal law, and it is illegal to have them in your care without the proper permits. If you find any injured or sick wildlife, your best bet is to look for a local wildlife rehabilitation organization. Source: imgur Share this heart-warming animal rescue story with your friends belo" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Steve and 4 other people
You don't need Facebook or Facebook Messenger (or Twitter for that matter). Just ininstall it all.
And TALK on my phone like some kind of animal???? - Andrew C (✔)
you don't need a messenger yo - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Inflatacookbook: 1970s alternative media/architecture collective Ant Farm’s instruction manual on how to create weirdly inhabitable inflatable structures / l a u r e n | f e n t o n -
Inflatacookbook: 1970s alternative media/architecture collective Ant Farm’s instruction manual on how to create weirdly inhabitable inflatable structures / l a u r e n | f e n t o n
"Inflatacookbook: 1970s alternative media/architecture collective Ant Farm’s instruction manual on how to create weirdly inhabitable inflatable structures" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
The 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts - Hammacher Schlemmer -
The 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts - Hammacher Schlemmer
"The 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Looks fun! - Todd Hoff
Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
here - Keith Teare
here too - Kevin Marks
Topic for today's GG: Sup App half-life now measured in weeks. - Tom Guarriello
OMG I'm available to attend a recording! - Matthew Voshell
...and go in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Murray Macdonald
Here is where the new FB messenger App is headed... - Tony Stanislawski
Here. - Robert Scoble
im going to watch through the roku ustream private channel i wonder how far delayed ill be - Matthew Voshell
We are gonna talk about two-app strategy for sure. - Robert Scoble
That one above is for you Robert! - Tony Stanislawski
@Robert did you see that tweet i sent to most for the Frontline piece that recently aired? - Matthew Voshell
BTW My little experiment last week, I mentioned all of you in a tweet, only Keith responded. I know that I could have got Scobles attention on FB. Steve G and Kevin not so sure how I would - Tony Stanislawski
I saw it, but as keith had responded i thought I'd be redundant - Kevin Marks
The world is coming to an end. I might as well watch The Gillmor Gang live - Francine Hardaway
Excellent plan, Francine - Tom Guarriello
Got it Kevin - Tony Stanislawski
Tony, do you mean this one? - Rob Underwood
I was thinking of Robert S too when I watched the original - Rob Underwood
No I have not seen that...another thing to watch! - Tony Stanislawski
Matthew, nope. - Robert Scoble
What's up Steve! - Chris Hale
ppl are turnig off push notications (in some categories) - clive boulton
I will not install fb chat. Don't want it. Same with 4square. - Murray Macdonald
Wow. Robert jumped right in - Chris Hale
Per a story that relates to last weeks show, and what the gang is trying to understand; - Matthew Voshell
Path like 4sq has 2 app strategy - clive boulton
I agree -- the FourSquare/Swarm split feels different than the messenger/FB "split" - Rob Underwood
I love the new FourSquare app, and Messenger is quite useful. I dig that too. Both are very useful. And, the new Messenger features are super sweet! You guys should check it out. - Jason Nunnelley
Can we make the Dock disappear on Robert's screen? - Tom Guarriello
These apps will have to provide value to users. They seem like distractions more than value. I communicate with my friends through other channels (text, voice, email, beer) - Murray Macdonald
I always view myself as the quintessential user, and I will now never use Foursquare and give tips. I used to do it when checking in. - Francine Hardaway
I have too many other ways to find out where to eat - Francine Hardaway
Question, can you be friends in messenger and not on FB yet? - Tony Stanislawski
But I do like and use Messenger - Francine Hardaway
Tony yes - Francine Hardaway
Yelp is my go-to app for food. I don't want people to know where I am eating. - Murray Macdonald
Agree with Robert on separating of FB apps. I think this could be an attempt to improve reputation for individual components of FB - Chris Hale
@Tony, yes, depending on your privacy settings you can control who can message you; either public, friends of friends, firends, or ony me - Matthew Voshell
Max Schrems suite was stirred by a talk from a Facebook privacy lawyer. “The message was, ‘Europeans are cute with their privacy laws... - clive boulton
My sister (reasonably technical) just made the mistake of having a private conversation on a relative's public Facebook feed. I explained the 2-app split and she's on board now. ;-) - Ian McGee
Messenger and the FB strategy are not the same as 4Square and Swarm - Francine Hardaway
whatever happened to the big "skype" integration into facebook chat? seems like they've kinda forgotten about that? - Matthew Voshell
I think instant messaging in general is a ungodly steaming hot mess - Chris Hale
My wife told me she uninstalled Messenger because of the permission requirements, to which I responded "how are you going to talk to your daughter when she's in Japan?" When in Osaka, my kid only talked to us on Messenger, because it's mobile, desktop, etc. Warren Whitlock called me on the voice calling feature built into Messenger, before I even knew it was there. Cool as hell! - Jason Nunnelley
On iOS, the lock screen notifications arent written correctly, i get a single new notification per message... its awful, they need to allow it to do a "count" of messages from the same persons - Matthew Voshell
My parents and many of my 50+ year old friends are not on facebook. Neither are my kids. - Murray Macdonald
Matthew: we can argue about that. I really like the single notifications per message coming in. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, but I see the utility of FB Messenter immediately, but my perception of FOursquare and Swarm is silly - Francine Hardaway
Swarm is getting better and better! - Tony Stanislawski
I still can't figure out the Swarm "nearby plans" -- it would seem weird to just show up in person at someone's plan (e.g., dinner), even if they are friends. - Rob Underwood
I think what they did is underestimate the gamification of it, which everyone loved and they are bringing those back! - Tony Stanislawski
Robert was talking on his fb this week about everyone who is up in arms over the permission stuff. Its just people pontificating about privacy because they have nothing better to get inflamed about. In a contextual age the notion of privacy is a radically different thing than the traditional notion of what privacy is - Chris Hale
Foursquare made a lot of mistakes. - Francine Hardaway
Good work, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
@Robert re: FB messenger chat notification; if i get 10 messages now my entire screen is full and i cant see any of the other messages (unless i scroll) i think having a count like imessage nativly does its much better to scale - Matthew Voshell
LOL Kevin I know who to message now! - Tony Stanislawski
Matthew: I do wish you had a choice. I see value in how you want to use notifications too. - Robert Scoble
Did facebook ever try to buy four square? isnt this a feature they portray in "silicon valley" when hooloui reverse engineerings the same feature as pied piper; facebook just did that wither thier "check-ins" and foursquare is dead just like that - Matthew Voshell
It all comes down to value. Can they generate more value for their users, and in some way extract that value in a form that positively affects the balance sheet? If that answer is yes, do it. - Josh Bradshaw
By leaving a tip are you not really checking in, just not in the present! - Tony Stanislawski
Bingo Kevin! - Tony Stanislawski
Hey @Robert. I had an interesting thought. Maybe these companies are splitting there apps because of a User experience crisis on mobile. Just like a webpage with too much content on it, maybe they are trying to keep there apps focused and uncluttered so people don't feel overwhelmed by an apps complexity - Chris Hale
When I use it I use it in combo with Google and 4sq - Tony Stanislawski
Really easier to type "coffee shop near me" into Google - Francine Hardaway
Worth noting Yelp has/had check-in ... just no one used it that I can tell. - Rob Underwood
As an app developer, I can appreciate how hard it can be to organize all the functions of an app when an app tries to include the "kitchen sink" in there app - Chris Hale
Don't resist FB Messenger, folks. It's worth it. I use it to talk to my friends in London. - Francine Hardaway
oye,,, a few technical weirdnesses today. its always something :-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
yelp reviews are like amazon reviews, take them with a grain of salt; biz owners check thier yelp and want it to look good; there's been stories latly of owners bullying peopel to leave good reviews or chraging for bad ones - Matthew Voshell
I have had experiences like the one @Robert described. I think this is a drastically undersold feature of FB. It really has helped me meet up with friends in other towns - Chris Hale
Many Yelp reviews are years old (pre apps era) - clive boulton
FB Messenger is quite useful. especial for a small group chat - Tina Chase Gillmor
I use Google Now all the time. Its contextual awareness is great. - Murray Macdonald
There is only so many Messaging Silo's to invest time in. - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Listening to @Robert all I can think of now is Peter Brady and "Time to Change" - - Rob Underwood
Change is not hard it is fun! What would life be like without change! - Tony Stanislawski
group chat is key. twitter is dropping the ball there - Kevin Marks
Queue steve and his notification love fest - Matthew Voshell
WhatsApp is the most popular one that friends and family use for Group Chats - Moe Glitz from iPhone
To me, i think a lot of these chat silos will be broken down in IOS 8 once apps can talk to each other. - Chris Hale
How did Facebook Messenger take over what AIM used to own? Why did people switch? - Matthew Voshell
We are using Slack a ton across our development team at Relay now. - Rob Underwood
yes, Slack is excellent - Keith Adler
We love it. - Rob Underwood
Slack rocks. - Robert Scoble
In about two weeks we've moved 80% of our internal communication to Slack .. and it integrates with stuff like Github and JIRA, etc. - Rob Underwood
I have a plane going over sorry - Kevin Marks
yes it integrates with ALL the things - Kevin Marks
Who will acquire Slack. Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Twitter SHOULD - Keith Adler
@Moe -- good question. Maybe LinkedIn? - Rob Underwood
I hope none of them - Kevin Marks
Apple or MSFT would bugger it up - Kevin Marks
good point - Keith Adler
Facebook is too off message - Kevin Marks
maybe google, but they'd have channel conflict with plus/hangouts - Kevin Marks
Yahoo is desperate enough. - Murray Macdonald
It's great for our team because it gave a separate notifications stream that would get everyone's attention - Keith Adler
I love learning about new tools from you guys. *runs off to check out Slack* - Laura Norvig
Rob: slack does git, ok, now i'll check out the app - clive boulton
Stewart would not sell to Yahoo again - Kevin Marks
hmm. slack sounds interesting - Chris Hale
Any App that solves problems will always be in the line of fire for the usual suspects - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Remember when Whisper was the buzz? They come, they go... - Murray Macdonald
The searchable database, shared group environment is what's great - Keith Adler
@kevin: any indie concept of app-to-app notifications (yeah on the phone)? - clive boulton
It has put our work messaging in it's own separate channel (important when all the employees are overloaded) - Keith Adler
i used to work for the company that managed the backend for whisper - Chris Hale
webmentions are the indie concept, but not very app-focused - Kevin Marks
Ugh. I only didn't remove Yo because I forgot about it - Francine Hardaway
webmentions - thx - clive boulton
Yo is too small to go to the effort of deleting if it doesn't bug us too much... - Ian McGee
There is easily a Top 20 of major Messaging Apps. It's hard to get into the Top 5 and stay there - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I'm starting to turn off notifications on some apps because I'm being driven nuts by notifications - Francine Hardaway
Yo was awesome for the World Cup...just got a Yo every time a goal was scored. - Tony Stanislawski
I turn of/deny notification on all apps except the social networking apps - Adnan
Yo shows why brogrammers are a stain on silicon valley - Matthew Voshell
what the bejesus is a brogrammer? - Chris Hale
Yo is brogrammers trying to be phatic and just shouting - Kevin Marks
brogrammer is programmer who acts like a frat boy - Kevin Marks
iOS 8 could be the American Bandstand of Messaging Apps - Moe Glitz from iPhone
The device IS the app! Long term, Apple will be the best and most reliable contextual API provider. The hardware is a vehicle for the software. - Richard Hendrix
I blame Aaron Sorkin - Kevin Marks
i'd liken them to Ogar from Revenger of the nerds... that knows javascript - Matthew Voshell
apple is not a great cloud api provider - Kevin Marks
I turn noisy app notifications off / also noisy folks off - clive boulton
@Kevin... lol Aaron had nothing to do with this! - Matthew Voshell
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH @Kevin - Chris Hale
he reified the dickish programmer - Kevin Marks
The API isn't in the cloud - it's on the device and just transmitted through the cloud if need be - Richard Hendrix
Kevin So you are saying Mark Zuckerburg is a dickish programmer? - Matthew Voshell
I was going to ask Robert if he still had Yo on the phone. - JayVig
I will install it if it guarantees Arsenal will win another trophy this year, Keith! - Tom Guarriello
to some extent - Kate Losse's Boy Kings describes it more clearly - Kevin Marks
Man City are the champions i believe, ahem - Matthew Voshell
but Sorkin created a dickish programmer archetype (possibly intending to be dismissive) but it became a hero role model - Kevin Marks
There should be an intercourse Messaging App. Yes Yes Yes! That would be huge Global Big Data - Moe Glitz from iPhone
hierarchy of noise: yogrammer > brogrammer > programmer - clive boulton
I was looking for this earlier but all the Slick fans... Hipchat is very similar.. a little nicer actaully.. - Matthew Voshell
that's like google's "pay per emotion" patent - Kevin Marks
Slack's integration wins - Kevin Marks
What's that patent, Kevin? - Tom Guarriello
@Kevin.. yea price might too; but idk here are hipchat integrations - Matthew Voshell
Thanks, Kevin. - Tom Guarriello
googs new user tracking bridges mobile apps and web - clive boulton
Once again folks the book is called "age of context" get it on amazon now - Matthew Voshell
So emotion sensing watches will start driving recommendations to restaurants where people are happy? - Murray Macdonald
The people who hate the change are most vocal - Tony Stanislawski
I did a focus group on the Nespresso machine - Tina Chase Gillmor
Vessyl an early (and ridiculous) example of something that's definitely going to become pervasive. - Tom Guarriello
makeup sex heartrate? - Murray Macdonald
Vessle is awesome cuase it tells you everything thats on the side of the can.. colbert did a nice job with it - Matthew Voshell
Murray: chocolate for Maryam. :-) - Robert Scoble
so all those home automation protocols that apple and google are working are going to be a big key to this contextual future. - Chris Hale
Nespresso machines are yummy -- but now sounding like "The Circle" - Rob Underwood
I like having a real espresso machine. - Kevin Marks
it's a balance of trade -- are people going to be willing to continue to give up privacy for the convenience and serendipity of discovery? - Rob Underwood
Kevin: sometimes I like a 3-star restaurant. Other times McDonalds. :-) - Robert Scoble
BLE sensors have standardized discovery. - Murray Macdonald
@Rob for music? Movies? Sure... for my home... ehhh :/ - Matthew Voshell
scary future... - Adnan
Yep! That's what I'm saying. Apple becomes the arbiter of the sensors, in effect turning the bundle of sensors into a contextual API that Apple provides. The device is just a part of the programming. - Richard Hendrix
Taxi Trails App in Stockholm tracks the travels of all their taxis via GPS to discover Stockholm Hot Spots - Moe Glitz from iPhone
BLE does but Proximity UUID's do not - Keith Teare
why not push a webmentions notification at an app for scalability of permissions - clive boulton
They are trying to stop tracking the UIDs of their devices, not the sensors. - Murray Macdonald
What apple is doing with beacons is criminal. It's like doing away with DNS so that your computer could only talk to hosts through applications that embed specific IP addresses. The web would have never been born. I put some real effort into a DNS for beacons and I'm now I'm glad I didn't spend more time on it. - Todd Hoff
And Apple is banning BLE to Proximity UUID discovery - Keith Teare
I already did - Francine Hardaway
How exactly are they banning that Keith? - Murray Macdonald
See the thing that scares me about apples approach is that all the data flows directly to apple. I think its important for some of these sensors and things that will talk to each other to be localized to the app in question not to platform itself - Chris Hale
Apple is very good about explaining how they never "touch" your data.... google kind of skirts around it - Matthew Voshell
Android BLE provides a better beacon API. I can detect and respond to beacons without needing to know about them in advance. Apple requires you to pre-register your beacons for the app to respond. - Murray Macdonald
You can set whatever Major and Minor values you want on most BLE beacons. - Murray Macdonald
Can you become a beacon yet on android Murray? - Todd Hoff
Context should not be app specific. Location context is environmental, not app specific. - Murray Macdonald
Murray - yes, all accurate - Keith Teare
Are you asking if an Android phone can transmit as a beacon? - Murray Macdonald
Murray it can not, yet. - Robert Scoble
Apple won't approve apps that try to discover beacons the app doesn't already know about - Keith Teare
Robert: Cannot what? Transmit as a beacon? - Murray Macdonald
Apple will make the browser ? - chris dowling
That's not true. A proper beacon browser would allow you to whitelist desired beacons. There's no reason you need to be spammed. That would just be a bad beacon browser. A good one would let you scan an environment and add the ones you like to your whitelist. - Murray Macdonald
Anybody should be able to make the browser. - Keith Teare
Hearing Apple scaling its Cassandra team ahead of something big - clive boulton
zeroconf, not zigbee - Kevin Marks
Here's a use case: I'm walking down a sidewalk and I want to get information on restaurants on my path. You want to get coupons, specials, menus etc from your local context. Using a general system I could get the id, look it up, apply filters, merge with social streams, figure out the interaction pattern, and present the UI to the user. This can't happen with an iphone. - Todd Hoff
So cute. There's a little Keith in the room - Tina Chase Gillmor
coupons meh - Kevin Marks
Sorry Kevin, yes, zeroconf - Keith Teare
A good beacon browser app would let you enable/disable types of beacons. Coupons, restaurants, etc... Users would turn on and off they things they are interested in. The browser wouldn't spam your notifications, it would present them when you asked, unless you had previously whitelisted them. - Murray Macdonald
saving money bothers you? - Todd Hoff
They don't have the majority of costco customers, just app purchasers. - Murray Macdonald
Murray: Android can not transmit as a beacon. - Robert Scoble
Maybe there will be a "discoverability" ON/OFF setting like in Bluetooth. - Alex de Soto
password heist? - Laura Norvig
It wasn't this stuff about beacons - Francine Hardaway
Robert: Agreed, but it will soon. Also I see little need as phones are already discoverable. Apple can act as an iBeacon, but what is the use? It could be useful in the future when finding friends, etc... but those apps aren't popular as most of that is done through GPS and the cloud, not BLE. - Murray Macdonald
Sprints attempted buyout of Tmobile finally got extinguished this week - Chris Hale
"Netflix subscriber revenue surpasses HBO." - Alex de Soto
And Sprint got a new CEO this week. That is also interesting new IMHO - Chris Hale
I've got to run to a 2:30 meeting. Thanks everyone! Great show. - Murray Macdonald
FCC tells phone carriers to tell users why throttling - Laura Norvig
literally dying I emant - Kevin Marks
I cannot watch World news on any channel. Regurgitation of what was on the internet 2 hours or 2 days ago! - Tony Stanislawski
HBO Vice is pretty interesting. - Alex de Soto
Oliver is a half-hour weekly Daily Show. Big success for HBO and loss for Comedy Central. - Tom Guarriello
Feeling Apple Watch focused more on personal health: sensors / notifications / analytics - clive boulton
Who is getting the new Apple iPhone? - Alex de Soto
presentate - Kevin Marks
many ppl want the larger iphone - clive boulton
What I do not get Robert is what is the key difference between these people who spend so much time worrying about this rather than using it. Your thread on FB would be an interesting dissertation..... - Tony Stanislawski
this is too small - Kevin Marks
*waves to Todd Hoff* - Laura Norvig
Special mention: Danny Sullivan's Twitter coverage of the hurricanes in Hawaii. - Alex de Soto
Good show! Time for some wine! Vivino show me the way! :) - Tony Stanislawski
When is your next show, Tina? - Laura Norvig
What's that football app again, Keith? - Tom Guarriello
Tony: we all talk about it because it's interesting and we all are gonna use it. - Robert Scoble
Now for some G3 - clive boulton
In case I don't see ya, Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! - Chris Hale
I want the larger phone - Francine Hardaway
Nice one! - Asif Rahman
Good show. 'night all - Ian McGee from Android
thanks! - Richard Hendrix
Francine the larger phone spurs a smaller watch? - clive boulton
Ah, One it. - Tom Guarriello
Thanks everyone! - Robert Scoble
Oh hey, I found the "chat room". Another great show, thanks :) - Brian Gaudenti
Phil Plait
Are you a Star Trek TOS fan? The new “ST: Continues” episode is out, and it’s really good!
I love the new voice of the computer! - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
First full-scale tidal generator in Wales unveiled: Deltastream array to power 10,000 homes using ebb and flow of the ocean | Mail Online -
First full-scale tidal generator in Wales unveiled: Deltastream array to power 10,000 homes using ebb and flow of the ocean | Mail Online
"The first full-scale tidal generator in Wales has been unveiled in an attempt to reduce the UK's carbon emissions. The device, an underwater turbine mounted on a free-standing base, will be installed in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire. Its backers say it will be among the world's first demonstration devices connected to the grid to generate green, renewable and predictable tidal power. Scroll down for video" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Curious to see if it can deal with the silting issues. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Water saving tips California drought style:
Drastically cut back or completely discontinue outdoor landscape watering. - Todd Hoff
Try to use recycled water from buckets or a grey water system. - Todd Hoff
turn off outdoor automatic sprinkler systems. If you do water, do it early morning or late in the day to reduce evaporation. - Todd Hoff
Fix any leaks around the house, inside and out. - Todd Hoff
Use shutoff nozzles on outdoor hoses. - Todd Hoff
Use the Laundromat or use the shorter or lower water cycles on your washing machine. - Todd Hoff
If you have an energy efficient dish washer make sure it is full before running. - Todd Hoff
Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, lathering your hands or shampooing in the shower. - Todd Hoff
Use hand sanitizers for hand cleaning instead of running water. - Todd Hoff
Try using cold water for washing your hands. This would save *gallons* of water daily in every one of our households. - Todd Hoff
The old standard saying still goes…”If it is brown, flush it down, if it is yellow, it is mellow” - Todd Hoff
Consider signing up for one of the bottled water services. - Todd Hoff
If you have a reverse osmosis system, it takes 2 gallons of water to make 1 gallon. - Todd Hoff
Try to avoid using the garbage disposal. It is an unnecessary use of water. Compost your kitchen waste instead. - Todd Hoff
Take shorter showers or better yet – shower at your health club if you are members. - Todd Hoff
Put buckets in every sink and shower. Use this water for watering plants or flushing toilets. - Todd Hoff
Consider installing a grey water system. - Todd Hoff
Postpone any landscaping, hot tub, pool, etc. until we get rain. - Todd Hoff
When using the tap, try to use it at a lower flow. - Todd Hoff
No car or driveway washing. - Todd Hoff
Don’t use the toilet as a waste basket. - Todd Hoff
Put sand or pebbles in a plastic bottle and fill with water and put in the toilet tank - Todd Hoff
Talk to your children about how critical this water shortage is – regarding shorter showers, toilet flushing, teeth brushing, etc. - Todd Hoff
Consider Installing low flow shower heads and replacing old inefficient toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines. - Todd Hoff
When you change your pets water bowl, put the “old water “on plants. - Todd Hoff
Costco has compostable paper plates. - Todd Hoff
Use paper plates, plastic cups and silverware to save water in the dishwasher - Todd Hoff
Think twice and three times before you let ANY water go down a drain. It can be put to so many good uses if you catch it before it washes away forever. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
RT @GWillowWilson: I want an app that alerts me every time a white dude with a gun license walks into an elementary school. Can you get on it, @sketchbegone?
And can I get a drone backup? - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
Watch A Paper Robot Fold Itself Into Existence…And Walk Away | The Creators Project -
Watch A Paper Robot Fold Itself Into Existence…And Walk Away | The Creators Project
"Roboticists at Harvard and MIT have created a robot that can fold itself into existence and scuttle away without any help from human hands. The machine, inspired by origami folding, comes in a flat package. A tiny heater activates precisely placed shrinking plastic which pulls the body together, folding it into a fully functional, 3D robot." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
LB's 3am Name Change
How did we (I) ever survive without dual monitors?
why did you just now get dual? dual are awesome! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Go triple and you'll never go back. - Todd Hoff
I've had them for a while, but I was thinking today about how much I like them. *drools on Todd* - LB's 3am Name Change from Android
ah know, if you wanted three you can have one of my monitors. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm a big fan of dual monitors. But if you can't go dual, you can get a 39" 4k tv that works as a monitor for $330 on Amazon. The brand is Seiki. I still can't get over that. (Cue up the "I remember when 42" plasma TVs were $3,000...) I've played with a friend's and it is really mind blowing. Next time I need a TV or a monitor, that's what I'm going to get. - Brian Johns
I'm back on a single 30" now, and I think it's better than dual. :) 2560x1600 is a-maz-ing! - Steve and 4 other people
I ask myself that every day. - Jim: with more caffeine!
At this point, I'd probably just go with an ultrawide instead of a dual monitor setup. - NOT THE CRICKET
But if your only computer is a laptop... - Jim: with more caffeine!
I have a triple at work and a double at home. My wife uses a 32" 1080p TV. One big screen is tempting. (Plus the window snapping in Windows works pretty well.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I should probably casting chrome to my TV at some point. - Jim: with more caffeine!
Mr. B is using a 39" TV and a 22" monitor at the moment. - LB's 3am Name Change from Android
Todd Hoff
matthew soules suspends pyramidal plant architecture in vancouver -
matthew soules suspends pyramidal plant architecture in vancouver
"suspended above visitors to the harmony arts festival, ‘vermilion sands’ by matthew soules architecture transforms west vancouver’s millennium park into an experiential and immersive space. a canopy made from 260 custom-fabricated modules — pyramidal in shape — are wrapped in lush plant life, both providing shade and animating the landscape with dynamic shadows. each singular unit has been crafted from a wire frame, covered in a geotextile fabric and sprayed with a hydro-seeding mixture, of either perennial rye grass or white clover. finally, the modules have been placed in a nursery, where the foliage was cultivated for a period of 1 month." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
Someone outside on the street just yelled out "Turn down for what!" :D
You have a turn down service? Fancy neighborhood. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
About companies moving out of the US who say companies aren't in the patriotism business. Profit without responsibility. How post modern. Let's cast the following benefits be gone spell. All patents, copyrights, and trademarks, gone.
All research and other tax breaks, gone. All protective tarrifs, gone. All competitve info from the CIA, NSA, etc, gone. - Todd Hoff
All military interventions to protect your markets, gone. - Todd Hoff
All government contracts, gone. - Todd Hoff
All lobbying will be considered acts of terrorism, free speech, gone. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
The word "understand" is a metaphor. I can totally see how the Universal Translator would f- up on words like this.
Isn't everything based on association and metaphor? - Todd Hoff
Yes, but I think there are degrees of abstraction and "to understand" seems fairly removed from physical action despite being such a common word and despite its component morphemes being obvious physical states/actions. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
If by capitalism you mean that private individuals get to decide what gets made and destroyed and what gets bought and sold, with regulations in place to protect private property and to prevent exploitation of labor and to redress existing injustice, I'm actually mostly OK with that….
…but if by capitalism you mean the government should always favor business activities and regulations should be scrapped, leaving us completely at the mercy of private individuals and corporations with vast accumulations of wealth (because only the productive and self-sufficient should have a say, while the parasitic and dependent must be eliminated) (1) I think you're really thinking of, literally, historically, fascism—like Hitler/Mussolini/Franco shit—and (2) no, sir, I don't like it. - Victor Ganata
And in practice it means corporations capture the government and make the regulations. See Gilded Age and Progressive movement. - Todd Hoff
Granted, the theory is always much nicer than practice, and I think that just speaks to the inherent instability of capitalism. - Victor Ganata
And, sure, fascism is also laden with ultranationalism and xenophobia and fanatic anti-Communism (and that's the part most people think about) but we've got all that too! - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
eScienceCommons: Physicists eye neural fly data, find formula for Zipf's law -
eScienceCommons: Physicists eye neural fly data, find formula for Zipf's law
"“We showed mathematically that the system becomes Zipfian when you’re recording the activity of many units, such as neurons, and all of the units are responding to the same variable,” Nemenman says. “The fact that Zipf’s law will occur in a system with just 40 or 50 such units shows that biological units are in some sense special – they must be adapted to the outside world.”" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
OK, I agree the whole "the monkey owns the copyright" thing is fairly silly, but now I'm curious: if a toddler takes a picture, who owns the copyright?
If the wind presses a button does it own the copyright? - Todd Hoff
To say nothing of camera traps. - Jennifer Dittrich
So it seems the real issue the legitimacy of copyright rather than agency that's the problem. - Todd Hoff
Monsanto ? - Eric Logan
So you're saying toddlers are not consider beings with any agency and/or rights (or at least the ability to hold on to intellectual property rights)? That'll be interesting when the Singularity or the extraterrestrial invasion comes :D Not to mention what that means for corporations. - Victor Ganata
To make it less crazy, who owns the copyright if a 12 year old takes a picture with a camera? Why is this case any different? That's what I'm trying to get at. - Victor Ganata
If I inadvertantly butt-post a pic to a public feed or if I accidentally dribble some paint on a wall, can someone just take that image and make a ton of money off of it (as unlikely as that sounds) and I won't have any rights because it wasn't purposeful? - Victor Ganata
Are corporations people more than toddlers are? - Victor Ganata
I think it's a basic personhood question. The corporations-are-people-too precedent really has a lot of f-ed up (at least philosophical) sequelae because it's like saying you don't have to be sentient or human to be a person. - Victor Ganata
I can't wait until corporations are declared sentient (independent of the humans who comprise it.) - Victor Ganata
Somewhere between infancy and 12 year olds the picture taking* becomes purposeful. I'd argue that having creative** intent justifies copyright. So a toddler would have copyright on finger painting but not on photos they accidentally triggered. OTOH, if a toddler could aim a camera with intent to capture something, then sure. (* aside from accidental pics) (** "creative" used in loosest possible sense, of course. Art doesn't have to be good to be art.) - Andrew C (✔)
"The artist didn't intend to make an actual piece of art so I can take this text, audio, or image and make money off of it without having to give royalties or credit" sounds like a fairly treacherous slippery slope :D - Victor Ganata
Like Todd said, what if it was the wind that actually pressed the trigger? I saw comments somewhere that the monkey selfie could also be analogized to a photoshoot where the director is considered the author even if a different person was the camera operator and actually pressed the trigger. - Andrew C (✔)
Arguing that monkeys or toddlers are no more people than the wind is a reasonable argument. It just has potentially troubling sequelae (that no reasonable person would probably consider) :) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Toddler power farms? - Pete
Looking at those newspaper headlines where some rich person bequeaths their estate to their pet, I guess technically Fluffy or Fido don't actually own the property. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I'm arguing that the person who set up the cameras to be triggered in these cases gains more creative responsibility and privileges than the entity that triggers the camera with no photographic intent. - Andrew C (✔)
"Can minors be copyright holders?" - Steele Lawman
^ Looks like that is for the UK. For the US, the Copyright Office says " Minors may claim copyright, but state laws may regulate the business dealings involving copyrights owned by minors. For information on relevant state laws, consult an attorney." Pg. 2 pf - Steele Lawman
Hmm, I'm not sure the director/cameraman analogy necessarily flies because (1) neither of them usually end up owning the rights to the film/photo and (2) ownership is negotiated by convoluted contracts. In a default setting where no one signed anything, I'm not sure copyright actually works that way. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
But, yeah, I don't think the photographer necessarily has to go there. He could just argue that (1) monkeys can't own property and (2) if monkeys could own property, then Wikimedia still doesn't have the right to use the picture. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
They might not _end up_ owning the rights, but AIUI it's understood that they _originally_ do and _sell_ the rights. - Andrew C (✔)
Directors? I'm pretty sure they're hired by the studio and the studio owns the rights, no? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Otherwise, with no contracts signed, I don't think it's cut-and-dried. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I mean, I guess if it's an indie film without a studio, the director still hires the cameraperson, so I guess that's still obvious, but I'm thinking of a situation where there were no agreements made. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Leaving aside monkeys, toddlers, intent to create art, and assuming no one signed anything, say you give me your camera and I take a selfie with it. Who owns that image? - Victor Ganata
Practically, the camera owner, but legally, the picture taker. Again, I'm not saying "art" as in "high art", I'm saying "art" as in "the result of any kind of creative endeavor", where "creative" is also very very loosely applied. I'll split this into another thread. - Andrew C (✔)
Well, then reinserting the whole "intent to create" idea, say you give me your phone, I stick it in my back pocket, and I end up taking a butt pic or butt recording. Who owns that image or audio? I'm not entirely convinced that "intent" has anything to do with copyright. It would be interesting to see if there is a case where lack of intent weakened an existing claim to copyright. - Victor Ganata
Maybe your butt has a life of its own? - Todd Hoff
If I incorporated my butt, this wouldn't even be a question :) - Victor Ganata
Todd Hoff
Scaling the Spires of Cambridge with 1930s Urban Explorers -
Scaling the Spires of Cambridge with 1930s Urban Explorers
"Back in the 1930s, a group of amateur climbers scaled the centuries-old Gothic stonework and shaky water pipes to reach the spires of the Cambridge colleges. While not the first curious explorers to look at the architecture of a building and see it as a ladder to a new vista, they were some of the first to document their exploits. French artist Thomas Mailaender has compiled these black and white photographs acquired from the Cambridge climbers’ archives into a new publication with British independent publisher the Archive of Modern Conflict." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Chinese King's 2,100-Year-Old Treasure-Filled Tomb Discovered -
Chinese King's 2,100-Year-Old Treasure-Filled Tomb Discovered
Show all
"Archaeologists from Nanjing University have discovered the 2,100-year-old tomb of a Chinese Han dynasty king, complete with thousands of artefacts and more than 10,000 pieces of treasure. The tomb of Liu Fei was found at the top of the Dayunshan mountain in Xuyi County, Jiangsu province in 2011, and the archaeologists have spent more than two years excavating the mausoleum complex, which includes three main tombs, the burial areas of 11 attendants, two weaponry pits, a treasury, a kitchen and two horse and chariot pits bearing the remains of horses." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Wirelessly Charged Microchip Opens Doors into 'Electroceutical’ Devices' -
Wirelessly Charged Microchip Opens Doors into 'Electroceutical’ Devices'
"Poon’s discovery is on the cusp of an exciting new generation of microimplants and other nano-sized electrostimulators. The significance of the new device is in its so-called ‘electroceutical’ capabilities, which could completely change the administration of drugs in the body and the alleviation of pain. “We envision that the powering method could pave the way for new generations of sensors and stimulators that can electrically treat some disorders in ways more effective than drugs.” Through integrated circuit technology, specific nerves can be targeted and stimulated, and drugs can be administered in precise locations and doses. “Implantable electronic devices that directly modulate activity in the nervous system could provide more effective treatments for some disorders than drugs,” explains Ho. “The 'midfield' powering method may play a part in making these treatments practical by miniaturizing the devices and powering them deep in the human body.” The wireless transfer of energy... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
A long fascinating article—or is it a fascinating long article? The study reveals the Secret Rules of Adjective Order in English -
A long fascinating article—or is it a fascinating long article? The study reveals the Secret Rules of Adjective Order in English
Magistral conga line: general opinion then specific opinion then size then shape then age then color then provenance then material. Or GSSSACPM, for short. - ҀҾѦ from Bookmarklet
That's catchy. - Todd Hoff
Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it' - Telegraph -
Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it' - Telegraph
"Wikimedia, the organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to remove one of his images which is used online without his permission, claiming that because a monkey pressed the shutter button it owns the copyright." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
You found pictures of me! - imabonehead
" Mr Slater now faces an estimated £10,000 legal bill to take the matter to court. “If the monkey took it, it owns copyright, not me, that’s their basic argument. What they don’t realise is that it needs a court to decide that,” he said. The image has been removed in the past when he complained, but different editors regularly upload it once again. “Some of their editors think it should... more... - Jessie
So the camera should own the copyright? - Todd Hoff
If you're willing to rule that monkeys are no more sentient than cameras (or perhaps to rule that non-humans are not allowed to own copyright.) - Victor Ganata
Surely there must be a case where there's a copyright dispute between a toddler and an adult in similar circumstances, though. That would be an obvious precedent. - Victor Ganata
If Wikipedia's argument were allowed to stand, it could open up other questions about motion-sensitive or infrared-sensitive cameras. Could owners of those cameras see their copyrights disappear because they didn't physically trigger the shutter? - John (bird whisperer)
Maybe, but I don't think that's the dispute. I actually think the dispute is whether or not sentients (who are not necessarily sapients) can own copyright. Like, it's obvious that if I set a timer to take a picture, that I still own copyright, but if a toddler presses a button on a camera, who owns the copyright now? - Victor Ganata
In any case, Wikipedia's argument is still problematic because regardless of who owns the copyright, it's not in public domain, and there's no way they can ask a monkey for a license. - Victor Ganata
=))))))))))))))))) - جواد
I bet the monkey would grant them a license for a few bananas. Seems like a pretty silly thing to go all ape over - All You Can Arcade from Android
I mean, sure, I could think of a lot better ways to spend £10,000 (and whatever taxpayer money) but since the courts are considering it…. - Victor Ganata
If the photographer did give the monkey some food, it might have even been work for hire! - Christina Pikas
Did the monkey sign a release? - Todd Hoff
The bigger issue is whether monkeys have legal rights to ownership. I'm pretty sure they don't. - Glen Campbell
As a duly court-appointed expert monkey-whisperer, I am counsel for the referenced simian, who hereby wishes to express his heartfelt desire to retain all rights and privileges associated with the photographic image under discussion. Kindly remit payment at once to my monkey client, care of me. - Stephen Mack
Lengthy court case *SPOILER*: STATUE OF LIBERTY. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
You just *know* the barristers/solicitors are going to milk this thing for all its worth and then some :D - Victor Ganata
Andrew C (✔)
The Case Against Cards Against Humanity: Is Max Temkin a Horrible Person? - The Daily Beast -
"But even if unequivocal proof comes out tomorrow that Magz is lying and Temkin is completely innocent, I’ll probably quit playing anyway. You see, I’ve been having second thoughts about Cards Against Humanity for a while now, and about satire in general. In my younger years I was such a fan of satire and of defending controversial, offensive art as “satire” that it’s strange I’ve done an almost complete 180. I’ve been wondering if satire isn’t a bad thing in and of itself." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"The often-cited problem, as master satirist Tom Lehrer has pointed out (referencing master satirist Peter Cook before him), is that satire always preaches to the choir. It requires you to get the joke to understand it, and the people most likely to get the joke are those who already share the satirist’s opinion. Indeed, the ease of missing the point of satire is part of the point.... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Sweet merciful crap. A friend on FB has been arguing against this point -- without reading the article. Because of course he knows better. "this stuff is tiresome". Give me a fucking break. - Andrew C (✔)
The problem with satire is that it tends to be only a destructive force. It's draining. Samuel Clemens, his major go to structure was satiric destruction via realism. He ended up saying things like that "Damn Human Race" because once you've destroyed everything there's nothing left to believe in. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
The Fate Of America's Dying Supercenters - Business Insider -
The Fate Of America's Dying Supercenters - Business Insider
I have a dream, to turn these into indoor high tech mini golf courses. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
More Sillyness - As Evidence Mounts, It's Getting Harder to Defend Edward Snowden | Steptoe Cyberblog -
More Sillyness - As Evidence Mounts, It's Getting Harder to Defend Edward Snowden | Steptoe Cyberblog
"The evidence is mounting that Edward Snowden and his journalist allies have helped al Qaeda improve their security against NSA surveillance.  In May, Recorded Future, a predictive analytics web intelligence firm, published a persuasive timeline showing that Snowden’s revelations about NSA’s capabilities were followed quickly by a burst of new, robust encryption tools from al Qaeda and its affiliates:" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
I'm pretty sure his intentions weren't to assist al Qaeda. - Jenny H. from Android
Nope, certainly not, this is the most bizarre reductionist logic I'll see today. Hopefully. Unless someone says the invention of the internet is harder to defend because it helps terrorists. - Todd Hoff
If the NSA had been focused on al Qaeda, instead of innocent American citizens, we wouldn't even know who Edward Snowden was... - Bren from iPhone
Word. - Jenny H. from Android
Letter. - Todd Hoff
Punctuation. - Jenny H. from Android
I got nothing - Todd Hoff
That was the perfect response. - Jenny H. from Android
Todd Hoff
Love! - New Images Released of Krumbach, Austria’s Famous Bus Stops -
Love! - New Images Released of Krumbach, Austria’s Famous Bus Stops
Love! - New Images Released of Krumbach, Austria’s Famous Bus Stops
Love! - New Images Released of Krumbach, Austria’s Famous Bus Stops
"What happens when seven internationally acclaimed architects are invited to design sculptural bus stops for a tiny Austrian village of 1000 inhabitants? Collaborating with local architects and utilizing local materials to design the pavilions, Alexander Brodsky, Rintala Eggertsson, Ensamble Studio, Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Smiljan Radic, Sou Fujimoto, and Wang Shu’s Amateur Architecture Studio worked with Austria’s Verein Kultur Krumbach to carry out the BUS:STOP project and usher in a unique new facet of culture to Krumbach. We brought you images of the design proposals earlier, and now we have photos of the incredible results: Hufton + Crow has just released a stunning new set of images showcasing the completed bus stops." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Grandma Let's Play a Game - Neuroplasticity-based computerized cognitive remediation for treatment-resistant geriatric depression : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group -
Grandma Let's Play a Game - Neuroplasticity-based computerized cognitive remediation for treatment-resistant geriatric depression : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group
"Executive dysfunction (ED) in geriatric depression (GD) is common, predicts poor clinical outcomes and often persists despite remission of symptoms. Here we develop a neuroplasticity-based computerized cognitive remediation-geriatric depression treatment (nCCR-GD) to target ED in GD. Our assumption is that remediation of these deficits may modulate the underlying brain network abnormalities shared by ED and depression. We compare nCCR-GD to a gold-standard treatment (​escitalopram: 20 mg per 12 weeks) in 11 treatment-resistant older adults with major depression; and 33 matched historical controls. We find that 91% of participants complete nCCR-GD. nCCR-GD is equally as effective at reducing depressive symptoms as ​escitalopram but does so in 4 weeks instead of 12. In addition, nCCR-GD improves measures of executive function more than the ​escitalopram. We conclude that nCCR-GD may be equally effective as ​escitalopram in treating GD. In addition, nCCR-GD participants showed greater improvement in executive functions than historical controls treated with ​escitalopram." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
God I hate these. How do I know how to insert my card? I never get it right the first time.
Reminds me of this joke: when the inventor of the USB stick dies, they'll gently lower the coffin, then pull it back up, turn it the other way, then lower it again. - Betsy
There are basically 3 standards: horizontal, vertical, and swipers. ATM's are pretty much all standardized horizontal. Put your thumb on the authority's emblem (lower right corner), stripe facing down, and insert. Gas pumps, standardized vertical, generally go with the stripe facing to the left, card standing on it's bottom edge(IIRC). Regular swipers, on POS or certification systems, pretty much always have the stripe placed in towards the device. - NOT THE CRICKET
How about a picture just showing me how the damn thing wants to eat my money? Your decision tree for card orientation belongs more on threat assessment test :-) Then we can talk about the uis that never match the buttons! - Todd Hoff
Well there is an image on the one you posted. Stripe on the right side, card face down, which is standard. - NOT THE CRICKET
There's what looks like a bent corner. I don't see a stripe. And there's writing on both sides. - Todd Hoff
The corner is folded to display where the stripe is, thus the black bar in the folded corner. - NOT THE CRICKET
Nope, looks like a broken card to me. - Todd Hoff
*puts Gauntlet II floppy disk in* WHY DOESN'T IT PLAY - Mo Kargas
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