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"Kashmir" - performed by Tim Reynolds Recorded LIVE Las Vegas Dec 12, 2009 -
HD VERSION " Kashmir " - performed by Tim Reynolds Recorded LIVE Las Vegas Dec 12, 2009
This is in-sane. - Micah
Look what Jenny's doing!
Turns out she's a natural :) - Eivind from Android
I was hoping for more falling :-) - Todd Hoff
<_< >_> <_< <whisper> a couple of gentle comical falls would have been fun </whisper> - Eivind from Android
From what I recall, it's you, Mr N, that has trouble staying upright on the snow! :-P - Heleninstitches
LOL! :-P - Eivind from Android
I had a blast. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Hi JEN-NAY - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Weird. So it's like snowboarding, but with two skinny boards attached to your feet and two canes to keep you from falling over. - Professor A.I.
Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire -
Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire
"This project is part of Pelagios – the networking medium for ancient places." - Maitani
Işık Mater
RT @gizmodo: A 3D-printed ultrasound cast that looks awesome and heals you faster
RT @gizmodo: A 3D-printed ultrasound cast that looks awesome and heals you faster
This looks so good I'm tempted to go out and break my arm just to get one. - Mark H
I know what you mean. When I was 16, I had a cast on the same hand, that was about the same size as this one. This design would have been worthwhile for me if only to let a bit of the... uh... funk... escape lol - Brent Schaus
TheNextWeb Forum
Watch: Amazing drone footage of a Space X reusable rocket’s first test flight -
Watch: Amazing drone footage of a Space X reusable rocket’s first test flight
My coworkers threw me a goodbye happy hour. They will be the only part I miss about this project
Betty Write
The relief you feel when you finally finish writing that article that has been eluding you for days...
What Charles Murray Doesn't Get About Women and Philosophy - Noah Berlatsky - The Atlantic -
What Charles Murray Doesn't Get About Women and Philosophy - Noah Berlatsky - The Atlantic
"Feminist thinkers have actually spent a lot of time philosophizing about women's inclusion and exclusion from lists of most important this or that, especially in the context of literary canons. Murray is willing to acknowledge that there have been important women writers, (since he believes literary thought is less abstract than philosophical thought) but he glosses over the fact that the literary canon, too, is tilted very male. In the Modern Library's list of the 100 greatest novels of the 20th century, for example, the top 14 are all by men (Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse is 15.)" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"What accounts for this? In How To Suppress Women's Writing (1983) science-fiction author Joanna Russ looked at this imbalance and argued that when women are not included in the canon, the problem is not with the women. Instead, she said, "A mode of understanding literature which can ignore the private lives of half the human race is not 'incomplete': It is distorted through and... more... - Jessie
"Murray's statements about women and about philosophy are based on a slew of preconceptions—about what philosophy is, about which intellectual traditions are significant (not feminism for him, apparently), about which communities get to define "philosophy," and about what influence is considered consequential. When he says that there have been no significant female contributors to... more... - Jessie
Charles Murray is a dude whose mind is utterly trapped in the 1500s. - Victor Ganata
It can't go unstated the irony of a man philosophizing about what philosophy supports talking meaningfully about women. - Todd Hoff
I don't have much exposure to philosophy, but my impression has been that the field in general has a serious problem with sexism. Like, even more so than STEM fields. - Jessie
Absolutely. For some reason when men use their natural reason to plumb the depths of natural law, women almost always come up wanting. Plato and John Stuart Mill being notable exceptions. - Todd Hoff
Mark H
This Amazing Technicolor Castle has been Abandoned for more than 20 Years -
This Amazing Technicolor Castle has been Abandoned for more than 20 Years
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"The Castello di Sammezzano is a show-stopper, a jaw-dropper. Hidden away in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy, this electrifyingly beautiful Moorish castle was built a whopping 400+ years ago in 1605, but more than two decades, it’s been sitting empty, neglected, vulnerable to pillaging and to the elements." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Marquis Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes, a largely forgotten but key cultural, social and political figure in Florence when the city was the capital of Italy. Ferdinando, who lived and died at the property, spent 40 years planning, financing and realizing this exotic castle that would become the most important example of orientalist architecture in the country– only to be left to ruin at the hands of modern-day investors." - Mark H
"After the Marquis’ death at the end of the 19th century, there was a period of uncertainty for the property and historical records appear to be rather patchy. During the war, the Germans came looting, stealing mainly from the castle’s surrounding park that had once been considered the largest and most exotic in Tuscany. They took many important statues and fountains of Moorish style,... more... - Mark H
The ceilings in that place are amazing. - Anika
Jason Toney
Neoliberalism, the Revolution in Reverse | Chris Lehmann | The Baffler -
Neoliberalism, the Revolution in Reverse | Chris Lehmann | The Baffler
"The world of neoliberal market consensus that we now inhabit would likely strike many of the movement’s founders as a grotesque parody of their own aims and intentions. But because it is a fable of intellectual overreach, as opposed to narrow economic self-interest, the neoliberal saga also bears an oddly hopeful moral. The seemingly impermeable armature of terrible social and economic thought that has bequeathed to us our present state of ruin is really a flimsy and jury-rigged set of market superstitions, and could readily be discarded for sturdier wares." - Eivind from Bookmarklet
"Bangladeshi workers can either be more safe or starve more rapidly. But according to Epstein, they assuredly aren’t entitled to earn a living wage without the threat of being crushed or burned to death at any given moment. The pertinent market trade-offs simply won’t permit it. Indeed, if you want to know the truth, Epstein claims, “labor agitation was . . . one of the contributing... more... - Eivind
Steven Perez
You Know What Doesn’t Work So Well? Private Prisons « Main Street -
"The myth put forth by private prison corporations like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group that private prisons are cheaper than public prisons is shattered by a new report from In the Public Interest, thus undercutting the primary rationale for prison privatization efforts across the country. When pushing for contracts with the many states that use private prisons, these corporations claim they are the better option because they can run prisons more cheaply than the government can. But this report not only dispels that idea, it highlights some of the less-than-savory activities the corporations engage in because of the perverse incentives created by these contracts." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
"The report details several methods through which private prison companies mislead governments and the public about their supposed cost savings, particularly hiding costs of private prisons, inflating public prison costs, benefiting from mandated occupancy minimums and delaying cost increases until after contracts are signed." - Steven Perez
"Numerous studies have shown that private prisons are more expensive than their publicly run counterparts. The report details a series of meta-analyses of individual studies conducted on the comparative costs between public and private prisons, and all of them found that cost savings, at best, were minimal for private prisons—in many cases, private prisons were more expensive. One of... more... - Steven Perez
You've never seen cardboard art as detailed and lifelike as this -
You've never seen cardboard art as detailed and lifelike as this
You've never seen cardboard art as detailed and lifelike as this
You've never seen cardboard art as detailed and lifelike as this
"The photos speak for themselves, but seriously... how real does this lizard look?! The creator is a young art student named Kai-Xiang Xhong, from Taiwan. Some of you may have read about and seen his recent Iron Man suit. He creates art made out of cardboard, and after a quick search on Google, I came across some more of his work. Just take a look." - Anika from Bookmarklet
I stayed up until 2:45 a.m. I had tracked down my camera tripod (mini-version) and thought I was all set. When the eclipse finally happened, I turned on my camera and the battery was dead. Doh! Ergo, these pics are taken with my low light limited, tripod non-compatible smartphone camera.
2014-04-15 02.43.59.png
2014-04-15 02.39.03.png
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Accidentally posted the uncropped versions in my post made a few minutes ago. Here are the cropped (and zoomed) pics. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
Not necessarily in chronological order... apparently. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
If I had stayed up another 30 minutes the moon would've been blood red. But I didn't. Cuz I was tired. Still am. Hopefully the next of the tetrad series will peak at a more midwest-friendly time of night. ("Time of day" doesn't really get us where we need to be, y'see.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Also, the spare camera battery that eluded me at 2:30 a.m. was found almost exactly where it was supposed to be, and is nearly fully charged without intervention from me. It's almost as if my brain wasn't functioning on all cylinders at that hour! However, I haven't located that charging cable OR the SPARE charging cable! This is why I should never "organize" my stuff. Finding it becomes infinitely more difficult. (At least by my half-arsed method of organizing.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Very nice, Mark. I didn't even attempt to stay up. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Thanks Stephan, it did turn out better than I expected given that I was trying to stabilize the camera with my hand propped at an odd angle on a wobbly fence railing. Just wish I'd had actual optical zooming capability. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Amit Patel
I was just walking around my yard and … there's a snake.
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Yeah, it rattled, but I think it's actually a gopher snake. - Amit Patel
I think there's a CA snake that mimics a rattle...didn't remember it being a gopher snake, though. I get the shit scared outta me when I see *any* snake. - Spidra Webster
We did well today :)
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Woohoo! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Now you can lounge around and drink for 2 days without guilt :-) - Todd Hoff
Excellent! - Louis Gray
No lounging around, Todd, but we're saving up for a blót or two during our little Easter holiday starting later this week :) - Eivind
holly #ravingfangirl
Just completed a 3.08 mi run - Ugh. Awful. #RunKeeper
Just completed a 3.08 mi run - Ugh. Awful. #RunKeeper
what the entire eff happened today? gah. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
A Gunny named Slickback
Igor Poltavskiy
This Tower Pulls Clean Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air
Amit Patel
rm -rf /Pixar/Toy-Story-2 - Amit Patel
"What do you mean backups have failed for the last month?" - Amit Patel
Remember tape rotations? God I hated doing that. - Todd Hoff
Best. Story. Ever. - Laura Norvig
A Gunny named Slickback
I have not had a cigarette for a week! YAY E-cig /Kermit Flail
Hooray! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Yeahhhhh!!! - Janet
Amit Patel
Went to Uvas Canyon on Sunday, with daughter and her boyfriend
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It is great to see water in the streams. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
Will Climate Change Mean Terrible Food? - Pacific Standard
So even if plants will thrive in a high CO2 environment, it turns out that a high CO2 atmosphere will have a negative impact on nitrate-dependent plants' ability to assimilate nitrate. - Victor Ganata
Probably just speculation or conspiracy theory! </denialist> - Andrew C (✔)
Increased difficulty assimilating nitrate —> decreased protein production —> downregulation of enzymes that facilitate photosynthesis - Victor Ganata
Nitrate assimilation is inhibited by elevated CO2 in field-grown wheat - Nature Climate Change - 2014 Apr 6 - Victor Ganata
I'm sure GMOs can fix that. - Todd Hoff
"Total protein and nitrogen concentrations in plants generally decline under elevated CO2 atmospheres. Explanations for this decline include that plants under elevated CO2 grow larger, diluting the protein within their tissues; that carbohydrates accumulate within leaves, downregulating the amount of the most prevalent protein Rubisco; that carbon enrichment of the rhizosphere leads to... more... - Victor Ganata
That assumes that you'll be able to find food that doesn't begin with the word "Soylent". - Steven Perez
Sorry, Monsanto has that trademarked. - Todd Hoff
Yeah, I'm sure Monsanto will give away its drought-tolerant, nitrate-assimilation-enhanced GMO seeds for free for the continued survival of humanity and not try to make massive profits while people starve to death, amirite? - Victor Ganata
Washington Post
One of last Native American code talkers has died
Victor Ganata
Taking America Back. Waaay back. (via ofools)
Hey, if you don't want that kid to be poor then should buy him and put him to work. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
"I was asked to prepare a short article on the dangers of cloning" - first sentence in an article in the newsletter published by one of the managed care companies I'm contracted with entitled "Beware of Cloning"
"I immediately viewed the DVDs for all of the Jurassic Park films, and then prepared a paper on why physicians should not allow patients to have themselves or their family members cloned to create new people through the use of DNA and other technologies. That paper was rejected by this newsletter. I was told to discuss 'cloning' in the context of electronic medical records." - Victor Ganata
I love it. - Eric - Watch Me Now
Ugh, does CMS *really* need to co-opt another term instead of saying "copy/paste"? - Victor Ganata
I guess in this 140-character delimited world, every character counts. - Victor Ganata
Steve and 4 other people
RT @waxpancake: Worth noting: Quora has no public API, no backup/export tools, blocks anonymous display of answers, and banned the Wayback Machine entirely.
Victor Ganata
72 years ago starting on April 9, 60,000-80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war were forced to march 80 miles by their Imperial Japanese captors in what is now known as the Bataan Death March.
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Two of my grand uncles were among the prisoners of war. One died or was killed at the prison camp at the end of the march, while one managed to escape or was rescued at some point. After the war, the U.S. government paid my grandfather an indemnity for the death of his brother. My mom says that this indemnity is what allowed her and her siblings to afford an education. - Victor Ganata
I knew several survivors of the Bataan Death March, some of whom were relatives. But I didn't know about it until long after I first knew them. They never said a word about it. I think, like many who survived the Holocaust, they just preferred not to talk about it. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
My mom was born 11 days after Japan surrendered to the Allies (but 7 days before the formal instrument of surrender was signed aboard the USS Missouri.) She says her name was suggested to her parents by an American soldier who had helped liberate her home town. Her older siblings and cousins used to scare her by telling her stories of Imperial Japanese soldiers summarily executing... more... - Victor Ganata
I just remembered that my grand uncle who survived the death march died 20 years ago in April. - Victor Ganata
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