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Amit Patel
I was just walking around my yard and … there's a snake.
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Yeah, it rattled, but I think it's actually a gopher snake. - Amit Patel
I think there's a CA snake that mimics a rattle...didn't remember it being a gopher snake, though. I get the shit scared outta me when I see *any* snake. - Spidra Webster
We did well today :)
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Woohoo! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Now you can lounge around and drink for 2 days without guilt :-) - Todd Hoff
Excellent! - Louis Gray
No lounging around, Todd, but we're saving up for a blót or two during our little Easter holiday starting later this week :) - Eivind
holly #ravingfangirl
Just completed a 3.08 mi run - Ugh. Awful. #RunKeeper
Just completed a 3.08 mi run - Ugh. Awful. #RunKeeper
what the entire eff happened today? gah. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
A Gunny named Slickback
Igor Poltavskiy
This Tower Pulls Clean Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air
Amit Patel
rm -rf /Pixar/Toy-Story-2 - Amit Patel
"What do you mean backups have failed for the last month?" - Amit Patel
Remember tape rotations? God I hated doing that. - Todd Hoff
Best. Story. Ever. - Laura Norvig
A Gunny named Slickback
I have not had a cigarette for a week! YAY E-cig /Kermit Flail
Hooray! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Yeahhhhh!!! - Janet
Amit Patel
Went to Uvas Canyon on Sunday, with daughter and her boyfriend
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It is great to see water in the streams. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
Will Climate Change Mean Terrible Food? - Pacific Standard
So even if plants will thrive in a high CO2 environment, it turns out that a high CO2 atmosphere will have a negative impact on nitrate-dependent plants' ability to assimilate nitrate. - Victor Ganata
Probably just speculation or conspiracy theory! </denialist> - Andrew C (✔)
Increased difficulty assimilating nitrate —> decreased protein production —> downregulation of enzymes that facilitate photosynthesis - Victor Ganata
Nitrate assimilation is inhibited by elevated CO2 in field-grown wheat - Nature Climate Change - 2014 Apr 6 - Victor Ganata
I'm sure GMOs can fix that. - Todd Hoff
"Total protein and nitrogen concentrations in plants generally decline under elevated CO2 atmospheres. Explanations for this decline include that plants under elevated CO2 grow larger, diluting the protein within their tissues; that carbohydrates accumulate within leaves, downregulating the amount of the most prevalent protein Rubisco; that carbon enrichment of the rhizosphere leads to... more... - Victor Ganata
That assumes that you'll be able to find food that doesn't begin with the word "Soylent". - Steven Perez
Sorry, Monsanto has that trademarked. - Todd Hoff
Yeah, I'm sure Monsanto will give away its drought-tolerant, nitrate-assimilation-enhanced GMO seeds for free for the continued survival of humanity and not try to make massive profits while people starve to death, amirite? - Victor Ganata
Washington Post
One of last Native American code talkers has died
Victor Ganata
Taking America Back. Waaay back. (via ofools)
Hey, if you don't want that kid to be poor then should buy him and put him to work. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
"I was asked to prepare a short article on the dangers of cloning" - first sentence in an article in the newsletter published by one of the managed care companies I'm contracted with entitled "Beware of Cloning"
"I immediately viewed the DVDs for all of the Jurassic Park films, and then prepared a paper on why physicians should not allow patients to have themselves or their family members cloned to create new people through the use of DNA and other technologies. That paper was rejected by this newsletter. I was told to discuss 'cloning' in the context of electronic medical records." - Victor Ganata
I love it. - Eric - Watch Me Now
Ugh, does CMS *really* need to co-opt another term instead of saying "copy/paste"? - Victor Ganata
I guess in this 140-character delimited world, every character counts. - Victor Ganata
Steve and 4 other people
RT @waxpancake: Worth noting: Quora has no public API, no backup/export tools, blocks anonymous display of answers, and banned the Wayback Machine entirely.
Victor Ganata
72 years ago starting on April 9, 60,000-80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war were forced to march 80 miles by their Imperial Japanese captors in what is now known as the Bataan Death March.
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Two of my grand uncles were among the prisoners of war. One died or was killed at the prison camp at the end of the march, while one managed to escape or was rescued at some point. After the war, the U.S. government paid my grandfather an indemnity for the death of his brother. My mom says that this indemnity is what allowed her and her siblings to afford an education. - Victor Ganata
I knew several survivors of the Bataan Death March, some of whom were relatives. But I didn't know about it until long after I first knew them. They never said a word about it. I think, like many who survived the Holocaust, they just preferred not to talk about it. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
My mom was born 11 days after Japan surrendered to the Allies (but 7 days before the formal instrument of surrender was signed aboard the USS Missouri.) She says her name was suggested to her parents by an American soldier who had helped liberate her home town. Her older siblings and cousins used to scare her by telling her stories of Imperial Japanese soldiers summarily executing... more... - Victor Ganata
I just remembered that my grand uncle who survived the death march died 20 years ago in April. - Victor Ganata
Andrew C (✔)
Job interview tomorrow.
Thanks! Sorry for duplicate post. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
oh that's okay. I'm getting used to senility. - MoTO ChilliSauce
good luck, dude! - imabonehead
Good luck! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Break a leg! - ronin from FFHound!
Fingers crossed! - Anne Bouey
Good luck! - Betsy
Mark H
"Where's Servo?" MST3K Print! from Secktacular on Storenvy -
"Where's Servo?" MST3K Print! from Secktacular on Storenvy
"Are you looking for a print that features a character from every single movie riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 from the KTMA pilot ("The Green Slime") through the final episode ("Diabolik")? THIS IS TOTALLY THAT PRINT, MAN." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Stephen Mack
61 degrees at North Lake Tahoe. Kids enjoyed the water and beach. Hi!
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Hi! Looks like they're having fun! - Anne Bouey
So glad you're all having a wonderful trip! Yay, Spring Break! - Tamara J. B.
:) - Jenny H.
Laura Norvig
RT @louisrosenfeld: RT @louisrosenfeld: "user experience trumps everything" @anildash on what's wrong with analytics apps:
RT @louisrosenfeld: RT @louisrosenfeld: "user experience trumps everything" @anildash on what's wrong with analytics apps:
Robert Scoble
My first video off of the new DJI drone: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I can not overhype this enough. Wow.
My first video off of the new DJI drone: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I can not overhype this enough. Wow.
Wow. If Robert can't, then who can? - Professor A.I.
Kevin Fox
I want to write the prequel to The Princess Bride, focusing on the legacy of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Title: "Saving Pirate Ryan".
Stephen Mack
Just completed a 5.00 mi run - My first MVARC Saturday run. Rolled my left ankle halfway out a bit, ... #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.00 mi run - My first MVARC Saturday run. Rolled my left ankle halfway out a bit,  ... #RunKeeper
You okay? :( - Tamara J. B.
Yeah, it turned out just fine, Tam, thanks. Wore a brace yesterday afterwards and it feels fine today. My shin splint on my right leg is bothering me more. No running next week during Spring Break, so hopefully that (combined with the new shoes) will allow it to recover. - Stephen Mack
And I felt that when they gave her the final shot, she was already at peace.
holly #ravingfangirl
i blame the weather this year. - holly #ravingfangirl
Huh. I've never seen it do that. - Jennifer Dittrich
me either! it supposedly can happen because of maturity, stress from weather, or any number of reasons. - holly #ravingfangirl
(i did get rid of them all) - holly #ravingfangirl
and yes, i did do the first harvest today. not a huge bunch, but maybe close to 2 lbs? I haven't weighed it yet. - holly #ravingfangirl
one of the new neighbors called down from his 2nd story window asking what kind of squash this was. "it's rhubarb, actually." "Oh! Rhubarb!" lol - holly #ravingfangirl
holly #ravingfangirl
Just posted a 2.87 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just posted a 2.87 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
2.85 miles instead of 3.1 because i looked at the clock and said OH CRAP! i told you i spent too much time mulling over freaking mixers. >.> - holly #ravingfangirl
Amit Patel
Seattle's Experience Music Project has an Invisibility Cloak locked behind glass so that nobody steals it.
Jean-Marc Liotier
Evangelizing data quality is hopeless - don't sweat it. Just wait until people use the data and you will quickly have plenty of converts !
Prevention is a hard sell - Todd Hoff
Amit Patel
Merlin Bird ID app – Instant Bird Identification Help for 350 North American birds -
Merlin Bird ID app – Instant Bird Identification Help for 350 North American birds
New bird mobile app looks promising — they narrow down candidate birds based on size and color and behavior (which you enter) and location and season (automatic). I've used Petersen and iBird and am happy with neither; I'll try this one. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I tried it out, and I'm quite happy with it so far. It seems much nicer for casual birdwatchers like me, and I'm guessing it's not for birdwatching geeks. - Amit Patel
Roberto Bonini
RT @aripap: Me: "What's the point of Minecraft?" Kid: "There's no point, just like real life!"
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