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Apparently people who play @QuizUp are a bunch of alkies cause I sure get randomly paired up w/a lot of "Lager Lovers." ;-p
Also find it kinda odd that you can log in to the game using your Google account but you can't find friends from Google if you didn't log in w/a Google account. - ronin
"Lager Lovers" or "Larger Lovers"? - Big Joe Silence
Shannon - GlassMistress
The first tomato, and a bead I just can't get enough of.
How do you have tomatoes already? - Todd Hoff
hothouse? - Big Joe Silence
Lol, Florida! - Shannon - GlassMistress
I was wondering if her beads contain a Gaia energy field that helps plants grow. - Todd Hoff
Nope, no magical beads ... Just mild winters :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Amit Patel
Eagle buddies at Tule Lake, CA
Why story-telling is so beautiful is because it lets you play god. It feels awesome. It is infectious.
Louis Gray
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits. -
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits.
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits.
"Long on our whimsical 'to do' list has been to consider going solar. We've always known it was good for the environment, to create our own energy and give it back to the power grid, but after months and months of getting notes from PG&E saying we were using well more than our unfair share of electricity, thanks to keeping three young kids warm and in clean clothes and dishes on a daily basis, I made an investment in solar - calling up Sunrun, and getting panels on our roof that will be making energy for at least the next twenty years." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
35 kWh/day? Where's all that electricity going? My own consumption last year was only 2.8 kWh/day (or 1000 kWh for the year). Granted, that's only a one-person household, but here in Germany a typical family household is estimated at 2000-3000 kWh. When I lived in the Bay Area for a while many years ago, I rarely had to turn on the air-conditioning. Why isn't solar more widespread in... more... - Nils Sandin
Still, the biggest drawback to solar panels on a house is in the event of fire. The high-voltage system is still energized, so any water used by the firemen could electrocute them, so there have been cases of the fire department letting it burn. :-( That could be a major hurdle in the US, where so many houses are made of wood instead of brick. - Nils Sandin
Nils, much of our use is from our washer and dryer, our fridge and freezer, and HVAC. That doesn't even touch TVs or other electronics. - Louis Gray
Nils: In fact, California is adding solar capacity rapidly--but those German figures are much lower than typical California figures, which are in turn much lower than typical U.S. figures. (Our two-person household, a much smaller house than Louis's, uses 11kWh/day averaged over a year. 95-98% of that comes from a small rooftop installation.) I don't believe most U.S. solar installations are "high-voltage," for that matter. - Walt Crawford
I want my solar panels in the desert instead of on my house. They'll be higher efficiency and be better maintained. :-/ - Amit Patel
oh no, I want mine on the house. I want solar to eliminate the need (or radically reduce it!) for distribution lines and electric companies! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The previous owner of our house had these installed and they do help a lot, but mostly during the late spring/summer months. Generation takes a nose-dive during the winter (especially this past winter) due to more bad weather. I think at best during the past few months our electric bill was halved. But I would think you guys in Cali get more benefit year round than we do here in the... more... - ronin
I don't believe SREC's are available here. But yes, we surely do a lot better than halving our electricity bill. For us: first year, we were positive. Second year, the $4.50/month meter fee paid for whatever we used. Third year, we paid $30 more. For the year. My brother (same town, a few miles away) consistently runs positive--but he has a bigger installation and uses time-of-day metering, which we don't. - Walt Crawford
ula$ ツ
Incredible Animal Stories (43 pics) -
Incredible Animal Stories (43 pics)
Incredible Animal Stories (43 pics)
Show all
Andy Baio
I can palpably feel the oxygen sucked out of the room. Infinite bright possibilities from indie game devs, quietly shelved.
Mary Carmen
That's more like it....6.03 miles.
Base jumping off the freedom Tower in NYC #wowjustwow
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @qikipedia: This is what happens when a walrus falls asleep on a surfacing submarine...
RT @qikipedia: This is what happens when a walrus falls asleep on a surfacing submarine...
This happens more often than people think. My dad used to tell us stories from his Navy days about the crazy things he would see from walruses, seals, sea lions and other marine life. - Elena from iPhone
There's some fakery going on in that image: - John (bird whisperer)
The real two photos are amazing, though. - Stephen Mack
The walrus looks so CUTE! I know it could probably kill you with one swipe but LOOKA IT! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Eric Logan
"All men can be criminals, if tempted; all men can be heroes, if inspired" - G.K. Chesterton
Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Bewick's Wren in homemaker mode.
Glen Campbell
Galaxy Quest is awesome
Never give up! Never surrender! - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
"That's not right." - Friar Will
Ken Morley
Time travelers in history: Mithridates = Machiavelli
Mithridates was such a slippery guy. There's some speculation he may have faked his death, as the face of the of the corpse delivered to Pompey was was unrecognizable. - Ken Morley
... also, his potion for longevity, mithridatium, may have worked really well! :) - Ken Morley
Shannon - GlassMistress
Book arrived ... I'm on page 268, woot!
Congratulations! - Anika
Yay! - Anne Bouey
That's great - Steve C
That was a truly awesome bead, Shannon. Thank you again for making it as a giveaway for the first Sacramento Burger Battle! I'll let the organizer know about the book. - Corinne L
Steve C
Giraffe 'kisses' goodbye dying zoo worker in touching photograph | Fox News -
Giraffe 'kisses' goodbye dying zoo worker in touching photograph | Fox News
"A touching moment between a zoo worker and one of his favorite animals has gone viral. According to a report by Dutch News, 54-year-old Mario, who worked for the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands for many years, was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  But before he died, he had one wish: to say goodbye to the animals he cared for. Thanks to a Dutch organization called the Ambulance Wish Foundation, Mario was transported from his hospital to the zoo and wheeled around the giraffe enclosure. That’s when one of the giraffes came up to Mario to give him a kiss goodbye. “It was a very special moment. You saw him smile," said Kees Veldboer, director of Ambulance Wish. ‘It was special that the animals knew him and could sense all was not well with him.”" - Steve C from Bookmarklet
(thanks Bill Austin for link) - Steve C
RT @WritersNetGuide: "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Benjamin Franklin
عاشق این فیلم مل گیبسون هستم -تنها فیلمی که اشکم رو تونسته در بیاره - reズa .
Dear friend, Thank you for sharing - this is my favorite - reズa .
this movie is great! the song's too :) - آریــوبرزن
@Reza: I'm glad you like it as much as I do. :) - Lit
It is really good. - Lit
اشك من رو هم درآورد شايد 7 -8 بار اول كه ديدمش تو همه موارد گريه كردم. - ostad
Hi litello- Re like thiss feed :))) - reズa .
کاملا موافقم -بخصوص صحنه ای که دخترو میکشن و مل گیبسون میاد توی روستا - reズa .
this is the moment my tears streamed out of my eyes: FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - ostad
@Rミズ入 (3zar) : I'm really glad you do :D #Lits_music - Lit
:))) - reズa .
this was my college paper-writing music - Bren
:) - Lit
RT @theferocity: Sometimes when I speak, I hear my father's voice and cadence. And I panic.
holly #ravingfangirl
that moment when someone does something and you think "god that's annoying" and realize you have done that exact thing. funny how it's different being on the other side of the table. :P
You whistled along to Wind of Change too, huh? - Rodfather
I reserve the right to judge harshly and with hypocrisy. - Eric - Watch Me Now
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) - Micah
Stephen Mack
Just completed a 5.42 mi run - MVARC #I-lost-track, return to Bay Trail #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.42 mi run - MVARC #I-lost-track, return to Bay Trail #RunKeeper
Unvaccinated people make up large portion of measles cases in California
Ken Morley
Stewart Brand’s Reading List: 76 Books to Sustain and Rebuild Humanity -
Stewart Brand’s Reading List: 76 Books to Sustain and Rebuild Humanity
Stewart Brand’s Reading List: 76 Books to Sustain and Rebuild Humanity
So why doesn't Maria Popova create her own list? - Todd Hoff
She did. - Soup in a TARDIS
Where? I didn't see a link to it. - Todd Hoff
Cool, thanks. - Todd Hoff
Raise your hand if you're not filling out a bracket this year. Not even for a "chance" at a billion dollars.
*raises hand* - Tamara J. B.
1,800-year-old papyrus turns out to contain homesick Roman soldier’s complaint | The Raw Story -
1,800-year-old papyrus turns out to contain homesick Roman soldier’s complaint | The Raw Story
Eric - Watch Me Now
Denver TV station will apologize, explain indecent on-air goof -
Denver TV station will apologize, explain indecent on-air goof
"Attempting to display a photo from the Seattle crash of a news helicopter, Fox31 accidentally showed an X-rated shot from the iPad of anchor Kirk Yuhnke. Deadspin posted the video, in which can be observed the gasps and hands flying-to-mouths of fellow members of the morning team. Fox31 News Director Ed Kosowski said, "We are going to make a public statement. We are not ready to comment about any potential action against employees. That's a personnel matter." For now, he said, an apology and explanation is forthcoming." - Eric - Watch Me Now from Bookmarklet
But why does this keep happening lately? Why are people watching porn at work? Why are their devices hooked up to the feed? - Anika
There've been other incidents? Yikes. - YvonneM
I'll admit, the first word I thought that D stood for was not "device" #iam12 - Victor Ganata
Same. - Akiva
With hard hitting investigative journalists like this, who needs a private dick? - Micah
Bye bye Kirk. I liked him, but..... [edit, they are saying it wasn't on kirk's tablet?] - Joe - Systems Engineer
If you watch the video you can see the screen is not an iPad screen because the browser is IE. - Elena from iPhone
Victor Ganata
They Moved Mountains (And People) To Build L.A.’s Freeways - Gizmodo
Those cloverleaf interchanges on the Golden State Freeway are madness at the speeds people drive now. - Victor Ganata
The logic of the East L.A. interchange eludes me. I don't know why they thought that an interchange where the number of lanes on an interstate highway decrease suddenly from four to two on one side would work out well. - Victor Ganata
LOL. The "Santa Diego Freeway". - Victor Ganata
Your gut microbes like dark chocolate, The precise reason for the health benefits of dark chocolate: mystery solved
Being the kind thoughtful person I am I've developed a plan to feed these poor bacteria three times a day. It's the least I can do. - Todd Hoff
RT @GlitteryGlossy: RT @ProPublica A 16 year-old Mississippi mother is facing life in prison for a stillborn child. cc @irin
This is all there needs to be said, "But some civil libertarians and women’s rights advocates worry that if Gibbs is convicted, the precedent could inspire more prosecutions of Mississippi women and girls for everything from miscarriage to abortion — and that African Americans, who suffer twice as many stillbirths as whites, would be affected the most.". They're just trying to find ways to incarcerate more black people. - Anika
"“If a pregnant, drug-using woman were a corporation, her case wouldn’t even get to trial because the rules of evidence require that there be science to prove causation,” Paltrow said." And that's just any woman. Black women are treated as the lowest of the low in this country. Animals have more rights than we do. - Anika
ula$ ツ
How Ants Protect Themselves Against Birds (5 pics) -
How Ants Protect Themselves Against Birds (5 pics)
How Ants Protect Themselves Against Birds (5 pics)
Show all
It's also how I protect myself against birds. - Akiva
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