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Todd Hoff

Todd Hoff

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Some states say you should wear seatbelts because "it's our law", like Iowa and Ohio and Washington, and others say "it's the law", like Utah, Montana, and California. There's an interesting psychological game being played with either choice. One appeals to authority and the other to community. Does it say something about the individual states?
I dunno, but I say wearing seat belts is as dumb as wearing helmets on motorcycles. - Professor A.I.
10 Program Busting Caching Mistakes -
The average price for campfire wood in Nova Scotia + NY is about $3. A high of $5 and low of $2.50. Plan accordingly. Be aware that I have no way to normalize by quantity or types of wood. At a camp in California I was robbed, er, payed $7.
Bitly: Lessons Learned Building a Distributed System that Handles 6 Billion Clicks a Month -
Platform Monopolies – AVC -
What we didn't predict was the evolution of platforms into entities that instead of making markets where information was more perfectly disseminated, information instead became hidden and manipulated by the market makers to their own benefit. Google does this with ads, nobody knows what is really happening. Facebook with their algorithm controls absolutely what content is shown to users to the extent the content may even be ordered to increase ad conversions. Amazon controls ordering, delivery, and almost arbitrarily sets prices, even competing with vendors by sourcing products themselves. Etsy is a good example of a straightforward market place that simply brings people together to mutual benefit. But will that last if they take a more dominate position? - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
The Master Switch, On Theodore Vail, who built AT&T. Vail’s dream of a perfected, centralized industry was predicated on another contemporary notion as well. It may sound strange to our ears, but Vail, a full-throated capitalist, rejected the whole idea of “competition.”
He had professional experience of both monopoly and competition at different times, and he judged monopoly, when held in the right hands, to be the superior arrangement. “Competition,” Vail had written, “means strife, industrial warfare; it means contention; it oftentime means taking advantage of or resorting to any means that the conscience of the contestants … will permit.” His reasoning was moralistic: competition was giving American business a bad name. “The vicious acts associated with aggressive competition are responsible for much, if not all, of the present antagonism in the public mind to business , particularly to large business.” - Todd Hoff
In his heterodox vision of capitalism, shared by men like John D. Rockfeller, the right corporate titans, monopolists in each industry, could, and should, be trusted to do what was best for the nation. With the security of monopoly, Vail believed, the dark side of human nature would shrink, and natural virtue might emerge - Todd Hoff
Again, the power of rationalization trumps all. - Todd Hoff
Ever notice how toilet seats get flipped from up to down and down to up between visits, even though you know nobody has been in the bathroom? After much research I've found that toiled seats are entangled. So when one seat even half way across the universe is flipped the entangled seat follows. Spooky. I plan to make a supercomputer from these.
I would posit that either a) You don't know that nobody has been in the bathroom or b) Your memories of visits to the bathroom are getting out of sync. Because otherwise, screw the supercomputer, you could make a teleporter out of these, and I don't think we're far enough into the future for that yet. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Does SETI know about this? - Ken Morley
As usual ken they are keeping a lid on it. - Todd Hoff
Sloppy, the way to teleport would be through the toilet and that shit ain't gonna fly. - Todd Hoff
We'd hope it wouldn't fly, otherwise it might hit the fan. - April Russo
The full range of human ingenuity and perversity is fully exposed by the infinite variety of shower controls. They all have basically the same function and they all manage to do it differently with an equal lack of clarity.
An interesting user interface issue. - Sean McBride
I don't know that they all lack clarity. Ours is a single nob and a channel pin. The nob has a regular hot-cold layout, pull out for pressure, turn for temp. control. And then you can pull the channel pin to block the tub spout. - NOT THE CRICKET
How far do you move a dial to get what temperature? Which way is cold? Which way is hot? Which way is off? How do you control pressure? And can you control it without looking? How long does it take to warm up? - Todd Hoff
Half-inch to the left, is warm, inch or further is hot to scalding, dial centered, about room temperature, half-inch to the right water-temp is about 50F, I don't know if it gets colder. Both lines stay under pressure to the control valve, so if you turn left you're cutting off the cold water intake, if you turn right you're cutting off hot water intake, so it's super smooth temperature... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
My favorite shower, that I've only seen once (at a camp ground) had a single knob. Turn left for hot, right for cold, pull for water, push to shut off. It's amazing how many showers tie pressure into temperature, they should all be logical enough to have them separate! - Heather
Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 11th, 2014 -
This one picture perfectly ... -
This one picture perfectly ...
Neural Networks, Manifolds, and Topology -- colah's blog -
"There are a lot of important insights here. One is the Manifold Hypothesis, which essentially says there are simpler underlying structures buried beneath the noise and chaos of natural data. Without this, machine learning would be impossible, since you’d never be able to generalize from a set of examples to cope with novel inputs, there would be no pattern to find. Another is that visual representations of the problems we’re tackling can help make sense of what’s actually happening under the hood." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Google offers no transparency on ad revenue splits, and its numbers don’t make sense | PandoDaily -
"Which gets interesting, because when you slice it up, some of Google’s numbers look a little funky. Let’s go on a mathematical journey. Digital ad spending in 2013 was $119.8 billion worldwide. Google’s share of that, according to its 2013 annual financial reporting, was $50.57 billion. Of those billions, $13.1 billion came from ads placed on Google Network Members’ websites. In other words, ads placed by Google on websites like the disgruntled web publisher that spoke to us." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Here's an entitlement program I don't hear anyone wanting to cut - The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane to Nowhere -
Here's an entitlement program I don't hear anyone wanting to cut - The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane to Nowhere
I came across a colorful phrase the other day: "warfare queens." - Sean McBride
That's appropriate. - Todd Hoff
"In the case of the F-35, the short answer is: a lot. Counting all of its suppliers and subcontractors, parts of the program are spread out across at least 45 states. That's why there's no doubt lawmakers will continue to fund the program even though this is the third time in 17 months that the entire fleet has been grounded due to engine problems. In fact, in the version of the defense... more... - Bruce Lewis
Using SSD as a Foundation for New Generations of Flash Databases - Nati Shalom -
"You are here." Shocking reminder of the last 800,000 years of atmospheric CO2, as of July 1
But I know, basic physics doesn't matter to a lot of people. - Todd Hoff
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One lichen is actually 126 species and counting | Science News -
One lichen is actually 126 species and counting | Science News
"A kind of lichen that biologists thought they knew well has turned out to consist of at least 126 distinct species — and maybe more than 400 — lumped under a single name." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete | Giles Parkinson | Comment is free | -
Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete | Giles Parkinson | Comment is free |
"Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete As early as 2018, solar could be economically viable to power big cities. By 2040 over half of all electricity may be generated in the same place it's used. Centralised, coal-fired power is over" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Had my first experience with really fast internet. Wowza. This place out the middle of nowhere has I think fiber to the house. It really changes how you approach using the internet. Who knew the internet could actually be used for streaming?
Scaling the World Cup - How Gambify runs a massive mobile betting app with a team of 2 -
It should not come as a surprise that a movie titled Gun Woman has a few plot holes.
This Spinning Chair/Sculpture Lets You Rotate Your Views - Neatorama -
This Spinning Chair/Sculpture Lets You Rotate Your Views - Neatorama
"Kate Brown, an interior designer in Arizona, developed the Etazin. It's a sculpture that you can find at Taliesen West, a house in Scottsdale that Frank Lloyd Wright designed and lived in. Etazin is inspired by moon gates, which are circular garden wall entrances found in Chinese architecture.  The sculpture consists of a series of steel rings, the largest of which is eight and a half feet wide. There's a padded bench in the interior which visitors and students can use for lounging or contemplative purposes." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Thinking how much Emotional Targeting could lift ad rates? If you could prime a person using a feed selection algorithm enough to bias them towards certain ads, you might see a significant increase in conversions. App installs would seem especially susceptible to this sort of manipulation.
Want someone to install a war game app and you bias a feed one way. Want them to install a work related app and you bias the feed another. Even slight increases in conversion rates would be quite profitable at Facebook's scale. - Todd Hoff - Gorgeous fireworks shot from a drone. - Gorgeous fireworks shot from a drone.
Fantastic! - mina_sydney
In Canada I don't have the right to view a lot of content from Amazon. Which seems odd. It's odd like the idea of states rights versus individual rights. I can go from one state to another and I lose my ability to buy alcohol, for example. One foot over an imaginary line and I've lost my ability to view something I thought I paid for. #messedup
Shit, I can't even watch WIGS on YouTube. I had no idea this is how the rest of the world sees content. - Todd Hoff
I can't watch anything on Amazon from Norway and a lot of US content is not accessible. :( - Jenny H. from Android
I say this is a travesty, I say. - Todd Hoff
Yes. No comedy central for me. :((( - Jenny H. from Android
Well, you can always tunnel through an IP address in the US. But it's a pain. is good. - Todd Hoff
Thanks, Todd. I tried Tor, but it was very slow. - Jenny H. from Android
Yah, it's definitely not a speed demon. - Todd Hoff
Hulu, nope. I can't listen to spotify either. I am not a number. I am a free man! Or rather I'm as free as the laws around me allow me to be. - Todd Hoff is my engine of convenience. - Ken Morley
Explains a lot - Just think: The challenges of the disengaged mind -
"In 11 studies, we found that participants typically did not enjoy spending 6 to 15 minutes in a room by themselves with nothing to do but think, that they enjoyed doing mundane external activities much more, and that many preferred to administer electric shocks to themselves instead of being left alone with their thoughts. Most people seem to prefer to be doing something rather than nothing, even if that something is negative." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
many preferred to administer electric shocks to themselves instead of being left alone with their thoughts - Arash
Wow! Just wow. - Ken Morley
Sand Art by Andrew Clemens -
Sand Art by Andrew Clemens
Sand Art by Andrew Clemens
"At age 13 Clemens began experimenting with sand art, collecting multicolored sands from Iowa’s Pictured Rocks region. He fashioned special tools made from pieces of hickory and fish hooks that he used to arrange the sand in intricate designs. Clemens did not use glue in his artwork, relying on the pressure of the tightly packed surrounding grains to keep his artworks intact. Once an artwork was complete, Clemens would back the jar tightly and seal it. Clemens had a remarkable ability to break down images and render it grain by grain with each piece of sand akin to a pixel of a digital image. He is thought to have produced hundreds of bottles during his lifetime but few survive today." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Watched my first fire flies ever last night. Seeing them it would be nearly impossible not to believe in a land of fairy. Spectacular.
spectacular indeed - Arash
DTU-ESA Radio Anechoic Chamber -
DTU-ESA Radio Anechoic Chamber
DTU-ESA Radio Anechoic Chamber
"This is the radio anechoic chamber at Denmark’s Technical University (DTU). It opened in 1967, and is currently operated with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the testing of microwave antennas for use in satellites and mobile networks, among other things that I am not even going to try to explain. The idea is to minimise any reflections of microwaves, and the big foam spikes are filled with carbon and iron to absorb the radio waves. This tests the effectiveness of the antennas without any external intrusion, simulating the conditions of, for example, space. Many of these chambers are blue in colour, and according to Sergey Pivnenko, the professor in charge of the chamber, most of them were black in the old days – then some bright spark noticed that it was a bit depressing to work in a black spiky room all day, so the manufacturers of the spikes started to produce them in blue." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Architect designs tower made of fungus | Planning Portal Director -
Architect designs tower made of fungus | Planning Portal Director
"The ‘Hy-Fi’ structure is 100 per cent organic material. The embedded video explains how the structure uses bricks made from fungus and agricultural by-products that combine tremendous strength and flexibility while being 100 per cent compostable. Each brick can be made in five days from a mixture of microscopic fungus and corn stalks and husks." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
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