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an unconventional right-leaning enviro-libertarian
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Point is, what if any decentralization can be led from the rent-seeker-attracting center? @KurtWallace @aF9q @Rare
Same with all the beautiful chaos/misery thrown off by racist/statist #DrugWar! Amazing coincidence! @mikloshvanEgan @Elizrael @AmiKaufman
#MIC role is what I have been emphasizing past few days. #OperationEternalBlowback #Gaza @mikloshvanEgan @Elizrael @AmiKaufman
RT @mikloshvanEgan: 'Recycling' time. We're not addressing the actual problem. 'conflict' exploitation by MilitaryComplex @Tokyo_Tom @Elizrael @AmiKaufman
Everyone's watching but US taxpayers,who'd rather not wake up to what US Govt subsidizes in their name.@FilmsForAction @AbbyMartin #Gaza
Good to see you again, @mikloshvanEgan. Saddening times. @Elizrael @AmiKaufman
That's one example of many, and Israeli Jews have reported on them. Dehumanization clearly proceeding. @mikloshvanEgan @Elizrael @AmiKaufman
Sorry, was referring to wider phenomenon, not trying to attribute the 'pound' inference to him. @AmiKaufman @Elizrael
Think he's the only one sanctioning/goading dehumanization? @Elizrael @AmiKaufman #OperationEternalBlowback #Gaza
Israel itself ended Hamas' ability to control missiles from other factions. @ArtbyAWOHS @ggreenwald @MoAnsar
RT @GaltsGirl: Emergency Suit Filed to Stop DBOC Closure: Local Businesses at Risk If Drakes Bay Oyster Company Is Shut Down ...
Israel airspace is so safe thd3 IDF must invade Gaza. We all know militias no threat. @emaleroland @Snow_Mexican @barbaylive @washingtonpost
Otoh,Israeli Jews love those they slaughter? MT @JewishPress: Palestinian Protesters Aren't 'anti-Semitic.' They Just Hate Jews.
And to pound their mothers. MT @Elizrael: Prominent Israeli rabbi: It’s okay to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza @AmiKaufman
Japanese phrase of the day: Wash your heart when the devil is away.
RT @millerC4: #c4news I have just spoken to my Palestinian friend Adeem. So hard to tell her we are leaving. Last night the bombardment lasted 14 hours
It's an important piece on how division+war lead to objectivization/debasement of others+debasement of oneself.#Israel #Gaza @MuftahOrg
Stopping by a pub on a rainy summer's eve. #FOTB
Important context: For Israelis and Palestinians, Separation Is Dehumanizing #OperationEternalBlowback
Not quite--key prob is #LtdLiability/#MoralHzd: It's Time to Destroy Corporate Personhood @dvorsky
Israel's War Against Gaza's Women & Their Bodies via @MuftahOrg
RT @amconmag: Is actual leadership on civil liberties anywhere to be found? http://www.theamericanconserva...
How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza (J.J. Goldberg, July 10) via @jdforward #OpEternalBlowback
More precision, please; most Israelis are being gamed/milked/futures darkened by their own #MIC/right-wingers. @cossa68 @mattduss
You ignore that #OperationEternalBlowback is extremely profitable for US/Israeli #MIC and 1%. @cossa68 @mattduss #Israel #Gaza
Anti-Semitism has no place in Palestine advocacy via @972mag
RT @Cirincione: Summary of agreement with #Iran by @StateDept shows a nuclear program in deep freeze & an economy in deep hurt.
RT @Ali_Gharib: We are so terrorized by rockets that we need to make war. We are so safe that you should fly all your planes here.
RT @ABarnardNYT: U.N. Official Cites ‘Strong Possibility’ of War Crimes in Gaza Conflict - RE both Hamas & Israel
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