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an unconventional right-leaning enviro-libertarian
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RT @Colin_Dolan: So far Scotland the brave my arse
RT @fbermingham: Pretty damn symbolic when Scotland's biggest city votes to leave the UK #indyref
RT @zerohedge: Live Feed From Scotland: The Results So Far: NO 49.8% - 50.2% YES (8/32 In: NO 6 - 2 YES)
RT @hanasakasoken: GO Greens Japan 紙が更新されました! おかげで @Tokyo_Tom @BitcoinViews @Jobs_4_Bitcoins
RT @BrianBranagan: @Tokyo_Tom: Thought you'd like this on diff btwn Twitter and Facebook:
RT @elonjames: To live in #Ferguson right now has to be horrifying. The are we were in was in a #teargas haze when we left... @alexiconartist
RT @alexiconartist: @elonjames Even after being out in this the past 6 nights, that audio makes my stomach drop. Imagine the kids & families in those homes...
RT @sarahkendzior: Long report on disparities between St Louis's African-American + white populations: health, income, resources #STL
RT @HeyDrWilson: Peace Keepers/@AntonioFrench were doing their damnest to keep last night's protests non-violent. #Ferguson #MikeBrown
RT @sdkstl: Volunteers are back in #Ferguson cleaning up this morning: vine from @ReporterFaith:
RT @thedailybeast: More than 30 people were arrested in Ferguson last night, some from as far away as California and New York
RT @lynnhb: RT @gdwessel: Arrested in #Ferguson: mothers, fathers, Holocaust survivors, journalists, citizens. Not arrested in Ferguson: #DarrenWilson"
RT @mattdpearce: Why are reporters spending hours in jail?
RT @the_intercept: Our reporter @rdevro was shot with rubber bullets/beanbags by police last night, spent night in jail. Is due to be released w/o charge soon.
RT @BNDJLee: Protesters taunting police. Criticizing everything from #Ferguson police annual budget to calling them bitches to mocking curfew, tactics.
RT @BNDJLee: Police just shot at least three tear gas canisters at me. One hit my leg, one my backpack. #Ferguson
RT @BNDJLee: We held up media credentials. They drove into parking lot of private apartment complex and shot tear gas in circle, 10ft from us. #Ferguson
RT @BNDJLee: Our photographer @zianizami was hit by canister on arm. @bellevillenewsd #Ferguson
RT @ggreenwald: The Extremely Serious DC Think Tank @CSIS to @amnesty: "suck it" - then apologizes
RT @BangoSkank46290: The left vs right paradigm is the mechanism that maintais the status quo. @Tokyo_Tom @douglashufford @WRogersM
The poor are dependent; the middle class divided. @BangoSkank46290 @douglashufford @WRogersM
It IS sick. Perhaps some protesters will put on dog collars to illustrate the point? @DiggyD91 #Ferguson
Yes-and the driver is the very racist and disruptive #DrugWar. @TaylorMadeIt1 @she_tr3hunna #Ferguson
RT @she_tr3hunna: @Tokyo_Tom @TaylorMadeIt1 *white americans are finding out, black americans always knew
But that's someone's "hometown," while #Ferguson is like #Gaza. You don't have police; you're #occupied. @DiggyD91
RT @xianb8: Shorter #Ferguson police presser: Some folks threw some stuff, so we gassed half the town and all the journalists. In Jesus' name, Amen #wth
It's a land of taxpayer-funded make-believe. @KiaJD #Ferguson
RT @KiaJD: Who is paying for all this police overtime tho? The taxpaying folks of Ferguson and surrounding areas? The people dodging chemical weapons?
I got news for you-the rest of the world already knows the ugly sides of th US. It's Americans who are finding out.#Ferguson @TaylorMadeIt1
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