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an unconventional right-leaning enviro-libertarian
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Listening to So Many Colors In The Rainbow by Harry Chapin #nowplaying
RT @ggreenwald: AP on the new "1971" film: how the FBI/COINTELPRO break-in is a precursor to the Snowden leak
RT @climateprogress: Gas wells are releasing a lot more methane gas than the EPA estimates, by 1,000 times
Listening to Uneasy Rider by The Charlie Daniels Band #nowplaying via @grooveshark
RT @BillMoyersHQ: Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent
Police,inclg retired cops,will police themselves when their pensions are hostage to misbehavior.10% contribution #SkinIn @DavidCorreiaUNM
RT @Chris420Redmond: There is a war being waged inside the #myNYPD #myLAPD #myAPD and who do you think are there enemy's
RT @billybudd888: #myAPD #DOJAPD "Officer-involved-shooting" doesn't tell the story. "Cop Kills 19-year old Girl" is clear and raises the right questions.
RT @DavidCorreiaUNM: We'll never know @OpAlbuquerque b/c as #DOJ says, neither internal affairs nor the DA do actual investigations of #APD #apdprotest
RT @DavidCorreiaUNM: What former #APD officer Vicente Alvarado posted about me after yesterday's #UNM forum on APD violence. #apdprotest
RT @DavidCorreiaUNM: #DOJ: #APD overused Tasers in dangerous patterns. Know what? Chief Schultz now works for Taser. Hmm? #apdprotest
RT @DavidCorreiaUNM: Former #APD officer Alvarado threatened me today. This is the APD you're so proud of @SupportTheAPD? #apdprotest
Our "ligaments" hold us together. Same roots as religion. Coincidence? @greatsince1983
Listening to Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band #nowplaying via @grooveshark
The Open Source Everything Manifesto | Reality Sandwich #realitysandwich via @realitysandwich
Because looting the middle class to pay for police abuses demonstrates the accountability of the 1%? @belcher_jr @RamiSafadi93
But 'free speech' can be inconvenient, so 1st Amendment Zones are prudent compromise, no? @MeLectable
Police 'misbehavior' occurs not bc of poor training,but bc it is by the unaccountable,on behalf of untouchable 1%.@belcher_jr @RamiSafadi93
We want not a global, central economy, but many local, bottom-up polycentric ones. #community #Ostrom @MeLectable @serr8d @1phd @EvanPrim
Let us cement a system where our masters give us free bread and entertainment. Worked in Rome. @MeLectable @serr8d @1phd @EvanPrim
RT @KimaniFilm: how #myNYPD treats 16 year olds who say "no" to being stopped and frisked:
RT @Copwatch: #myNYPD is racist, no matter what color the officers are.
RT @AJStream: New York police fall flat with #MyNYPD as Twitter users swamp campaign with brutality photos
RT @RaniaKhalek: You can't even see the guy in this photo, but he's there, black and totally unarmed. #MyNYPD
RT @ChuckBaggett: #myNYPD An Occupy Wall Street member AND NYPD officers during a march against police brutality in New York.
RT @occupythemob: Cops Got Everyone to Tweet Photos of Police Brutality Thanks to Their Failed #myNYPD Hashtag
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