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an unconventional right-leaning enviro-libertarian
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Parasites infect body politic/do amazing job of tricking US into DEFENDING THEM: @serr8d @TheDemocrats @1phd @EvanPrim
Hatred of the Founding Fathers of corps is famous -- w/o them we wd have what Tocqueville saw.@serr8d @TheDemocrats @1phd @tavlesh @EvanPrim
Corporations are both the creatures of and Health of the State. Regulatory State began with corporations. @serr8d @1phd @tavlesh @EvanPrim
Ever heard of #GovtCapture? Bailouts? Massive Fed subsidies to banks? #MIC and #PrisonState spending? @serr8d @1phd @tavlesh @EvanPrim #tcot
The Bundys, the BLM and the fruits of Govt-owned “property” - #AntiEsablishmentCtr #AEC #p2 #tcot
What; I don't have the right license to ping Dems/progressives? I often add that tag. Trying to demonstrate erosion of trust? @Dogacracy
Erosion of mutual trust among citizens by Govt+#CronyCrapital fuels an increasing demand for "Govt" to "solve" more problems. #AEC #p2 #tcot
Systemic erosion of mutual trust among citizens is not simply a consequence of statism, but one of its chief features/objectives.#AEC #tcot
Way past bedtime. Nice to see you. @_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
Private? The state has always been the chief tool of elite looting-enclosure of commons,creation of corporations,IP.@_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
Sorry-ignore Bundy, and look at the negative/disruptive/corrupting role of Govt ownership. @_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
Don't forget the corruption flowing from vast Govt land holdings and creation/regulation of corporations. @Flaganatas @Broken_Vacuum
This is the same Govt that screwed the whole Gulf of Mexico, and will give us Keystone next. @_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
That was after BLM ratched back the number of cattle they would allow. @_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
What we need most are breakthroughs in restoring accountability/responsibility and community self-determination. @Wooflepup @ScrewedbyState
Also missing is the multi-decade Govt/crony capital suppression of innovation and job growth. @Wooflepup @ScrewedbyState
Then again there's the corruption in finding tax dodges and deciding who to soak. @Broken_Vacuum @Flaganatas
It's more the money that Govt has to spend/favors to bestow than taxes per se that corrupts. See Tom Paine.@Broken_Vacuum @Flaganatas
That Bundy is a lawbreaker is uncontested. Same Govt treats envtl protesters like terrorists, Keystone next.@_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
RT @Flaganatas: So you think the gov is corrupt, and you want corporations to pay more tax, which will result in a bigger more corrupt state? Okayyyyy
I didn't say Krugman was a war-monger,just pointing to his absurd fantasies of vast destruction and malinvestment.@Wooflepup @ScrewedbyState
Happy to chat-after you've actually read the piece. @_Orwell @ScrewedbyState
There's little place for the Bundys in a place w/ eminent domain,massive Govt resource ownership+ runaway crony capitalism.@ScrewedbyState
RT @ScrewedbyState: "I believe the very heart and soul of Conservatism is Libertarianism" -Ronald Reagan But GOP is just Big Government (not so)lite.
That sounds about right-while crony capitalists teach sociopathy/corruption/risk socialization/Govt capture.@weztex @ScrewedbyState #tcot
Both parties have been destroying the economy, while aiding themselves, crony capitalists and the 1%. @Wooflepup @ScrewedbyState
Krugman has been pining for a destructive war, in order to create "growth". @Wooflepup @ScrewedbyState
RT @weztex: @ScrewedbyState @Tokyo_Tom ...they are concerned with their tenure and teaching young people accounting math and hopelessness
"the drive to left was deflected over the wall at the 380 mark in left-center-field by Reds left fielder Laynce Nix" @billyj41
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