Tom Stocky
Worst cheese packaging ever -
Worst cheese packaging ever
"Gouda-type flavor." Wow. - Bret Taylor
They took the idea from a failed Taco Bell campaign, Mexican-like food. - Eban Crawford
Note that it's called "pasteurized process cheese food", not "cheese", which (according to FDA regulations) means that it must contain at least 51% cheese (and probably contains exactly 51%). - Tudor Bosman
LOL, the fact that it is actually cheddar just makes this even funnier. - Kenton
Cheddar?!?!?! As a cheese lover, this is offensive. Glacier Ridge Farms should get their food processing license revoked. - Anika
+1 Bret - exactly ... funny sh*t - Susan Beebe
it's the "Velveeta Effect". Everybody sing: there's no single cheese like velveeta, because velveeta is more than one single cheese. Like colby, swiss and cheddar, blended all together for a taste that melts with ease! - Morgan
@Morgan: I'd be more comforted if I knew for sure that the other 49% (per Tudor) was just other cheeses ... - Tom Stocky
i think it means this is not cheese and can't legally call itself cheese - Iphigenie
i like the 'like' and 'type' labels...sort of like the people that say they live 'beverly hills adjacent' when they live in the middle of crappy hollywood - Morgan
I'm pretty sure I've eaten one of these on an airplane before. Anything remotely resembling a cheese flavor: FAIL - Jeanette Bosman