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Tom Stocky
Airlines pilots handing out Captain Donut cards on flights? -
Airlines pilots handing out Captain Donut cards on flights?
On the other side of the card, there was a "Captain Donut" email address and 310 area code phone number. I'm guessing this isn't an official program United is doing, but perhaps they encourage pilots to make personal connections with customers like this? - Tom Stocky
Did he "friend" you on Facebook! I can just see it... News Feed: "Captain Donut and Tom are friends." :) - Ben Hedrington
How wonderfully retro. I can see that happening back in the 70's. I don't understand it, but I like it. - DeWitt Clinton
I don't want a personal connection with my pilot. I really want a mini-skirted stewardess to bring me a vodka martini while I smoke unfiltered cigarettes, but now I'm so inured to shitty service that I'll settle for a pack of honey roasted peanuts. - Steve Weis
@Ben: I tried to find that email address on FB, but no luck. =) - Tom Stocky
I've been given cards like this in the past on some United flights. - David Recordon
Interesting ... so it's not just this particular pilot, it may actually be a broader United thing. - Tom Stocky