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Thoughts on The No Asshole Rule -
Thoughts on The No Asshole Rule
What a great way of putting it. I think tech companies can be highly susceptible to this sort of behavior, perhaps because some geeks have a tendency to be assholes when they "know" they're right. It takes a concerted effort to be sure this behavior doesn't take root. - Joel Webber
After this, how about reading the Steve Jobs book (A Regular Guy) for a contrast ;) - Dion Almaer
Sutton actually mentions Jobs a bit in the book. He's got a good blog post on the subject: - Tom Stocky
There's a fascinating story I heard about on This American Life (taken from this research study: ) about how one bad apple can ruin group dynamics, and one of the three identified personality types that can ruin it turns out to be "the jerk," which is probably just another way of saying "asshole." Bottom line: a group performs only as good as its worst member, its "bad apple." Listen to TAL here: - Jeff Eddings
Nice link -- thanks, Jeff - Tom Stocky