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Adding Media RSS thumbnails to an Atom feed -
Adding Media RSS thumbnails to an Atom feed
It was surprisingly easy to add thumbnails to my site feed -- does anyone know what the generally-accepted max height/width is? - Tom Stocky
All the kids are doing it these days: - Benjamin Golub
No Tom, there is width and height, and you can add media:group to display many thumbnails at once - directeur
@Benjamin: Nice! You know, one of these days I should just convert over to using your code ... it's clearly better than mine and would save me a lot of time in the long run. But part of me likes building this stuff myself. - Tom Stocky
Definitely keep your own! 90% of the fun I get out of my blog has nothing to do with actually blogging. I just like building it. - Benjamin Golub
@directeur: Is that the what most Media RSS consumers do? They look for multiple <media-thumbnail> entities within a <media:group> and choose the one of the size they prefer? - Tom Stocky
Tom, actually the "normal" behavior would be to choose only one thumbnail per content. To have many thumbnails per post. You should wrap your thumbnails in groups and specify a width and height for each thumbnail. Like I'm doing here for eg. - directeur
Are you sure you need a <media:group> wrapper even when there's only one <media:thumbnail> element? - Tom Stocky
Yes, it allows to gather many "versions" of the *same* content. in other words, groups are not intended to gather different contents. More info here: :) - directeur
Hm, according to <media:thumbnail> is listed under optional elements, which it says "may appear as sub-elements of <channel>, <item>, <media:content> and/or <media:group>." I think you only need <media:group> when you're dealing with multiple thumbnails. - Tom Stocky
Tom: I agree, if you only have 1 thumbnail there is no benefit to using a group. I'm keeping things simple for now. - Benjamin Golub
The spec page also mentions that if multiple thumbnails are included it's assumed that they're in order of importance. It's not clear that having multiple (biggest to smallest) is the best way to deal with potential size constraints. Have you come across anything about max size? Does FriendFeed have a max size for thumbnails? - Tom Stocky
Tom: these numbers could change but at the moment if you keep the thumbnails below 525 by 175 px it will display in FriendFeed. Alternatively you don't need to provide a width/height if you only have one piece of media. - Benjamin Golub