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Tom Foremski

Tom Foremski

I have been reporting on the business of Silicon Valley for US and global newspapers and magazines since 1984.
NSA's Crypto-Kids - It's Never To Early To Start Recruitment -
San Francisco's Extraordinary Media Heritage - 12 Daily Newspapers -SVW
Forensiq: Tracking the billions stolen from the media industry | ZDNet
Advice from Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO: Ray Zinn
Tales From Off-The-Bus: Original Ideas Come From Original Experiences...
Yet Another Study Finds Readers Don't Trust Native Ads -SVW
'Do the hard things first' says Ray Zinn Silicon Valley's longest serving CEO:
Invisible ink RT @deborahgage: How about ink and quills? German NSA committee mulls use of mechanical typewriters
The fascinating world of Ray Zinn... 'Do The Hard Things First' - Advice From Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO -
Fascinating..."Rob Dunn: Clever Study Suggests an Alternate Explanation for the Function of the Human Stomach"
Why animals matter... great post
They don't exist! :) RT @AnaLuzRedux: @tomforemski first rule of social marketing: investigate non-social forms of interaction?
Little Bird offers next generation blog discovery, now that Technorati’s classic index is gone -
Thanks! RT @briansolis: "'Media as a Service' - Moving Beyond Narcissistic Content Marketing" by @tomforemski
It's come to this...RT @SocialInSanFran: Are You Unemployed? Want to Learn Social Media while you are looking?
RT @stevegillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
RT @mddelphis: Interesting post by @craignewmark: The philosophies of a nerd
RT @SimonUwins: Interesting... : ‘Media as a Service’ - Moving Beyond Narcissistic Content Marketing @tomforemski
RT @Brightidea: 5/ IMO the theory if Disruption would be better named the theory of Undercutting. Of course that is less sexy, might sell fewer books.
RT @jamie9millar: .@tomforemski: "People have a sparrow's appetite for reading or watching self-serving narcisistic content marketing."
RT @mikaelpittam: Spot on! RT @tomforemski: 'Media as a Service' - Moving Beyond Narcissitic Content Marketing
RT @rickburnes: @tomforemski make that #badcontentmarketing -- it doesn't work if it's about your product; you gotta solve your buyer persona's problems
The Bull Never Speaks! RT @SandraJEvans: Yes! RT @laurenkgray: The @redbull #PR rule by @tomforemski (via @prezly).”
RT @marshallk: 'Media as a Service' - Moving Beyond Narcissistic Content Marketing: thank you for saying it, @tomforemski!
Thanks guys! RT @the_spinmd: @marshallk @tomforemski Read that earlier. Tom (like always) is spot-frickin'-on.
RT @filmonomics: Finally a push-back against corporate selfies: "'Moving Beyond Narcissitic Content Marketing" by @tomforemski on
Too true... Leadership matters RT @HarvardBiz: If the boss can't find work-life balance, no one can
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