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Tom Foremski

Tom Foremski

I have been reporting on the business of Silicon Valley for US and global newspapers and magazines since 1984.
Veteran Silicon Valley Journalist Tom Foremski Joins Weber Shandwick's Mediaco - In2
Ireland only RT @SCleland: Yes "Google removed biggest obstacle to its real-world surveillance system" "free" Nest?
Thanks! RT @helgie: Great take on what's happening in the field, and our approach.
Thanks! RT @JWellcome: @tomforemski nice piece, couldn’t agree more - let the arms race commence #abouttime
Mediaco And Scalable Technologies Of Brand Publishing -SVW
Educational Rocket Ships Launch 'Soda-Can' Satellites -SVW
Lessons From Richard Edelman's Decade As A Blogger -
Coming soon: robot staff too! RT @annedarche: Brands use robots to enhance consumer experience
RT @JoshConstine: If Facebook is building an anonymous app, why let Secret piggyback on its social graph? ...Unless Fb wants to buy it
RT @Benioff: Awesome interview on Dreamforce with @emilychangtv
RT @gaberivera: It looks like Twitter has a higher regard for the US Constitution than the DOJ and our President:
RT @StevenLevy: So everyone who follows me--and I love you all btw!--must now follow @backchnnl as well. And I will love you more.
Sell yourself! RT @kieranhannon: RT @matthewgonzales: .@sacca breaks down how to pitch an investor for
"Google is the scorpion stinging the frog that's carrying it to the other side of the river.."
The Islamic State has a new target: Twitter, and its San Francisco employees - The Washington Post
Three were journalists #NewsIsNotFree RT @davewiner: Eight dead in attack on Ebola team in Guinea.
RT @davewiner: Eight dead in attack on Ebola team in Guinea. ‘Killed in cold blood.’.
RT @iainthomson: Interesting, first ward to report goes for the no campaign #ScotlandDecides
The frog and the scorpion..."Ribbit: Google's Never Ending European Problems"
Extensive plastic surgery RT @lenadunham:... Joan is gone but a piece of her lives on: her nose, because it's made of polyurethane
Beep-beep... RT @JeffImmelt: Our new ad -an imaginative take on the #IndustrialInternet- premiering tonight
And given blanks...RT @harper: It is important that police are kept in the dark.
RT @bryanrhoads: Pools of Light and "Global Rainbows" Illuminate Downtown Festival
RT @sramana: 10 avoidable mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make repeatedly
RT @JamilSmith: Your nightly reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in foreign wars, and now being used in Ferguson:
RT @LarryRosenthal: In the end we will be classified as insurgents... Sounds like the 60s never ended. Media got it's wish. CNN is giddy with luv.
RT @alicesperi: Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson
RT @samgustin: LIVE FIRE: @Timcast and @VICE @vicenews crew running for their lives.
Welcome back! RT @Jason: Looking forward to driving down to @ycombinator demo day. Nice to live in SF and be able to pop down on the tesla!
I want a capture-drone RT @chr1sa: The 5 coolest Kickstarter drone projects based on the @3DRobotics Pixhawk platform
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