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Tom Foremski

Tom Foremski

I have been reporting on the business of Silicon Valley for US and global newspapers and magazines since 1984.
The Risky Human In The Algorithmic Car -SVW
Fist bumps 'cleaner than handshakes'
Germany's super-shy super-rich
Six seconds 'can transform health'
RT @Steveology: Forensiq: Tracking The Media Industry's Stolen Billions -
Largest study on 'native advertising' finds benefits for brands, risks for publishers -ZDNet
Large Native Advertising Study Finds Benefits For Brands At The Expense Of Publishers -
RT @samgustin: Excellent piece by @StevenDavidoff on the need to update antitrust law for the new Gilded Age. cc: @scrawford
RT @Inside_UM: "Work-life integration is not a necessity. Work-life integration is a work of art."@gapingvoidart
RT @karaswisher: Fascinating scenario, which I have suggested in passing before: Is Alibaba Or SoftBank About To Buy Yahoo? @forbes
RT @EagleWebAssets: I keep the pressure on these fools.
True RT @CTTerry: @ScottMonty Ergo, earned media is still the Once and Future King. Your stories are told most persuasively by others.
RT @ScottMonty:And here's the creative twist: are most brands willing to put $ toward promoting that 3rd party content?
Good luck with that! RT @wonky_donky: just for once though, it *would* be nice not to always be on the defensive as a PR/ marketer
Well said RT @cmccrudden: @wonky_donky @jtwentyman Editorial contains the potential to upset. Marketing always tries to please.
Irony of #ContentMarketing - there's very little marketing to distribute the content, and the content reads like marketing.
RT @MattRosoff: Microsoft is now earning $4.4 billion/yr from enterprise cloud businesses, double from last year.
Beautiful! Beetles overran George Harrison memorial...
RT @ZoranBasich: Great analysis by @msuster on major VC trends, including how "value capture" has shifted to private markets.
RT @LinkedMedia: RT @tomforemski: The Media Industry Is Blind, Dumb And Dumber: The Great Media (Train) Robbery - Billions Missing -
RT @lee_akin: @lee_akin:RT @Centro "Tracking The Media Industry's Stolen Billions - analysis from @tomforemski; @centro Brand Exchange mitigates ad…
RT @DigitalSayer: Great stuff, no coincidence. RT @tomforemski: San Francisco's Extraordinary Media Heritage - 12 Daily Newspapers -SVW
RT @pamelahazelton: RT @Steveology: Yet Another Study Finds Readers Don't Trust Native Ads by @tomforemski
NSA's Crypto-Kids - It's Never To Early To Start Recruitment -
San Francisco's Extraordinary Media Heritage - 12 Daily Newspapers -SVW
Forensiq: Tracking the billions stolen from the media industry | ZDNet
Advice from Silicon Valley's Longest Serving CEO: Ray Zinn
Tales From Off-The-Bus: Original Ideas Come From Original Experiences...
Yet Another Study Finds Readers Don't Trust Native Ads -SVW
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