Tom Foremski
The Problem With The Real-Time Web - No Google Juice -
Yet... - Christian Anderson from iPhone
This is absolutely wrong. My FriendFeed items are showing up in Google. - Robert Scoble from iPhone FriendFeed items show up as well - J.D. Deutschendorf
Tom is wrong again. - Louis Gray
Left this comment. It's waiting for approval: "Sorry, but nope nope nope to the first half of your story about tweets not being able to rank in Google. Here's a perfect example that I ran into just in the last couple hours. Tonight my wife and I attended a Kathy Griffin concert at the Mountain Winery. Steve Wozniak was in the audience. On the way out of the concert, my wife did the search [wozniak mountain winery] and got this as a result: . As I'm leaving this comment, that tweet was written about four hours ago. Google indexed and was showing it about three hours ago. So that's just one example literally from tonight showing that tweets can not only show up in Google, they can be searchable before a concert is even over. :)" - Matt Cutts
So wrong .... - Charlie Anzman
By Google "juice" I'm not talking about being searchable, I'm referring to pagerank, the importance that Google assigns to content. There is a big difference here. There would need to be a system that collects and collates all your online personas along with your website/blogsite. - Tom Foremski
The real-time web is no so important. Not yet anyways. And it's not reliable, it's basically a huge mess. mostly a waste of time and noise. Once Google Wave starts working it will be another story. - Charbax
another sign up for the realtime isn't real deadpool list - Steve Gillmor
There's an opportunity for someone to complete the circle on real-time and static web and of course, Google is best positioned for that. And that's why "real-time" isn't what's going to crack GOOG's dominance. - Tom Foremski
realtime isn't gonna crack anybody'd dominance - it is extending it - Steve Gillmor
Google juice is fine and can be attributed - real-time does something far more powerful - flocking and virility. Google search is for residual traffic, Real-time is for live conversation. - Chris Saad
Real-time is just a feature though, there are other profound features that will coalesce into a new phase of the web - Chris Saad
oh wait Saad is clueless too - Steve Gillmor
Heh sure :) - Chris Saad
a feature, then your app is an implementation of a feature - don't think so - Steve Gillmor
It's a feature - an important one, but a feature none-the-less - There are some other important features that need to come together as well for a real sea-change - Chris Saad
sea changes are overrated - Steve Gillmor
realtime v. sea change - take rt and the $ - Steve Gillmor
I disagree - IRC was 'real-time' - the point is not just real-time - it's also about concrete identity, distribution, aggregation, implicit and explicit gestures and more - Chris Saad
don't throw gestures at me pal - Steve Gillmor
I think we are just debating naming conventions though - whatever you want to call this thing its exciting as hell - Chris Saad
agreed I call it realtime - Steve Gillmor
I call it something else :) But it's still fun! - Chris Saad
concrete gestures blah blah blah - realtime wins - Steve Gillmor
How bout PushButton :-) - PXLated
rssCloud - Steve Gillmor
Don't give up on your genius from the old days Steve - you were right - just ahead of your time - like all of us - Gestures still need to play a role - Chris Saad
I was right then and right now - Steve Gillmor
You're always right - aren't you? - Chris Saad
you're still about to be right - Steve Gillmor
haha what does that mean - Chris Saad
don't worry it'll come to you - Steve Gillmor
It seems discussions about these types of things end up too binary - either/or. It's neither either/or but "and". - Tom Foremski
Tom, you started it with "The problem" - Steve Gillmor
Seriously though - have you had a moment to read our synaptic web straw man steve? - Chris Saad
seriously, what the leo are you talking about - Steve Gillmor
what the Leo LOL - Chris Saad <-- this thing is what I am talking about. I'd very much like your input (as always) - Chris Saad
I still say realtime is the wrong emphasis. It's about flow, and persistence. - Kevin Marks
Yes Kevin - that's part of my point - would love ur input on that link too - Chris Saad
Yes, I did :) But I wasn't clear enough on the "problem." I'm thinking in terms of investment of time between blog and the real-time world and how much time should I spend here and there... - Tom Foremski
More content on my blog gives me an investment that translates into a better pagerank which is a lasting benefit. But it's not clear how lasting are the rewards if I spend more time in the real-time world... - Tom Foremski
Why is it either/or Tom - why not integrate real-time on your blog? - Chris Saad
tom's post points out the obvious. "You've got to do both. If you abandon your static web presence for your real-time activities you will find it harder to build your overall social media capital". of course a single micro-message is not *typically* going to have any weight as it's often just a pointer to the real content value. the largest percentage of the so-called real-time messaging going on today are links with a bit of context and/or opinion. it's a medium to connect more people with more content. this broadcast medium itself is secondary as it pertains to actual content. so yeah, their is a lack of google juice but it's not nec a problem. unless we are talking about aesthetically pleasing tweets of the poetic variety ;) - sull
i also think real-time is a feature of the larger evolving digital infosphere. in a way, realtime is like rapid failure.... meaning... the speed and volume of the data flow to analyze and grade and filter and stock... the greater the value realtime offers to intelligent systems (ie. google). slower data flow translates to a slower realization of what content is not only generally good but also what is accurate, what is Legitimately trending and what is Actually being requested by millions of user search queries. Realtime Find is more important than Realtime Search. - sull
The other day, @bitlynow gave me a link about someone who died. my first thought was... hey it's bitly, they are good at what they are doing so i gave the tweet artificial value by reposting it only to realize moments later that the link and story were part of a hoax and possibly part of a worm. perfect example of why faster realtime data flow and analysis are critical to avoiding bad data from propagating. - sull
sull - well said... Some people however, aren't using pointers, they have nothing to point to, and that's a mistake. - Tom Foremski
Who says Real Time doesn't get you Google Juice. Not the Murphy Goode winery: (yesterday's post already there) or, more accurately, . - Robert Scoble
Thats more like, its the problem with today's Google. - Lakshman Prasad