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"Next, a vortex of stupidity took hold." #LouisvillePurge ][ There's Not Going to Be a Purge in Your Town | VICE
Coming up tonight: The Gov. Rick Perry mugshot. Everydamnwhere.
RT @Gizmodo: Ferguson Police will finally get the one device they really need:
<-- weeps RT @CJR: Best-sourced reporter covering Apple, one of the world’s most secretive companies, is 20 years old
RT @naudsie: Instead of spreading the image and video of that horrible act, here's James Wright Foley. Remember him and his work.
FIFA will host a conference on ethical sports leadership. Don't wait for the punchline. That's the whole joke.
Mo'Ne Davis will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated ... oy. We all know how this ends. #CoverJinx
RT @WashingtonPoint: I was w/ James Foley in Aleppo, August 2012 for a day in #Selahaddin. Syrian opposition members were adoring him. He was a kind, brave man
RT @Yair_Rosenberg: The ISIS terrorist who beheads James Foley in that horrific video speaks British-accented English. That will shake up many people in Europe.
Loy Allen Jr. weeps in anonymity. RT @TonyJWriter WHY IS CARL BOGARTING MIKE BLISS' NUMBER @turbojunker
Based on the logo, @JoeGibbsRacing has gotten a paper airplane company to sponsor Carl Edwards. #NASCAR #apparently
RT @JennaFryer: ICYMI, Column from yesterday: "Guys grieve, too, guys have feelings, too." #NASCAR
RT @journodave: Egypt (yes, THAT Egypt) is urging US authorities to exercise restraint in Missouri as violence escalates #trolling
"We are the Borg." MT @PPistone I must say I do always get a feeling of team unity when therevs a JGR conference & that seems apparent today
RT @texasinafrica: Let's stop calling violent instigators "protesters." They aren't there for #MikeBrown or to support those who are. Distinguish the groups.
Corona recalls some beer (oddly, *not* because it's crummy beer):
RT @GreggDoyelCBS: By Stephen Jones?!?! RT @EyeOnNFL: Manziel's draft card was literally snatched out of Jerry Jones' hand, author says:
RT @NoonsiteEditor: #Caribbean #Atlantic: Lionfish characteristics make them more 'terminator' than predator
Nobody wants their pizza, eh? RT @ryanjreilly Papa John's. Owner tells me they think only sodas were taken. #Ferguson
#icymi RT @BoingBoing Mike Brown was shot "at least" six times, twice in the head.
Still waiting for the video of somebody writing a check. RT @BobbyBigWheel I had no idea so many people owned ice buckets
Again. Midnight curfew ain't working. RT @LChase_RA So, it looks and sounds like Ferguson, Missouri is a war zone tonight.
#derp RT @slashdot Windows 8.1 Update Crippling PCs With BSOD, Microsoft Suggests You Roll Back
"The closest one. Where are we?" RT @bentley_rick @SundyBest To this point, which location is your favorite @Applebees? #IWANNAGOHOME
Ugh. Festival of Empty Seats at #MilwaukeeMile #IndyFest, @pressdog. #Indycar
Hey @RumShopRyan, if National Rum Day falls on a Friday or Saturday does it last the whole weekend plus Monday? #FingersCrossed
This is your chance to SWEEP THE LEG! RT @defiantlydutch Ralph Macchio here today. Vinny nowhere to be found. Probably still in Alabama.
RT @KUBremner: You still need a person: sportswriting robot thinks Little League star Mo'Ne Davis is a boy (via @Romenesko):
Extenuating circumstances: THIS. CAR. IS ON FYAAAAAAAAAAAAH! #NASCAR
This. RT @TwangNation Enough ice water, just write a check people.
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