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STOP. Read this. ][ RT @matthewltully My column. “@tswarens: A young quarterback lost to heroin’s grip via @indystar
"Look at all my rings." — Tom Brady ][ MT @nflnetwork Better college prospect: Manziel or Vick? @CharleyCasserly says
Bus-riding grandma has a UK tattoo. On the top of her left foot. In #Missoula. #BBN #WALD
RT @NiemanLab: Newspaper revenue losses decrease to lowest level since the mid-2000s, according to the NAA
Frank Haith texted his resignation to Mizzou? Wow. #StayClassy
RT @GeorgeTakei: Or that the one next to it wasn't Professor X.
RT @jessicahagy: An oldie people are asking to see today:
RT @TPM: Princeton researchers argue that America's political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy
RT @TPM: A new study from Princeton spells bad news for American democracy—namely, that it no longer exists:
RT @MarkEnnis: #AskEmmert remember that time you mismanaged a $150 million building project at UConn so badly the governor ordered an investigation?
RT @_WillRubin: #AskEmmert if one train is going N at 40 MPH and another is going S at 55 MPH why did you think this hashtag was a good idea?
Also, the NCAA seems to be amazingly dumb. #AskEmmert #BadIdeasInSocialMedia
RT @jlnazario57: So funny RT @Deadspin: NCAA president Mark Emmert took questions at #AskEmmert. It turned into a hilarious disaster:
RT @JJJJQQQQ: The person who thought of #AskEmmert is either really bad at their job or really awesome at quitting their job.
RT @KeithOlbermann: The latest on Craig Sager of Turner Sports, my colleague since 1981: #LeukemiaPickedTheWrongOpponent
RT @KeithOlbermann: The latest on Craig Sager of Turner Sports, my colleague since 1981: #LeukemiaPickedTheWrongOpponent
I'm pretty sure the folks at Lifehacker have been dropped on their heads one time too many. RT @lifehacker Artichokes are delicious
RT @AP: BREAKING: Police say high school vice principal rescued from doomed South Korean ferry is found hanged.
1) Don't fix a playoff series. ][ RT @ESPNCommentary What the NBA can learn from other sports
RT @SportsCenter: AVALANCHE WIN IT! Paul Stastny is the hero. He scores late in 3rd and gets the game-winner. Avs beat Wild in OT, 5-4
RT @Deadspin: Craig Sager has leukemia, according to Craig Sager's son:
Does anybody see a difference between Jeff Francouer and Sean Rodriguez these days?
And gets played. RT @BoingBoing Edward Snowden asks Vladimir Putin about surveillance in Russia on call-in TV show.
RT @IR_TroyShockley: Reports of a man screaming at birds, holding a knife, while standing on a large truck. #scannerchatter
Spain and the Inca. RT @io9 Open Channel: What's The Most Disastrous First Encounter Between Two Civilizations?
Wait ... is Tulsa still in C-USA? I think they rotate members monthly.
So Mizzou is losing its basketball coach to a Conference USA school. Hilarious.
RT @Matt_HayesSN: Seriously? Wow. RT @Dave_Matter: Haith boarding a plane to Tulsa.
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