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UPDATED: Not actually live. RT @FOXSports1: First @NASCAR_Trucks heat race from Eldora is LIVE on @FOXSports1!
RT @nadabakos: You seriously have to ask yourself how a group of men who find mannequins too attractive are able to recruit more
Mets (barely) avoid a #ThatsSoMets finish. ][ RT @ralphDrussoAP: Wheeeee! RT @AdamRubinESPN: Final: #Mets 3, #Mariners 2
And that was that. RT @MikeVacc: Colon vs. Cano. This could be ... Interesting. #Mets
The @boingboing story about all the security holes in iOS? Yeah, go read that.
RT @BoingBoing: Back doors in Apple's mobile platform for law enforcement, bosses, spies (possibly)
Slow news day at the NYT?
RT @TwangNation: Proof Jack White is a Cubs fan. And a Slytherin allum.
RT @_youhadonejob: If you missed the @AP tweet here it is. #youhadonejob
That's quite the clarification given 1st tweet. RT @AP CLARIFIES: Dutch military plane carrying Malaysia Airlines bodies lands in Eindhoven.
RT @TheDalyPlanet: These @cnn pictures are exactly how you make the point of just how deep the #MH17 tragedy is for Netherlands.
RT @johnemcintyre: Night baseball is the devil's work. It plays hell with newspaper deadlines and deprives people of the guilty pleasure of skipping work.
RT @erikmal: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nope RT @cwarzel: holy shit holy shit holy shit. no. no. no.
RT @NHC_Atlantic: Tropical Depression #Two advisory 6 issued. Depression moving quickly westward toward the lesser antilles.
PROOF! RT @CorkGaines: James Loney-Jose Molina double-steal is the GIF that keeps on GIFing
PROOF! RT @CorkGaines: James Loney-Jose Molina double-steal is the GIF that keeps on GIFing
RT @BreakingNews: More: US officials say they believe separatists in Ukraine probably shot down flight 'by mistake' - @Reuters
RT @DragonflyJonez: Dungy is right. Sam would be a distraction. Remember the fiasco at Mizzou when 60 college kids kept it a secret? Anarchy. Absolute chaos.
Confirming my hypothesis ... RT @Just_AP For serious
This tweet seems recycled ... RT @Farcethemusic Aldean's new song skeeves me out.
RT @DanWetzel: Good thing for Tony Dungy that back in the day not everyone caved like Tony Dungy says he would've on Michael Sam:
Nah. RT @latimes Watch the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' teaser trailer posted on Beyonce's Instagram account
RT @wunderground: #Tropical #Depression #Two has formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Still way out in open water.
That's normally shortened to "a/s/l?" RT @TheOrangeCone: Hi. My name is Cone. What's your name? Wanna be friends?
I would never admit to being at the event in 1 of these photos. ][ Spring Break: Totally Rad Photos from the '80s
Oh … That'd actually be _you_, right? RT @Farcethemusic: Sorry, I meant.... Top 10 pet peeves douchebag country singers would have. (Go!)
The #SFGiants have now out-Metsed the Mets. Excellent work!
RT @gondeee: Everyone on three, 1, 2, 3... LOL! RT @Ken_Rosenthal: Source: Uggla to #SFGiants.
The Winds Of Winter, however ... RT @GeorgeRRMartin_ Comic Con is coming. #SDCC2014
RT @nadabakos: Meet Executive Order 12333: The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on Americans
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