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No, we will not be referring to one of the college football polls as the Amway Coaches Poll. #cfb
RT @pourmecoffee: The House of Representatives has adjourned for the day so if you need nothing done you'll have to not do it yourself.
RT @RaysIndex: DONE DEALS! David Price Traded To Tigers. ZOBRIST NOT TRADED #Rays
RT @RaysIndex: DONE DEALS! David Price Traded To Tiger And Ben Zobrist To The Pirates #Rays
Well, then. RT @JeffPassan RT @Ken_Rosenthal Source: #Tigers get Price.
DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER! MASS HYSTERIA! RT @Buster_ESPN Done deal: Stephen Drew to the Yankees, as @GordonEdes mentioned.
RT @TBTimes_Rays: Best guess at this point would be #Rays with #Mariners and #Tigers. Not clear who goes where.
RT @TBTimes_Rays: Hearing #Rays trade involving Price is a three-team deal
.@defiantlydutch Gonna have to find someone to throw in some digital downloads to be named later before we can deal.
Also, water is wet. RT @RaysIndex RT @Ken_Rosenthal Hearing “no chance” #Yankees get Price.
Nice BC. Oh, wait. RT @scuba_board Diving Grand Cayman 1974 (Thanks Joystershell for sharing) #TBT
RT @EasternSurfMag: #tbt to 1984 when Ricky Carroll rocked the best neon airbrush/tube sock/bad-to-the-bone truck around Photo: Dugan
Or, Ron Jeremy's stunt double. RT @wingoz RT @ESPNNFL #Jaguars owner Shahid Khan looking fly on the cover of Void
RT @WaiverWarrior: OMFG! #MLBNetwork just got trolled! Isn't he sitting in your studio?
RT @Gizmodo: USB has a fundamental security flaw that you can't detect:
Hey, @baseballin140 ... You there?
Waiting ... RT @DanWetzel Undeniable. So, @sallyjenx? RT @kevin_reiss: WaPo Letter to the Editor of the day
RT @BoingBoing: Inquiry reveals two decades of errors in FBI forensic lab, including 45 death penalty cases
RT @mattapuzzo: Here's the talking points document the White House inadvertently sent the AP regarding the CIA interrogation report.
Y'know, @MLBNetwork was a lot more watchable before they hired professional shouting idiot Christopher Russo.
Hey wait … RT @2p2TrollCat: Come on, Al Roker… The best way to stop a SharkNado is to throw dolphins at it. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne #Science
Dear writers of headlines: If you insist on using the phrase "speaks out" you deserve to have a sharknado assault. #PartyLikeAJournalist
RT @ESPNNYYankees: I guessed the ending: The sharks invade CitiField, eat Shake Shack, die of food poisoning
Tara bein' Tara. RT @AckertNYDN: Tara Reid's one skill seems to be looking confused all the time...
RT @LandThieves: We all joke about Sharknados. This is Oklahoma.. Don't write anything off
RT @LandThieves: If a Sharknado hit an actual Mets game the loss of life would reach into the dozens
RT @WillBrinson: #Sharknado2 Implausibility Power Rankings: 1. Mets winning 2. A Sharknado
First saw "Toronto" as "Sharknado." But nothing beats Sharknado. RT @wesrucker247: What a night for @dcunited. Up 3-0 on Toronto.
From @BoingBoing: "radio wave 'bursts' from space … Is it aliens? " Obviously, y'all …
The truth about on-location TV reporters. RT @JournalistsLike: Journalist on top, party below. #partylikeajournalist
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