Fido and the fourth of July jitters… Tips from Paula Tarifaj, DVM to keep your dog calm during the festivities. -
Interesting information on doggie Alzheimers… -
Did you hear about part two from the always informative Paula Tarifaj, DVM? Bet your dog will if you follow this advice. -
More information on the gaps diet. Food for thought when considering the long term effects of modern science in our daily lives. -
Itchy Painful Smelly Ears – possible fix for the pain of it all – Part 1 -
Want to learn more about promoting a healthy immune system? See this re-post of an article from Healer Dealer Blog. -
And some thought getting dogs high on pot was just something funny back in the day. -
Paula Tarifaj, DVM Completes Her Series -
Dog Spa Resort Owner and Veterinarian Paula Tarifaj, DVM continues her series… -
Drug-free pain relief for people and pets – part two By Paula Terifaj DVM -
This is your chance to win a signed copy of the inspirational memoir, “OUT OF THE WOODS” by Katina Makris. -
Helpful first in a 3 part series of posts about natural ways to keep your pet’s joints healthy. Posts are from Dr Paula Terifaj of Dog Spa Resort -
Cedar oil kills bugs dead – new safe pesticide for people and pets -
Shared idea for considering a family pet. -
Dog Food Debate – cost, convenience and what’s in the bag? -
For all of you would be outdoor lovers! -
Visit our friends at Healer Dealer Diary -
I just grabbed these AWESOME freebies from Maria & Tina.... thought you would like them too!
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Integrated Pest Management for the Homeowner -
Integrated Pest Management for the Homeowner
End of the Year Special
Integrated Pest Management for the Homeowner
Integrated Pest Management for the Homeowner
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