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It's that time of year when we make bunnies.
Does it matter that 44% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet? We have answers on FIR 751:
A blogger finds that the social media pundits calling for engagement don't engage. Hypocrisy? Learn more on FIR 751:
FTC investigation of Cole Haan offers insights into how to run a Pinterest contest. Get details on FIR 751:
As the brain adapts to digital, serious reading is waning. Learn what this means for communicators on FIR 751:
Who needs PR? A journalist's jaundiced view highlights the good, the bad and the ugly. Hear the story on FIR 751:
My Dishwasher is Back [1:55] via @audioboo
Sunday News from Ireland [8:44] via @audioboo
Sharing Dungarvan Bay since +John Tierney wasn't around to see it.
Clearing clutter by donating  some of the last remnants of our failed startup to after-school activity groups.
Listening to business intellligence via @audioboo
I've been tapping (and dropping) Lumia phones for more than two years and just discovered more than 1000 people…
Asian mums are heavy Internet users, especially after giving birth. @communicateasia has the report on FIR 750:
Respecting Wikipedia. After all, it's a valid cross-reference used by immigration officers.
So glad to hear, "Please, do not put your feet on seats" before 8am because it means a productive commute.
Blogs can drive local customers to your business. @jangles shares 5 ways to make it happen on FIR 750:
Robot with blue fins in search of #MH370
Robot with blue fins in search of #MH370
3rd-party content more credible than branded content. @shelholtz & @jangles discuss what it REALLY means on FIR 750:
Copyblogger ends commenting on its blog since you can comment elsewhere. Is this a good idea? Find out on FIR 750:
Emotient app for Google Glass detects emotions & relays them back to retailers. Cool or creepy? Hear more on FIR 750:
Spending productive minutes writing with Lego.
Thanking +Ruth Arnold for suggesting ways to include some of the most clever educational apps on our iPad. We…
How to borrow from Stephen Covey and share networking ideas.
Continuing my adventures with social graphs and audiogmented reality. #LSADmedia
Experiments with Social Networking via @audioboo
The search for Malaysia Flight 370 leads to problems between China and Malaysia. @communicateasia reports on FIR 749:
I like how Microsoft is making it easy for eight year olds to code.
Turkey's ban on Twitter, YouTube expands into larger attack on Internet infrastructure. @danyork reports on FIR 749:
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