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ALSA tries to trademark the term Ice Bucket Challenge. Is it a bad PR move? Find out on FIR 771.
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is producing marketing lessons -- and questions -- galore. Hear some on FIR 769:
Most social sharing happens via email, IM. Are you factoring Dark Social into your strategies? Learn more on FIR 769:
Common sense eludes some PRs and marketers in the wake of Robin Williams' death. Hear the story on FIR 769:
UK audience for digital news is moving to mobile. Find out why and what it means on FIR 769:
Embeds of Facebook posts rise 50% in the three months since Facebook Newswire launched. Hear the story on FIR 769:
Demise of http://Justin.TV spells the end of the bedroom vlog. Listen to FIR 768 for details:
Can we stop stressing out over those Facebook Messenger app permissions? Find out why it's no big deal on FIR 768:
In India, influencers are being invited to post material pre-created for them. @jangles has details on FIR 768:
Remembering Robin Williams with His Fav Musician via @audioboo
Fold brings context to news in MIT Media Lab's new Fold platform, which you'll be able to use. Hear more on FIR 768:
What We Know about Electric Cars via @audioboo
Have you been duped by invites from fake profiles from Okay App on LinkedIn? Hear the story on FIR 768:
Big brands are succeeding through experimentation on WeChat. Get details from @communicateasia on FIR 768:
Tumblr makes a push for brands looking for more than they get from Facebook or Twitter. Learn more on FIR 768:
Armenia asks each of its citizens to write a Wikipedia article. Hear the story on FIR 767:
Gaming Communities with @pceitinn via @audioboo
Traditional Busking via @audioboo
Adventures with Mia via @audioboo
Will Facebook Messenger's terms of service drive users away? Hear @danyork's take on FIR 767:
Four Pieces of Metal via @audioboo
Forget about Twitter and post less for more readership. @jangles shares Telegraph's strategy on FIR 767:
Facebook page likes are meaningless, so what's next for social media measurement? Find out on FIR 767:
"The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog.…
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