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Paul Buchheit
Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or "merged" with Android)
Sure! iPad changed the game - Guy Vander Heyden
maybe it would stay and grow like android did ipad is nowhere near chrome OS notebooks - testbeta
Why? Couldn't ChromeOS and Android become the equivalents to Apple's Mac OS and iOS? - Pablo Melchor
ChromeOS feels structurally cleaner, more futuristic. I mean, it's so... thin! - Toph Tucker
Because ChromeOS has no purpose that isn't better served by Android (perhaps with a few mods to support a non-touch display). - Paul Buchheit
also predicted: bear sh!ts in woods. even eric schmidt has said publicly that chromeOS was a side-bet against its own android. as for Mac OS and iOS, eventually we'll see a unified iOS on those, too. - Patrick Keys
Yeah, I was thinking, "is this too obvious to even state?", but then I see people taking ChromeOS seriously, and Google is even shipping devices for some reason. - Paul Buchheit
If Google were to take the "activity model" of Android and add it to Chrome as a way for different apps to interact/share data than from a developer perpective, there is not much value in using a proprietary Android dev model versus using HTML5++ (unless may be for games). So from a developer/programming model, Google would be better off killing Android - Chrome/ChromeOS is a better WebOS. - Edwin Khodabakchian
ChromeOS = 1 Laptop Per Child / dumb terminals. If that works, then yes. If it sucks, then your OP is correct - Johnny
That or like the dream of a lot of Apple users (iOS sitting on OSX so you can select either), ChromeOS could be the browser-based corporate solution for road warriors on the Android system. - Johnny
If it has no purpose, then why does it have competition? It's true competition is from MeeGo/ JoliCloud/ Win-7 Basic/ Ubuntu. Its undoing could be Intel Atom vs. Dual Core ARM Cortex A9. So currently the purpose is to be the the Android equivalent for x86 machines. - Umang Saini
Hah, TechCrunch has already picked up this prediction: - Bruce Lewis
I think that a lot of people are seeing the browser as the one and only future app platform, and given that, I think that Google is hoping the need for native apps will simply go away. They're in the position to influence that through Chrome (the browser). Chrome has been built to speed up overall market innovation. On the app side, they make sure that all "basics" can be done on the... more... - Meryn Stol
Minitel... - FullSite
In the end, Google might not even care that much whether people use Chrome OS or not. Just like Amazon doesn't care if you use the Kindle (the hardware). Google just wants to be the full-service middle-man in your overall "computing" experience, just like Amazon wants to be the middle-man for books (or reading). But like Amazon ensures there's a superior end-user experience for their... more... - Meryn Stol
Minitel - Good one alex - PXLated
That the "simplified" user experience is qualitatively different than the "regular" or "traditional" user experience is a common mistake developer-in-a-bubble organizations make. It really is a matter of degree, not quality: there's no reason why, with minor modifications to the interface, certain devices couldn't just boot up Android's browser by default and give the same benefits... more... - Mark Trapp
To be honest, Chrome OS sounds more like the product Google wants rather than the product that's actually successful (Android), and that alone is its raison d'être. - Mark Trapp
like friendfeed last year - Ibrahim Ozturkcan
Whether they are merged or not, I am happy, as a consumer, that Google has taken the pains to put out two champion products - Android rocks (on the phone) and Chrome the browser rocks (can't talk about the OS since I don't have access to it yet). From the UX perspective, if they could make the COS work on tablets, it would be a bigger win than Android running on tablets. - Suresh R Iyer
well, numbers will decide ;-) => millions of smartphones +tablets - JacopoGio
Possible Google Strategy:- Own-up Java with Android, Own-up Linux further with Chrome OS. - Vinod
If this is the Sun terminal revistited, then there is no reason to keep it around. I want my free laptop before it's all over though. - Eric - Final Countdown
Having used the closest (refined) product out there to it, Jolicloud, I have to say it's (VERY) fast, highly addictive...and actually a time saver for me. Agree the 'merger' is likely but Linux still has a huge base of developers that don't cost Google a dime. Think a better question (any predictions?) might be ... What's going to happen to Firefox? (and the huge Google infusion that goes along with it). - Charlie Anzman
Mark - Yes, probably because it's Schmidt's long running wet dream, the network computer. - PXLated
ChromeOS is little late. - Ashish
Chrome OS greatest achievement is bringing full web browser to ARM Processors, so we can have $99 ARM Powered laptops soon. Sure it would probably be possible to add Android functionality to Chrome OS (an extra icon in the task bar) and vice-versa add a Chrome browser icon in Android as well. The main thing is the web browser needs to be optimized for embedded Linux devices that are ARM Powered. - Charbax
mind sharing a prediction as to when they kill friendfeed? - в джазе только телочки
I think it'll kickstart HTML5 if anything. I don't think it'll outright die though. There will be a use for secure terminals and kiosks. For normal consumers, a cheaper netbook that only browses the web without really worrying about the OS is appealing. - Rodfather
If I'm hearing Meryn correctly, I like the idea that Chrome could push things away from app-happy land and back into browser land. I think apps are kind of a novelty that needs to eventually go away or, at least, be reined in. I hate apps that don't do anything different than what a browser can do. - Laura Norvig
hi paul, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about your opinion for, may I have your contact by private message? - Silvio Gulizia
ChromeOS to Android - Yes. Browser based OS in the mainstream long past overdue and really a reality today with Windows - just track my wife's usage. I could though plop a well configured ChromeOS notebook or tablet down in front of her and she wouldn't lose a beat and nor would probably about 75% of her world(friends, family, etc) and we geeks would love not to have to deal with more... more... - Brad Nickel
Laura, I think ChromeOS apps will push sites to go toward 'app-happy land' in the beginning. The current site will be the standard website where everything will work. Then an app-like site using HTML5 to prep for the mobile app. A UI that would work well with the common denominator of mobile devices, the browser. - Rodfather
Charbax - Go to Walgreens(if in US) and you can buy a $99 ARM based Windows CE device by Sylvania today. It probably sucks, but they have em. - Brad Nickel
What about Linux? Any predictions there? Figured I'd ask while everyone is feeling "predictive". Was an Ubuntu mention, but it seems like the Linux conversation has been muted lately. - Liza + = ?
I would prefer Android to merged with ChromeOS, not the other way round - Ian
I hope so! - Naceron
Spanish leading newspaper El Pais has also picked this prediction:) - Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarri
@Paul Buchheit (TeamFrank), what you're failing to see is that Web 3.0 is the world trend now, is not something google suddenly invented. Also, the Chrome Web app store will be the one who defines if cOS is successful or not, just like in android. I think google has learned lots in this area, thanks to androids app marketplace. and remember even if you like it or not, web apps will... more... - manny
@Liza hollers, actually chromeOS is based on linux (i think ubuntu). So all progress made either way the other one will benefit from. Specially on the Kernel and web technologies. - manny
Manny - didn't know that it was based on ubuntu. I love being called @liza hollers:) - Liza + = ?
Great, now Slashdot even has a link to this thread: - Gabe
And I predict: You would have stayed at Google if you got it ;) - HateBadDesign
I predict: you're just bitter about anything Google does at this point because Friendfeed has been such a colossal failure. - xxdesmus
Wow, slashdot is still around? Is that where the crazy haters are coming from? - Paul Buchheit
I am not really sure why there are two operating systems from Google in the first place. Has anybody supplied a rational explanation for the duplication of effort? Is this likely to be a costly mistake for Google? - Brian Sullivan
the best combo would be for the android browser to continue to import features from chrome, including the ability to install a web app on an android device, have its icon show up in the apps list, etc. - Karl Rosaen
any predictions on Yahoo? After their announcement about delicious I'm in the mood to hear a hideous and nasty prognosis. - JSLeFanu
Yahoo is already dead :) - Paul Buchheit
You mean tonight's. - Micah
Spotted this on Slashdot by an anonymous source. Silly birds. - Liza + = ?
"Yahoo: Where startups go to die." - Gabe
Thanks Paul, I needed to hear that. - JSLeFanu from FFHound!
Karl: I'm sure somebody will point you to this, sooner or later: - Marcos Marado
So everything in android runs on a java virtual machine, which in turn runs on linux. Chrome has a blazing fast conscript engine and it to runs on a modified linux. Chrome must also have a basic jvm to support java applets in the web. So realistically all we need is google to as the android jvm backbone into chrome os! Then we get super efficient chrome is baseline that can launch any... more... - Sean from Android
it's still on amazon's best sellers list - 大白猫
Paul Buchheit
A space-age first: A commercial craft returns from low-Earth orbit -
A space-age first: A commercial craft returns from low-Earth orbit
"The first commercial spacecraft to return from a low-Earth orbit splashed into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday about 500 miles off the coast of Southern California. The Dragon, a craft developed by the company SpaceX, was concluding a brief but possibly historic flight for the infant commercial space travel industry. The vehicle hit the water shortly after 2 p.m. ET, a little more than three hours after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida atop a Falcon 9 rocket. Before splashing down, the Dragon orbited earth at more than 17,000 mph. Only six nations or government agencies have recovered a spacecraft from a low orbit: the United States, Russia, China, Japan, India and the European Space Agency." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
crap! Time to get cracking on that UFO. - Private Sanjeev
Another giant leap for the PayPal legacy. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
5 Great Microsoft Web Services You Probably Don't Use -
"Mesh has actually changed my life. Highly recommended. But it needs more storage..." - Toph Tucker
Robert Scoble
My letter to Microsoft as it gets back into retail -
Indeed wallace. :) - Roberto Bonini
Wallace: the way to build a magical experience is to build one that's magical the whole way through. The bathroom is just a metaphor. - Robert Scoble
Nice. #8 and #12 are particularly important. I think Patagonia does this well in their stores. Makes you feel like you're in an alpine lodge, gearing up for a good ice climb. - John Oh
The Sony store is also a good example of what not to do. It's so irrelevant, that you didn't even mention it! - jeff
Good comments. Re: Apple Stores' lack of checkout lines, the devices run Windows CE, no? :) The Surface should play a significant role. Its current form factor would be nice, but expanding it to cover *all* surfaces would be fantastic (not to mention totally unfeasible, but whatever). The small-town aesthetic, though, is an interesting idea and would certainly help differentiate what it's doing from Apple. - Toph Tucker
Re: magical... hmm... how about online Xbox Live play (w/ webcams) with other MS Stores around the world? Bonus points for crossing continents. Or some sort of videoconferencing--a portal to another place, switching every minute, with a Virtual Earth globe flying around showing where you're looking. Something to help convey the idea that by being a Windows user, you're a part of something larger than the entire English-speaking community. - Toph Tucker
I never buy Apple because of the cost, but the one time i was in an Apple store I almost purchased because of the experience. I spent over an hr in BB to purchase a phone charger. - Russellreno
I would be happy if they had bathrooms at all. - Morton Fox
Good thoughts,Robert, but I still think it's troubling move: - Tim Beyers from twhirl
Very good thoughts. I particularly agree with #4. You have to give the customers back what they are normally giving up by coming into a store rather than shopping online. That means user reviews, price comparisons, product support info. And they definitely need to make use of Surface. It's possibilities are huge for retail and no one is taking full advantage of it yet. - Ben Reierson
Robert Scoble
I'm watching the news and getting depressed. So, I'm turning it all off and heading to NYC. See ya from there tomorrow. Please post something nice while I'm flying.
Jorge: unfortunately I don't have any free time, spending the day in meetings at Fast Company. - Robert Scoble
you sooo fiinee Robert! - Zee.
Well considering the "news" is pretty much one-sided, I would take the time to look for the good that is happening. ;) - Spencer
What news? Did I miss something? - andy brudtkuhl
I understand completely. I turn away when i see CNN or any other news channel on TV. Even twitter sometimes can get a little depressing. But realize that (1) depressing news gets ratings (2) there will always be things depressing to report and (3) generally speaking there are always his and lows. For example, I just found out I will be the father of twins. - David Bisset (sn)
The news is always depressing. Why I tend to use the net to get my news. If I hate a freaking story just flip to a new page. - ЯIИGҜIИG
andy: most of the news lately that I'm paying attention to is the economy. It really does suck. No other way to put it. But one bright spot is the startups. Many, like Playfish, are doing great. I'm uploading a video on that now. - Robert Scoble
@robert - Yeah.. I just assume it's all fear-mongering and try not to pay attention :) ... heard good things about Playfish awaiting the upload! - andy brudtkuhl
Jeff: I'm not even watching TV. I'm watching Google News, a secret news tool, Twitter, TechMeme, Memeorandum, and friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Secret news tool? *wink wink* - Andre
ooooh what's the "secret news tool" - andy brudtkuhl
Despite sad things in the recession, I'm seeing people spend more time at home, in their neighborhood, and that community angle can't be bad. - anna sauce
Heading for NYC? Coming from stunning Half-Moon Bay? That is far more depressing than the news. And you can't shut it off. Advice of a 20-year New Yorker. - Douglas Hopkins
I have not watched the news in 1 year and I have not missed an important thing. If its truly news or big people around you will talk about it. Then I inform myself if it interests me. "my 2 cents" - walterh
Robert is a handsome man - Bob Sonin
Douglas Hopkins: Sorry to hear the greatest city in the world doesn't impress you. The current cold, on the other hand, doesn't do it for me. - Tom Harrison
I was watching the news earlier, and got the same feeling Something positive. That's easy! Robert your one of the most generous, and giving individuals I've encountered on the web. There's people like Michael Arington that view all of this as just business, but I think your the best because you truly love it! The generous part comes in the way you want to share your enthusiasm of it with others! I also appreciate that your man enough to admit when you wrong! Don't change! - Michael Fidler
I can see you're at the airport :) - Nicola Quinn
Nicola: are you stalking me? :-) - Robert Scoble
We're all stalking you :) - Simon Wicks
Simon: in that case join me at gate 80 for UA 14. :-) - Robert Scoble
Have a safe flight, Robert. - Alberto Lopez
Sinan: no, I hadn't. Thanks. Thanks Alberto! - Robert Scoble
Have a good trip. - Tyson Key
Tyson: thanks. I wonder how many things you will click like on while I am in the air? - Robert Scoble
Robert: As you can see by my marker (amongst the other 100's you have) I'm just a little to far if you're already at the gate :) How is it having that many people on the list, must be a bit full up in places without being able to filter by groups or search for who you want to check out? Or have i missed someting.. - Simon Wicks
@Robert - It seems that I've hit an arbitrarily defined limit, so I can't Like anything, or at least not without waiting for several hours before trying again. :( - Tyson Key
is 10000 likes not enough in 3/4 of a week then ? ;) - Simon Wicks
Simon: so far Google Latitude isn't too crowded but I only have about 150 friends there so far. I will let you know how things scale. - Robert Scoble
what are you using it on Rob? Can i call you Rob? :) - Zee.
@Simon - Heh, I'm having to resort to comments now. I doubt I'll use them up that quickly, though. - Tyson Key
yeap ! we are waiting that " a secret news tool " , by when is the beta ? or anything ? Nice trip Robert !! - Rocky
News Flash (in flight). When you land ... the same depressing news is on in NY .... - Charlie Anzman
Charlie: I was sitting next to a VC and an economist in the plane. I think CNBC was more optimistic. - Robert Scoble
William St. / Liberty St. NY now? (3.25am) Checking for accuracy :) - Nicola Quinn
Robert, No one reports happiness: First steps are being taken, first words spoken, the first robin of spring, temps modulating to 50 over the weekend, Find something to celebrate. Ordinary life is extraordinary. - Phil Boiarski
I think many relate. Learned about YayNews at She'sGeeky, focuses on news from the Positive Psychology discipline (including popular prof at Harvard Tal Ben-Shahar, Daniel Gilbert, etc.) A nice break from usual tech and current events conversations: - Casey
We're sitting on what is, for all we know, the one rock in the whole universe capable of sustaining life. That seems pretty nice to me. :) - Toph Tucker
David Bisset: Did you just say that you are going to be the father of twins? If so, I did not see anybody say anything. CONGRATS, and best of luck with the projected new arrivals ;o) - Seth Greenblatt
Toph Tucker
Iceland's government collapses - Europe- -
Sheer insanity. Quote from protester: "We are happy that the government has gone, but now we need to clean up the financial supervisory authority and the central bank. The protests will continue until it becomes clear that things are really changing." OK, so that's one way to achieve change... - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker - Special Reports - The 44th President - The Moment -
Very cool. There are more here: guration.aspx - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Pictures: President Obama’s inauguration, as seen from space » VentureBeat -
Neato. - Toph Tucker
Robert Scoble
Internet Explorer 8 is 6,000x better than IE6, but it still bugs me. Google Chrome is the future. Here's why:
1. Google Chrome is way faster. - Robert Scoble
2. Google Chrome is a rethink. IE8 is a bug fix. - Robert Scoble
3. Google Chrome has one box. IE 8 has two. - Robert Scoble
4. Google Chrome works better with Google Reader and other AJAX sites. - Robert Scoble
5. IE8 has too many menus and icons. Gives a real cluttered feel. - Robert Scoble
IE's been a glorified bug fix since MS relabeled it from Mosaic, Robert - no secret there. :) I'm loving Chrome. - teleken
WebKit is a really good rendering engine. I've always secretly wished IE8 would use WebKit as their rendering engine and scrap IE rendering, and somehow incorporate ActiveX and all of the IE features into it, since WebKit is open-source, not tied to a specific competitor (as opposed to Gecko and Firefox) and is fast and stable. – Have to agree about Google Chrome as well. It's a great browser. As much as I love Safari, I wish Chrome would come to Mac sooner :) - Mark Bao
6. Google Chrome's search integration is magic. Start typing something and it figures out what you want. IE8 waits for you to finish, then brings up a boring web page. - Robert Scoble
Any others? - Robert Scoble
When it finally works on a Mac, perhaps I'll believe you ;) - Jeff
If it didn't bug someone it wouldn't still be Internet Explorer. - Josh Sharp
Google Chrome and FLASH don't get along! - paul mooney
Now I just wish Chrome worked better with Flash, or Flash worked better with Chrome. - Dennis Jackson
Google Chrome is focused on internet. IE seems to mix to much other junk in - Mike Scott
By the way, I wrote this whole item in IE8 running on Windows 7. If you are still going to use IE, please do get IE8. It is much better than previous versions. - Robert Scoble
Not a big fan of IE or Chrome... I'll stick with FireFox. - Steven Sanders
Google Chrome is slick...but I still like the simplicity of FireFox. - Charlie Flowers
I love Google Chrome, I just wish the addon's started rolling out. - Michael Fidler
Because the browser is a commodity... Connecting (correction - Deep Integration) with Google's cloud based services is the secret sauce. - Brian Roy
Charlie: simplicity of Firefox? You've gotta be kidding, right? I love Firefox because of its complexity! (Plugins keep me there a lot of the time). - Robert Scoble
I still need to play with Chrome in order to form an educated opinion. I'm just too hung up on Firefox still. :P - Korey
Timely thread. I literally installed Google Chrome on my home computer within the last half hour (hey, I'm slow at these things - I'm not trendy). Just poking around a bit now, liking the speed. StumbleUpon support is an issue, but I'm reading up on it and other stuff. Just read Sarah Perez's post on privacy. - Ontario Emperor
I h ave never been a fan of ActiveX. The fact that several websites still rely on it versus better technologies irks me and I refuse to use them. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Paul: Google Chrome gets along fine with Flash here. What are you experiencing? - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I have to admit, IE8 is a pretty good browser, relatively speaking (relative to IE7 and IE6.) Renders my pages a ton better than previous versions. - Mark Bao
Flash slows down Chrome for me pretty significantly, sometimes to where it's not even usable. Maybe it's just my computer. - Dennis Jackson
How is IE6 a basis for comparison to anything anymore? Totally agree about Chrome. - Bob Starr
loved chrome until I found out it wasn't compatible with my Roboform. I'm lazy and not too security conscious. - BEX
Amen on the 'IE mixing other junk in' thought. I hate typing a hostname into it & it tries to hit a UNC or whatever the heck it's doing... - Steven Byrnes
Chrome has a whole list of niggling problems and has had since day one -- they just never seem to get fixed. I like the speed and simplicity but Chrome will become the next IE unless Google starts paying attention to detail. - Brian Sullivan
Chrome lets you create 'desktop applications' that don't get lost in all of those tabs and don't waste space with the address bar! - Jon Issler
I use Chrome from time to time, but it just feels wrong when I do, I think I'll be sticking with Firefox. - Randy
I am with Vaibhav on "webkit is the future as well" - Peter Finn
Val: Privacy is dead. I really don't care. - Robert Scoble
Chrome's biggest shortcomings right now are password security and the lack of plugins/extensions... Have to give Firefox a nod for having those two nailed! - Jon Issler
I think Chrome is Google's paid service platform... - Johnny
Google Chrome is like FireFox back when it was Phoenix: Sleek, sexy and satisfying. Beta 2 adds autocomplete, profiles and a Greasemonkey style scripting. - John Rubier
@Dennis check your fans. If your on a laptop the fans and/or exhaust may be blocked with dust. that happened to me on my laptop, any flash video slowed my laptop down. realized one day (after reinstalling windows and still having the problem) that my fans had a lot of dust. used compressed air to clean them out, problem solved. happy laptop! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
One thing I know I liked about Chrome: The web-comic! - Korey
I'm amazed at how many flash/chrome issues there are. Ive never had any? - Mike Scott
I still see that firefox is the future! unless google chrome will be a 100% organic software - Mark Guadalupe
I love firefox and plug-ins, but does Chrome need plug-ins? I thought their deal was to run current and next-gen online applications better, which will likely preclude the need for the plug-ins we firefox users can't live without now. - Bill Garrett
Robert, I really like Chrome too. The universal address/search/history bar is the future of browsing. There are only a small % of sites that do not work with Chrome... usually old school corporations, such as ones that I have to pay bills online at. Grr. Works 99.8% of the time for me otherwise. - Brian
I just installed the Windows 7 beta. I fired up IE 8 and it didn't correctly render a nonprofit's Web site I administer as a volunteer ( IE 8 didn't correctly render some of the CSS. I installed Chrome and Chrome got it right. IE 8 is obviously not yet ready for release. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
I love Chrome and it is my default browser now. In fact all my flash problems in Firefox and IE went away in Chrome (video paused many times during playback, audio kept going). They are both memory hoars. Maybe a problem with too much Flash on websites? The lack of plugin support is very troubling. - Chris Mayer
I'm keen for getting mac version of chrome too, though its going to be interesting to see how they're gonna handle interface - Mike Scott from IM
Re: 6. The search bar autofill? Err FF has that too for recently visited sites. If you get an Add-On it'll do the potential sites too. - Adam
Google Chrome may be nice, but there was an "Epic Fail" on my system when Chrome decided that it was the default browser (out of four browsers) and would not directly allow me to un-check the Default-Browser checkbox. It was quickly removed. - Robert Miller
Love Chrome. Use it whenever I can. It does have problems with some sites, and I'm always having problems with flash crashing in it. - cjmart
Kind of ironic that Chrome and Firefox and both performing much better for me under Windows 7. The beta Chrome release is really sweet. - Charlie Anzman
@Pat: I use live mesh to sync my bookmarks between machines all the time. Add your favorites folder to mesh and you are good to go. Mesh for mac is available too. - Chris Johnson
Google Chrome doesn't know what's RSS!!! FAIL - carrotmadman6
I feel like people are debating the relative merits of tn3270 emulators... - Brian Roy
I like the speed/lightness of Chrome, however i dont think it will be big anytime soon with anyone other than techies. Doesnt run many addins/plugins etc... Unlikely any enterprise will adopt it either. Its a great reference app. - Chris Johnson
Chrome certainly is clean and renders fast, but until the experience can be customized via extensions like Firefox, there is no one way I can make it my primary. I just loaded Win. 7 on my laptop and the only thing I ported over from any of my other machines was my FEBE. - George Rogers
Important point for me is that Chrome opens more of the monitor for the content on the page, not for toolbars that i do not need while browsing a page. no loss of functionality without the toolbar. - Jeff DiStanlo
I wonder how many people even know what tn3270 is used for :) I know I do all too well. - Patrick Allmond
+++ on this. FoxMarks is awesome. Just wish FoxMarks had an iPhone browser sync also :( - Patrick Allmond
Any Flock 2.0 users here? If Chrome comes out for the Mac, I may take a look as well - but Firefox/Flock has been great for me for now. - Erich Miller
@Robert: Maybe simplicity wasn't the right word..."ease of use" might be a better term. I think that FF's layout is not as radically different from the browsers I grew up with (IE & Netscape), as Chrome seems to be...maybe that's why I find it simpler to use. Having said that, Chrome is by no means complex, just not as intuitive as FF. As you mentioned, the plug-ins add to the ease of use. It seems you can get a FireFox plug-in for anything. - Charlie Flowers
BTW, have you tried FF's AutoPager plug-in. That thing is amazing! It "automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content"'s perfect for things like Twitter, Google, and yes it works for FriendFeed too. :D - Charlie Flowers
I'm using Flock 2.0 on both Mac and Windows. I've uninstalled Chrome -- didn't care for it much since Flock does everything I need it to. - Victor Solanoy
:hits the Googles to figure out what the Flock you guys are talking about: - teleken
IE8 (and Firefox) offer a lot of tools to supplement your browsing experience. Chrome just gets out of the way. I'm not sure one or the other is a fundamentally superior approach. - Toph Tucker
Installed Flock for all of 5 minutes. Sticking with Chrome, thanks. - teleken
ctrl+t takes forever on IE8, and for what? A blank tab. I like Chrome's approach - Andrew Smith
Firefox's is simple and extendable. Firefox' strength comes from its pluggability and ease of developing new plugins. Chrome needs to beat that. - Angsuman Chakraborty
Chrome needs to support Linux before it can even think of replacing Firefox. Chromium port of Chrome on Linux isn't very stable. - Angsuman Chakraborty
firefox plugins are the new activeX. there's too much functionality i use for me to shift *now*. i *do* like chrome, though. - moogs
I like moving tabs into new windows, but does crashes alot w/ Flash - Da
7. If one tab crashes, all the other tabs are unaffected. Let's see ANY other browser do that. - Nathan Chase
i think i'll stick with firefox. so much more you can do with it.. - Terry O'Fee
Chrome is fast (unlike IE), has a very minimal UI (also unlike IE), and you can move tabs to other windows. I have never been able to get Firefox to open new tabs next to the tab they're opened from, instead of at the far right, plus I don't really care about extensions. Plus, I've never had any issues with Flash. The only problem is that my school email won't work in Chrome (but that's minor). Chrome wins for me. - imperator3733 from twhirl
Robert - how is the performance of IE8 compared to Chrome and Firefox? Personally, I'd be using Chrome if I had my add-ons and greasemonkey scripts. I love Chrome's mult-tasking / memory management - very nice - Susan Beebe
@Imperator, Firefox's UI can be slimmed down, and you can fix the tab issue with Tab Mix Plus. Also, Firefox 3.1 is faster than Chrome. - Tanath
how bout: Chrome is CSS compliant? IE8 isn't, I know this by experience - Duncan Riley
@Nathan -- as far as I know, IE8 separated tabs into different processes first.... - Toph Tucker
I think FriendFeed should put a comment button at the bottom of the comments... that said, Opera is the fastest, but it has a few shortcomings. I use FireFox or Chrome depending on what PC I'm at. Some sites only work in IE. - Gus
Google Chrome uses your screen real estate more efficiently - Aad 't Hart
Chrome focuses on the web and not on the browser and that's what a browser's supposed to do. - Rohit
May be when there are basic extensions available for Chrome then it will be fair to compare with Firefox. For now, I don't see Chrome that useful, even though it's clean, a bit faster and provides more screen space. After a couple of days of using Chrome, I switched to Firefox as I felt less productive without the powerful extensions in Firefox. - Amar Shah
When Chrome has an extension like Better GReader, TabMixPlus, and NoScript, then I'll switch, but FF has everything I need with the extensions. NoScript is about the ONLY addon I absolutely need to use for security of my computer. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
You can install extensions on the Chromium Builds! Go for it! - Will Higgins™
love chrome as much as the next guy, but it does crash sometimes over simplest things, like downloading sth from gmail or greader. & it's not just one tab that goes - it all goes & only one comes back, either gmail or greader... - siggimus
Chrome also crashes when importing Firefox Bookmarks, which makes it awkward to switch. But yeah, I would still use Firefox over IE 8. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
my mother understands the search-thingy-box in chrome. - Svensonsan
@scobleizer I think this would have made a good blog post. Would have been easier to read you view points. The discussion could then have happened on friendfeed. Too many comments to read properly - Sidharth Dassani
Chrome and WebKit are the future - just hope there's still room for Firefox. Remember how Firefox became Firefox? - Mona Nomura from fftogo
WebKit can do CSS3 gradients, and I have only seen it in WordPress for creating actual images with gradients. Chrome is the future indeed! Extensions? heh, I use javascript bookmarklets to do my bidding! Chromes bookmark manager is more powerful than I expected. Passwords can be imported from FF but there is no backup option yet. - Web20Critic
If chrome crashes, report it! Make a note of what you were doing and blog it, microshare it, post it on the chromium blog etc. This way all of us can help make it work for us! Nice thread for tech support, Mr Scoble! - Web20Critic
7. Because Chrome has a new and improved version every week/month/quarter (depending upon the distribution channel) whereas IE version comes once in 3 years. - Varun Mahajan
Robert: How did you get IE8 on Windows 7??? The installer refused to run when i tried. - Roberto Bonini
Roberto: it came with Windows 7. Or so I thought. I already had it loaded on this machine before I upgraded. - Robert Scoble
Toph Tucker
Not Apple: Sick of Apple? Here's a Crazy Video of Skiers Jumping Into the Void -
:-o - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
There’s something going down on Facebook. Pay attention. | SquaredPeg -
Basically, it turns out a handful of people are behind hundreds of "[College] Class of 2013" groups. Hahahaha. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Early flu season cases are resisting Tamiflu - Cold and flu- -
"Early tests indicate that 49 of 50 samples of the main flu virus circulating this year — H1N1 — were resistant to Tamiflu." Um. "It could fizzle out." Let's hope. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Wow! Wow! Wow! ...... Wow! -
"I don't know, I'd have faith in ILM to at least get the wing proportions right. That's what tipped me off that this was fake." - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
In case you haven't read it yet... - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Panda bites student seeking a hug - -
I know exactly how he feels. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Engineering Windows 7 : The Windows 7 Taskbar -
I like how much the Windows 1.0 taskbar looks like the Windows 7 "superbar"... - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
LiveUpload to Facebook - Home -
Takes the automatic facial recognition features of Windows Live Photo Gallery and lets you upload those photos to Facebook with people tagged. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Say Goodbye to BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe -
Re: Obama having to cease electronic communication once in office... - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
A Camcorder Insurgent Goes HD - Bits Blog - -
Impressive. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Chris Lee's Full-Scale Millennium Falcon Project -
Incredible. See also: team blog, con/blog/falconblog.html - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
The Cartoon Lounge: Online Only: The New Yorker -
Great interview with Scott Adams, Dilbert cartoonist. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker | Looking for THX 1138 in a Galaxy Far, Far Away... -
Happy 11/3/8! - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder | Technology | -
IT'S A TRAP! - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
MI6 seeks recruits on Facebook | Technology | The Guardian -
Nice. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
"Brainball is a game, an art object and Smart studio's first completely hybrid research project. The players move a ball on a table by the sole use of their brainwaves. Encouraging competition through relaxation, the game objective is to score a goal on the opponent's side with the least possible action." - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Preposterously incredible. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Unbelievably arrrsome. Matey. - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Stealth Bombers: Next Generation Stealth Bombers Jump Out of Hyperspace -
It looks like a... a... a stingray or something.... - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Microsoft and Cray deliver "mainstream" CX1 supercomputer: starts at $25k - Engadget -
But can it run Crysis? - Toph Tucker
Toph Tucker
Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet? -
View source for maximum enjoyment. - Toph Tucker
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