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Ryan Kilpatrick
This album was the highest selling album of 2006, selling 4.2 million copies.
I have it - Betsy Bates
me too. - Cliff Wu
i bought it, hardcopy and digital copy #confessionmonday - TomorrowReview
Me too! - Todd Perlmutter
me, three. But I got mine as a promotional giveaway. - Ryan Kilpatrick
count me down too - Aurora
this song is just annoying... lol... im sorry....
Agree! - Todd Perlmutter
Ryan Kilpatrick
I got good stuff for this one...if you don't like it, you will. This I vow!!!!
But are there Star Wars references? - Todd Perlmutter
Oh, they're there... - Ryan Kilpatrick
Ryan Kilpatrick
And by soon I mean like in the next 1/2 hour!
Woot! - Todd Perlmutter
on itunes? - Betsy Bates
yep. I'll post the link when I put up the post. - Ryan Kilpatrick
suh weet - Betsy Bates
Betsy Bates
muchas gracias mi amigo
Rikki Niblett
I don't believe in cold. Therefore it isn't real! lol
Ryan Kilpatrick
Ta-da!!!! Okay, next up is Nightmare Before Christmas, people!
yay!!! - Melissa G.
Yay! - Emily
for next Monday? - Nicole Siscaretti
What?! No Watcher In the Woods? - JL Knopp
Gah! gotta find that one now too! just watched that for the first time the other day! - Jess Clawson
I can't find it JL. I've tried! - Ryan Kilpatrick
yay!! - Alison Durkee
Charles Aguillon just bought it. I bet he could tell you where. - JL Knopp
I'll find out. - Ryan Kilpatrick
Disney does a great job of making villains that make you want to punch someone
definitely - Libby
Ryan Kilpatrick
Ed aka MooseTV
Owl will be hearing from the ACLU (animal Civil liberties Union) for that "even you" crack
Ryan Kilpatrick
Now it's time for the cute part. Who's ready to get Twitterpated?
me! me! - Mary C
I had no idea what you meant... Even had to google it :) - Keith Champoux
Alison Durkee
I think I would've watched this film a lot sooner if I'd actually known the animation was this gorgeous.
A first timer, eh? :) You better get a box of tissues... that is all - Todd Perlmutter
Oh yeah, didn't even think of that...Alison, prepare to cry. - Ryan Kilpatrick
Ahhh I know, I'm bracing myself for it :( - Alison Durkee
Jeff Chaney
New iPhone wallpaper win! Please feel free to use. #iphone4crew
New iPhone wallpaper win! Please feel free to use. #iphone4crew
Stacy - SteakersH
and AGAIN!!!!! I will now be known as a streaker lol
you can't escape it - Todd Perlmutter
I guess I can't.... - Stacy - SteakersH
Your BOGP nickname!!! - Pam Forrester
Amy Combs
JL Knopp told me to come and tell y'all this. Mike, Rikki, et al: Y'all need to videotape yourselves singing & dancing to "Hangin' Tough" by NKOTB now. Rikki you started it. I've been creating hashtags on Twitter about this. And I mean it!!! --Amy From Kentucky
Hmm. Maybe Ustream?? - BeOurGuestPodcast
Oh my, Amy!!! Hello there! - dinkybean
Hi Masayo!!! And I think it's a conspiracy that UStream is having a login error. Very suspicious! - Amy Combs
Hey, Masayo! UStream is giving me an error, but I will tape it and post it.. :) - BeOurGuestPodcast
Pam Forrester
wow we are actually going to make it ;)
yes you are!! :) - maroo
Henry Work
You're killing the productivity of, that's for sure!
this is part of social media right boss? - Katie S
yes, we can write-this off as "engaging with the community" - Henry Work
I love our decision we've made.
My only regret is that we didn't do it sooner..... - Pam Blank
Ours too!!! - Lisa R. from iPhone
Carl Peters
This is us right now
geek respect!! - Henry Work
awesome - Todd Perlmutter
Cheryl Perlmutter
they think we're crazy!
though with me that's probably a correct assessment - Todd Perlmutter
Pleasantly agree :) - Steven Bassett-WDWStevieB
Jason True
BeOurGuest Disney Podcast by Yeeha Bob is now my favorite song
Mine too!!!! - Rikki Niblett
does that qualify for the music quota? - Todd Perlmutter
Stuart Sternberg
Debbie must be on her 4G iphone! lol
LOL - Ed L
LOL - dinkybean
This Photo is for Miss DVC--Katie! :-)
OH love! - Katie S
I have that pic too lol - Melissa G.
One of my two homes! - Todd Perlmutter
Where Masayo lives (because it's always Tomorrow when she calls)
Great - Papadisney9
LOL, thanks, Dennis!! :) - dinkybean
Awesome! - Dawn
Joanne Griffith
Jay's first flight
Aw! That is awesome! - Michelle Kamber
love! - BOGPmarci
or the car seat! - Joanne Griffith
Fireworks Extravaganza
Oh boy!!! Beautiful!! I heard this fireworks is Pirates party one, still looks awesome! - dinkybean
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