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How do You Tell a Story?: This mysteriously disappeared off the French Help, Whenever channel. It's back! #fls #flip
How do You Tell a Story?: This mysteriously disappeared off the French Help, Whenever channel. It's back! #fls #flip
Anyone else having issues with YouTube videos previously uploaded suddenly not working, requiring re-upload? #failwhale
The future of evaluation: A critical reflection: via @YouTube
The future of evaluation: A critical reflection: via @YouTube
RT @christiandrouin: Après avoir douté, un prof. d’ @UMontreal en parle !! MT @thierryUdM Vidéo concise qui présente la classe inversée
RT @willrich45: "How we treat 57,000 helpless children [at our border] will reveal what kind of people we are." #amen
RT @RedIndianGirl: The Iroquois are the only indigenous people recognized as a separate nation in international sports competition. #sovereigntyinaction
RT @edrethink: I will always cringe at the words "brand" and "branding" to describe something as deeply personal as identity.
RT @waub: Attention, Brooklyn: Stop Putting Vegetables On Poutine
RT @danielcbc: #Health Canada wants you to know about the added sugar you eat [by me] #PublicHealth #obesity
RT @christiandrouin: Répertoire des enseignants francophones utilisant l'approche de la classe inversée :inscrivez-vous! #eduqc #claved
Authentic math. Imagine.
RT @NotatIste: U should get free stuff even if you're #notatiste14 - be sure to retweet for chance to WIN COPY OF BOOK Flipping 2.0
<3 this "@Luke1946: And remember, a good teacher doesn't always need technology, but technology will always need good teachers. #iste2014"
RT @ewanmcintosh: If I know where I'm going with a project, I discard it - Frank Gehry, Master architect: #dtk12chat #edchat @NoTosh
RT @Bourmu: À afficher RT“@DocbobLA: We will always need caring, passionate, well-trained teachers”
How can we create conditions for Aboriginal student success in our public schools? | (CEA)
How do you plan to shift for the next school year? Do you know yet?
RT @Dwight_Carter: "Passion doesn't preclude effort, it demands it." Via the Kelly Brothers, Creative Confidence. @napls @napls_hs @napls_supt #edchat
RT @RonCanuel: While we talk about change in Ed, can we please stop being soooo formulaic about it. It takes blood, sweat and tears!! #edchat #edreform
RT @EdCampStJerome: Le 1er EdCamp de la région des Laurentides aura lieu le 14/11/14 à l'Académie Lafontaine. Détails à venir bientôt!
RT @dancallahan: This is the absolute worst way to teach your kids to read @ldelia #tlchat #elrmchat
RT @tomwhitby: We should have a moratorium on Post titles with numbers in them. (10 ways, 5 ideas 40 new) #Edchat
looking for references to using technology for 2nd language assessment or evaluation. Anyone?#l2 #fslchat #edchat #edtech
RT @TondaMacC: CP's Andrew Vaughn captured this pre-funeral shot of #RCMP K9 dog Danny, sniffing stetson of his partner, Const. Ross
RT @kylepace: Remember: forward movement is better than no movement at all. Don't worry if it's too small of movement. Any movement matters! #arkedchat
Today I wrote about Conflict & Love & Change.
" 'Thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude to every real advance in science.'" in The pursuit of ignorance
Walking School Bus! Such an awesome idea!! More Kids Getting To School With New Kind Of Bus via @HuffPostEdu
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