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Zen Ritual: Studies of Zen Buddhist Theory in Practice -
Packetstan: Packet Payloads, Encryption and Bacon -
"This is another unencrypted packet capture, but the content is obfuscated using a static XOR key. No ASCII strings would be present in the packet capture, but from the packet content variance we can ascertain that this data is not encrypted." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
JLOUIS Ramblings: On Erlang, State and Crashes -
"Erlang programs have a concept called the error kernel. The kernel is the part of the program which must be correct for its correct operation. Good Erlang design begins with identifying the error kernel of the system: What part must not fail or it will bring down the whole system? Once you have the kernel identified, you seek to make it minimal. Whenever the kernel is about to do an operation which is dangerous and might crash, you "outsource" that computation to another process, a dumb slave worker. If he crashes and is killed, nothing really bad has happened - since the kernel keeps going." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Useful advice for any production code. - Tracy
Ksplice » Six things I wish Mom told me (about ssh) - System administration and software blog -
But wait, there’s more! ssh’s ability to forward ports is incredibly powerful. Suppose you have a web dashboard at work that runs at analytics on port 80 and is only accessible from the inside the office, and you’re at home but need to access it because it’s 2 a.m. and your pager is going off. - Tracy from Bookmarklet
What's wrong with 2006 programming? -
Since Redis is memory backed the idea was to transfer rarely accessed data on disk, to reload swapped data when needed (that is when a client will try to access it). The actual implementation of Redis Virtual Memory is completely done in user space: we try to approximate an LRU algorithm, encode data that should be swapped, write it on disk, and reload if needed, decode, managing pages in the swap file, and so forth. It's a non trivial piece of code but it is working well. - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage | Backblaze Blog -
The SMAQ stack for big data - O'Reilly Radar -
Guy Harrison - Yet Another Database Blog - Oracle tables vs Cassandra SuperColumns -
Design by Code - Introducing the Android UI Utilities project (beta) -
Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On? -
Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On?
The Lost Tribes of RadioShack: Tinkerers Search for New Spiritual Home | Magazine -
"Once, we were makers. Now most of us are users." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Like as in lament. - Andrew Perry
Your Mobile Phone Becomes A Robot With Cellbots (video) | Singularity Hub -
Ops Meta-Metrics: The Currency You Pay For Change -
Ops Meta-Metrics: The Currency You Pay For Change
Code as Craft » MongoDB at Etsy -
Code as Craft » MongoDB at Etsy, Part 2 -
Android_MAT.pdf - Google Docs -
Android Memory Debugging with Eclipse MAT - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Apostles of the Self-Made Man -
Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money -
A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization -
Apostles of the Self-Made Man -
Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money -
A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization -
Android to Photoshop – Romain Guy -
"With Capture PSD you can generate a Photoshop file from a running Android application. The generated document contains every view that draws as a separate layer. This can be very useful to quickly see what your UI would look like if you moved things around for instance. It is also an easy way to work with designers and let them try out new concepts in existing user interfaces. Of course, it is also a fine way to see how other applications are put together and understand how to achieve similar UI patterns." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
You're Doing It Wrong - ACM Queue -
"The first user of Varnish, the large Norwegian newspaper VG, replaced 12 machines running Squid with three machines running Varnish. The Squid machines were flat-out 100 percent busy, while the Varnish machines had 90 percent of their CPU available for twiddling their digital thumbs.a" - Tracy from Bookmarklet
via @chrislea - Tracy
BP now capturing 16k barrels/day at Deepwater Horizon | Process Engineering | The Engineer -
"The investigation earlier uncovered “significant problems” with the BOP - the supposedly fail safe system installed to cut off the flow of oil and gas to the Deepwater Horizon drill rig." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Have you run through your disaster recovery plan lately? Quite a long list of reasons why the fail-over might not have worked, including a dead battery. - Tracy
Beyond The Pie Chart | UX Magazine -
Beyond The Pie Chart | UX Magazine
CloudHarmony Blog: What is an ECU? CPU Benchmarking in the Cloud -
"Over the past couple of months we've spent some time benchmarking about 150 different cloud server configurations with 20 different vendors." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
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