Beware Developers: App Removed From App Store At Request of Competition | AppVault -
"The AppVault Pro V1.1 and AppVault Lite V1.1 infringed copyright of the AppBox Pro and AppBox Lite. The AppVault Pro/Lite application is available since Jan 4, 2010. They have just same graphics, layouts and features with different color for Ruler, Level, Battery, Tip Calc, Periodic Calc, and more in the AppBox Pro." - Tracy from Bookmarklet
Has anybody tried both apps? It would suck to get knocked out for feature competition but you shouldn't be stealing the design. After a couple of quick searches I'm still not sure. AppVault: AppBox: The bubble levels are very similar. Also, for AppVault, it kinda looks like they said "copy AppBox, but make it look vault/crypt-ish instead". The fact that there are app-aggregators is pretty interesting. - Tracy