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Bret Taylor
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics - -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
Carrie getting some much deserved attention. "Ms. Grimes is an Internet-age statistician, one of many who are changing the image of the profession as a place for dronish number nerds. They are finding themselves increasingly in demand — and even cool. “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” said Hal Varian, chief economist at Google. “And I’m not kidding.”" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Great article, but it left out that statisticians need some CS muscle to effectively operate on large scale data. It's the combination that make Carrie -- and others like her -- 'Internet-age' statisticians. - Michael E. Driscoll
Michael, plenty of CS muscle, and also training in specialized packages like/from the SAS etc. - ianf ⌘
Oh, this is old from 2009.... Silly me. Bumped because of spammy comment? - Joe
Somebody really wants Bret Taylor to buy some new suits... - Lisa L. Seifert
Would you please subscribe me to could send you a direct message? - سلوچ
Ben Darnell
"By providing us with new ways to share what we’re doing right now, the real-time web also captures..." -
whats up - Nathanael Armstrong
Amit Patel
PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage « Ming-Ming Cheng (程明明) -
PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage « Ming-Ming Cheng (程明明)
Graphics research is amazing. This project: sketch and label something you want a photo of, then the system finds photos on the web, cuts out the parts that it wants, and composes everything together. Watch the video too. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Graphics programmers have the best demos. Hands down. - no name
The site is down at the moment, but here's a direct link to the video: - Ben Darnell
This made me wonder once more how things spread through the social web. When I posted this the site was up! Then it got on gizmodo, reddit, etc. and the site went down. :( - Amit Patel
Ming-Ming Cheng just received a Google China Fellowship: - Jenny Zhou
it's amazing - Yicong Liang
crazy good! - Private Sanjeev
I downloaded the client, but it doesn't appear to work and has an expiration date of "1 Jan 2011" :(. - Private Sanjeev
Bill de hÓra
finally mongodb gets a journal but it should be the default
Nelson Minar
Amazing photographs from the 1915 Antarctica expedition - Nelson Minar
Ruchira S. Datta
Amit Patel
The Brainy Gamer: Putting a newsgame to the test -
The Brainy Gamer: Putting a newsgame to the test
"Bogost, Ferrari, and Schweizer cite Cutthroat Capitalism as a primary example of Newsgame's thesis: a well designed game can enable players to better understand complex events by experiencing them in abstraction. Playing Cutthroat Capitalism interactively exposes players to a complex system at work inside the news story." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Tudor Bosman
Micromort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
"A micromort is a unit of risk measuring a one-in-a-million probability of death (from micro- and mortality). Micromorts can be used to measure riskiness of various day-to-day activities. A microprobability is a one-in-a million chance of some event; thus a micromort is the microprobability of death. The micromort concept was introduced by Ronald A. Howard who pioneered the modern practice of decision analysis." - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
"Risks that increase the annual death risk by one micromort, and their associated cause of death: [...] living 2 months in Denver (cancer from cosmic radiation) [...] eating 40 tablespoons of peanut butter (liver cancer from aflatoxin B) [...] travelling 6 minutes by canoe (accident) [...] receiving one chest X-ray in a good hospital (cancer from radiation)" - Tudor Bosman
Where did I see this before on here? - Stephen Mack
Dan Wallach
JPEG canaries: exposing on-the-fly recompression -
Alex Carobus
Delegate or die. The self-employed trap. -
Until one day, your top guys know much more than you, and the decisions you make are no longer better than theirs; and you are gradually going out of the loop; and your top guys threaten increasing equity or quitting, or worse, start their own businesses to compete with yours. :-) - Jenny Zhou
I consider that a success! :) Then I can leave the business to them and move on to something else. - Amit Patel
Good! Sell the top guys 49% of the company and move on. - Jenny Zhou
The @codeforamerica open house has bested @timoreilly but James Madison is still hanging out.
The @codeforamerica open house has bested @timoreilly but James Madison is still hanging out.
Amit Patel
"This specification describes a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. The primary paradigm is of an audio routing graph, where a number of AudioNode objects are connected together to define the overall audio rendering. The actual processing will primarily take place in the underlying implementation (typically optimized Assembly / C / C++ code), but direct JavaScript processing and synthesis is also supported." - Amit Patel
There's also a link to a build of WebKit that has this implemented, and demos. - Amit Patel
Adewale Oshineye
Greplin/fast-python-pb - GitHub -
"We wanted a fast implementation of protocol buffers that still felt like Python, hence this implementation. For our use case, this module is up to 15 times faster than the standard one and 10 times as fast as Python's json serializer." - Adewale Oshineye
Bill de hÓra
rt @ebenhewitt: standing up a cassandra cluster in the ec2 amazon cloud with apache whirr by Phil Whelan:
Amit Patel
ooyala/livecss - GitHub -
"Live CSS will monitor <link> tags on the page and poll the server for changes to the CSS. When there are changes, the page's styles get updated. It's a simple tool, and it's immensely powerful because it enables the One True Workflow we've all lusted after: to have your browser and your editor side by side on screen and watch the page update in real time as you type in your CSS files. It looks like magic." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Jeremy Zawodny
How To Use Amazon EC2 as Your Desktop\ -
nice little tutorial - Jeremy Zawodny
Jeremy Zawodny
Git Immersion - Brought to you by EdgeCase -
a good tutorial/introduction to git - Jeremy Zawodny
Paul Buchheit
Could It Be? Spooky Experiments That 'See' The Future -
Could It Be? Spooky Experiments That 'See' The Future
"One of the most respected, senior and widely published professors of psychology, Daryl Bem of Cornell, has just published an article that suggests that people — ordinary people — can be altered by experiences they haven't had yet. Time, he suggests, is leaking. The Future has slipped, unannounced, into the Present. And he thinks he can prove it." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
If you read the original paper, Bem has a simple test to select for people who get a 57% (on average) hit rate on the photo prediction test. - Private Sanjeev
What's the test? - Paul Buchheit
You should know already.... - Roberto Bonini
Rebuttal from the point of view of statistical methodology. (PDF link) But I'd like to see more about this in a few months or a year, after more people attempt to reproduce Bem's results. - Tudor Bosman
How much do you agree with the following two statements: 1. I am easily bored? 2. I often enjoy seeing movies I've seen before. - Private Sanjeev
So people who are easily bored but enjoy rewatching movies are most able to predict photos? - Paul Buchheit
I read an article a while back in New Scientist that theorised that Quantum Entanglement may be heavily involved in DNA. And further theorised that it may be in use throughout the body including the brain. Hence quantum physics weirdness, including time paradoxes, showing up in psychological processes is a natural extension of that theory. - Roberto Bonini
The latter question was reversed scored: so people who "are easily bored" and "do not enjoy re-watching movies" predicted the erotic pictures better. - Keith Coleman
Also, regarding the stimuli-oriented group: "The difference between their erotic and nonerotic hit rates was itself significant with 71% of participants achieving higher hit rates on erotic trials than on nonerotic trials. Their psi scores on nonerotic trials did not exceed chance." - Keith Coleman
I guess James Randi needs to comment. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Suezanne: Read the PDF link I posted. The guidelines for Randi's $1M prize follow those indicated in that paper for confirmatory studies, which Bem's studies are not. Randi would be unfazed. - Tudor Bosman
They're doing it wrong, you need to do the confirmatory studies *before* you do the exploratory ones. :) - Private Sanjeev
I like to think of the evolutionary advantage of this kind of power :) (which explains why it works only for erotic images) - Paul Buchheit
I bet they could boost the hit rate by replacing the images with, uh, something more stimulating :) - Paul Buchheit
They actually did. The original photo set was not sufficiently explicit to stimulate male subjects, so they had to go out on the internet to get better material. I had a crazy idea to turk this and make a high frequency trading algo out of it. YC startup idea? Just make sure Randi is not in the room or you'll lose money. - Private Sanjeev
Does a roulette wheel that displays erotic pictures to winners differ in performance from one that doesn't? - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Tudor Bosman: "Suezanne: Read the PDF link I posted" - I have read it now; I hadn't till you told me to. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
For (Ex-)Googlers: Daryl is Jeremy Bem's father. - Simon
Paul, Tudor's PDF does discuss the evolutionary advantage. Page 5: "Note that precognition conveys a considerable evolutionary advantage (Bem, in press), and one might therefore assume that natural selection would have lead to a world filled with powerful psychics (i.e., people or animals with precognition, clairvoyance, psychokineses, etc.). This is not the case, however (see also... more... - Stephen Mack
Obviously there's a tradeoff. Precognition makes it easier to get sex (which I assume is what it's for given the need for stimulating images), but causes bordom, which must be some kind of disadvantage. - Paul Buchheit
And, in fact, it must be the case that practically all reproducing males who have ever existed had this ability. "My boy," he said, "you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles -- champions every one." (_Galápagos_, by Kurt Vonnegut) - Stephen Mack
I think I'll go and predict some porn now. :) - Morton Fox
I think that what happens is that those with the psi abilities use it to seek out porn rather than reproducing, thus negating any evolutionary advantage it may impart. - Gabe
Simon: whoa, that's quite interesting. - Ruchira S. Datta
Heidegger said roughly the same thing, also Binswanger did some great existential psychology around time issues. It turns out that the future is highly determining of the present. I tracked down some early Nietzsche with just this sort of speculation during my undergrad degree. - Jeff McNeill
"The most important flaws in the Bem experiments, discussed below in detail, are the following: (1) confusion between exploratory and confirmatory studies; (2) insufficient attention to the fact that the probability of the data given the hypothesis does not equal the probability of the hypothesis given the data (i.e., the fallacy of the transposed conditional); (3) application of a test... more... - Goran Zec
(totally OT: I hope you like this one - - PaperDoll
well, it's about future :) - PaperDoll
Wow, weird. I wish I still had vocab tests. I would totally do that "study a list after a test" thing. Just in case. - Chieze Okoye
so, future can change past? - vovasty from BuddyFeed
len ben türküm - Ender Mert Karagür
«This is not the first time a prominent psychology professor has found statistical evidence of extrasensory perception, but in these experiments, the methods are classical, simple, well known and repeatable. Already one attempt to repeat Bem's work has failed» - 9000
I liked this before this was shared. - Jemm
Pavan Yara
Map-Reduce With Ruby Using Hadoop.
Pavan Yara
Apache Cassandra: 2010 in review: Code, Community, and Controversy. Cassandra enabled reddit in their 3x traffic growth
Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
A Flute Made on a 3D Printer, and the Possibilities to Come -
RT @jack: "A small team of "A" players can run circles around a giant team of "B" and "C" players." —Steve Jobs
Bill de hÓra
RT @scalaBin: Miles Sabin Introduction To Scala For Java Developers
Pavan Yara
Datastore: Implementation of the Google App Engine Datastore using Hadoop and HBase.
Ben Davenport
RT @TechCrunch: Beluga: I May Have Finally Found My Group Messaging White Whale by @parislemon
Early Reports From the ‘Dark Matter’ of the Genome | Wired Science | -
Early Reports From the ‘Dark Matter’ of the Genome | Wired Science |
"A collection of new studies on the genomes of two model organisms has moved the frontiers of biology forward, and hints at methods that may someday make real the long-promised, as-yet-unfulfilled genomic revolution. Published in Nature and Science, the studies go far beyond the level of genes that code for proteins, which represent just a small fraction of all genes and an even smaller fraction of all DNA in the genome. Once thought to contain the blueprint of life, protein-coding genes were just the most visible ink in a parts list. The new studies both expand that list and begin to show how the parts are arranged — and how they interact. “It’s become very clear that DNA sequences are just a building block. They don’t explain higher-order complexity,” said Peter Park, a Harvard University bioinformaticist and co-author of one of the Nature studies. “People are sequencing all these genomes, but it doesn’t actually tell us about the activities of the cell.” Park is a contributor to... more... - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
“You can start to see patterns: a microRNA that regulates a transcription factor, transcription factor that regulates microRNA, a feedback loop. We observe many of these.” - Goran Zec
Paul Buchheit
"In pain there is truth. In pleasure there is truth. But anger and jealousy are full of lies." - Anonymous
Ben Davenport
RT @louisgray: New Blog Post: Ex-Googlers Launch Beluga for Mobile Group Chat
Paul Buchheit
(removed minor issue) - DGentry
Fixed. Thanks. - Paul Buchheit
Maybe service OS might fit better? Services are being composed together. Cloud OS already has the notion of running a cloud inside a datacenter or across datacenters. Though that's just a nit, I agree with the larger points. - Todd Hoff
Great post, Paul. There's a slight aesthetic issue with having different UI for apps and browser tabs. The typical window managers couldn't accommodate heavy web browsing. Chromium breaks down with too many tabs (although side tabs could change this. There's also an extension for searching open tabs.) And the stock Android experience for app and browser window switching is less than ideal. Heh, I should take a crack at this since I'm so opinionated. - Vezquex from Android
After reading your blog, I thought of a great slogan. "The network is the computer." I'm pretty sure that one hasn't been taken yet :) - Rob Hoeting
Yeah, Sun was right about the big picture, but couldn't translate that into products worth buying. - Paul Buchheit
We used a heck a lot of Sun's diskless workstations. Worked nicely, even with the anemic networking of the time. Just too early on the whole portable device thing. - Todd Hoff
"Once Android has all the benefits of ChromeOS, the most obvious difference will be that ChromeOS lacks the thousands of native apps which are popular on Android. Android apps are closer to web apps than Windows apps in terms of security and manageability, so eliminating them doesn't seem like much of an advantage for ChromeOS." Nicely put. Here's to hoping that Android makes web apps as powerful and integrated as possible so the only reason to go native is for things like video uploading and games. - Karl Rosaen
Might help to think of devices as memes -- Chrome OS as part of the cloud OS meme cannot die but only help evolution. Having a cloud OS as a mere theoretical concept versus actually playing around with one is the difference between reading a book on color theory versus actually sinking your paint brush into oil colors and putting them down on the canvas. As a web developer playing... more... - Philipp Lenssen
You may be right Philipp. It could serve its purpose even if it never finds commercial success on its own. - Paul Buchheit
Tudor Bosman
From Reddit: "If you really want to shut down WikiLeaks, just have Yahoo! acquire them."
I think Oracle might just do the trick also. - Gabe
Even Microsoft can do it within a day or any indian Outsourcing company. - Suresh S
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