My life has changed because of this!
@MFBrooklyn he listens to you
@TSSTaylor just bummed about Artie.
@TSSTaylor all I can say is....geee. damn ...Atrie.....shit. Hope your day is better!!!!!
you have to agree w me, rec exec's r just down right dooshes!!!!!! HA!!!
@jomadge Oh and btw....ixnay on the eclebtritycay!!!
@jomadge damn, lose the c between e and the l in eclebtritycay! dunno how it got there.
@jomadge you just caused milk through nose for the umpteenth time, coinciding with a Danny Thomas spit!!! Oh you "shrew" you!!
@jomadge where would they be without us? they should be our pals. they do owe us. /want to take it outside?
Peace and Love...Ringo, and Jimmy w A Little Help From My Friends.
@actionchick the VF article has way too many cute, eclectic words and phrases, and to make it worse is riddled with grammatical errors.
<--frantically looking up the meaning of "tartan" @cherylcatherine
@LunaJune must leave Santa out of this. don't want to get on his bad side.
@cherylcatherine It's more fun to blame Canada esp. since thats where the brrrr comes from. They are not called Alberta clippers for nothing
what a woman says ......"I want to cuddle"...what a guy wants to hear...."I am going to change the oil in the Explorer. Ha!!!
@LunaJune @cherylcatherine East side, West side... Ok...Toronto, it's all your fault. brrrrr!!! Oh, and I will take the tea btw!
@cherylcatherine @LunaJune the brrrrrr comes from Canada, therefore we must lay the blame on Canada. :) I rest my case!!
@JoeyHollywood Thanks. I am hoping so.
@siriuslyheather if you watch it, be prepared. If you are not in fairly positive mood, then watch it some other time.
I guess I am a big pussy, cuz the Artie vid made me well up. #getwellartie
I guess I am a big pussy, cuz the Artie vid made me well up. #getwellartie
One more thing.....SFN haters are frickin dooshes!!! #getwellartie
@actionchick are you getting your arm in shape for signing autographs?
@cherylcatherine Letterman is a quest!! I want that guest spot in the band!!! LOL Keep the cold up there will ya? brrrrrrr!!!!!! :)
RT @actionchick: Hercules/Andromeda star Kevin Sorbo IS @ksorbs - he says so on video & on his website. 2275 followers? Let's see 2500.
@teambudd1 I have been here but nobody notices anymore. Not much personality that boy. HA!!!
For you! Yes you!!! ♫
listening to "Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl (music video)" -
For you! Yes you!!! - Bob Williams from
Celebs that don't respond to what I think are interesting questions are just dooshes. Sorry but thats how I feel. Others are OK in my book
I will list the cool celebs to follow.
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