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Interested in data analysis, machine learning, quantified self. @DiabetesLab
Empatica's crowdfunding campaign - "a gorgeous watch and a medical quality device" -
Finals of EIT-ICT Labs Idea Challenge - Internet of Things -
Fitbit data is being used as evidence in court -
Вот! Я давно этого жду. Потом ещё сколько-то лет и медстраховки должны перестать выдавать без fitbit и ему подобных. - Стадо овец
"I would move away from fitness and go hardcore into health. [..] People with chronic diseases don’t suddenly decide that they’re over it and the novelty has worn off. Tracking and measuring—the quantified self—is what keeps them out of the hospital." -
Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend -
"one thing we know for certain is that chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort. And so I would say that's really the best way to make decisions, is go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows." - traims
Do wristband heart trackers actually work? A checkup. -
Бывают ли умные часы, которые работают без смартфона? (с детекцией физиологических параметров, которые можно просмотреть, допустим, на компьютере)
Basis синхронизируется по проводу, результаты видны в вебе. Но нет api. Но вроде для следующей версии девайса обещают. - Иван
Quantified self: так выглядел мой октябрь. Данные Moves + Sleep Cycle.
Пока не очень понятно, зачем нужен пульс при пробуждении. Но замерять пульс несложно - стандартная функция Sleep Cycle. - traims
прикольно, если пульс при пробуждении может предсказать день - алоэлуйя
То есть это бы покоррелировать с happiness report каким-то - алоэлуйя
Какие выводы можно сделать, опираясь на эти данные? - Что-то равно чему-то.
^ неправильные! ;) - и залайкала это
на такие графики интересно мапить произошедшие в это время события, иначе неясно, какие отсюда инсайты - Иван
Мой основной вывод для себя - что сон очень нестабильный, а активность намного меньше, чем раньше. Ещё по графикам видно, что выходные у меня в целом не отличаются от обычных дней. Две точки с максимальным пульсом - на следующее утро после выпитого кофе (обычно не пью). Минимальный пульс в середине - это после очень перегруженного дня. Но в целом с пульсом пока непонятно. Сон напрямую... more... - traims
ничто так не бодрит, как 12 часов сна - Иван
[fake news] Russia has seen a massive drop in obesity rates and related diseases since it banned food imports from the United States and Europe -
Why the New Digital Health Apps Might Succeed Where Self-Help Fails -
"Anyone's health is part of an ongoing story. No individuals got to the condition of health they are in today without multiple health events and choices occurring throughout their life to get them there." "Consider one scenario, where a seasoned triathlete in his mid-50s monitors his heart rate during workouts, using his wristband device. His biometric data feed shows sustained periods of heart rate over 200 beats per minute -- significantly more than the 170 bpm maximum for his age group. He tends to consume a lot of caffeine, he has a low body mass index, and his patient record shows complaints of heart palpitations. His trajectory, informed by data on thousands of others with a similar profile, shows a definite risk of heart attack, and the possibility of atrial arrhythmia. By discovering the high heart rate, the device points the way for him to get additional tests with a cardiologist, reduce his caffeine intake, and possibly modify his exercise regimen to ensure that his heart rate doesn't continue to exceed the maximum." - traims
"if you had an unrestricted $1 billion grant, you would work on natural language processing" -
New Smart Street Corners That Will Act Like a Fitbit for the City -
"Every 15 seconds these sensors will gather information like temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, vibrations, light, and sound—pretty standard stuff. But Charlie Catlett, director of the Urban CCD, says gathering even basic data can help us to evaluate some of our cities’ most unquantifiable features like hyper-local air quality, pedestrian traffic, emergency route efficiency, and resource allocation like salt for icy roads." - traims
Thync’s neurosignalling wearable will change your mind — literally —
Invisibles, Not Wearables, Will Profoundly Change Health Care -
The sensor band tracks your water intake -
I also need fart-o-meter and some kind of burger-intake-speedometer - Handel uber alles
Более интересный проект - (via @paralell) - traims
California Becomes First State to Ban Plastic Bags -
Подборка визуализаций об интернете -
Eleanor Roosevelt > Quotes -
If you’re going to devote the best years of your life to your work, have enough love for yourself and the world around you to work on something that matters to you deeply. -
Here are the 100 startups chosen to be part of Start-Up Chile (gen 11) - Из моих знакомых - Skysense. Мы тоже подавали заявку, но не прошли.
а что за заявка? - непростые коротышки
как Diabetes Lab - traims
[video] Failing is just another word for growing. You can learn anything. -
HACKMED - Quantified Self Hackathon. September 13-14, 2014, Milano, Italy -
Makers & developers only! NO business people :) - непростые коротышки
EU study: Sweden most socially just, Finland second -
Beyond Verbal raises $3.3M to bring emotion sensing to wearables, healthcare -
this one is big, if it works. - непростые коротышки
[PDF] Identifying User Traits by Mining Smart Phone Accelerometer Data -
"We show that it is possible to identify a user’s sex, whether they are short or tall, and whether they are light or heavy [..] Similarly, we demonstrate that we can predict a user’s height and weight, but that such fine grained predictions are of only modest quality." - traims
Estimote Beacons - best practices for implementation -
“What would be the 3 most valuable startup books you would recommend to every entrepreneur and why?” -
A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source -
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