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Interested in data analysis, machine learning, quantified self. Data scientist at @DiabetesLab
Here are the 100 startups chosen to be part of Start-Up Chile (gen 11) - Из моих знакомых - Skysense. Мы тоже подавали заявку, но не прошли.
EU study: Sweden most socially just, Finland second -
[PDF] Identifying User Traits by Mining Smart Phone Accelerometer Data -
"We show that it is possible to identify a user’s sex, whether they are short or tall, and whether they are light or heavy [..] Similarly, we demonstrate that we can predict a user’s height and weight, but that such fine grained predictions are of only modest quality." - traims
HACKMED - Quantified Self Hackathon. September 13-14, 2014, Milano, Italy -
Estimote Beacons - best practices for implementation -
“What would be the 3 most valuable startup books you would recommend to every entrepreneur and why?” -
На сайте EuroNews
[video] Failing is just another word for growing. You can learn anything. -
Research suggests that recall of plot after using an e-reader is poorer than with traditional books -
@Londonist mapped parts of London included in #DoctorWho plots (last series not included) -
"Auto Swipe tracks your email behavior. If you constantly delete email from a certain sender, the system recognizes your behavior and automatically starts deleting the emails. Auto Swipe will alert you when it’s about to enable a behavior." -
Новый стартап выпускников нашего акселератора: Automatically reserve your favorite username with EarlyClaim -
Intel partners with Michael J. Fox Foundation for wearables study on Parkinson’s -
During the multiphase research study, patients will monitor their symptoms with wearable devices. Symptoms that the researchers are interested in measuring include slowness of movement, tremor, balance, gait, and sleep quality. Ideally, participants will wear the devices 24 hours a day and seven days a week to maximize the number of readings researchers will receive. Creating correlations between these symptoms could help researchers understand the progression of the neurodegenerative disease and also help them track the disease’s relationship with molecular changes. - traims
Yahoo Labs in Barcelona has developed an algorithm that gets users from A to B in the most scenic way. -
The sensor band tracks your water intake -
I also need fart-o-meter and some kind of burger-intake-speedometer - не имей амати
Runtastic Orbit: a waterproof wristband that tracks activity, sleep and ambient light -
"You’ll see a small light sensor that tracks the light in your immediate environ. This is then presented to you via a nice colorful graph, and can give an idea of what kind of environments you’re spending your day in. It’s limited with the current version, insofar as it can’t really tell if you’ve been outdoors or not, and it’s certainly not a UV sensor. We’re told this could develop in future iterations though, and will feed in to a much deeper ‘happiness and wellbeing’ metric. “In the future, we plan to do even more with your ambient light data,” explains Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner. “Options and ideas are still in the works, but everything from helpful sunscreen reminders, correlations with Happy Tracking, to smart notifications letting people know when they’re most ‘as risk’ for being inactive are possibilities.”" - traims
"the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business. [..] Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy." -
"In all three studies, the researchers credited the [Harry Potter] books with improving the readers' ability to assume the perspective of marginalized groups." -
"... as programmers will tell you, the building part is often not the hardest part: It's figuring out what to build. "Unless you can think about the ways computers can solve problems, you can't even know how to ask the questions that need to be answered".
"Put yourself in places that make you nervous. Nerves are really the only way to know that you’re being stretched. If there hasn't been a moment of nerves in your life for a month, it might be worthwhile asking if you’re pushing hard enough." -
Philips VISIQ, a portable system for making diagnostic ultrasound scans -
"According a new survey by market research firm Evans Data, 17 percent of the world’s software developers are already working on Internet of Things projects. Another 23 percent are planning to start an IoT project within the next six months." -
Much more precise medicine is possible. -
"Because our smartphones are on us 24/7, we can start to do much more. Take psychiatry. We have a company called that monitors your cell phone with your permission. They collect thousands of data points a day. They figure out over a period of time what day of the week you call your mom. What you do on Thursday evening. Do you call your friends to make plans for the weekend? It figures out that this week you didn’t eat. You didn’t go from your bedroom to your kitchen. Your cell phone can tell that. They’ve discovered hundreds of new microbehaviors that can actually be predictive [of mental state]. " - traims
‘Baseline Study’ will put together anonymous genetic and molecular information from an initial 175 people, with thousands more to come, to create a full picture of a healthy human being. -
Наша команда получила грант по итогам TechPeaks Demo Day. В течение следующего года мы будем работать над нашим проектом в Тренто. Статья в блоге нашего акселератора -
методом исключения получается, что ваша - это про диабет? (потому что только на нее нет ссылки, точнее ссылка на нее ведет по ошибке на другую команду) - Michael Bravo
да, Diabetes Lab (описание устаревшее, ещё не поменяли на новое). Трёхминутная презентация проекта: - второе видео на этой странице, с 33:57. - traims
Поздравляю! Давайте я вас буду менторить :) Я там как бы менторм состою, правда, это сезон совершенно пропустил, работы было много, но вот осенью как раз туда будет дорога. - фке ьшккщк
Мы сейчас разъехались, но осенью как раз будем на месте. Спасибо! :) - traims
крутые! и приезжайте в гости в Венецию : ) - karma chameleon
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