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Interested in data analysis and machine learning
Philips VISIQ, a portable system for making diagnostic ultrasound scans -
"Put yourself in places that make you nervous. Nerves are really the only way to know that you’re being stretched. If there hasn't been a moment of nerves in your life for a month, it might be worthwhile asking if you’re pushing hard enough." -
"According a new survey by market research firm Evans Data, 17 percent of the world’s software developers are already working on Internet of Things projects. Another 23 percent are planning to start an IoT project within the next six months." -
Much more precise medicine is possible. -
"Because our smartphones are on us 24/7, we can start to do much more. Take psychiatry. We have a company called that monitors your cell phone with your permission. They collect thousands of data points a day. They figure out over a period of time what day of the week you call your mom. What you do on Thursday evening. Do you call your friends to make plans for the weekend? It figures out that this week you didn’t eat. You didn’t go from your bedroom to your kitchen. Your cell phone can tell that. They’ve discovered hundreds of new microbehaviors that can actually be predictive [of mental state]. " - traims
‘Baseline Study’ will put together anonymous genetic and molecular information from an initial 175 people, with thousands more to come, to create a full picture of a healthy human being. -
Наша команда получила грант по итогам TechPeaks Demo Day. В течение следующего года мы будем работать над нашим проектом в Тренто. Статья в блоге нашего акселератора -
методом исключения получается, что ваша - это про диабет? (потому что только на нее нет ссылки, точнее ссылка на нее ведет по ошибке на другую команду) - Michael Bravo
да, Diabetes Lab (описание устаревшее, ещё не поменяли на новое). Трёхминутная презентация проекта: - второе видео на этой странице, с 33:57. - traims
Поздравляю! Давайте я вас буду менторить :) Я там как бы менторм состою, правда, это сезон совершенно пропустил, работы было много, но вот осенью как раз туда будет дорога. - ҀҾѦ
Мы сейчас разъехались, но осенью как раз будем на месте. Спасибо! :) - traims
крутые! и приезжайте в гости в Венецию : ) - aventura humana na terra
"... as programmers will tell you, the building part is often not the hardest part: It's figuring out what to build. "Unless you can think about the ways computers can solve problems, you can't even know how to ask the questions that need to be answered".
FreeWavz Brings Fitness Monitoring To Your Earphones -
Live streaming of TechPeaks Demo Day - July 18 from 2pm - picture by @acostavoltolini: "Everything is ready for tomorrow!"
PSFK Future Of Wearable Tech - Summary Presentation -
Nymi. Wristband converts wearer's heartbeat into unique password for devices. @nymiband - traims
"We wasted a good amount of time creating designs that were never used, writing scalable software that was never needed. It’s too easy to do, and too easy to slide into your area of comfort to feel like you’re accomplishing something." -
Can this app make you happier? -
I'll be there. TechPeaks Demo Day - 18 July 2014 -
Reasons Studying Abroad In Italy Ruins You For Life: "Because you’ll miss it every day from the moment you leave. Because there’s no place quite like it in the world." -
duh... wanna back? ;) - непростые коротышки
Still in Italy but not so much time is left. Unless we win the Demo Day. - traims
"Eventbrite in 2006. Load balancers, Django and git deployed only in 2010! Co-founder Renaud Visage" -
10494734_10203728977852193_1169211986038844974_n (1).jpg
Happiness skills: savor, thank, aspire, give, empathize -
"Google no longer uses MapReduce. It now uses Flume" -
uses Flume AND MillWheel. Flume is just a way to get data into the cluster... - vvlad
Our two weapons are MapReduce and Flume. MapReduce, Flume, and MillWheel. Let me repeat... - 9000
Там другой флум - братец хтоник from Android
Вот только сегодня видел changelist, подправляющий внутренности map-reduce. - 9000
Госавианадзор хочет оштрафовать «Додо Пиццу» на 200 000 рублей за доставку заказов дроном. -
Но чисто для связности - FAA ровно такие же бюрократические мудаки - Целый решимости
@1master а щас у всех казенных структур а-ля FAA жим-жим кое-где - непростые коротышки
Амазон настаивает, просит официального разрешения: - 9000 - какие полезные данные даёт "skin conductance" / "electrodermal activity sensor"? Пока попалось только то, что это приближённый способ измерять эмоции
Ещё такая штука сообщает, когда младенцу пора менять подгузник. - 9000
Именно. Пару лет назад жена хотела на базе GSR сделать вот такую клёвую штуку - angry monochromatic world from Android
How does the Moves iPhone app compare to Fitbit, Jawbone UP and the Nike+ FuelBand? -
Diabetes Mobile Apps are now numerous, but lack key features -
The Well Guide to Activity Trackers -
When To Send Newsletters: A Practical Guide -
Type 1 Diabetes Finally Explained -
misguiding article title finally posted - Igor Sereda
Specifying complicated groups of time series in R package hts -
“People everywhere are listening to music while running and exercising. Integrating heart rate sensors directly and seamlessly into music earbuds fits right into the behavior of consumers today." -
"If this graph is correct, then most programmers are under 28. Most programmers have less than 6 years experience" -
"Anyone who’s dealt with the requirements of laws like HIPAA, which I believe stands for the Healthcare Innovation Prevention and Aggravation Act, knows that measures meant to protect patient privacy end up just creating paperwork" -
"Dropbox isn’t HIPAA-compliant, but doctors have been using it for years." - traims
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