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Laura Lowenthal Bly

Laura Lowenthal Bly

As a transition strategist I guide individuals and entrepreneurs through the internal experience of the transition period to success and your authentic self!
Relationships grow more complex now, which might set off alarm... More for Aries
Don't work harder today than is necessary or you could overdo ... More for Aries
You may be feeling less optimistic as you are pulled in two di... More for Aries
You might feel an uncomfortable distance between you and your ... More for Aries
Your normal routine at home has been altered by circumstances ... More for Aries
Life is so much easier when you don't let the facts stand in y... More for Aries
You may be feeling more confident about who you are and what y... More for Aries
Problems could arise from your natural desire to initiate acti... More for Aries
Your chores have piled up, especially if you've been procrasti... More for Aries
There are so many things to do today that you cannot keep up w... More for Aries
Spending the day relaxing seems like a good idea, but your irr... More for Aries
Spending the day relaxing seems like a good idea, but your irr... More for Aries
Although you may wish that you were somewhere else now, you ca... More for Aries
You are naturally headstrong yet today you would rather others... More for Aries
Paying close attention to financial matters makes good sense n... More for Aries
You may feel as if you're spinning your wheels today, without ... More for Aries
You can feel the adrenaline pumping through your body, but som... More for Aries
Trusting your natural talent to react in the moment without a ... More for Aries
You would prefer to keep your feelings to yourself today, but ... More for Aries
You had your heart set on doing something fun with your friend... More for Aries
There may be too much happening today to process everything, e... More for Aries
You may catch someone off guard with the way you exercise your... More for Aries
You may be the leader of the gossip squad at work today becaus... More for Aries
Although you're determined to be serious today, it's too soon ... More for Aries
You may be able to see through the veneer of social niceties t... More for Aries
Your willpower is strong today, but your "won't power" may be ... More for Aries
Although something might have gone awry in a relationship rece... More for Aries
You may be more considerate of other people's feelings now tha... More for Aries
All your senses are on red alert today and your acute percepti... More for Aries
You might not take the time to think about your future securit... More for Aries
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