Mark Traphagen
Re: The Social Search Revolution: 8 Social SEO Strategies To Start Using Right Now -
"I've been in search marketing for years. I know they will "evolve rapidly" ;-) They'd better, because right now it's kind of wild west, and some crappy results are being served up. If you're reading this today (20 March), try an incognito, logged out of Google search for "can google+ be fixed?" You should see a post from me at #1, where it's been for a full day. At the moment I'm writing this, the rankings below that are all G+ posts: #2 from Thomas Morflew #3 from Thomas Power #4 from Peter G McDermott Here's the kicker: only the post by McDermott actually has content about "Can Google+ be Fixed?" The other three are all re-shares of his post, yet outrank his. So any search user clicking on them would have to click again on his post link within our posts to get to the actual content. This is all very interesting, and I'm flattered that I'm able to outrank some users who have way more followers on G+ than I do, but in the interest of good search results, Google has some work to do on..." - Mark Traphagen